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Chapter 1003: Real and Fake Demoness

The positions of the three titular disciples were extremely particular – it was a triangular setup.

When Su Zimo headed towards Dao Being Zephyr Thunder, he was already inevitably surrounded by the three of them!

As the distance between them shrank, the pressure on Su Zimo increased as well!

Even back in Myriad Phenomenon City, he did not feel the same way when he faced the God and Rakshasa race!

At that moment, his spirit perception was no longer of much use.

That was because it was clear that the three titular disciples wanted to surround and kill him. Even if his spirit perception warned him repeatedly, he had to barge in to save Demoness Ji!

However, for some reason, Su Zimo still felt that something was amiss.

Therefore, he walked at an extremely slow speed with Heaven Splitter in his hands. He stared at Dao Being Zephyr Thunder while pondering over what the issue was.

Su Zimo and Dao Being Zephyr Thunder were getting closer.

30 feet.

20 feet.

Before long, they were less than ten feet apart!

At that distance, Su Zimo suddenly paused!

His gaze landed on Demoness Ji’s face.

He finally understood what was wrong.

It was not Dao Being Zephyr Thunder, Dao Being Heavenly Dipper or Monk Formless.

It was Demoness Ji!

Her peerlessly beautiful face, alluring figure and even her charming voice were identical to Demoness Ji’s!

However, the person before him did not possess Demoness Ji’s charm that could bewitch everyone.

Demoness Ji was born with a natural charm and was not pretentious at all. Every single word, action and smile of hers was enough to bewitch all living beings.

However, the charm of the person was only limited to her appearance – she was way inferior compared to Demoness Ji!

More importantly, the warning from his spirit perception felt familiar!

This was the feeling that appeared every time an assassin from Hidden Death Sect was about to strike!

The identity of the person before him was clear!

The assassin of Hidden Death Sect could change his appearance and disguise himself to confuse others. However, no matter what, he had not cultivated the secret skills of Pure Maiden Sect and could not carry forth the charm of the Pure Maiden of the fiend sects completely.

He could only imitate in form and not in spirit!

Of course, even so, he almost fooled Su Zimo!

If the person in front of Su Zimo was a titular disciple of Hidden Death Sect, it would mean that the four of them were ganging up on him!

“Zimo, watch out! She’s fake!”

Suddenly, a cry sounded from the crowd.

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up and he no longer had any doubts!

“Hidden Death, you’re courting death!”

Su Zimo roared and slashed with his backhand, releasing the Countercurrent Saber Intent towards the ‘Demoness Ji’ before him!

A look of panic flashed through the eyes of this ‘Demoness Ji’.

He had not expected that his plan would fail at the final moment!

His true identity was the titular disciple of Hidden Death Sect!

Before long, Dao Being Hidden Death calmed down.

No matter what, Su Zimo had already fallen into their encirclement. Even though he failed in his assassination attempt, the latter would not be able to escape death!

Dao Being Hidden Death laughed tenderly. “Zimo, how can you bear to attack me?”


In a flash, his figure swerved to the side and disappeared in front of everyone!

Hidden Death Sect specialized in concealment and assassination.

Now that his identity was exposed, there was no way he would choose to go head-on against Su Zimo and his figure disappeared without a trace.

This was also the most terrifying aspect of Hidden Death Sect!

Disappearing was not equivalent to leaving.

Rather, no one knew if he had left or if he was still lingering around.

Nobody knew when he would attack either!

This would cause immense mental pressure on cultivators and they would have to be on high alert at all times. At the very least, they would have to split half of their attention to guard against the attacks of Hidden Death Sect cultivators!

The crowd burst into an uproar upon the sight of that!

“The Pure Maiden of the fiend sects earlier on was a disguise by Dao Being Hidden Death? Wasn’t that way too realistic? She was exactly the same as the demoness of the fiend sects!”

