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Chapter 211: Terrifying Little Beast

Little beast raised its head and sniffed carefully again, as if making a confirmation.

After a while, it climbed up Su Zimo’s body.

Su Zimo was in a lotus position and wasn’t too tall.

However, because little beast was too short, it tried to climb up from under Su Zimo’s shirt but failed after several attempts. Instead, it fell and rolled over, causing a series of laughter.

Many grand elders started to take their leave.

It was meaningless to stay here any further. Even though that black bear was extremely cute, it was but a mere wild beast, nothing unlike rabbits and dogs by the roadside.

Su Zimo did not care.

No matter what, he was going to raise this little beast and make it a powerful existence!

So what if it was a wild beast?

He did not have a spirit root in the first place as well. But now, haven’t he managed to become a cultivator as well?

Nobody could decide how they were born…

However, the paths they took and their achievements in the future would depend on their diligence and opportunities.

Little beast continued to roll over a few times, covering its body dirtily in dust. With its closed eyes, it rubbed itself against Su Zimo’s feet gently in sadness.

Su Zimo hardened his heart and remained silent. He did not help little beast, hoping for it to climb up on its own.

“Heeya! Hee… ya!”

Little beast raised its head and opened its toothless mouth. With all its strength, it cried out in a childish voice pitifully.

Su Zimo’s heart softened and he could no longer hold on. He quickly reached out and lifted little beast.

Perhaps because it was just born, little beast was not huge. At around half a foot long, it fit Su Zimo’s palm perfectly.

Chuckling, Su Zimo held little beast with his left hand and teased it playfully with his right.

“Zimo, this black bear’s endowment is too poor. Don’t sign a blood oath with it,” The disheveled old man was worried and came over to remind him.

Even though the power of a blood oath was strong, its power would weaken if one made too many blood oaths. It was hard to guarantee that the demon beasts would not betray and kill their owners in the future.

Therefore, most cultivators would only sign a blood oath with a single demon beast, two at most.

In the eyes of the disheveled old man and everyone else, Su Zimo’s life could be in danger if he continued signing blood oaths with demon beasts!

Sect Master Ling Yun nodded in Su Zimo’s direction as well. “This little beast has yet to gain sentience. Just raise it casually and don’t think too much about it.”

With that said, Ling Yun turned to leave.

Su Zimo’s head was lowered in silence. When the five peak masters saw that, they thought that he received a huge blow and was greatly disappointed. They could not help but sigh lightly and leave the place.

At that moment, Su Zimo was looking at little beast sprawled on his lap with a strange gaze, seemingly in deep thought.

Initially, Su Zimo thought that little beast was an ordinary wild beast as well. Perhaps it was truly a black bear’s cub that had yet to gain sentience and was merely cute.

However, an action by little beast earlier on changed Su Zimo’s mind entirely.

Little beast was definitely not as simple as everyone thought it to be!

Earlier on, Su Zimo teased little beast with his right hand.

Immediately, little beast’s expression changed. It seemed to have sensed something and stuck its nose out, sniffing Su Zimo’s right hand carefully.

Finally, little beast opened its mouth and licked Su Zimo’s fingertips. Finally, it changed to a comfortable position before falling asleep.

That action seemed like it was nothing.

However, it caused a huge stir in Su Zimo’s heart.

His right hand could be considered as his strongest trump card, helping him escape from danger twice.

No one in the entire cave abode knew about the secret behind his right hand.

Even senior crane was clueless about it.

However, little beast had just been born and was able to sense it without being able to open its eyes. It tried its best to come over and grab his right hand!

This was definitely not a coincidence.

Senior crane had not left and was still in the cave abode.

Su Zimo looked over and could not help but ask, “Senior, do you recognize this little beast?”

Senior crane walked over slowly, standing in front of Su Zimo and looked at little beast carefully before shaking her head. “No, I don’t recall ever seeing a demon beast as such.”

“Could the ancient books have left it out?” Su Zimo asked again.

“It’s possible.”

Senior crane said in a low voice, “After all, it’s been a long time since the primordial era till now. Coupled with the many demon beasts that have gone extinct, there’s a chance it could be left out.”

Pausing for a moment, senior crane continued, “However, it’s true that there’s no universal phenomenon, spectacular colors or demonic qi when this beast was born. Hmms… perhaps it might be just an ordinary black bear.”

As she said that, senior crane bent over and reached out, wanting to touch little beast.

All of a sudden!

Little beast that was initially sleeping woke up!

Even though its eyes were still closed, it was clearly a little nervous.

As though it sense that a foreign aura was approaching, little beast stuck its head out and sniffed. The claws that were initially retracted peeked out gradually, revealing a cold and dark glint.

Such keen senses!

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up.

Little beast was born less than an hour ago and could not even open its eyes.

However, in its slumber, it could still sense an unfamiliar aura and jolt awake.

With such a reaction, it was proof that little beast was extraordinary.

Su Zimo was a little happy.


Senior crane froze for a moment before chuckling. “This little fellow is quite sharp.”

With that said, senior crane extended her finger and tapped little beast’s forehead dotingly.

Instantly, little beast retreated hurriedly. However, it was too slow and did not have a good balance of its body yet.

As though realizing that it could not dodge it, little beast stretched out its claws hastily and scratched senior crane’s palm in a frantic motion.

When he saw that, Su Zimo smiled.

This little beast was quite interesting. To think that it knew how to counterattack…

Su Zimo was about to speak when he realized that there was something strange about senior crane’s gaze. She stood where she was, frozen and motionless.

“Senior, what’s wrong?”

Su Zimo frowned and asked automatically.


After a moment, senior crane snapped out of her stupor as though she was gravely shocked. Somewhat out of sorts, she mumbled repeatedly, “Wrong! We were all wrong!”

“What do you mean?” Su Zimo was puzzled.

Senior crane looked at little beast who was hiding in Su Zimo’s embrace with a lit up gaze. In fact, there was even a hint of fear as she asked uncertainly, “That little fellow just scratched me?”

“That’s right,” Su Zimo nodded, not understanding what senior crane meant.

She took a deep breath of air and said slowly, “It hurt me.”

Su Zimo was frozen on the spot, feeling a chill run down his spine!

Senior crane’s cultivation was no weaker than a Nascent Soul Perfected Lord.

Furthermore, being a demon, senior crane’s body was extremely powerful to begin with!

Even if little beast was a pure-blooded ferocious beast, its claws wouldn’t pose any threat – it would merely scratch senior crane like an itch.

But, senior crane had actually felt pain!

The most terrifying thing was that little beast was born for less than an hour!

If that scratch had landed on Su Zimo’s body earlier on, it would have carved a few holes in his body!




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