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Chapter 861: War Heaven Great Overlord

Translator: jinzeffect

The Mad Demonic Palace was one of the top ten factions among the demonic beasts.

The palace master, War Heaven Great Overlord was a famed peak-tier beast overlord.

Zhu Nanshan was telling the truth when he said that Li Fuchen would have difficulty entering the Mad Demonic Palace without Zhu Nanshan leading the way.

The real Mad Demonic Palace was inside a hidden domain under the sea. There was a bottomless hole connected to the hidden domain. Most importantly, the bottomless hole had plenty of forks. Once the wrong path was chosen, there was no return and one would reach all the way to the bottom.

Inside the bottomless hole, the sea water was spiraling violently just like a blackhole.

Once spiritual awareness scanned in, it would be torn into nothingness.

“Only saint lords are able to enter and exit freely in this bottomless hole.”

Li Fuchen was silently praising. It was unknown how the Mad Demonic Palace occupied this natural stronghold. With it, no one below the saint lords would dare to enter recklessly.

Since spiritual awareness couldn’t work, Li Fuchen started to use his spirit soul power.

Just as he expected, his spirit soul power wasn’t interfered and could enter the bottomless hole.

“There are indeed plenty of forks and they start right at the beginning. Each fork had multiple forks at the back. Without a guide to lead the way, it is impossible to find the Mad Demonic Palace, putting oneself in danger instead.”


With a flash, Li Fuchen dove into the bottomless hole.




With the spirit soul power, Li Fuchen found the path that led straight to the Mad Demonic Palace.


Finally, Li Fuchen passed through a ripple barrier and arrived at a giant hidden domain.

This hidden domain had mountains, waters, plains, and forestry. It also had extremely condensed heaven and earth energy. It was definitely a great place to cultivate.

“Who goes there?”

Once Li Fuchen entered the hidden domain, two of the beast overlords from the Mad Demonic Palace had spotted him.

Li Fuchen didn’t bother about them. He spread out his spirit soul power and started to search for the Phenomenon Sword Saint.

Soon enough, Li Fuchen found a giant prison inside a huge mountain. At the center of the prison, the Phenomenon Sword Saint was imprisoned there.

“Courting death!”

When the two beast overlords were ignored by Li Fuchen, they attacked together from the left and right.

What welcomed the two beast overlords was a massive glowing fist.


Before the beast overlords could even scream, they were turned into ashes.

Like a stream of light, Li Fuchen arrived outside the huge mountain in just ten breaths.


Using a fist, the mountain was smashed to smithereens and the prison was half smashed. Only the place where the Phenomenon Sword Saint was held captive had a yellow halo covering it. The fist force didn’t manage to break it.

“Elder Li!”

The Phenomenon Sword Saint had chains that penetrated through his limbs and bones. He lifted his head and revealed an expression of disbelief.

“Senior Phenomenon, I am here to rescue you.”

After executing three consecutive fists to break the yellow halo, Li Fuchen then severed the chains with ease.

Without the restrictions and suppressions from the chains, the Phenomenon Sword Saint immediately regained his mobility and cultivation.

“Elder Li, why are you here? Hurry up and leave. The War Heaven Great Overlord is in seclusion here.” The Phenomenon Sword Saint said anxiously.

The War Heaven Great Overlord was a peak-tier beast overlord. Let alone Li Fuchen, even if the Swordsmen Guildmaster was here, he might not be a match.

“It’s too late.” Li Fuchen looked far away.

From the horizon, there was a stream of light rapidly approaching. From far away, Li Fuchen could already feel the horrific beast qi wave.

“Who dares to barge into my Mad Demonic Palace.” The War Heaven Great Overlord was shocked.

No one below the saint lords were able to enter the Mad Demonic Palace without invitation. How did Li Fuchen enter? Was there a traitor?

The War Heaven Great Overlord was a muscular man with long horns on his head. The light scattered and the War Heaven Great Overlord stood in the air above the duo.

“Who are you?” The War Heaven Great Overlord looked down at Li Fuchen.

“Swordsmen Guild Elder, Li Fuchen.” Li Fuchen said indifferently.

