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Chapter 866: Exchange on the Flying Island

Translator: jinzeffect

“Frostbite Beast Sovereign, I shall serve the revenge that I owed you previously.”

The Iron Cloud Saint Lord grasped the opportunity and launched the Flame Essence Wheel. It penetrated the Frostbite Beast Sovereign’s body.

The ice beast race might be powerful, but their bodies were rather weak. It wasn’t possible for the Frostbite Beast Sovereign to resist the attack of a top rate apex cardinal artifact.

The Iron Cloud Saint Lord didn’t choose to attack the Black Rock Beast Sovereign because the latter was a Red-Eyed Black Dragon. The Black Rock Beast Sovereign had extreme defenses and the Flame Essence Wheel would only be able to deal regular injuries instead of severe injuries.

The ice-cold body was pierced through with a molten hole. The Frostbite Beast Sovereign retreated in panic and produced layers of ice barrier in front of him.

“Damn it!” Seeing this scene, the Black Rock Beast Sovereign had a gloomy expression.

In reality, the Black Rock Beast Sovereign and the Frostbite Beast Sovereign weren’t a match for the Iron Cloud Saint Lord if they were to fight him alone.

If the Frostbit Beast Sovereign was a mid-tier beast sovereign, then the Black Rock Beast Sovereign was a high-tier beast sovereign. As for the Iron Cloud Saint Lord, he was a peak-level saint lord.

Of course, the Iron Cloud Saint Lord was only a mid-level saint lord, but he possessed the Flame Essence Wheel which was a top rate apex cardinal artifact. It pushed the Iron Cloud Saint Lord’s strength to reach peak-level saint lord.

If the Frostbite Beast Sovereign wasn’t injured, the two beast sovereigns would be able to suppress the Iron Cloud Saint Lord and Li Fuchen. Now that the Frostbite Beast Sovereign was injured, the situation was going to be reversed.

“Sword Qi Origin Return.”

Taking advantage of the injury, Li Fuchen flew above the Frostbite Beast Sovereign and slashed down.


There was a subtle sound. Only a few layers of the ice barrier put up by the Frostbite Beast Sovereign made contact with Li Fuchen’s sword light. The seemingly regular sword light had traversed through the chaos.

All of a sudden, the Frostbite Beast Sovereign had a blood wound at the position of his heart. His vitality was rapidly declining.

“Black Rock, I am withdrawing.” The Frostbite Beast Sovereign was appalled. He turned around and entered an ice mirror. Immediately after, the ice mirror shattered.

“Today, I, the Black Rock Beast Sovereign, shall admit defeat. The next time we meet, you shall pay.”

With the Frostbite Beast Sovereign gone, the Black Rock Beast Sovereign didn’t dare to stay behind. His massive dragon body drifted and immediately rushed into the depths of the void.

“After this defeat, I believe they wouldn’t dare to appear within a short period of time.” The Iron Cloud Saint Lord said in a carefree tone.

“Greetings to Senior Iron Cloud.” Li Fuchen cupped his fist towards the Iron Cloud Saint Lord.

“Li Fuchen, right? Many thanks to you this time. Without you, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to severely injure the Frostbite Beast Sovereign.”

The Flame Essence Wheel might be a top rate apex cardinal artifact, but it was still an external force. When using it to attack, there wouldn’t be as many variations. If the Frostbite Beast Sovereign’s attention wasn’t with Li Fuchen, it wouldn’t be possible for him to launch a sneak attack.

“Senior is too humble. If senior didn’t help out, I will be the one in a life crisis.” Li Fuchen said in a modest tone.

“Is that so? Then we are now even.” The Iron Cloud Saint Lord chuckled.

He was suspecting that even the Frostbite Beast Sovereign and the Black Rock Beast Sovereign wouldn’t be able to deal with Li Fuchen without a short period of time.

Li Fuchen’s defense was overwhelming and was even tougher than most saint lords.

“If you don’t mind, come over to my residence.” The Iron Cloud Saint Lord invited.

“Sure.” Li Fuchen didn’t refuse. The Iron Cloud Saint Lord’s experiences were much richer than Li Fuchen. Learning more would be beneficial to Li Fuchen.

The Iron Cloud Saint Lord’s residence was on a flying island that was soaring high in the sky.

