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Chapter 145: The Power of Lightning Arts

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That Foundation Establishment Cultivator had all sorts of tricks up his sleeves. Before he was able to use any of them, he was slashed down by Su Zimo’s sword formation!

Hum! Hum! Hum!

Sending forth waves of sword qi, the Hexagonal Sword Formation rebounded multiple flying swords and broke little fatty out of his predicament.

In just a short while, there was already a wound on little fatty’s body.

“It’s fine, my skin is thick. Bro, don’t worry about me,” Little fatty yelled as he charged forth without even turning back.

Leng Rou had indeed displayed the strength as a disciple of a major sect as well. Even though she did not cultivate any secret skills of the sect, she was able to defend against the encirclement of nine mid-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivators using just her talismans!

But of course, it was clear that the nine of them had not exerted their full strength too. They were merely playing a cat and mouse game, taunting Leng Rou with lewd remarks while attacking.

Unmoved in the slightest bit, Leng Rou was not in any danger for now.

On the other side, a dozen or more Foundation Establishment Cultivators had shifted their attention towards Su Zimo. They surrounded him with all their might as flying swords tore through the voids while spirit arts exploded everywhere.

No matter how strong the Hexagonal Sword Formation was, it was unable to withstand the power of so many Foundation Establishment Cultivators. In the blink of an eye, it was on the verge of collapse.


One of the Foundation Establishment Cultivators burst out in laughter. “I want to see how long a mere Qi Refinement Warrior like you can last!”


Before he could stop laughing, a black shadow appeared beside him. It bit on that man’s throat as blood gushed out.

The spirit tiger had been waiting for an opportunity to attack and as such, an early-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator’s life was ended.

Even though it was only a spirit beast, if it closed in on Foundation Establishment Cultivators, they wouldn’t stand much of a chance.

That was also the reason why Die Yue had once told Su Zimo that demon cultivators are the best at killing opponents through level gaps.

“Beast, how dare you behave so insolently!”

A few of the Foundation Establishment Cultivators cursed angrily. Invoking spirit arts, the spirit qi in the surroundings surged violently towards the spirit tiger.

With the spirit tiger’s current strength, it was unable to defend against the power of spirit arts at all.

Su Zimo narrowed his gaze and dodged a few incoming flying swords. Shifting the Hexagonal Sword Formation, he blocked it in front of the spirit tiger and defended against a few types of spirit arts.


There was a deafening sound.

The spirit arts dispersed and Su Zimo’s Hexagonal Sword Formation could no longer hold out as well.

Struggling to form a proper pattern, all six swords fell to the ground and dimmed.

Quick-witted, the spirit tiger seized the opportunity to hide behind Su Zimo instantly and glared fiercely at the dozens of Foundation Establishment Cultivators on the other end.

“Kid, the spirit qi within you should be almost depleted by now, right?” An early-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator scoffed coldly.

Even though the battle between both parties had been short, Su Zimo had blocked too many flying swords. He had expended a lot of spirit qi and was indeed running short.

“Let’s see how you can continue to be arrogant. Die!”

One of the Foundation Establishment Cultivators conjured hand seals and gestured towards Su Zimo. Instantly, a fireball the size of a fist shot out. Even while it was traveling, the air was already crackling from the heat.

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up as he suddenly reached out and grabbed the fireball.

“You must be courting death!”

When the Foundation Establishment Cultivator saw Su Zimo receiving the spirit art with his bare hands, he could not help but scoff internally.

Channeling his blood, a flash of dense lightning appeared in Su Zimo’s palm.


“What is that?”

“Power of thunder!”

Many of the Foundation Establishment Cultivators cried out in alarm as their pupils constricted.


The fireball was crushed by Su Zimo’s palm as the spirit qi within it dissipated into emptiness.

Upon seeing that, the cultivators’ expressions changed drastically.