“The Swordsmen Guild again. Since you are here, then don’t think of leaving.” The War Heaven Great Overlord couldn’t be bothered to waste time as he smashed his fist at Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen pushed the Phenomenon Sword Saint to the side and countered with a fist of his own without dodging.


When the two fist forces clashed, there was a horrifying energy force that shook the void. The War Heaven Great Overlord didn’t take even half a step back, but Li Fuchen took over a dozen steps back.

“The War Heaven Great Overlord is formidable indeed.” Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up.

The War Heaven Great Overlord’s strength was obviously stronger than Li Fuchen’s body refinement strength. If Li Fuchen didn’t have tough defenses, that fist earlier wouldn’t just make him take over a dozen steps back.

“You can actually receive a fist from me. It seems like you are a peak level saint.”

The War Heaven Great Overlord frowned. Since when did peak level saints appear so easily? According to what he knew, the humans’ youngest peak level saint was at least a thousand years old.

“Elder Li is a peak level saint!” The Phenomenon Sword Saint widened his eyes.

The Phenomenon Sword Saint didn’t know what experiences did Li Fuchen have during the past few years. His improvement was simply too fast.

“War Heaven Battleland!”

The War Heaven Great Overlord let out a roar and his body appeared with a layer of yellow halo.


There was a yellow flash and the War Heaven Great Overlord appeared in front of Li Fuchen. He executed a fist that flashed with yellow light.


Li Fuchen’s bone on his hand broke.

The War Heaven Battleland was obviously an enhancement type innate ability. It enhanced the War Heaven Great Overlord’s strength by several times. Furthermore, the body’s toughness had also been enhanced.

“Let’s see how many fists you can receive!”

The War Heaven Great Overlord took a deep breath. With a swing of his fist, countless yellow fists enveloped Li Fuchen.

Crackle! Crackle!

Li Fuchen had multiple bone fractures and he was sent flying.

Before the enhancement, the War Heaven Great Overlord was already stronger than Li Fuchen. Now that he was enhanced several times, he could suppress Li Fuchen.

“Be careful.”

The Phenomenon Sword Saint drew with his sword finger. Layers of sword qi slashed down at the War Heaven Great Overlord.

It was unfortunate that the condensed sword qi was already shattered before it could break the yellow halo.

During the flight backwards, Li Fuchen’s bones had already recovered and his surface wounds vanished instantly.

After stopping the momentum, Li Fuchen said, “War Heaven Great Overlord, I have experienced your strength.”

“Why? It seems like you still have some trump. Just show them to me.” The War Heaven Great Overlord raised his brows and said with disdain.

“I am untalented. My true strength is sword dao.”

Drawing the New Shift Sword, Li Fuchen emitted a sharp qi presence.

“A swordsman?”

The War Heaven Great Overlord had a bad premonition, but he didn’t really mind.

So what if Li Fuchen’s strength was stronger? As long as he wasn’t a saint lord, the War Heaven Great Overlord had nothing to fear.

“Receive my first sword move, Meteor Fall.”

As the New Shift Sword was brandished, there was a dazzling meteor-like sword light that instantly arrived in front of the War Heaven Great Overlord.


The War Heaven Great Overlord was surprised. The sword was too fast and if he wasn’t in the War Heaven Battleland state, he might not be able to react.


This time, it was the War Heaven Great Overlord’s bone on the hand that was broken.

The Splendor Sword Art was extremely radiant and the sword force could reach the extremity in an instant.

“Second sword move, Limitless Radiance!”

Li Fuchen turned into a sun and blasted countless sunlight at the War Heaven Great Overlord.

Pfff Pfff Pfff Pfff…

The War Heaven Great Overlord’s yellow halo was filled with holes. Correspondingly, his body was also filled with holes and fresh blood was spraying everywhere.

“Bastard, die!”

The War Heaven Great Overlord let out a roar. The hidden domain power was added onto his body and it made the yellow halo grow brighter. Finally, it formed a yellow armor of light.

Cling Cling Clang Clang…

Millions of sword lights were all easily blocked by the yellow armor of light.

“Support from the hidden domain power?”

Li Fuchen knew that this place was the enemy’s homeground, therefore, the enemy had the advantage.

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