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Chapter 869: Insect Crystal

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“Sky Phase Roaming Dragon Thrust!”

“Sword Sea Horizon!”

“Sword Qi Origin Return!”

After using his full strength, Li Fuchen wasn’t able to reduce much of the sky-blue insect’s vitality. Right now, he finally understood the Black Rock Beast Sovereign’s feelings.

Creak Creak...

Just as Li Fuchen was intoxicated with the fight against the sky-blue insect, the second saint lord-class insect emerged.

The insect had the shape of a longhorn beetle. It had thick shells and its head had two long tentacles. The mouth looked like a huge pair of scissors.

“I better retreat while I can.”

Li Fuchen didn’t know how many more saint lord-class insects were inside the nest. He didn’t know if there were any heaven lord-class insects either. With everything unknown, it wasn’t a good idea to stay here.

It was fortunate that Li Fuchen left a spirit soul imprint on the outside world. Otherwise, even if he wanted to leave, he wouldn’t be able to find the exit so easily.

Be it strength or speed, Li Fuchen was much stronger than the saint lord-class insect.

A few hours later, there was a flash of sword light as Li Fuchen exited through the hole.

Li Fuchen didn’t leave immediately, he released his spirit soul power to see if the saint lord-class insect could enter the East Unicorn Continent.

In reality, he was overthinking things. Once the saint lord-class insect came near the exit, it would be teleported to another place.

“As compared to demons, the insects are a much bigger threat. It seems like the East Unicorn Continent isn’t a friendly place.”

The demons were rational, but these insects didn’t have any rationality. Li Fuchen could only see massacre, hunger, cruelty, and the evolution mechanism.

If a description had to be given, the insects could be described as weapons of war.

They existed naturally for battle.

“Just in case, I shall leave a spiritual awareness clone here.”

With a thought, a transparent Li Fuchen walked out from Li Fuchen’s body.

The spiritual awareness clone was different from the spirit soul clone. The spiritual awareness clone was very weak and would be normally used for observation.

After doing everything, Li Fuchen left the East Unicorn Continent.

There was giant manor in Wind Cloud City...

“This energy crystal inside the insects shall be called insect crystals!”

Li Fuchen did obtain rewards within the chaotic darkness spatial zone. Once the insects inside had strength that reached saint-class, their bodies would have insect crystals. These insect crystals weren’t ordinary energy crystals. They were highly concentrated energy crystals. Li Fuchen made a rough estimate that the most regular insect crystal contained energy that was at least ten times more than peak-grade spirit stones.

However, peak-grade spirit stones contained pure spirit qi while the insect crystals contained violent spirit qi. At the same time, there was a special energy mixed within that Li Fuchen couldn’t identify.

“I wonder if I can break my body limits.”

Li Fuchen had a vague feeling that the special energy within the insect crystals would be able to break his limits.

The so-called body limits were the body’s endurance limit. Right now, Li Fuchen’s body wasn’t able to contain more pure qi power. In order to contain more qi power, Li Fuchen would have to enhance his vitality level.

The insect crystals had various colors. It wasn’t possible to see which insect crystal had a higher grade based on the colors.

After taking out a light yellow insect crystal, Li Fuchen started to absorb the energy within.

The violent spirit qi surged into Li Fuchen’s body and was bashing everywhere. It was like a released wild horse. Immediately after, a minute amount of special energy entered Li Fuchen’s body too.

“So comfortable...”

Li Fuchen’s eyes were glowing. He felt as though his body was like a dried up and barren land, while the special energy was the sweet rain that constantly nourished his body.

“It is too little. I need more of the special energy.”

Li Fuchen started to absorb consecutive insect crystals.


Bloody flesh exploded and blood drenched the ground.

Li Fuchen didn’t even frown.

The insect crystals contained too much spirit qi and if the body couldn’t withstand it, the body would definitely explode into pieces.

It was fortunate that Li Fuchen possessed the advanced Star Immortal Body and such injuries were nothing to him.


There were sounds of chains shattering as Li Fuchen’s body limits were finally broken. At the same time, the violent spirit qi swelled up to a few thousand times was given a relief. They were rapidly turning into Hand of Sun qi power.

It was unknown how much time had passed as a horrific gravitational force spread out. The entire Wind Cloud City had a slight distortion.

At the crucial moment, Li Fuchen forcefully suppressed the Hand of Sun qi power. Otherwise, even with the array protection, the Wind Cloud City’s population would receive a severe hit.

“After absorbing over a hundred insect crystals, I finally increased my body refinement to the completion level of Soul Merge Realm.”

Li Fuchen felt he was very lucky. In his opinion, in order to absorb the insect crystal’s energy, there were three requirements to fulfil.

First point, there must be a sufficiently good control power. The control power was determined by the spirit soul and spiritual awareness, otherwise, it wasn’t possible to guide such a huge surge of violent spirit qi. A regular insect crystal contained spirit qi from ten peak-grade spirit stones. 100 insect crystals would mean at least a few tens of thousands of peak-grade spirit stones. Without guidance, there would be unimaginable consequences if those spirit qi rampaged in the body.

Second point, the body toughness and ability to recover had to be good enough. Otherwise, it wasn’t possible to contain so much violent spirit qi and one would already explode. Of course, the time required to contain the violent spirit qi was a short period of time. If the time extended, not even Li Fuchen and the advanced Star Immortal Body could withstand it. It was the same as to ask a person to go beyond their limits for a short period of time, but if the time extended too much, one would definitely collapse.

Third point, willpower had to be strong enough. The spirit qi within the insect crystals were especially violent and could make a person crazy with ease. Those with weak willpower would basically be committing suicide if they absorb the insect crystals. It was definitely a disadvantageous move.

Therefore, Li Fuchen felt he was very fortunate. It felt as though the insect crystals were custom made for him. If it was someone else, even if they knew of the insect crystals’ uses, they could only make use of it slowly and wouldn’t be able to rapidly increase the body refinement strength.


Li Fuchen drew the New Shift Sword and slashed on his arm.


Li Fuchen’s slash at full strength was actually unable to injure himself. It was only able to produce some sparks.

“A supreme rate artifact sword should be able to injure myself.”

Li Fuchen drew the Joint-Heaven Sword and slashed down.

Pfff Tss!

There was a blood wound on his arm that was bone-deep.

“A supreme rate artifact sword is truly incredible.”

Li Fuchen could feel that he wasn’t injured by his sword dao strength, but by the Joint-Heaven Sword’s sharpness.

In the face of a supreme rate artifact sword, anyone below heaven lords wouldn’t be able to withstand the attacks with their bodies. In fact, even heaven lords would be injured if they received the full brunt of the supreme rate artifact sword.

“If I meet the Black Rock Beast Sovereign again, he will only be able to injure me lightly. If the battle is extended, it is unknown who will win in the end.”

Previously, Li Fuchen was confident he could drag the battle with the Black Rock Beast Sovereign for days and nights. Right now, he was confident he could drag the battle for months. With such a long period of time, Li Fuchen was totally able to exhaust the Black Rock Beast Sovereign to death. After all, it was rather easy to injure the Black Rock Beast Sovereign with the Joint-Heaven Sword.

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