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Chapter 865: New Dictator

Translator: jinzeffect

“Black Rock Beast Sovereign, receive a sword move from me too. Sword Qi Origin Return.”

After close to 1000 moves, Li Fuchen’s body suddenly emitted a solemn qi presence. A sword attacked towards the Black Rock Beast Sovereign with a speed that looked slow but was actually very fast.

“What!? This sword move!?”

The Black Rock Beast Sovereign was shocked. This sword move felt as though it came from another world. Even his eyes couldn’t distinguish the sword trajectory.


The Black Rock Beast Sovereign was injured and there was a blood wound on his body.

Originally, a high-tier dragon race like him couldn’t possibly be injured by a regular saint lord. But Li Fuchen was different, the Joint-Heaven Sword was too sharp. Apart from heaven lords, there was probably no one that could receive the brunt of this sword.

“I finally injured him.” Li Fuchen revealed a smile.

As a supreme rate artifact sword, there wasn’t any significance for the Joint-Heaven Sword to execute regular sword moves. No matter how powerful the sword move was, it would be the same as to release a sword qi. As of now, Li Fuchen had only used the Joint-Heaven Sword to execute two kinds of sword moves, the Sky Earth Roam and Sword Qi Origin Return.

The Sky Earth Roam was a sword move that was in the pure state of Union of Man and Sword. It could increase the speed drastically and when using it along with the Joint-Heaven Sword, the speed was naturally faster. As for its power, Li Fuchen didn’t bother.

Sword Qi Origin Return was the most mystical and unfathomable sword move among all of Li Fuchen’s sword moves. It was the quintessence of Li Fuchen’s sword dao.

The power of the sword move executed with the Joint-Heaven Sword might be the same as to release a sword qi, but the mystical aspect was far superior.

If it was just a release of sword qi, the Black Rock Beast Sovereign would have been able to dodge it easily or countered it with ease.

“The Black Rock Beast Sovereign is injured!?” The Bequeath Cloud Great Overlord was dumbstruck.

During the battle a few years ago, not even the Iron Cloud Saint Lord could injure the Black Rock Beast Sovereign.

“The situation of the Deep Blue Plane is going to change.” The Bequeath Cloud Great Overlord felt bitter in his heart.

The humans were solely relying on the Iron Cloud Saint Lord and they were on the verge of collapse. But with Li Fuchen now, the humans were now comparable with the demonic beasts.

The blood wound closed up and the Black Rock Beast Sovereign roared with anger, “You are courting death!”

This injury was just a superficial wound to him and was harmless. But to be injured in front of all the saints and beast overlords, it was utter humiliation.

During the enraged roar, the Black Rock Beast Sovereign reverted back to his true form. Due to the law restriction from the Saint Spirit Continent, the true form wasn’t as big as the Black Rock Island. It was only over 1000 miles in size. The entire body was covered in black dragon scales that were a few hundred meters in size. The scales had a mystical and ancient pattern that was emitting an indestructible great dao aura.

The dragon race was part of the demonic beasts but also beyond the demonic beasts. In the Deep Blue Plane, the weakest low-tier dragon race was also a low-tier tyrant beast.

The dragon race didn’t just have powerful offense and defense, they had the innate dragon prowess. In terms of average combat power, the dragon race was the undisputed no.1 race among the demonic beasts.

“Such fearsome qi spirit.”

When the Black Rock Beast Sovereign reverted to his true form, Li Fuchen felt the heaven and earth law freezing.

Right now everything was frozen and Li Fuchen was like an insect in amber. He was hardly able to move.


The Black Rock Beast Sovereign reached out with his giant dragon claw to attack Li Fuchen.

“Sword Qi Origin Return!”

At the crucial moment, Li Fuchen executed the Sword Qi Origin Return and pierced through the Black Rock Beast Sovereign’s qi spirit.

Bang Bang Bang…

The Black Rock Beast Sovereign had a gigantic body and each time he swung the dragon claws, a huge patch of spatial zone would be destroyed. It was unknown if it was intentional, but two saints and a beast overlords in the nearby vicinity were turned into dust as the Black Rock Beast Sovereign swung his claw recklessly. The rest of the saints and beast overlords quickly backed off in response.

2000 moves, 3000 moves…

The battle between the Black Rock Beast Sovereign and Li Fuchen extended through days and nights. Within 1 million miles of the Wind Cloud City, everything was in a forbidden zone of death. Within a few tens of thousands of miles, the laws were in chaos and there would be natural disasters that were produced from time to time. Some towns would fall into pits that appeared out of nowhere. There were some towns that would be blown to ashes by void storms. There were many other places there would have sudden rainstorms, ravaging thunderstorms.

