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Chapter 154: Authentic Badge

Chiyu City.

From afar, it looked like a terrifying behemoth lying on the ground. Even the capital of Yan Country paled in comparison.

But, this was only just a single major town of the dynasty. One could imagine how majestic and dominating the capital of the Great Zhou Dynasty was.

Along the way, the number of cultivators increased in number the closer it was to Chiyu City.

In the capital of Yan Country, there were only Qi Refinement Warriors mostly. It was difficult to even see a Foundation Establishment Cultivator.

However, Foundation Establishment Cultivators were extremely common in Chiyu City. Flying on their swords, there were people coming and going constantly. Occasionally, even Golden Cores who could travel through the air without the use of any objects would pass by.

Comparatively, Chiyu City was truly more like a city for cultivators.

Even though Su Zimo was a disciple of Ethereal Peak, he did not dare to behave flamboyantly in Chiyu City. In fact, he even put away his sect badge and looked for a random inn within the city.

Similar to Sky Treasure Pavilion, Sky Treasure Auction House was also backed by a royal family of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

Listening to the discussions of surrounding cultivators, Su Zimo’s confidence in this trip increased.

It was said that the Sky Treasure Auction House was the largest trading market in the Great Zhou Dynasty. It was famous and many rare and unique treasures had been auctioned here, be it spirit weapons, elixirs, talismans and manuals et cetera.

Of course, the price of the items auctioned was also extremely high.

By the time Su Zimo entered the city, it was already evening. After listening for a while in the lobby of the inn, he went back to rest.

The next day, Su Zimo woke up early and rushed to the Sky Treasure Auction House.

The Sky Treasure Auction House was divided into outer and inner houses. Most items in the outer house were ordinary items where cultivators only needed spirit stones to purchase them or exchange items of equivalent value.

The inner house was where the real auction was!

All rare items would be auctioned officially in the inner house. The competition was fair and the highest bidders would get it.

As long as one were to enter the region of the Sky Treasure Auction House, be it the inner or outer houses, they were not allowed to fly through the air. Even Golden Cores were not permitted – that was the rule of the auction house.

The place was packed as people pushed against one another.

There were cultivators of all major and minor sects of different branches. In fact, Su Zimo even caught sight of a few cultivators from Iridescent Clouds Palace and Azure Frost Sect.

After taking a spin around the outer house, Su Zimo had an eye-opener. He had truly come across quite a few treasures but it was a pity that he hadn’t seen a manual for the tempering technique of weapon refinement.

Without any hesitation, Su Zimo walked towards the entrance of the inner house.

On both sides of the entrance stood two late-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivators. Clad in armor, they surveyed the crowd constantly with sharp gazes.

Such guards could be seen everywhere in the Sky Treasure Auction House.

Even if a Golden Core were to cause trouble here, he would be ruthlessly suppressed!

Su Zimo had just walked up the stairs when he was stopped by the two guards.

“Show me your Sky Treasure Badge,” One of them said coldly.

Su Zimo was stunned and asked, “I need a Sky Treasure Badge?”

The other guard explained patiently, “Different color badges represent the different parts of the inner house you’ll be seated. Bronze is the worst and gold is the best.”

Su Zimo truly did not know that he would have to display a Sky Treasure Badge to enter the inner house.

In fact, the inner house was not a place anyone could just enter.

The Sky Treasure Badge was proof that someone was qualified to take part in the auction. Otherwise, who could tell if anyone was there to fish in troubled waters.

Furthermore, most cultivators who were able to obtain a Sky Treasure Badge were those who had sold a certain number of items in the Sky Treasure Pavilion – it was also verifiable proof of the person’s identity and strength.

At a moment like this, Ethereal Peak’s sect badge was not as useful as a Sky Treasure Badge!

Su Zimo did have a Sky Treasure Badge indeed… and it was a gold one!

However, he had never used that gold badge ever since he found out about Ji Yaoxue’s identity, afraid that it would attract unnecessary trouble.

But with the current situation, Su Zimo had no choice but to hand the Sky Treasure Gold Badge over.

When the guard saw that it was a gold badge, he could not help but frown.

Typically, someone of Su Zimo’s cultivation – early-stage Foundation Establishment – would be hard pressed to even possess a silver badge.

Sky Treasure Gold Badges were almost only exclusive to Golden Cores!

Only Golden Cores were worthy of a gold badge!

The guard’s first instinct was that the Sky Treasure Gold Badge was fake.

Without a change of expression, he pressed gently in the middle of the Sky Treasure Gold Badge. His expression softened and he nodded to the other guard.

The Sky Treasure Gold Badge was authentic.

Before this, there had been incidents of fake Sky Treasure Badges as well. However, no one had managed to bluff their way through.

The main reason was that in the center of every Sky Treasure Badge, there would be a unique mark that outsiders would not be able to replicate. A single touch by the guard was enough to tell of whether the gold badge was authentic.

“This green robed scholar’s background is not simple. The elders in his family must dote on him to be willing to give a Sky Treasure Gold Badge to an early-stage Foundation Establishment.”

One of the guards said secretly and nodded to Su Zimo. He then moved aside and handed the Sky Treasure Gold Badge back.

Su Zimo took the token and it slid through the guard’s hand. Right as it was about to leave the guard’s hand, a cold glint flashed in the guard’s eyes as though he had realized something as he held onto the Sky Treasure Gold Badge tightly!

Something was not right!

When the Sky Treasure Gold Badge slid through his hand, he had clearly touched a word character!

The guard snatched back the Sky Treasure Gold Badge and waved his hand. Instantly, a few more Foundation Establishment Cultivators appeared beside him, looking malicious and unfriendly as they surrounded Su Zimo in a circle.

“What’s wrong?” Su Zimo frowned and asked.

The guard looked at Su Zimo and grunted. Whisking the Sky Treasure Gold Badge up, he scrutinized it under his eyes.

At the right corner of the Sky Treasure Gold Badge, there was a character the size of a mosquito. As long as one focused on it, they would be able to recognize that it was the word ‘Xue’.

The guard handed the Sky Treasure Gold Badge to another person with a darkened expression.

If not for that ‘Xue’ character, the Sky Treasure Gold Badge would be authentic. However, it was way too fake with it!

This was clearly the badge of the Great Zhou Dynasty’s third princess! How could it be in the hands of an outsider?

“Hmph1 How dare you forge a fake Sky Treasure Gold Badge! You really don’t know the meaning of death! Take him down!” Another guard shouted after checking out the badge.

“Hold on!”

Su Zimo was extremely calm as he said in a deep voice, “Fellow daoist, what right do you have to say that my badge is fake? You have no proof at all. You have to give me some evidence.”

There was no way the Sky Treasure Gold Badge could be fake and Su Zimo wanted to see what the guard had to say.

The guard sneered. “Alright, I’ll make sure you die convinced.”

Right as that person was about to speak, a commotion broke out not far away and the crowd was restless.

Looking from the corner of his eye, the guard trembled and he looked respectful right away. There was even a look of intoxication in his eyes.

It was the same for everyone else as they actually forgot about Su Zimo for the moment.

Out of curiosity, Su Zimo turned over.




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