Even the grey robed cultivator frowned in disbelief as he muttered confusedly, “Thunder art? Is he not actually a Qi Refinement Warrior, but a Foundation Establishment Cultivator?”

Activating the Spirit Peering Art, he scanned Su Zimo once more. “No, it shows him to be at Level 9 Qi Condensation. Could he have cultivated some sort of technique to conceal his cultivation realm?”

“No, that’s not right either!”

The grey robed cultivator shook his head. “How is there no fluctuation in spirit qi when he released that thunder art?”

He would have never imagined that the source of power for Su Zimo’s thunder art came from the latter’s blood!

Even though Su Zimo’s spirit qi was indeed almost withered, the power of lightning in his blood was still present.

“Caw, caw!”

At the moment, little crane who was up in the skies was met with danger. Its body was already severely wounded by the blood-eyed crows as it shrieked anxiously.

Even though senior crane did not mention it explicitly, Su Zimo knew that the reason why little crane could join him was due to senior crane’s trust in him.

Now that little crane was in danger, Su Zimo unleashed his Power of Blood without second thoughts. Instantly, his body echoed out with reverberating sounds of waves gushing!

Under everyone’s watchful gazes, Su Zimo’s figure suddenly expanded. His body swelled and burst through his green clothes, filled with crackling electricity from head to toe.

It was as though Su Zimo was possessed by a god of thunder as murderous intent condensed in his eyes terrifyingly!


Suddenly, the grey robed cultivator’s expression changed – he finally realized that something was amiss.

Pointing a finger into the skies, Su Zimo’s eyes exuded a wrathful killing intent as he hollered, “Instant Thunder!”


A stark thunderbolt boomed out.

An extremely intense bolt of thunder struck the group of blood-eyed crow, extending like a python exuding a bedazzling shine. The blood-eyed crows were instantly electrocuted to death and fell from the skies like a shower of black rain.

Many of the Foundation Establishment Cultivators present were shocked by that deafening sound of thunder. Even the nine Foundation Establishment Cultivators that were surrounding Leng Rou stopped instinctively.

That gave Leng Rou an opportunity to take a breather. Covered in sweat, her spirit qi was almost depleted as well.

Little fatty seized the chance to kill an early-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator before him. Swinging his gigantic axe, he cleaved the man into two as blood splattered all over him!

The power of thunder arts was so great that it nearly wiped out all the blood-eyed crows in the skies!

Little crane’s spirit was invigorated instantly – the remaining blood-eyed crows were of no threat to it.

At the moment, Su Zimo whisked out a saber from his storage bag that shimmered with a cold glint. His eyes flashed icily as he strode forth, smiling to the Foundation Establishment Cultivators. “The fight… has only just begun!”

That single step of his closed a gap of twenty feet and he appeared before the many Foundation Establishment Cultivators in the blink of an eye.

Poof! Poof!

Su Zimo slashed out in reverse. The two of them only felt a blur before their eyes. Before they could even react, both heads were lopped into the skies with blood spraying everywhere.


The remaining Foundation Establishment Cultivators were frightened to death as they exclaimed and stumbled back instinctively.

“Do you think you can run?”

Su Zimo chased after them with his saber like a tiger making its way through a flock of sheep. Cleaving left and right, flashes of blood shone out continuously.

Both Leng Rou and little fatty were dumbfounded.

Against Su Zimo, early-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivators were like fish on a chopping board – they could not retaliate at all!

It didn’t matter whether they summoned flying swords, talismans or even conjured spirit arts – they were all killed by a single flash of Su Zimo!

At lesser mastery of the Marrow Cleansing section, Su Zimo’s power was enough to slay early-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivators… and that was even before he infused the Thunder Marrow Cleansing Sutra into his marrow within Thunderclap Valley.

This was a complete crushing through sheer brute strength without requiring any technique.

Even the spirit arts of early-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivators was not enough to deal with Su Zimo after unleashing his Power of Blood!

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