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Chapter 867: Sword Saint Lord

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“Li Fuchen, as martial artists, apart from being carefree, we still need to have a sense of responsibility. Otherwise, we will just become a heartless lifeform without any feelings.” After some time, the Iron Cloud Saint Lord gave a sudden warning.

Li Fuchen might still be considerate to others now, but there were many who started to become cold-blooded as they continued to cultivate. The Iron Cloud Saint Lord didn’t wish for Li Fuchen to become like that too.

“Senior Iron Cloud is right. Li Fuchen agrees to this point wholeheartedly.” Li Fuchen nodded.

“Haha, good, it seems like we are the same kind.” The Iron Cloud Saint Lord was very happy. He felt that his future will not be as lonely anymore.

As the duo conversed, they felt like kindred spirits. Gradually, they started to discuss if there were any heaven lords in the Deep Blue Plane.

The Iron Cloud Saint Lord said, “There must be heaven lords alive from the Deep Blue Plane. But you have to know that the universe is too huge and it includes many star domains. Each star domain contains large numbers of planes and countless stars. We have yet to even venture out of this star domain, therefore, it is naturally hard for us to understand the movements of a heaven lord.”

Heaven lord, as the title implied, they were the lords of heaven and would govern over everything.

If someone like a heaven lord appeared near your vicinity, it would be hard for you to detect them.

“According to what I know, theImmortal Heaven Lord and Curse Heaven Lord should still be alive. A few ten thousand years ago, I once heard that the Immortal Heaven Lord appeared in this star domain. He even had a huge battle with the Gloom Heaven Lord who is the city lord of the Gloom City. The Curse Heaven Lord has also left behind a curse temple in one of the dangerous lands in the universe.”

The Iron Cloud Saint Lord was very knowledgeable and knew a little about such top secret things.

“What about the Zhu Clan’s half-god ancestor?” Li Fuchen suddenly asked.

There was a flash of apprehension on the Iron Cloud Saint Lord’s face, “The Zhu Clan’s half-god ancestor is titled the Fire God. His name is renowned throughout the universe. He once destroyed a universe city because he was enraged. He is someone that no heaven lords dare to provoke. But don’t worry, the Fire God has been missing for millions of years. Rumors said that he has already ascended into a god.”

“Ascended into a god?” Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed with light.

The Iron Cloud Saint Lord nodded, “That’s right. In the ancient records, after reaching the end of the path and breaking through, one could become a god. Of course, no one has ever seen the ascension into a god. The so-called half-god is actually just an extremely powerful heaven lord.”

Li Fuchen had always believed there was another cultivation realm above the saints, because the golden talisman in his mind was too amazing and it wasn’t a kind of treasure that saints would possess.

The duo’s conversation extended to three days and three nights. During this period of time, the duo naturally had exchanges on the martial dao.

The Iron Cloud Saint Lord’s martial dao was like his title, the iron cloud martial dao. It was a martial dao that emphasized defense.

According to the Iron Cloud Saint Lord, to travel in the universe, it wasn’t just important to have strength, but also survivability.

Without the ability to resist, even a saint lord would die very easily.

“The primary extreme sword dao is truly incredible. Your sword dao totally has the potential to become a supreme rate sword dao.” The Iron Cloud Saint Lord was amazed.

A person’s martial dao potential would determine one’s future. It was too difficult to alter the martial dao in the middle and it would be easily influenced by the existing martial dao.

Saint lords were only one step away from heaven lords, but the difference was truly immense.

In the face of a heaven lord, saint lords were simply insects.

There were no banquets that wouldn’t end…

Before parting ways, the Iron Cloud Saint Lord gave a warning, “With your strength, there aren’t any places in the Deep Blue Plane that you cannot go. But there are a few places that you should try to avoid if possible. The first of them is the Black Whirlpool Island where there is the Nine Illusions Heaven Lord’s Nine Illusions Hidden Domain. Second will be the Deep Blue Sea Eye, it is the most dangerous place in the Deep Blue Plane. Finally, it is the Zhu Clan. You should know the terror of the foundation left behind by a half-god.

“I understand.”

Those few places were indeed dangerous and even a saint lord would have a high chance of perishing there.

After leaving the flying island, Li Fuchen returned to the Wind Cloud City.

At this moment, Li Fuchen’s deed had already spread like wildfire in the entire Deep Blue Plane.

Not long ago, everyone didn’t really understand the number of experts in the Deep Blue Plane. All those peak level saints and saint lords were all legends and it wasn’t possible to see them.

But after the invasion of the demons, everyone paid extra attention to news on experts.

Take for example, the two beast sovereigns, the Black Rock Beast Sovereign and the Frostbite Beast Sovereign.

The humans also had two saint lords, the Heaven Ruin Saint Lord and the Iron Cloud Saint Lord.

For the sake of the humans, the Heaven Ruin Saint Lord had been severely injured and was now missing. It was unknown if he was dead or alive.

Just as the battle between the demonic beasts and humans was at the climax, another saint lord appeared among the humans. Furthermore, it was a prodigy saint lord. After finding out Li Fuchen’s talent, people of the Deep Blue Plane were simply dumbfounded.

A saint lord that wasn’t even 100 years old was an achievement that had never happened since ancient times. Not even the legendary Immortal Heaven Lord, Curse Heaven Lord, or Fire God achieved that.

“Such an astounding sword dao prodigy should have an awe-inspiring title. Why not call him Sword Saint Lord!”

“Sword Saint Lord, Li Fuchen. Truly resounding.”

After some spreading, the title of Sword Saint Lord had been circulated.

“Sword Saint Lord huh? Not bad.”

Li Fuchen didn’t reject the title.

In the martial dao world, names would gradually be outshined by titles.

When traveling in the outside world, most people would use titles and wouldn’t expose their names.

The title of Sword Saint Lord sounded rather pleasing to Li Fuchen’s ear.

Since Li Fuchen didn’t reject the title, it started to become even more resounding and was recorded into the history books.

Every saint lord would be a shining presence in human history. One could say that they were the important parts of human history.

The commotions in the outside world didn’t affect Li Fuchen.

With over ten billion guild points, Li Fuchen would basically be staying in the guild’s library pavilion and reading through scrolls of sword dao manuals.

Occasionally, Li Fuchen would also enter the Sword World to absorb the essences from the sword dao lights.

But for the current him, if his sword art had to further improve, it would reach top rate apex state. Therefore, it wasn’t so easy to break through now. The only thing Li Fuchen could do was to constantly deepen his sword dao foundation. It would be considered as preparation for future breakthroughs.

As time elapsed, the Deep Blue Plane went into a temporary peace.

With Li Fuchen around, the demonic beasts weren’t as rampant as before and were more reserved.

Of course, it was mainly due to some arrogant demonic beast factions that were uprooted and extinguished by Li Fuchen. Among them, the classic example would be the Mad Demonic Palace.

As one of the top ten demonic beast factions, the eight main beast overlords of the Mad Demonic Palace were either killed or injured. The palace master, War Heaven Great Overlord had escaped from the hidden domain within the Mad Demonic Palace and was now missing.

In short, Li Fuchen alone had changed the entire situation of the Deep Blue Plane and it was something that the Iron Cloud Saint Lord couldn’t do before.

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