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Chapter 168: Forced Retreat

With the Plow Heaven Stride, Su Zimo’s aura became even stronger.

In that sheer instant, the black robed cultivator had a hallucination that a gigantic fissure was ripped out in the skies above him!

Su Zimo swung his Cold Moon Saber and drew an arc in the air. Cleaving down viciously at the head of the black robed cultivator, his saber was filled with a cold aura and sharp killing intent!

Not daring to clash head on, the black robed cultivator took a sidestep and glided beside Su Zimo. His bone spear struck out like a viper from a tricky angle.


He narrowed his eyes.

At that moment, he had many options. He could repel the incoming bone spear with his Cold Moon Saber or he could dodge the attack and retaliate after.

However, both options would eliminate the advantage that Su Zimo had just accumulated.

Besides, it was inappropriate for him to fight the other party overly given such circumstances where he was surrounded by multiple enemies.

The best way of getting out of this situation was to kill the black robed cultivator using thunder methods. That would destroy the minds of the Malevolent Earth Sect cultivators completely!

Faced with the incoming bone spear, Su Zimo’s eyes lit up and he hollered, “Good strike!”

He did not evade or dodge at all. Instead, he opened his palm like a fan and grabbed the bone spear!

At the same time, Su Zimo changed strategy and stopped his downward cleave. Flicking his wrist, he held the Cold Moon Saber in reverse and slashed at the black robed cultivator’s threat.

“You must be courting death!”

The black robed cultivator harrumphed coldly.

No one would be able to defend against his bone spear barehanded.

He believed even that lunatic from Overlord Palace could not do it!

The black robed cultivator was absolutely confident that he would stab Su Zimo in the chest after crushing his arm, piercing his heart and killing him on the spot.

Right as Su Zimo’s palm was about to make contact with the black robed cultivator’s bone spear, a strange change happened!

A ball of lightning suddenly formed on Su Zimo’s palm. It was bedazzling and coiled like an electric viper, crackling incessantly.


“Thunder art!”

The black robed cultivator’s expression changed as he could not help but exclaim.

Even though Su Zimo’s Cold Moon Saber had lightning flashing on it previously, no one thought too much – they merely assumed that it was similar to the bone spear and was made from unique spirit materials that had lightning attributes. It was merely a spirit weapon.

But right now, a ball of lightning was formed in Su Zimo’s palm! What did that mean?

The black robed cultivator’s first thought was that it was a thunder art.

However, he realized that wasn’t possible.

With the ancient spirit lock formation, all Foundation Establishment Cultivators had their spirit energy locked. Even if this green robed scholar was from an immortal sect, he was no exception.


Suddenly, a thought flashed through the black robed cultivator’s mind.

When Su Zimo channeled his blood previously, it not only emitted tsunami sounds but also the rumbling of thunder.

This power of thunder originated from his bloodline!

As the black robed cultivator thought, Su Zimo’s palm had already made contact with the bone spear.

Instantly, the malevolent qi on the bone spear dissipated into emptiness and dispersed.

The black robed cultivator was not fazed. Even though the power of thunder could suppress the malevolent qi in his bone spear, Su Zimo’s palm was flesh and blood after all and could not be compared to his bone spear.

With a feral look on his face, the black robed cultivator’s eyes flashed with ruthlessness. He roared and exerted strength in both arms, shaking his bone spear, bent on crushing Su Zimo’s palm.

Suddenly, the black robed cultivator’s expression froze.

Su Zimo’s palm turned soft all of a sudden and coiled around his bone spear like a tongue!


The bone spear quivered and let out a dull ringing sound.


Yelling in pain, the palm of the black robed cultivator shattered. Blood splattered all over the place as the bone spear flew from his hand.

At the same time, he felt a chilling intent striking from his side that had him feeling as though he had fallen into an ice cavern.

The Cold Moon Saber was slashing over!

“Not good!”

The black robed cultivator’s heart skipped a beat. It was too late by the time he wanted to dodge.

Su Zimo’s choice of receiving the black robed cultivator’s bone spear barehanded was just so he could kill the latter within a single move!

With the death of the black robed cultivator, the other cultivators of the Malevolent Earth Sect that were like chickens and dogs would be of no threat to him.


All of a sudden!

As though he sensed something, Su Zimo’s expression changed slightly.

In a split second, a warning flashed in his heart and he felt a cold, murderous intent.

It was a familiar killing intent.

He had felt this from the assassin that pretended to be a dead corpse when they had just entered this place!

Su Zimo did not know when that corpse had infiltrated this place and what he was disguised as this time round.

The only thing he knew was that he would be buried here if he was any slower!

At that thought, Su Zimo halted his Cold Moon Saber.

The black robed cultivator was, after all, a fiend heir of Malevolent Earth Sect. He had been through countless battles and there was no way he would give up an opportunity as such.

Leaning back, the black robed cultivator landed on the ground firmly and retreated furiously.

Su Zimo did not stay at the same spot either. Suddenly, he sidestepped and lowered his body, using both hands and legs on the ground like a giant python that was maneuvering grass.


A long, thin sword landed on the spot where Su Zimo stood earlier on, leaving a shocking sword scar in the ground.

If Su Zimo was half a step slower, a bloodied hole would have appeared on his body!

The person who struck out the sword was mixed in with the cultivators of Malevolent Earth Sect. Even though he looked no different from anyone else, the long, thin sword he was wielding appeared unique.

His gaze landing on the sword, the black robed cultivator narrowed his eyes and let out a low cry, “Thousand-faced Assassin!”

Even though the thousand-faced assassin’s identity was revealed, there was no fluctuation in his expression and his gaze converged with no luster.

Without saying a single word, the thousand-faced assassin flicked his wrist and the long, thin sword strangely disappeared. Following that, his body flashed like a ghost and he disappeared into the fork.

With that missed attack, he fled right on the spot and did not give Su Zimo any chances.

The black robed cultivator’s eyes flickered as he waved his hand and said in a deep voice, “Let’s go!”

As soon as he said that, the black robed cultivator continued down the fork with the many Malevolent Earth Sect cultivators following suit.

Su Zimo’s expression changed. After weighing his options on the spot, he turned and left, headed for the direction of the girl in pink.

Even though it was a short exchange of blows, this incident would definitely cause quite a stir if the cultivation world knew about it.

It wasn’t just anyone who could force a retreat out of two fiend heirs singlehandedly.

But of course, there were two reasons why Su Zimo gave up on chasing after the black robed cultivator.

Initially, he had intended to end the battle in the swiftest possible manner by killing the black robed cultivator using thunder methods.

Now that the black robed cultivator retreated into the fork under the protection of many, it wasn’t a realistic option for Su Zimo to pursue any longer.

Furthermore, there might be a supreme killer hidden along that fork road.

The second reason was because of the girl in pink.

Su Zimo had promised to ensure her safety.

Even though he had already vaguely guessed her identity, he had to fulfill his promise before he was absolutely certain and could not afford to linger here for too long.

Moreover, the itinerant cultivator, Yan Fei, was around the girl in pink.

Su Zimo had long noticed that there was something amiss with the way Yan Fei looked at the girl in pink.




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