“The legacy disciples of Hidden Death Sect are unfathomable and no one knows their true appearances. As a titular disciple of Hidden Death Sect, his methods are even more superb.”

“In that case, there are actually four titular disciples ganging up on Su Zimo!”

“Seems like the number one monster incarnate of history is going to be buried here today!”

All the cultivators believed that no one would be able to withstand the combined attack of four titular disciples.

Even Di Yin who was the most famous now would not be able to do it!

The battlefield was ever-changing.

In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo took the initiative and Dao Being Hidden Death vanished, leaving only Dao Being Zephyr Thunder and Su Zimo facing one another!


Unknowingly, a gigantic hammer that shone with green lightning and revolved around a hurricane appeared in Dao Being Zephyr Thunder’s palm!

Connate Dharmic weapon, Zephyr Thunder Hammer!

Facing Su Zimo’s incoming slash, Dao Being Zephyr Thunder was not afraid at all. He strode forward as well and swung the Zephyr Thunder Hammer against the incoming saber!

All cultivators who used hammers specialized in body tempering.

It was the same for Dao Being Zephyr Thunder.

He did not believe that Su Zimo would be able to fight against him head-on given the difference of a major cultivation realm between them coupled with the fact that the latter’s blood qi was suppressed!


Sparks flew everywhere as the saber and hammer collided!

Dao Being Zephyr Thunder’s body shuddered as he felt a terrifying power surge into his body through the Zephyr Thunder Hammer, as though it was trying to cut through his lifeforce!

Dharmic powers surged and blood qi surged. Instantly, Dao Being Zephyr Thunder suppressed that power!

At the same time, Dao Being Heavenly Dipper and Monk Formless’s attacks arrived!

“I heard that you also use sabers. Please guide me along!”

Dao Being Heavenly Dipper wielded a saber that was filled with astral energy and slashed forward, scattering endless starlight as his saber intent descended!

Su Zimo was fearless in a fight of saber techniques.

His gaze was cold as he slashed with his backhand, slashing out layers of purgatory, engulfing the starlight that filled the skies as it descended towards Dao Being Heavenly Dipper!


All of a sudden!

A sound that possessed a mysterious power echoed from the void and caused Su Zimo’s heart to skip a beat.

He paused in his actions.

The Purgatory Saber Intent that was just condensed dissipated instantly!


The two sabers collided.

Crushed by Dao Being Heavenly Dipper’s saber intent while losing his own, Su Zimo grunted and staggered backwards.

He swept his gaze across.

He saw Monk Formless striding over, staring at Su Zimo with a wooden fish in his left hand and a wooden mallet in his right.

That strange and mysterious sound earlier on was the sound of Monk Formless striking the wooden fish!

This was also a sound domain secret skill.

However, this sound domain secret skill was even more terrifying.

It could be released repeatedly with the help of a Dharmic weapon!


Lightning flashed before his eyes.

Dao Being Zephyr Thunder charged forward once more and swung his gigantic Zephyr Thunder Hammer towards Su Zimo’s head!

Su Zimo gripped Heaven Splitter tightly and released the Purgatory Saber Intent once more. Blood qi filled the air as it swept towards Dao Being Zephyr Thunder.


The sound of the wooden fish rang.

Su Zimo shuddered and the Purgatory Saber Intent dissipated once more!


At the same time, the Zephyr Thunder Hammer and Heaven Splitter collided with an ear-piercing sound!

Affected by the sound of the wooden fish, Su Zimo’s strength decreased and he was almost sent flying by Dao Being Zephyr Thunder’s hammer strike!

Starlight scattered.

Dao Being Heavenly Dipper struck once more!

Monk Formless extended his wooden mallet and struck towards Su Zimo’s head as well!

The three titular disciples joined forces and did not give Su Zimo any chance to catch his breath at all. It was as though they had worked together for many years and had a tacit understanding of one another, unleashing a torrential storm of attacks!

Instantly, Su Zimo fell into an unprecedented danger!

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