At the borders of the flying island, there was a waterfall and it would transform into rain that descended into the mortal realm. The island was filled with sunlight, beautiful chirpings, and flowery fragrance. There were also plenty of exotic beasts.

“This Seven Color Tea is something I discovered on a star with rich resources. Have a taste.”

In front of the waterfall, there was an exquisite pavilion and the Iron Cloud Saint Lord was hosting Li Fuchen there.

Li Fuchen lifted the teacup and realized that the tea was glowing with rainbow radiance under the sunlight. A small rainbow formed above the steam.

“Great tea.” Before drinking, Li Fuchen’s eyes had already lit up.

“The taste is even better than its looks.” The Iron Cloud Saint Lord was rather confident.

“Is that so?” Li Fuchen sipped gently.

All of a sudden, there was a scorching taste.

Before Li Fuchen could taste the scorching taste, it turned into a fiery taste, before turning into a warm flavor…

There were a total of seven changes in tastes and they were all spreading out in Li Fuchen’s mouth.

“Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple!”

Li Fuchen realized that the seven flavors matched the seven colors.

Scorching red, fiery orange, warm yellow… secluded purple.

“Great tea.” After putting down the teacup, Li Fuchen praised the tea again.

The Iron Cloud Saint Lord smiled. The Seven Color Tea was naturally a great tea, but there wasn’t a need to be pleased over it. With Li Fuchen’s strength, as long as he was willing to spend time, he would be able to find and enjoy rare resources in the universe. It was said that the Thousands Spirit City Lord, the Thousands Spirit Heaven Lord would drink wine brewed with star fluid. The meat he ate was flesh from the astral colossal beast, Rampant Thunder God Bull. The dessert he ate was the Hundred Flower Cake made with countless types of flower harvested from the Saint Flower Lady’ flower garden. It could be said that a casual meal for the Thousands Spirit Heaven Lord would be the value of a regular saint’s entire wealth.

“Li Fuchen, if I didn’t guess wrongly, you should have already visited the Thousands Spirit City right?” The Iron Cloud Saint Lord asked.

Li Fuchen nodded, “I have. A universe city is truly amazing and incredible.”

The Iron Cloud Saint Lord laughed and said, “The universe city’s foundation might not be comparable to a plane, but it has plenty of superior aspects. For countless years, I have visited over ten universe cities and each of them is a civilized society and has its own unique city culture. This book records all the secrets I have seen and heard in the universe. I shall give it to you as a gift.”

While speaking, the Iron Cloud Saint Lord handed over a book that was made with special materials.

“Thank you Senior Iron Cloud!” Li Fuchen received the book respectfully.

Books that recorded knowledge on the universe were the most useful to Li Fuchen. It could allow Li Fuchen to understand the universe quickly, otherwise, it would take countless years for Li Fuchen’s knowledge to reach the level of the Iron Cloud Saint Lord.

“Take a look inside. I have spent plenty of effort to make this book.” The Iron Cloud Saint Lord stated.

In response, Li Fuchen suppressed his curiosity and opened the first page.


The illumination of the world changed. Li Fuchen felt as though he arrived in the universe and each star looked so vivid. Furthermore, they were emitting faint star law.

Second page, third page…

It turned out that this book’s knowledge had been fused with the Iron Cloud Saint Lord’s spiritual awareness power. Anything he had seen would be presented flawlessly in an animation with all details included. Apart from things that even saint lords might miss out, every energy wave observed would be shown. Like the star law from the stars and the qi presences from others.

Of course, the energy wave could only show the most obvious side and wouldn’t be as comprehensive.

To be honest, this book was the same as extracting the Iron Cloud Saint Lord’s memory.

A saint lord’s memory was countless times clearer than a regular human.

A regular person’s memory would normally be hazy and had details that couldn’t be fathomed.

A saint lord’s memory could be extracted at any time and it would be flawlessly preserved for a very long time. It wouldn’t fade with time too.

As Li Fuchen opened each page of the book, he was simply engrossed within.

Magnificent and bizarre universe cities, treacherous and beautiful dangerous places, all sorts of universe races, massive and ferocious astral colossal beasts…

Li Fuchen felt his blood boiling.

“Why is one cultivating the martial dao? Isn’t it carefree?”

To roam the world and the entire universe was the greatest form of being carefree.

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