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Chapter 868: Insect

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“The heaven and earth energy is already getting close to a high-class continent.”

Li Fuchen stood above the East Unicorn Continent and observed closely as the East Unicorn Continent transformed.

As the heaven and earth energy got more concentrated, the East Unicorn Continent was starting to show majestic prowess. It was just like a normal person gradually becoming an absolute expert.

“Mystic Martial Hidden Domain, Star Road Hidden Domain, no one knows where all those places originated from. One day, the East Unicorn Continent might become the most dazzling place in the Deep Blue Plane.”

As Li Fuchen grew stronger, the more he felt that the East Unicorn Continent was remarkable.

With his current cultivation and strength, he was still unable to enter the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain. Furthermore, he had never heard of a hidden domain having a hidden domain spirit. Li Fuchen reckoned that the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain was created by someone who was at least a heaven lord.

Also, Li Fuchen obtained the Joint-Heaven Sword from the Star Road Hidden Domain. Until now, Li Fuchen was still unclear of what exactly was the Star Road Hidden Domain.

Li Fuchen felt that the East Unicorn Continent definitely hid an astounding secret. Once this secret was exposed, it would surely produce a commotion.

Of course, all these were still too far for Li Fuchen. Right now, Li Fuchen needed to continue increasing his strength. To be serious, his strength could only be considered a low-level saint lord. In a solo fight, he wasn’t a match for the Frostbite Beast Sovereign, let alone the Black Rock Beast Sovereign. If his strength could reach mid-level saint lord, with the assistance of the Star Immortal Body, Li Fuchen was confident he could repel the Black Rock Beast Sovereign. If he could become a high-level saint lord, he could slowly grind the Black Rock Beast Sovereign to death.

“Mm? What is this?”

All of a sudden, Li Fuchen noticed there was an underground cavern in the center of the Land of Fog. There were traces of bizarre qi presences leaking from the cavern.

With a flash of the body, Li Fuchen arrived outside the cavern.

“There is a spatial wave and a special qi presence wave!”

Li Fuchen squinted his eyes and walked into the cavern.

The cavern wasn’t deep. In just a few breaths, Li Fuchen reached the end, but he was surprised to find a pitch black hole in the wall at the end. After scanning inside with his spiritual awareness, he could only see chaotic darkness and couldn’t sense anything.

After withdrawing his spiritual awareness, Li Fuchen released his spirit soul power.

This time, he could sense everything clearly within the hole.

“This is a battlefield?” Li Fuchen had a baffled expression.

Within the chaotic darkness, there were damaged weapons and insect parts. Those insect parts were huge as the smallest was already the size of a mountain. The biggest would be the size of a small star. The insect parts had already lost all vitality but were still emitting qi presence. After some examination, Li Fuchen realized some of the insect parts were emitting qi presence that was actually stronger than his qi presence. This meant that when the insect was alive, it was far superior to Li Fuchen.

“Incredible. I wonder what kind of race this is.” Li Fuchen was very intrigued.

After thinking about it, Li Fuchen extended his hand into the hole.

Tss Tss!

His sword energy was rapidly consumed but it was fortunate that Li Fuchen could still withstand such a consumption speed.

Without much hesitation, Li Fuchen turned into a sword light and dove into the hole.

Within the chaotic darkness spatial zone, there was a stifling qi presence that pressed in from all directions. Li Fuchen realized that after entering, his spiritual awareness could sense the surroundings.

Producing a suction force, Li Fuchen’s hand grabbed onto a weapon shard.

This weapon shard was just like a piece of scrap metal and didn’t have any energy waves. But when scanning inside with the spiritual awareness, Li Fuchen could obviously see that there were amazing weapon patterns engraved within.

“This should be a shard of a top rate apex weapon.” Li Fuchen immediately identified the grade of the weapon pattern.

It was mainly because Li Fuchen’s sword pattern proficiency had also reached top rate apex state.

When standing in front of a small star-sized insect part, Li Fuchen’s hairs were standing. He felt danger and his body was instinctively afraid. It was unrelated to Li Fuchen’s personal willpower.

