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Chapter 1004: Five Titular Disciples


Against the combined forces of the three titular disciples, Su Zimo’s chest surged with pride with the help of his intoxication. He roared into the skies and gripped Heaven Splitter tightly before slashing forward!

Not only did that slash unleash Countercurrent, it even released the Purgatory Saber Intent!

The two great saber intents actually showed signs of fusing and engulfed Dao Being Zephyr Thunder, Dao Being Heavenly Dipper and Monk Formless!

“That man is truly ferocious. He can even fight back against the combined forces of three titular disciples!”

“That’s the number one Perfected Lord for you. Ye Tiancheng, Perfected Lord Pang Lan and the others did not die in vain.”

“No wonder Di Yin chose this place as his battlefield. What would things be like if this was outside and that man could make use of his blood qi?”

The cultivators expressed shock on their faces as the thought crossed their mind.

“Stars Encirclement of the Moon!”

Dao Being Heavenly Dipper waved the long saber in his hands and a gigantic starry sky appeared above the four of them. Countless stars shone brightly as though endless starlight was scattered right before their eyes.

All the stars had appeared!

As for the moon that was encircled, it was the saber slash produced by Dao Being Heavenly Dipper!

The slash formed a perfect arc in midair, crushing towards Su Zimo like a crescent moon!

Starlight filled the skies and the crescent moon shone even brighter with a cold killing intent!

That saber intent was truly shocking!

It was definitely not weaker than the Sea Calming Manual and Asura Saber!

“Tempest Hammer!”

Dao Being Zephyr Thunder hollered and his Dharmic hammer rumbled like thunder. A series of hurricanes appeared on his Dharmic hammer with a terrifying might that swept towards Su Zimo!

The hurricanes howled and before they arrived, Su Zimo’s cheeks were already hurting.

This was not even a true killing move!

The body of the Zephyr Thunder Hammer was completely hidden within the hurricanes!

Be it through the naked eye or spirit consciousness, there was no trace of the Zephyr Thunder Hammer at all!

However, Su Zimo was clear that the connate Dharmic weapon was already flying towards him.

If he could not find the true body of the Zephyr Thunder Hammer, no matter how strong his body was, his tendons and bones would be broken from the impact!

This was the terror of a titular disciple!

Su Zimo might not be able to secure victory even against any one of them.

Right now, the combined attack from two of them made him feel suffocated!


At the same time, Monk Formless looked at Su Zimo with a fake smile and knocked down the wooden fish in his hands once more.

All three titular disciples were top-tier Void Reversions. Be it in terms of combat talent or experience, nobody could compare to them.

Even though the three of them had never worked together before, their coordination was flawless!

If Su Zimo was affected by the sound of the wooden fish, the saber intent in his hands would disperse and he would be drowned by the two killing moves, Stars Encirclement of the Moon and Tempest Hammer, and die without a burial place!

Su Zimo had noticed Monk Formless’s actions long ago.

The moment the wooden mallet in his hands descended, he took a deep breath!


Su Zimo opened his mouth and let out a thunderous roar!

Thunderclap Kill!

Although this sound domain secret skill did not have any Dharmic weapons to augment it, it could minimize the impact of the wooden fish sound on him!

Su Zimo’s saber intent was formed!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

A gigantic purgatory descended, separating the stars from the crescent moon. In the river of blood, many skeletons stood up and charged towards the crescent moon!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The two saber intents, Stars Encirclement of the Moon and Purgatory, collided repeatedly with a terrifying might!

At the same time, the hurricanes descended!

The Zephyr Thunder Hammer was hidden within the hurricanes but Su Zimo could not see it at all!

Su Zimo made up his mind and closed his eyes, completely relying on his spirit perception to capture the fleeting sensation.

Time seemed to have slowed down.

It was as though everything in the surrounding had stopped.

While it seemed like 10,000 years had passed, in reality, everything was happening in the blink of an eye!

Without warning, Su Zimo suddenly slashed upwards against the currents, breaking through the layers of hurricanes to find the true body of the Zephyr Thunder Hammer hidden within!


The saber and hammer collided with a loud bang!

Both Su Zimo and Dao Being Zephyr Thunder shuddered!

A look of disbelief flashed through Dao Being Zephyr Thunder’s eyes.

To think that despite the encirclement of three titular disciples, the Nascent Soul before him could still defend against their combined attacks!

The three of them did not know the tremendous pressure that came from their encirclement was also the reason why Su Zimo’s potential was forced out!

Right then, something weird happened!

Suddenly, the ground beneath Su Zimo’s feet cracked and a skinny, pale palm reached out without warning and grabbed his ankle!

A bone-chilling coldness spread from his ankle into his body, threatening to freeze his meridians, blood and organs!


Su Zimo was shocked internally. ‘There’s someone else!’

Apart from Dao Being Heavenly Dipper, Dao Being Zephyr Thunder, Monk Formless and Dao Being Hidden Death, there was another person who hid underground, concealed from his senses!

For Su Zimo, the attack of this person at this moment was fatal!

The cold qi invaded his body and caused his strength to dissipate.

The Purgatory and Countercurrent Saber Intents swayed and showed signs of collapsing!


The ground exploded as a pitch-black figure burrowed out from the ground with a sinister bone spear in his hands. He thrust it towards the back of Su Zimo’s head!


The crowd burst into an uproar upon the sight of that!

This person’s timing was perfect!

Su Zimo’s entire focus and strength were on defending against Dao Being Zephyr Thunder, Dao Being Heavenly Dipper and Monk Formless head-on.

He had no strength left to defend against the killing move behind him!

Furthermore, it was a killing blow that came without any warning!

“It’s him!”

“The titular disciple of Malevolent Earth Sect of the fiend sects!”

“Another titular disciple has appeared and he’s also trying to kill Su Zimo!”

Some cultivators recognized the black-robed cultivator and shouted.

Right then, the void beside Su Zimo distorted and a figure appeared mysteriously like a ghost!

The figure wielded a sword and stabbed towards Su Zimo’s temple!

Dao Being Hidden Death had attacked as well!

Instantly, all the cultivators present cried out in disbelief as shock slowly filled their widened eyes!

In order to kill a Nascent Soul, five titular disciples of the cultivation world were mobilized!

This was a treatment no one in history had received.

“Sigh, I wonder if it’s his fortune or his sorrow.” Some cultivators sighed in their hearts with emotional expressions.

If the five titular disciples attacked at the same time, Su Zimo would definitely die.

At that moment, many cultivators felt pity for him when they saw that.

This was the injustice of fate.

Without a super sect as a backing, no matter how much of a monster incarnate he was, he would still be killed and die!

“I believe that even if this person dies prematurely, he won’t be quickly forgotten like the other paragons.”

A cultivator said softly, “A monster incarnate like him that requires the joined forces of five titular disciples to kill will definitely be recorded in the books of history!”

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