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Chapter 864: Great Battle With a Beast Sovereign

Translator: jinzeffect

“Finally making a move?”

Since Li Fuchen defeated the War Heaven Great Overlord, he was already prepared to deal with a beast sovereign. But he didn’t expect it to be this soon.

There was a distortion in the void as a muscular man wearing an armor of dragon scales appeared in Li Fuchen’s vision.

“So this is what a supreme artifact sword is capable of!” The muscular man’s eyes were fixated on Li Fuchen’s Joint-Heaven Sword.

A supreme rate artifact sword was rare even in the star domain. If it was auctioned, it would definitely provide an immense amount of wealth and resources.

“Give it over!” The muscular man reached out to grab Li Fuchen’s Joint-Heaven Sword.

As for Li Fuchen, he was simply ignored by the muscular man.

“Black Rock Beast Sovereign, aren’t you a little rude?”

Li Fuchen slashed with the Joint-Heaven Sword and a layer of sword light protection appeared.


The sword light protection was blown to pieces and the Black Rock Beast Sovereign withdrew his hand.

“Interesting.” The Black Rock Beast Sovereign revealed a smile but his eyes turned colder.

From far, the weakened Bequeath Cloud Great Overlord stopped running. He knew that once the Black Rock Beast Sovereign stepped in, everything was over.

After all, the Black Rock Beast Sovereign wasn’t just a regular beast sovereign. He was an extremely powerful beast sovereign.

“It just so happens that I have yet to cross moves with a saint lord level opponent.” Li Fuchen released a powerful battle intent.

So what if the opponent was a beast sovereign? Even if the current Li Fuchen couldn’t defeat a beast sovereign, he wouldn’t be suppressed so easily too.

“You are the most arrogant human I have ever encountered. You actually think you can cross moves with me?” The Black Rock Beast Sovereign’s eyes turned even colder. A horrific energy was suddenly spread out. The heaven and earth law had stopped circulating.

The dragon race was different from other demonic beast races, they had a natural dragon prowess. As the strength increased, the dragon prowess would also be enhanced. As a beast sovereign, the Black Rock Beast Sovereign’s dragon prowess was enough to immobilize anyone below saint lords.

“Dragon prowess huh?”

Li Fuchen sensed carefully and realized the dragon prowess contained very strong willpower intimidation. Therefore, when facing the dragon prowess, it wasn’t enough to just have strength, the willpower had to be powerful too.

If Li Fuchen was any other peak level saint, even if he could move now, his combat power would be drastically reduced by 80% to 90%. He might even lose all ability to fight.

It was a pity… Putting all other attributes aside, Li Fuchen’s willpower was definitely heaven-defying. The willpower intimidation from the Black Rock Beast Sovereign’s dragon prowess was only a breeze. Only the power suppression from the dragon prowess was effective against him. If Li Fuchen didn’t extend a field to contest, his combat power would be reduced by almost 50%.

With the extension of the primary extreme field, the void produced a crackling sound. The Black Rock Beast Sovereign’s powerful dragon prowess was almost all dissipated. The remaining dragon prowess had a negligible effect on Li Fuchen.

“2nd rate apex cultivation technique!” The Black Rock Beast Sovereign’s eyes widened.

Li Fuchen’s cultivation technique actually reached saint lord level.

The Black Rock Beast Sovereign might be formidable, but he knew he wasn’t powerful enough to suppress saint lords with his dragon prowess.

By the looks of Li Fuchen’s expression, the willpower intimidation from the dragon prowess wasn’t very effective either.

“No wonder you are so arrogant. You are rather competent.”

The Black Rock Beast Sovereign didn’t look down on Li Fuchen anymore. After all the clashes, he realized that Li Fuchen’s overall strength was already comparable with a regular saint lord. It wasn’t an easy task for the Black Rock Beast Sovereign to kill a regular saint lord.

“Make your move then.” Li Fuchen wanted to try the Black Rock Beast Sovereign’s strength.

