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Chapter 166: Tsunami Blood

Three black flashes of light tore through the air and came close in the blink of an eye with a chilling intent!

The black robed cultivator was still charging forward with his initial momentum. Without any time to think, he collapsed to his knees immediately and had his body fall backwards.

With such a dodging method, everyone behind the black robed cultivator suffered.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

The sounds of arrows piercing through flesh rang out constantly as blood splattered all over. Tragic shrieks could be heard and the crowd fell onto the ground in a terrible mess.

Due to inertia, the black robed cultivator’s knees slid a distance forward, tearing the bottom of his robes and staining them with mud.

Sitting up straight, there was a faint scar of blood between the eyes of the black robed cultivator that was extremely glaring.

Even though he had already reacted extremely quickly, he was still a tad slower and the arrow cut his glabella.

Instantly, the pupils of the black robed cultivator turned dark as ink. In fact, even the whites of his eyes were veiled with a dark fog. As malevolent aura shrouded him, he ordered coldly, “I don’t care who shot that arrow. Today, you’re definitely going to…”

Before he could finish, a voice rang from the fork.

“Shut up.”

The voice sounded impatient and commanding.

That enraged the black robed cultivator – here, no one else could order him around!

Just as he was about to finish his sentence with ‘die for sure’, another cold flash of light appeared accompanied by a buzzing sound – it was yet another arrow!

The black robed cultivator had no choice but to swallow his words before he could finish and bend over that straightened body of his once more.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

The cultivators behind him were the victims again.

At the fork.

The girl in pink and Yan Fei had already escaped.

Looking at Su Zimo who was shooting the arrows, the girl in pink frowned. Gritting her teeth, she glared and questioned, “Su Zimo, weren’t you afraid that your arrows might have hit us just now?”

Su Zimo gave the girl in pink a cold look. Without saying anything, he gestured towards the other path on the fork, indicating for her to head in that direction.

Biting her red lips, the girl in pink said in a low voice, “Remember that your mission is to protect my safety!”

Still expressionless, Su Zimo looked at the fork road where the black robed cultivator was and suddenly asked, “Those are people of the fiend sects?”

“That’s right, they are disciples of fiend sects!”

The girl in pink nodded hurriedly.


Su Zimo replied and turned to look at the girl in pink, replying indifferently, “I never show mercy to anyone from fiend sects. If I meet one, I kill one!”

He truly bore a deep hatred towards fiend sects.

Back in Yan Country, Joyful Sect was not of the orthodox path. Furthermore, he had personally witnessed the cruel methods of the fiend sects where hundreds of thousands of innocents suffered tragic deaths in Linfeng City!

Even though Su Zimo’s comment seemed casual, it felt like he was implying something as well.

A glint flashed in the girl in pink’s eyes as she smiled. “You can’t be so sure of that.”

Su Zimo did not say anything and hung the Sanguine Crystal Bow on his back. Pulling out the Cold Moon Saber from his waist, he headed for the fork road.

The black robed cultivator charged over with his black bone spear only to see a scholarly looking green robed man headed for his direction. The man was slinging a blood red bow and a quiver on his back, holding a long saber in his hands.

“You were the one who fired the arrows?”

The eyes of the black robed cultivator lit up as his lips curled slightly. With a cruel look in his eyes, he strode forth and stabbed with the spear!

Malevolent aura surrounded the bone spear, gushing out like black ink.

Even though he had not injected any spirit energy, the might of that bone spear far surpassed other weapons.

Su Zimo’s expression was unchanged as he twisted his wrist and slashed up with the Cold Moon Saber.


The bone spear was flung away by the Cold Moon Saber.


The black robed cultivator exclaimed softly with a look of surprise, wondering internally, “What’s the background of this person?”

In this place, he had not to come across a cultivator that could not only defend against his bone spear, but force it away!

Of the seven fiend sects, there were only three that imparted high quality body tempering techniques. The strongest among those three was Overlord Palace followed by Malevolent Earth Sect and lastly, Hidden Death Sect.

Even though disciples of the other four fiend sects tempered their bodies as well, they merely did it by making use of spirit qi and energy.

That was the most common form of body tempering.

However, compared to true body-tempering cultivators, those cultivators were much weaker in melee combat.

As the fiend heir of this generation’s Malevolent Earth Sect, the black robed cultivator’s melee combat strength needed no elaboration.

Before entering this place, the black robed cultivator only considered two people in this inheritance ground that was worth his attention – the fiend heirs of Overlord Palace and Hidden Death Sect.

There was naturally no way this green robed scholar before him was the fiend heir of Overlord Palace.

Even though the fiend heir of Hidden Death Sect was known as the thousand-faced assassin and no one had seen his true appearance, his choice of weapon was constant. It was the Blade of Assassins – Hidden Death Sect’s heritage weapon!

A long and slender sword, the Blade of Assassins was unlike the saber in front of him.


After repelling the bone spear, Su Zimo’s Cold Moon Saber did not rest and continued slashing forth, aimed for the cheek of the black robed cultivator!

Before the attack arrived, the black robed cultivator could already feel its chilling intent!

If not for the fact that he had tempered his body with spirit and malevolent qi over many years, the black robed cultivator may have turned stiff against the aura of that attack.

“How strong!”

The black robed cultivator did not dare to be careless as he hurriedly retreated and dodged the attack.

In that short while, the other cultivators of Malevolent Earth Sect swarmed from the fork road and surrounded Su Zimo.

“Fufu, what a pity that someone of your skills will have to die here!”

Laughing, the black robed cultivator channeled his bloodline and instantly, his eyes turned black as ink without any traces of white in them!

A faint malevolent aura was emitted from him.

With an indifferent expression, Su Zimo shook the saber in his hands and his bloodline began to churn as well.

“I’ll let you have a proper burial today!”

The black robed cultivator bellowed and released his power of blood before charging forth. With a flick of his bone spear, a huge circular arc appeared. Black gas swirled around as the tip of the spear fluttered, making it difficult to tell what it was.

At the side, the other Malevolent Earth Sect cultivators struck as well.


Su Zimo burst out into laughter, his eyes filled with killing intent!

Splash! Splash!

Before his laughter ended, the black robed cultivator and everyone else heard the gushing of an ocean.

That sound came from the body of that green robed scholar!


“That’s the sound when one channels their bloodline!”

“What a strong bloodline! Could it be… the legendary tsunami blood realm?”

Everyone’s expressions changed in disbelief.

Body tempering techniques were differentiated into high and low qualities.

Low quality body tempering techniques merely tempered one’s skin, flesh, tendons and bones.

However, a high quality body tempering technique could achieve an effect of swapping blood using the bone marrow!

For high quality body tempering techniques, there would always be mention of a specific realm for blood swapping – lead mercury amalgam. What it meant was that every single drop of blood in that realm would be as heavy, tough, dense and powerful as lead and mercury!

That was an extremely high realm of blood swapping and was difficult to achieve.

Above lead mercury amalgam, there was an even more mystical realm – tsunami blood!

It was said that if a body tempered cultivator of that realm were to channel his bloodline, his body would produce the gushing sounds of a tsunami and burst forth with explosive power!

Each time a cultivator as such attacked, he would carry the surging aura of a tsunami as though he wanted to annihilate the world. Power as such was unstoppable and terrifying beyond words!




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