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Chapter 167: I’ll Kill You First!

Everyone was shocked when they heard the sound of tsunami blood.

Immediately, the expressions of the black robed cultivator and everyone else changed once more – disbelief spread across their faces as their pupils contracted!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

There was also a faint sound of thunder amidst the sound of tsunamis! It was deep, powerful and shocking!

“What is this?”

“Why is there thunder in that tsunami sound?”

After cultivating two top-notch Marrow Cleansing techniques, Su Zimo’s realm was not comparable to a mere tsunami blood.

The sound of his bloodline was like thunder, resonating like a tiger and leopard!

This was the Tiger Leopard Thunder Sound, something unheard of in Tianhuang Mainland!

Not to mention the black robed cultivator, even the patriarch level demons of Malevolent Earth Sect would not be able to recognize the origin of this bloodline.

Each time Su Zimo released his power of blood now, he would not only possess the grandeur of a tsunami, he would also possess the ferocity of tigers and leopards alongside the intense power of thunder!

A bedazzling streak of lightning appeared on the Cold Moon Saber and illuminated the darkness around them!

The expression of the black robed cultivator changed starkly.

Malevolent qi had a Yin attribute and was mostly hidden underground beneath the Nine Hells. What it feared most was an unyielding power such as thunder.

The bone spear he was wielding was tempered using malevolent qi. Even merely waving it without any stances would produce considerable power.

Coupled with the malevolent qi in his bloodline, the might of the bone spear was even greater!

But right now, the trump card of the black robed cultivator was suppressed entirely by Su Zimo!

Without any time to think, the black robed cultivator retracted his spear alongside the changing momentum of the fight. Gripping his bone spear tightly with both hands, he gave up on offense and went for complete defense.


The Cold Moon Saber struck the bone spear heavily.

Pitch black malevolent qi had just gushed up from the bone spear and was suppressed by a brilliant surge of lightning immediately.

The body of the black robed cultivator trembled in shock. With a low grunt, he retreated repeatedly as his arms ached in soreness terribly.

Actually, he was not weaker than Su Zimo in terms of strength.

However, the power of thunder was an innate weakness for malevolent qi. Even if the black robed cultivator was strong, he could only exert less than 70% of his strength and was forced to retreat against Su Zimo!

If this was the case for a fiend heir of Malevolent Earth Sect, it was even worse for the rest.

Sword beams and shadows flashed repeatedly as a group of Malevolent Earth Sect cultivators surrounded Su Zimo.

He narrowed his eyes.

It was unrealistic to think he would be able to kill the black robed cultivator in a short period of time. If he was held up by the latter, he might very well fall into an entrapment.

No matter how weak those Malevolent Earth Sect cultivators were, they were also body tempered cultivators.

Su Zimo did not dare to be overconfident. His eyes lit up as he roared into the skies. Bursting with his feet, he dashed to the side and slashed out with his Cold Moon Saber!

It was a ferocious attack!

With a loud snap, the weapon in a Malevolent Earth Sect cultivator’s hands was severed by Su Zimo. His entire body was cleaved into two as blood gushed out, splattering his organs to the ground and filling the air with a stench of blood.

Poof! Poof!

Su Zimo flipped his hand and the Cold Moon Saber made two more arcs.

Two Malevolent Earth Sect cultivators felt a stinging pain on their throats as a thin, blood scar formed on their necks. After a slight delay, a blood mist sprayed out from them!

Su Zimo sidestepped and slashed out a bloody path in a domineering manner. He did not pause at all as weapons started falling in all directions.

After he rushed out, Su Zimo almost did not stop at all before charging back!


With a slash of his saber, his blood surged and thunder rumbled.


A Malevolent Earth Sect cultivator roared and channeled his blood. He lifted a large shield with his upper body and charged forth!


A deafening sound could be heard when the Cold Moon Saber landed on the shield.

Right after, the sound of bones cracking could be heard.

Behind the shield, the face of the Malevolent Earth Sect cultivator was ashen. His bones were completely shattered as he collapsed to the ground, coughing out blood as life drained out of him.

That strike caused everyone watching to tremble in fear as their teeth chattered!

Su Zimo did not know of any saber techniques at all.

His attacks were all discovered through actual combat. With large saber strikes, his bearing was magnificent and extremely forceful.

Of the Malevolent Earth Sect cultivators, the black robed cultivator was the only one who could withstand Su Zimo’s power head on.

For the rest, the best outcome was for their weapons to be hit away from their hands. The worst… would be death on the spot!

Because no one was able to face Su Zimo head on, the many cultivators of Malevolent Earth Sect could not form their circular attack formation.

“Lad, you’re from an immortal sect?” The black robed cultivator frowned and questioned.

“Immortal sect?”

Su Zimo frowned.

He only understood many of the things he did not know in the past after joining Ethereal Peak.

Immortal… that was a word that no one was qualified to use in the cultivation world and many people would not dare to either.

If immortal cultivation was that simple, why would it be called cultivation?

Back in Ping Yang Town when Su Zimo saw Perfected Being Cang Lang, he thought that was an immortal who was backed by an immortal sect.

But in reality, Perfected Being Cang Lang could only be considered a cultivator and Iridescent Clouds Palace was merely one of the five major sects, not an immortal sect.

Within the region of the Great Zhou Dynasty, no one had heard of the existence of an immortal sect.

The black robed cultivator took Su Zimo’s silence as acknowledgment and felt slightly better internally.

The nine immortal and seven fiend sects were on par – they were the top factions of Tianhuang Mainland.

If this green robed scholar was a successor of an immortal sect, it would make sense for his bloodline to be this powerful.

“Fellow daoist, you’ve got quite the guts. As someone of an immortal sect, how dare you interfere in the affairs of our fiend sects? From what I know, cultivators of all seven fiend sects are here today. Other than me, the other five fiend heirs are here too!”

The black robed cultivator scoffed coldly, “It’ll be wise of you to leave now. If you really bump into that lunatic from Overlord Palace, you won’t be able to leave if you wanted to!”

Seven fiend sects?

Demon heir?

Overlord Palace?

Those words were extremely foreign to Su Zimo and he had not heard of them before.

But, since they were from fiend sects, it made no difference to Su Zimo – he would just kill them all!


Su Zimo raised his brow and asked in reverse, “So, that means you’re the fiend heir of Malevolent Earth Sect?”

“That’s right!”

The black robed cultivator replied proudly.

“That’s perfect.”

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up brightly with an even more ferocious killing intent. He declared coldly, “Since we’ve met, I’ll kill you first!”


The black robed cultivator was rattled as his heart skipped a beat.

He had not expected that his statement would not only fail to scare off Su Zimo, but bring forth killing intent instead!

In theory, any one from immortal sects would want to keep a safe distance no matter what if they heard news of the fiend heirs gathering.

The gathering of fiend heirs was equivalent to the gathering of the top successors of the fiend sects.

With that, what other Tianhuang Mainland cultivator of the same level would dare to linger at a place as such?

That was unless legacy disciples of the nine immortal sects were gathered as well!

However, the black robed cultivator would not have guessed that Su Zimo’s fearlessness was not because he was confident in his skills. Rather, it was because Su Zimo wasn’t someone of an immortal sect and nor had he heard of the name of the seven fiend sects.

“Damn it, yet another lunatic!”

The black robed cultivator cursed internally, “Which one of the nine immortal sects produced such a freak? And worse still, why the hell was I the one to bump into him?!”

Before that thought of his was finished, Su Zimo had already arrived before him.


With the Plow Heaven Stride, a huge ravine appeared on the ground. It was a terrifying sight!




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