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Chapter 1005: Touching Words

Nobody could understand the feeling of being surrounded by five titular disciples.

The pressure was suffocating, despairing and ubiquitous!

It was as though Su Zimo could sense that he was about to be torn into pieces the next moment and be destroyed in both body and spirit!

He could even smell the aura of death and knew that he was falling into an endless abyss!

At that moment, all his trump cards were useless.

Even if he summoned the Creation Green Lotus and the Illumination Sword Formation, he would not be able to resolve the situation of certain death!

Starlight scattered and pierced through the purgatory.

The moon-like saber sliced the entire purgatory in half and landed heavily on Heaven Splitter.

Hurricanes howled and the Tempest Hammer exploded once more, smashing against the saber!

The saber and hammer descended at the same time and a terrifying power burst forth!

Instantly, Su Zimo’s palm was torn and blood gushed out. Unable to hold on to Heaven Splitter, it flew out of his hands!

Ever since he started cultivating, this was the first time he had his weapon knocked out!

This was only the beginning.

Dao Being Malevolent Earth’s bone spear and Dao Being Hidden Death’s sword had already arrived!

No matter how strong Su Zimo’s physique was, even if he could use his blood qi, he would not be able to defend against the sharpness of a connate Dao Being Dharmic weapon!

In front of him, Dao Being Heavenly Dipper smiled faintly and raised his chin slightly, looking down with a hint of pity in his eyes.

Dao Being Zephyr Thunder was expressionless as his gaze landed on the storage bag on Su Zimo’s waist.

He had to get his hands on the Purple Thunder Manual!

Monk Formless had a pitiful expression as he pressed his palms together, as though he was prepared to wait for Su Zimo to die and obtain his Creation Green Lotus before sending him off through purification.

At the brink of death, Su Zimo calmed down rapidly!

Up till this point of the battle, his left hand had been empty and hovered around his waist the entire time.

But now, his left hand suddenly gripped an unassuming jade pendant at his waist and crushed it!


The jade pendant shattered and burst forth with a resplendent light. Instantly, Su Zimo was enveloped within it, forming a gigantic barrier!


Dao Being Malevolent Earth’s bone spear and Dao Being Hidden Death’s sword collided against the light barrier almost at the same time with a loud bang!

Instantly, Su Zimo was sent flying and fell to the side.

Against the attacks of the two titular disciples, cracks appeared on the barrier and it dissipated quickly.


Dao Being Heavenly Dipper and the others narrowed their gazes.

“Protection Dharmic Weapon?”

As titular disciples, they recognized the origin of the light barrier right away.

Protection Dharmic Weapons that could be carried around like accessories were the most precious and rare. They were prepared by super sects or Conjoint Body Mighty Figures for those closest to them.

Although it looked inconspicuous, it could save a life at a critical moment!

That Protection Dharmic Weapon was the treasure given to him by Shangguan Zi of Thousand Crane Sect.

Su Zimo felt a lingering fear in his heart. If not for that Dharmic weapon, he would have died earlier on. Even with his scarlet-haired Yin Spirit and many methods such as his dragonification, nothing could have helped him at that moment!

Of course, even so, Su Zimo was still injured.

The Protection Dharmic Weapon could defend against a full-powered attack from a Void Reversion.

Although he managed to defend against the attacks of Dao Being Malevolent Earth and Dao Being Hidden Death, Dao Being Zephyr Thunder and Dao Being Heavenly Dipper’s powers had already broken through his defenses and surged into his body before he summoned his Protection Dharmic Weapon!


Su Zimo half-knelt on the ground with a pale face and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Zimo, are you alright?”

Right then, a fragrance wafted over and a pink figure appeared beside him.

Su Zimo glanced sideways – the girl before him possessed an innate charm. She pursed her lips tightly and tears welled up in her eyes, filled with worry and heartache.

Demoness Ji.

The girl before him was the true Demoness Ji!

The moment before they exchanged blows, a voice sounded from the crowd, reminding him to be careful.

Su Zimo had already guessed that Demoness Ji was really here!

Although he had fallen into the trap of the five titular disciples, Dao Being Heavenly Dipper and the others did not lie to him on this matter.

“Fufu, hahahaha!”

Su Zimo’s lips were stained with blood as he looked at the girl beside him. Suddenly, he could not help but laugh, unable to conceal the joy in his eyes.

“What are you laughing at?”

He was already surrounded by five titular disciples and it was impossible for him to escape. Demoness Ji was so worried that she was about to cry.

“You fool!”

She thumped Su Zimo on the shoulders gently and said with a sobbing tone, “You’ve been tricked! You shouldn’t have come!”

Apart from worry, Demoness Ji also felt endless self-blame.

If she had appeared earlier and stopped Su Zimo before he arrived, things would not have turned out this way.

“It’s not a bad thing either,”

Su Zimo smiled. “At least, you’re safe and sound.”

Demoness Ji was stunned.

The tears in her eyes could no longer be controlled and fell like crystal beads, wetting her clothes.

She was a little dazed as she looked at Su Zimo’s smiling face.

Even though the person in front of him was deceived by the five titular disciples and was in a dire situation, the reason why he could still smile so happily was because… she was safe.

However, the price was too great!

A tender look flashed through Demoness Ji’s eyes as she whispered, “Those are the most touching words of love I’ve ever heard.”

Dao Being Heavenly Dipper and the other three were relaxed and in no hurry.

Even if Su Zimo managed to survive with his Protection Dharmic Weapon, he was already injured.

Furthermore, Su Zimo could not escape from the five of them!

Dao Being Hidden Death’s figure flickered and disappeared once more.

With an expressionless face and a cold expression, Dao Being Malevolent Earth looked at Demoness Ji and said slowly, “As someone of the fiend sects, let me remind you out of goodwill that it’s best for you to stay away from him!”

“Otherwise, if a huge battle breaks out and you die because of it, there will be no one left in your Pure Maiden Sect!”

Rising slowly, Su Zimo looked at Dao Being Heavenly Dipper and the others with a lightning sharp gaze!

Heaven Splitter had already fallen to the side.

Su Zimo’s glabella shone and he summoned the Creation Green Lotus!

Looking at the flawless green lotus platform that was spinning slowly in midair, Monk Formless’s eyes rippled.

Holding the Creation Green Lotus in his left hand, Su Zimo sent a voice transmission to Demoness Ji, “Leave this place first. The five of them won’t be able to trap me!”

If he was in Tianhuang Mainland, the five titular disciples would not be able to trap him indeed.

As long as he released Blood Escape, even Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords might not be able to catch up to him!

However, this was the Dao Inheritance Ground and his Blood Escape technique could not be activated!

The reason why he said that was because he wanted Demoness Ji to leave this place and escape from the dangers!

“For real?”

Demoness Ji’s heart skipped a beat as hope shone in her eyes.

She knew Su Zimo’s capabilities and it was not impossible for him to escape the pursuit of five titular disciples!

“Hurry and go!”

Su Zimo sent a voice transmission, “As long as you leave, I’ll be able to fight with my full strength and retreat at any time! If I want to leave, who can stop me?”


Demoness Ji believed him and grit her teeth, wiping away the tears on her face before turning to leave.

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