The battle between saint lords and beast sovereigns was enough to cause destruction to high-class continents.

Of course, these were only surface-level destructions and it wouldn’t even be considered an itch for a high-class continent.

Even a heaven lord would only be able to deal limited destruction to a high-class continent.

“Forever Icy Star River!”

There was a glistening and starry river that suddenly streamed out from the void. The heaven and earth law that had already stopped circulating was now in dead silence. It felt as though it lost all vitality and there was cold air slowly spreading out.

“Not good.”

Sensing that the sword light was getting sluggish, Li Fuchen knew it wasn’t good.

He knew that the Frostbite Beast Sovereign was here.

The Frostbite Beast Sovereign’s body was of an Ice Beast. The Ice Beast race had a very scarce population but were abnormally powerful.

“Frostbite Beast Sovereign, your opponent is me.”

A middle-aged man with greyish-white hair and a triangle imprint on the forehead had walked out of the void. He raised up his palm to stop the flow of the starry river.

“Iron Cloud Saint Lord, why aren’t you in recuperation? What is the use of trying to put on a strong front here?”

The Frostbite Beast Sovereign appeared. It was a man with ice-cold eyes and deep blue hair. His skin was light blue in color and there were dark blue patterns on the skin.

Huff Huff Huff…

Once the Frostbite Beast Sovereign appeared, there was a snowstorm within the radius of a few hundred thousand miles. In just a moment, the ground was covered in a layer of white snow.

“You had the number advantage previously. This time, things are different.”

After sizing up Li Fuchen, the Iron Cloud Saint Lord was filled with joy.

He was definitely able to see that Li Fuchen wasn’t a match for the Black Rock Beast Sovereign, but Li Fuchen was truly tough. After enduring for such a long time, Li Fuchen’s qi presence didn’t weaken at all. Instead, Li Fuchen was getting stronger as he fought.

“If you think you can turn the situation around by relying on that kid, you are dreaming.”

While speaking, the Frostbite Beast Sovereign reached out his right hand to produce countless streams of icy rivers at the Iron Cloud Saint Lord.

Frostbite New Star. It was the Ice Beast race’s most representative innate ability.

“Flame Essence Wheel, go!”

With a turn of the hand, a fiery and scorching wheel spun towards the countless streams of ice.

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

The world was covered in white and the spiritual awareness couldn’t even see through it.

This was the power generated after the clash of ice and fire.

“Be careful.”

All of a sudden, the Iron Cloud Saint Lord transmitted a message to Li Fuchen.

There wasn’t a need for the Iron Cloud Saint Lord’s warning. Li Fuchen already knew that the Frostbite Beast Sovereign would launch a sneak attack on him.

Of course, knowing was one thing, but Li Fuchen was still unable to dodge it.


The illusion of the Frostbite Beast Sovereign appeared behind Li Fuchen. Li Fuchen and the void were frozen into a big block of ice.

“Die!!” The Black Rock Beast Sovereign grabbed the ice block with his dragon claw.

Back then, the Black Rock Beast Sovereign and the Frostbite Beast Sovereign used this same method to seriously injure the Iron Cloud Saint Lord. Otherwise, even if it was two against one, it wouldn’t be that easy to injure the Iron Cloud Saint Lord.

After all, the Iron Cloud Saint Lord wasn’t a regular saint lord, he was the humans’ top-notch saint lord.


The ice block shattered.

In the Black Rock Beast Sovereign’s opinion, Li Fuchen was certainly shattered into countless pieces. When invaded by the frostbite cold air, those pieces would instantly lose all vitality.

Back then, the Iron Cloud Saint Lord relied on his defense-oriented Iron Cloud Saint Technique and still was defeated. The result for Li Fuchen was obvious…

“Sorry to disappoint everyone.”

The ice block was shattered and Li Fuchen’s body had scars of frostbite. He looked like a sculpture with chipped parts, but he was still in one piece.

He was able to maintain his entire body due to the Star Immortal Body.

The Star Immortal Body made Li Fuchen’s body insanely condensed and there was the powerful gravity to keep the core together. The Star Immortal Body also helped to maintain a high heat.

It was already praiseworthy for the Black Rock Beast Sovereign to break the surface. In order to break the interior of Li Fuchen’s body, it was reckoned that only absolute beast sovereigns were able to do so.

“A new dictator is born.”

When seeing this scene, all the saints and beast overlords were stunned.

It didn’t matter if they accepted it or not. Li Fuchen was now a new dictator of the Deep Blue Plane. Each of his actions would affect the entire Deep Blue Plane.

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