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Chapter 153: Sky Treasure Auction House

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Although many disciples were infuriated, they were still able to remain rational and did not rush up together.

A mid-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator was the first to enter the spirit arena as he remarked coldly, “Junior Brother Su, aren’t you being too arrogant? I…”

Before that person could finish, Su Zimo took two steps and arrived before him. Without a second word, he raised his hands and drew an arc in the air.

His punch was filled with power, as though a gigantic stamp was crushing down.


That person yelped and crushed a protection talisman right away.

Su Zimo’s fist slammed heavily against the barrier of the protection talisman, causing it to shake violently. Right after, a series of terrifying sounds could be heard.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Cracks appeared and extended on the surface of the light barrier.

A Grade 2 protection talisman was destroyed by a single punch from Su Zimo!

That person was scared out of his wits. Without waiting for Su Zimo to continue punching, he jumped down from the spirit arena with fear in his eyes. Retreating frantically, he was like a stray dog.

Another inner sect disciple grit his teeth and leaped into the spirit arena, summoning his flying sword instantly.

Two spirit lights shone dazzlingly on the sword – it was a middle-grade flying sword.

On the other side, that person conjured hand seals and pointed it at Su Zimo’s feet.

Suddenly, thick vines grew out like snakes, climbing and wrapping themselves tightly around Su Zimo’s ankles.

The flying sword and spirit art struck at the same time, complementing each other perfectly.

If it was anyone else, they would definitely not be able to dodge the flying sword’s attack with their bodies restricted.

However, Su Zimo’s bloodline was way too strong!

Unless it was a late-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator, no one else could trap him!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

The blood within Su Zimo’s body rumbled as lightning flashed. Striking the vines conjured by the spirit art, the power of thunder electrocuted it into nothingness.


At the same time, the flying sword pierced towards Su Zimo’s glabella.

Laughing gently, Su Zimo did not dodge at all. He extended his palm and caressed the incoming sword gently, soft as a tongue.

The flying sword fell into Su Zimo’s palm obediently.

As for Su Zimo’s palm, it was completely unharmed!

The inner sect disciple on the other end opened his mouth wide and his eyeballs nearly popped out.

Such methods were far beyond his knowledge!

Grabbing weapons barehanded was just a small trick among martial artists to deal with mortals.

But, no one had ever seen a cultivator who could deal with a Foundation Establishment Cultivator’s flying sword using just his bare hands!

“Everyone, let’s attack together!”

Someone suddenly shouted from the crowd.

The tens of disciples below leaped into the spirit arena hotheadedly.

“That’s the way!”

Su Zimo burst out in laughter. He took a few steps and slammed into the crowd, exploding the power of his bloodline. Using his unparalleled might and ferocious fist techniques, he crushed his way through everyone!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Accompanied by cries of pain, the sound of fists and flesh colliding rang out constantly as bodies fell one after another.

Many people had just entered the spirit arena. However, they were knocked down by Su Zimo before they could even stand firmly.

In the blink of an eye, bodies were strewn all over the spirit arena.

They were completely defeated!

Far away, three cultivators stood. From their identity badges, they were also inner sect disciples. However, their auras were extraordinary and they were clearly unlike everyone else.

“That’s Su Zimo. The number one of four peaks last year.”

“His melee combat strength is rather decent. However, it’s of little use.”

“Yes. Against us, he won’t even have a chance to get close,” Someone among them laughed.

“I heard that there were quite a number of disciples with decent endowment last year. Other than Su Zimo, there’s Feng Haoyu and a beauty called Leng Rou.”

“Yes. All three of them have a chance to become legacy disciples just like us.”

“That’s for the future. Let’s continue our seclusion and prepare for the sect competition.”

Feng Haoyu watched everything expressionlessly and turned around to head back to his cave abode.

As soon as he entered and closed the door, Feng Haoyu stopped in his tracks as if he sensed something.

“That lad’s methods are terrifying. At the spirit mine of Linfeng City, more than thirty Foundation Establishment Cultivators died in his hands. There was even a late-stage among them!”

A hoarse voice sounded suddenly – it came from a black figure standing in a corner of the cave abode.

Feng Haoyu was secretly shocked.

None of the sect disciples knew about what happened at Linfeng City. Only the five peak masters and some elders who went as reinforcements knew about it.

Feng Haoyu said, “According to what you said, senior, I’m unable to deal with him given my current abilities. Furthermore, I can’t kill Su Zimo inside the sect.”

“Have you learned all three major secret skills?” The hoarse voice sounded once more.


Feng Haoyu nodded.

Obtaining the three major secret skills of Ethereal Peak was a large part of his mission!

“Record them for me.”

“No,” Feng Haoyu shook his head.


The tone of the black figure changed. Instantly, the atmosphere within the cave abode turned tense and was filled with killing intent.

“Before I learned the secret skills, Ling Yun made me swear not to spread the secret skills externally,” Feng Haoyu explained. “I have no choice either.”

The cave abode fell silent.

After a moment, the black figure laughed sinisterly. “Hmph, hmph. Not to spread them? We shall see how long more Ethereal Peak can hang on for! When the time comes, I’ll come and snatch the three major secret skills personally!”

“What about Su Zimo and the three legacy disciples of Ethereal Peak?” Feng Haoyu asked again, “Su Zimo is manageable. However, those three legacy disciples are mostly in seclusion and rarely show their faces. There’s no chance to strike at all.”

The black figure ordered, “Don’t act rashly lest we alert the enemy. We’ll find a chance before the sect competition to take down the four of them in one fell swoop! Hmph, let’s see who else Ethereal Peak can send to the sect competition!”

A cold gust of wind blew past and the black figure disappeared from Feng Haoyu’s cave abode.

As Su Zimo had expected, no one in the inner sect sought trouble with him after that fight.

For the next two months, he locked himself in seclusion and absorbed spirit stones continuously, cultivating the Ethereal Foundation Establishment to raise his cultivation.

Two months later, it was almost the end of the year.

Su Zimo was now at the peak of early-stage Foundation Establishment. He thought about it deeply and decided to head out for a walk.

His main goal was to find a secret manual to hone one’s weapon refinement skill. Without a manual like that, Su Zimo would not be able to improve on his weapon refinement technique.

No matter how high his cultivation was, he would be almost half as weak if he was unable to make use of sword formations.

Without letting anyone know, Su Zimo left quietly.

His destination was to a place called Chiyu City. It was an important city within the Great Zhou Dynasty and contained a Sky Treasure Auction House.

Typically, as long as there was a city where cultivators gathered, there would be a Sky Treasure Pavilion.

However, there weren’t many Sky Treasure Auction Houses within the Great Zhou Dynasty. Chiyu City was the closest city to Ethereal Peak that had one.

Sky Treasure Auction House intended to try his luck at Sky Treasure Auction House.

Ever since that fight outside of Linfeng City, he had quite a bit of spirit stones in his storage bag – it was just convenient for him.

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