“Since you wish to die, I shall fulfill your wish. Enjoy the process of getting destroyed.” The Black Rock Beast Sovereign had a rumbling thunder-like voice as he attacked Li Fuchen violently with his claw.

When the claw attack was executed, a giant black dragon claw appeared. In the face of the black dragon claw, the Saint Spirit Continent’s law was ripped open. Destructive qi aura spread out everywhere and filled up the void.


Li Fuchen cleaved at the black dragon claw with a crescent moon sword light.


The Black Rock Beast Sovereign was too powerful as the sword light didn’t even last for a single blink of the eye. It was instantly ripped apart and a dimmer black dragon claw smashed on Li Fuchen’s body with unstoppable force.

There was a spray of blood mist as Li Fuchen was sent flying. His bones were almost completely shattered and his flesh was in a bloody mess. It looked as though he was being tortured alive.

But in just a breath, the dreadful injuries were perfectly healed and he looked as though he didn’t suffer any injuries at all.

Li Fuchen dared to fight against the Black Rock Beast Sovereign wasn’t just because he had the Joint-Heaven Sword. The Star Immortal Body was his greatest reliance.

With the advanced Star Immortal Body, his body toughness and healing capability was superior to countless races within the same cultivation realm. In the universe, perhaps only the astral colossal beasts and those heaven-defying races could compare with him. Not even the demons were close to him.

The Black Rock Beast Sovereign was shocked. He was a high-tier tyrant beast, the Red-Eyed Black Dragon. His strength was top-class among the beast sovereigns and saint lords. His claw at full strength was actually unable to injure Li Fuchen.


The Black Rock Beast Sovereign executed consecutive claw strikes at Li Fuchen.

The fearsome power muddled up the spatial distance. Li Fuchen couldn’t even dodge if he tried and had no choice but to forcefully endure it.

The bones in his body shattered again and again. But with the replenishment from the Hand of Sun qi power, the shattered bones were mended back together again and again. Li Fuchen was pleasantly surprised that his bones were getting stronger and harder each time as they were mended repeatedly.

“The Black Rock Beast Sovereign might be powerful, but he isn’t able to destroy my body in micro levels. As such, my Hand of Sun qi power is slowly getting consumed. It will be effortless to keep this up for several days.”

Li Fuchen’s mind was clear like a mirror and was able to calculate everything accurately.

“Darkness Dragon Breath!”

Seeing that he was unable to injure Li Fuchen, the Black Rock Beast Sovereign was enraged. His head turned into a dragon’s head and breathed out blazing dark flames.

The Dark Dragon Breath was the Red-Eyed Black Dragon’s most fundamental but also the strongest innate ability. It had the power to burn everything to ashes.

“Sky Earth Roam.” Li Fuchen turned into a sword light and dodged the dark flames.

Li Fuchen might not be afraid of the dark flames, but he didn’t have to receive it forcefully. After all, it would be exhausting his Hand of Sun qi power.

When using the Joint-Heaven Sword to execute the Sky Earth Roam, his speed easily exceeded the speed of light. Li Fuchen didn’t just dodge the dark flames, he even sliced towards the Black Rock Beast Sovereign.

“Get lost!” The Black Rock Beast Sovereign countered the sword light with a claw attack.

100 moves, 200 moves, 300 moves…

Unknowingly, the duo had already exchanged over 500 moves. The terrifying commotion had attracted the attention of many saints and beast overlords. When everyone realized it was Li Fuchen battling with the Black Rock Beast Sovereign, they nearly bit their tongues.

The Black Rock Beast Sovereign was a dictator of the Deep Blue Plane and he was already invincible during the era when the heaven lords vanished. Li Fuchen might not be a match for the Black Rock Beast Sovereign, but it was already unbelievable that he could resist the attacks.

“Li Fuchen can even fight against the Black Rock Beast Sovereign?”

Inside the Wind Cloud City, the Phenomenon Sword Saint and the Mystic Deep Sword Saint were gasping.

“The Deep Blue Plane is going to have another turn of events.”

All the saints and beast overlords were exclaiming silently.

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