In front of the insect part was a hammer that only had half a hammerhead left.

“This is a supreme rate weapon!” The Sword Spirit’s voice echoed.

“A supreme rate weapon can be destroyed?” Li Fuchen asked in a bewildered tone.

“Naturally. In the face of absolute power, nothing is indestructible.” The Sword Spirit explained.

“What is this place and what race are these insects?” Li Fuchen asked.

The Sword Spirit shook its head, “I don’t know. I have followed my owner across the universe for countless years, but I have never seen such a race. But I am certain that this race is extremely powerful and is even more powerful than the demons.”

Li Fuchen nodded as he agreed with the Sword Spirit’s opinion.

If this race wasn’t powerful enough, it wouldn’t be able to destroy a supreme rate weapon.

The chaotic darkness spatial zone was huge and Li Fuchen was exploring the place.

Top rate apex weapon shards could be found everywhere and there were plenty of supreme rate weapon shards too. If the spirituality of the weapons weren’t lost and the weapon essence had yet to be exhausted, they would definitely fetch a great price in auctions.

All of a sudden, Li Fuchen saw a giant wasp nest.

It wasn’t appropriate to say it was a wasp nest as this nest was bigger than any star Li Fuchen had encountered. The holes on it were uncountable and with just a glance, it made Li Fuchen feel the chills.


A small mountain-sized insect with six black wings emerged from one of the holes. It then rushed at Li Fuchen like lightning.


With a flash of the sword light, the insect was sliced in half. All the vitality within the body had been destroyed by the sword qi.

Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz…

Possibly sensing the commotion on the outside, huge numbers of insects emerged from the nest and they covered the sky and land as they surged over.

There was a flash of giant sword light and all the insects were turned to ashes.

After reaching Li Fuchen’s cultivation realm, anything that wasn’t a saint wouldn’t be able to defeat him with numbers.

However, the next scene made Li Fuchen’s expression turn dark. Saint-class insects emerged.

Low-level, mid-level, high-level, peak level saint-class insects…

As the battle continued, the insects were getting stronger. When the insects reached the strength of peak level saints, Li Fuchen had a particularly hard time killing them.

These insects had vitality that was tougher than demons and there were some which could split into countless smaller insects after getting sliced apart.

Creak Creak Creak…

There was a terrifying sound wave that caused the spatial zone to tremble. Many of the insect parts and weapon shards were turned into dust.

“Saint lord-class insect!” Li Fuchen’s expression turned grave.

Without sound and presence, a giant shadow appeared in front of Li Fuchen.

It was a spider-shaped insect with sky-blue color. It had hundreds of limbs and had a mouth which had hundreds of rows of teeth.

The insect was only 1000 meters in size but the qi presence it emitted was extremely invasive.


Clang Clang!

Clang Clang Clang…

Sparks burst out frenziedly. Li Fuchen’s sword was spread out like a peacock and released countless sword lights. The sky-blue insect’s limbs were like a spinning disk that would slice at Li Fuchen with insane speed. In just a blink of the eye, the human and insect had crossed moves for at least 1000 times.

Actually, the sky-blue insect didn’t have powerful attack power and was several times weaker than Li Fuchen. But the sky-blue insect’s body was abnormally tough. Li Fuchen’s Joint-Heaven Sword was only able to leave sword marks on the limbs and couldn’t sever the limbs.

“Sect Origin Sword!”

After turning 10,000 swords into 1 sword, Li Fuchen’s sword pierced through the head of the sky-blue insect.


One of the sky-blue insect’s limbs struck Li Fuchen and sent him flying.

“There isn’t any vital part throughout the body.” Li Fuchen frowned.

Any lifeform would have a vital part, and even if it wouldn’t result in immediate death, it would still reduce a huge amount of vitality. Most of the races’ vital part would be their heads.

But the sky-blue insect was an exception. Li Fuchen used the Sect Origin Sword to pierce through the head, but it only took off a small portion of vitality.

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