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Chapter 144: We Can Only Kill Them All!

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When he heard that, Guan Jin’s expression changed starkly as his body began to shudder.

Su Zimo glanced sideways and saw that Guan Jin’s face was drying at a visible speed. Wrinkles started appearing as if all his blood would be forcibly drawn away by an invisible force at the next moment!


Guan Jin roared and tried his best to release spirit energy, but to no avail.

He turned and looked towards Su Zimo and the others as panic filled his eyes; his pupils had turned grey and dull.

It was an identical situation to those mortals who had died in Linfeng City!

“Ke, ke…”

Stretching his arm, Guan Jin seemed as though he wanted to say something but a strange sound came from the depths of his throat.

Little fatty was so scared that he jumped back instinctively.

No one had attacked Guan Jin but in the blink of an eye, he had become like this – it didn’t seem like he was going to survive.

It was way too creepy!

Chills ran down little fatty’s spine as he panted heavily to calm himself down.

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

He looked carefully and noticed that there were faint green spots on the skin of Guan Jin’s palm that exuded an evil aura.

Back in Linfeng City, that hand of Guan Jin had come into contact with the dead night watchmen.

If that was all it took for a Foundation Establishment Cultivator to die, it was quite a terrifying method!

They might be the next ones if they were careless!

The surrounding Foundation Establishment Cultivators looked at everything unfold calmly, as though this was an expected outcome.

Even though Leng Rou was always cold, she could not help but feel bad looking at Guan Jin’s helpless gaze. Retrieving a couple of elixirs from her storage bag, she wanted to feed them to Guan Jin.

She did not know what had happened to Guan Jin.

However, they were fellow disciples after all and she couldn’t just leave him in the lurch.

Just as Leng Rou was about to step forward, someone grabbed her arm and yanked her back.

“Don’t go!”

Su Zimo’s voice rang in her ears.

With a thud, Guan Jin fell to the ground, no longer breathing.

Leng Rou froze on the spot.

A ghastly green ball of light floated out of Guan Jin’s body and flew into the depths of the spirit mine.

A cold glint flashed across Su Zimo’s eyes as he lamented internally, ‘There should be someone else in the depths of the spirit mine. That person is the true murderer behind Linfeng City’s tragedy!’


The grey robed cultivator said with a strange smile, “Oh, you have quite the tender heart for women. Beauty, if this punk hadn’t pulled you back, you would have been dead by now.”

Leng Rou’s heart jolted.

Even though her cultivation was higher than Su Zimo, she had not been through any life and death situations. As such, she could not but lose her cool looking at the tragic death of her two senior brothers.

Upon realizing this, Leng Rou looked at Su Zimo gratefully.

Stroking his chin, the grey robed cultivator said with a perverted look, “But, that’s good too. It’d be such a pity for a beauty like you to die here. Hey, I happen to be in need of a maidservant to warm my bed. You look pretty suitable for it.”


The surrounding Foundation Establishment Cultivators burst out in laughter.


Right then, a gust of wind came from the entrance of the spirit mine as another batch of blood-eyed crows swarmed out like flying locusts. In the blink of an eye, they covered half the skies above everyone’s heads.

Little fatty felt his scalp tingle as he gulped and asked softly, “Bro, what should we do?”

Leng Rou looked towards Su Zimo.

At this moment, the both of them had already subconsciously took Su Zimo as their pillar of support. They had even forgotten that their cultivations were higher than his.

“There’s no other way.”

Su Zimo shook his head and remarked indifferently, “We can only kill them all.”

Leng Rou and little fatty’s eyes dimmed.

Leng Rou sighed in her heart, ‘They are all Foundation Establishment Cultivators. Apart from the nine mid-stages, there’s even a late-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator. Su Zimo is only a Qi Refinement Warrior. What can he do?”

Be it Leng Rou or little fatty, both thought that Su Zimo had only said that casually because he knew he was about to die.

Biting her lips gently, Leng Rou said in a low voice, “In a while, I’ll use my talismans to try and block as many people as possible. Find a chance to get out by riding on little crane!”

Little crane looked up at the blood-eyed crows that filled the skies. Chirping, it flapped its wings, ready to strike at any moment.

Even though the blood-eyed crows weren’t strong, they had the advantage in numbers. If they were to swarm little crane, it wouldn’t be able to unleash its full strength.

On the ground, the spirit tiger was of no help at all.

Right then, Su Zimo suddenly drew his Sanguine Crystal Bow from the storage bag and loaded arrows. His entire action was fluid like water, as though he had rehearsed for it countless times.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Three arrows were shot towards the crowd and appeared before them in the blink of an eye.

Initially, the thirty odd Foundation Establishment Cultivators wanted to make fun of them. Most of their attention was on the two Foundation Establishment Cultivators in the group, Leng Rou and little fatty – none of them expected that the Qi Refinement Warrior was the first to strike!

It was completely unintentional.

Three precise arrows tore through the throats of three early-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivators, causing blood to spurt out!

The three of them were confused. Even in their final moments, they could not believe that they had just died under the bow of a Qi Refinement Warrior.

“It’s him!”

Someone from the crowd exclaimed.

Back in the spirit mine, Su Zimo killed two people using his bow and arrows. As such, the Foundation Establishment Cultivators recognized him instantly.

Swash! Swash! Swash!

Thirty odd Foundation Establishment Cultivators summoned their flying swords at the same time, shining sinisterly with their spirit lights.

Su Zimo shouted softly, “Don’t just stand there, strike!”

Leng Rou and little fatty summoned their flying swords and talismans hurriedly, firing them towards the crowd. The light of the talismans burst forth as all sorts of spirit arts collided in reverberating booms!

“Caw, caw!”

Little crane chirped and soared to the skies, charging to fight at the blood-eyed crows.

Little fatty howled as he charged at an early-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator with his gigantic axe – he wanted to make use of his melee combat strength and kill the latter on the spot.

However, he was faced with too many opponents as flying swords blocked his path continuously. With no way to advance, little fatty found himself encircled in the blink of an eye and was forced to defend.

The grey robed cultivator did not move, merely watching coldly from the sidelines with hands behind his back.

This battle was in the bag for sure – there was no need for him to make a move.

On the other side, Su Zimo had already kept his Sanguine Crystal Bow.

Even though arrows were sharp, it was difficult to continuously hit targets when the Foundation Establishment Cultivators were ready for it.

Six flying swords hovered in front of his chest and sped through the voids, leaving sword scars in the air.


A gigantic hexagonal formation pattern shone with a bedazzling, bright light!

In a swift move, Su Zimo had already set up the Hexagonal Sword Formation!

Making use of the Tripartite Sword Formation was of no use given the current circumstances.

“Sword formation?”

The grey robed cultivator’s expression changed. A look of surprise flashed past his eyes as he murmured, “That Qi Refinement Warrior’s a Sword Formation Master?”

An early-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator had been targeting Su Zimo from the start. Secretly, he summoned his flying sword and sent it flying to the back of Su Zimo’s head.

Just as the flying sword was about to strike Su Zimo’s head, the latter suddenly dodged from the spot in a swift and agile manner.


The person’s expression chased. Right as he was about to change the course of his flying sword to continue chasing after Su Zimo, a gigantic hexagonal star sword formation descended, crashing upon him!


A sanguine light flashed.

The person was split into two by the Hexagonal Sword Formation.

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