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Chapter 146: Predicament

At the sight of Su Zimo’s unstoppable onslaught, the grey robed cultivator could no longer sit and wait. With a holler, he burst forth with the might of a late-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator and summoned a middle-grade flying sword, shooting it towards Su Zimo’s back!

The two spirit patterns on the sword shone with a mysterious glow, emitting a ghastly aura.

It was an extremely swift attack. If it were Leng Rou or little fatty, they wouldn’t have been able to escape unscathed.

On the other hand, Su Zimo did not even have to turn back despite having just cleaved someone else apart. Standing on the spot, he made a small sidestep and dodged that fatal attack – it was as though he had eyes at the back of his head!

The expression of the grey robed cultivator was unchanged when he saw that, unsurprised in the slightest bit.

He could already tell that Su Zimo was a body tempered cultivator and was very agile. It was not realistic for him to capture this person within a few moves.

“Everyone, back down. Try to keep your distance as much as possible.”

The grey robed cultivator yelled as he manipulated his flying sword to chase after Su Zimo, “If not, ride on your flying swords in the air! Just try your best to not let this person get close to you!”

Suddenly, Su Zimo laughed. Striding forward, he exerted strength in his legs and burst forth with Divine Steed Fleeting, leaving a series of afterimages behind him.


Suddenly, Su Zimo reached out and a ball of lightning appeared in his palms, erupting before everyone’s eyes in a blinding manner as thunder rumbled and deafened everyone.

Instant Thunder and Mystify were thunder arts of the Void Thunder Manual.

Instant Thunder was a killing technique. It was powerful and had a large area of effect.

As for Mystify, it was a supplementary spirit art that had almost no lethality.

By making use of the Power of Thunder’s explosiveness, its aim was to confuse the five senses of the opponents and to mainly block their vision and hearing.

The many Foundation Establishment Cultivators felt their visions blur as their ears rang incessantly with echoes.

The next moment, Su Zimo was already before them.

In terms of melee combat, no one was a match for Su Zimo as blood splattered endlessly. In the blink of an eye, countless of the Foundation Establishment Cultivators on the other end were dead on the spot!

By now, all the early-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivators were dead!

Right then, Leng Rou who was in midair shrieked as the protection talisman around her exploded.

Immediately after, she was slammed heavily on the abdomen by a palm of spirit energy. Sent flying, she spat out a mouthful of blood and looked even paler.

Little fatty’s shoulder was also pierced by a flying sword as he fell to the ground and broke out in cold sweat.

The grey robed cultivator was the one who had struck personally. Even though he did not take their lives, it was clear that Leng Rou and little fatty were no longer able to fight anymore.

He was intelligent and quick to notice that the strength of early-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivators was no longer able to deal with Su Zimo. As such, he chose to get rid of little fatty and Leng Rou first.

With that, the grey robed cultivator could then reset the situation and group up with the nine mid-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivators to fight Su Zimo together!

Standing in front of little fatty and Leng Rou, Su Zimo held his saber before his chest and his eyes shone with a sharp killing intent. He was not fearful in the slightest bit against the ten Foundation Establishment Cultivators on the other end!

As she looked at Su Zimo’s back view, Leng Rou was filled with mixed emotions.

This mission was undertaken by her, little fatty, Lu Yangrong and Guan Jin – Su Zimo did not have the rights to join.

But, if Su Zimo wasn’t here, she would have already been dead along with little fatty.

The same emotions were going through little fatty’s mind.

His initial plan was to invite Su Zimo out to relax his mind, but he did not expect that they would have encountered such an incident. Both senior brothers had died tragically and now, he and Leng Rou were severely injured and could not offer any help.

“Everyone, make use of your various flying sword and talisman methods to take down this person! Find an opening to invoke your spirit arts and injure him severely!”

The grey robed cultivator was extremely decisive as he swiftly delegated the remaining nine mid-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivators in various directions to separate out.

Swash! Swash! Swash!

Flying swords tore through the air alongside many talismans.

Narrowing his gaze, Su Zimo gripped the Cold Moon Saber tightly and with a long howl, he swung his arms and blocked left and right.

For the flying swords, talismans and even spirit arts used by mid-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivators, Su Zimo could deal with them head-on using his Power of Blood without losing out.

However, the grey robed cultivator was at late-stage Foundation Establishment.

Su Zimo’s Marrow Cleansing section was only at a lesser mastery. Even with the Thunder Marrow Cleansing Sutra, he was no match against that guy.

If it was just a one on one fight, he could make use of various techniques to close the distance between them so that he could take the grey robed cultivator down with his saber.

But now, the grey robed cultivator had nine other helpers and together, the ten of them restrained Su Zimo on the spot.

It was not that Su Zimo was unable to break through the encirclement.

However, if he did, Leng Rou and little fatty behind him would be killed on the spot.

Against Foundation Establishment Cultivators, the spirit tiger was no longer of much help.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sounds of the Cold Moon Saber and flying swords clashing echoed out repeatedly as sparks flew.

If one had not seen it personally, it would be hard to imagine that the ten Foundation Establishment Cultivators were actually surrounding to fight a single Level 9 Qi Refinement Warrior!

“Everyone, hold steady. That punk must have cultivated some sort of secret body tempering technique to turn his body so powerful. Once we kill him, that secret technique will be ours!”

The grey robed cultivator rallied once more.

Invigorated, the remaining nine mid-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivators were even more motivated in their attacks.

Leng Rou and little fatty sat on the spot and could only see and hear the endless flashes of swords clashing and sparks flying. However, they had not sustained any more injuries.

Su Zimo had blocked everything for them!

During this period, Su Zimo had no choice but to fight head-on with the grey robed cultivator. He suffered slightly and his teeth were sore while his blood was shaken.

Little fatty could tell that Su Zimo was in a predicament. He could not help but yell, “Bro, don’t bother about us! Leave first!”

Leng Rou pursed her red lips without saying anything at all.

She could naturally tell that if not for her and little fatty, even the ten Foundation Establishment Cultivators on the other end may not be a match for Su Zimo!


The grey robed cultivator could not help but laugh when he saw that the outcome was almost decided. “Punk, let’s see how long more you can last!”

The situation was clear – Su Zimo could only react. If he was careless, not only would he fail to protect Leng Rou and little fatty, he would get injured as well.

As time passed, Su Zimo’s physical strength gradually declined and it was only a matter of time before he lost.

In reality, Su Zimo was extremely calm at the moment – he was constantly watching the fight between little crane and the blood-eyed crows up above.

Thanks to the power of Instant Thunder, there were not many blood-eyed crows left.

The remaining few were also being hunted down by little crane, barely able to pose any threat.

Su Zimo needed little crane’s help.

Given the current circumstances, only little crane’s strength was of help.

Right as the grey robed cultivator laughed, little crane finished off the last few blood-eyed crows and looked down, meeting with Su Zimo’s clear eyes.

Su Zimo nodded and little crane understood.

When he channeled his blood earlier on, the green robe on Su Zimo’s body was already torn apart, revealing a thin golden silk armor.

Suddenly, Su Zimo took off the golden silk armor and tossed it on the ground.




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