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Chapter 155: Chief Steward Gu

A group of maidservants surrounded two women as they walked over.

At the very front, the woman’s skin was fair as snow. She had an exquisite appearance and her steps exuded a mature charm.

The woman had a smile on her face, and her every move exuded an air of gracefulness. Clearly, her status in the Sky Treasure Auction House was not low.

Beside her, there was a young girl in a long pink dress. Even though her face was covered with a veil, her beautiful eyes sparkled and made one’s heart flutter!

Both women had their own merits and were rare beauties. They walked side by side like sisters. As soon as they appeared, they attracted everyone’s attention, burning like fire.

Gulps could be heard in the surroundings in a spectacular manner.

“To think that Chief Steward Gu would actually grace our Chiyu City’s Sky Treasure Auction House!”

“I’m willing to give up ten years of my life just to have some sort of relationship with Chief Steward Gu!”

“Someone like you will never be entertained by the likes of Chief Steward Gu. I heard that there was a Golden Core who had nefarious thoughts and was killed that very night with his head hung on display in the city for an entire month!”

After cultivating The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, Su Zimo’s hearing far exceeded others.

Even though the discussions were hushed, he could still hear them.

“So, it’s her!”

Su Zimo muttered to himself.

When he arrived in Chiyu City yesterday, Su Zimo heard quite a number of people talking about this woman.

Her name was Gu Xi and she was the chief steward of the Sky Treasure Auction House. It was said that even the emperor of the Great Zhou Dynasty was very respectful to her.

She was a large part of the reason why Sky Treasure Auction House was so famous.

No one knew the cultivation of that woman. However, none of those who harbored evil intentions towards her through the years had lived to tell the tale!

Mysterious, elegant and beautiful. The combination of those words turned Gu Xi into the most famous woman in the Great Zhou Dynasty; someone who could only be seen from afar and not touched.

Since the Sky Treasure Auction House in Chiyu City was not the main branch, Su Zimo had not expected that he would come across the great Chief Steward Gu here.

“Who is the pink dressed girl beside Chief Steward Gu? She’s very unfamiliar.”

“Cut the crap. How can you recognize her through the veil?”

“Even with the veil, I feel like I’m going out of my mind. If I could see her face even once, I would die without regrets.”

In the crowd, many people shifted their attention to the girl in pink.

Su Zimo had tried to use his Spirit Peering Art to check out the two women. Gu Xi aside, he couldn’t even detect the cultivation of the girl in pink.

It was as if the girl was shrouded by a layer of fog that made it impossible to see her clearly.

Right then, Gu Xi’s gaze landed on Su Zimo. Pausing for a moment, she asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Chief steward! This punk tried to forge a Sky Treasure Gold Badge but was discovered by us!” One of the guards hurried forward and bowed down respectfully, holding up Su Zimo’s Sky Treasure Gold Badge with both hands.

Gu Xi smiled and took over the Sky Treasure Gold Badge casually. She then looked at Su Zimo with a faint smile. “You look decent but you’ve got quite the guts. There’s nothing more to say about this. According to the rules, kill this person…”


Before Gu Xi could complete her sentence, her expression changed slightly. She raised her brow and brought the Sky Treasure Gold Badge closer to have a better look.

After a moment, Gu Xi raised her head and surveyed Su Zimo with scrutiny. She had a strange expression.

“Auntie Gu, what’s wrong?”

The girl in pink noticed the weird atmosphere and asked softly.

Her voice was gentle to the bones and really alluring.

Gu Xi glanced sideways and remained silent. However, a voice rang out in the girl in pink’s mind, “This badge should be real, but I don’t know why it’s with this person. Take a look.”

Only Nascent Souls could make use of techniques such as voice transmission.

The girl in pink took over the badge and was slightly taken aback when she saw the ‘Xue’ character at the bottom right.

In the blink of an eye, she seemed to have thought of something. The corners of her lips curled under the veil and her eyes sparkled.

She whispered into Gu Xi’s ears, “This badge is authentic. I know who this person is. Auntie Gu, call him over. I have something to discuss with him.””Access if you like watching manga,comics.

Gu Xi acknowledged and handed the Sky Treasure Gold Badge back, saying, “The badge is authentic.”


“It’s real?”

The two guards were stumped on the spot.

This was clearly the badge of the Great Zhou Dynasty’s third princess! If it was authentic, what was this person’s relationship with the third princess?”

“Stop making wild guesses and don’t spout nonsense!”

As though she could read their minds, Gu Xi remarked coldly.

The two guards were rattled and hurriedly nodded in agreement.

Su Zimo heaved a sigh of relief. Just as he put away the Sky Treasure Gold Badge, he felt a burning gaze on him.

Gu Xi and that girl in pink were both watching him.

Even though the girl in pink was wearing a veil, Su Zimo could almost see a smile on her face.

“Follow me.”

Suddenly, an unquestionable voice rang in Su Zimo’s mind – it was Gu Xi’s!

Together with the girl in pink, Gu Xi walked towards a side door of the inner house. Su Zimo hesitated for a moment before following them.

The side door to the inner house was only accessible to the employees. Outsiders could only enter through the main door after displaying their Sky Treasure Badge.

Now that Su Zimo was following Gu Xi and the girl in pink through the side door, it caused a commotion outside!

“Who is that green robed scholar?”

“What rights does he have?”

Many people were green with envy.

Someone coughed gently and tried striding towards the side door as though nothing was wrong. However, he was stopped by the guard.

He tried to talk his way out of it but to no avail and could only leave in a huff.

Inside the inner house, things were much quieter and there was evidently less people.

Gu Xi and the girl in pink walked at the front while Su Zimo followed them. Calm and composed, he did not say anything and merely surveyed the surroundings.

The layout of the inner house was like a large funnel and guests were separated into three general regions based on their colors.

The seats at the bottom were for the bronze badge owners. It was a cramped place without much room for activity.

Above the bronzes were the silver seats and they were slightly more spacious.

Another few levels up and it was at the gold area. Here, the rooms were divided and partitioned. Beautiful gems decorated the rooms and even though no one from the outside could look in, those within could see everything perfectly clear.

Above the gold area was another circle of individual rooms. From the outside, they looked even more spacious and magnificent. Su Zimo wondered who they were made for.

On both sides of the entrances of the rooms at the top, beautiful and gorgeous young women stood waiting.




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