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Chapter 862: Black Rock Beast Sovereign

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With the support from the hidden domain power, the War Heaven Great Overlord’s strength increased again to the next level. But despite the case, Li Fuchen was still suppressing him.

Because Li Fuchen was now using the Skyline Sword Art.

As a top rate apex sword art created by the Sword Lord, the Skyline Sword Art was much more comprehensive and stronger than the Splendor Sword Art. From the start of the fifth move, it was already far superior to the Splendor Sword Art.

“Sky Phase Roaming Dragon Thrust.”

There was a roaming dragon-like sword light that flashed by.


The War Heaven Great Overlord’s yellow armor of light was completely shattered. His chest had a large hole in it.

“Not good.”

The War Heaven Great Overlord was appalled. As a peak-tier beast overlord and having a body of a mid-tier tyrant beast, his vitality was ten times more than human peak level saints. But in the face of this sword move, nearly 5% of his vitality had been taken off. It also meant that in another 20 to 30 sword moves, even if he didn’t die, he would lose most of his combat strength.


Since his human form couldn’t win against Li Fuchen, the War Heaven Great Overlord reverted back to his original form.


There was a terrifying qi explosion and a giant yellow ox appeared in the void. It was over a thousand miles in size.

“War Trample!”

The yellow ox stomped firmly in the void and yellow stomp ripples extended over. Each stomp ripple would be a few dozen miles in size. Once they stacked with each other, it produced an unmatched shockwave.

“Just in time, Sword Sea Horizon.”

Li Fuchen’s sword pierced through the stomp ripple and the sword qi expanded into an illusory sea that enveloped the yellow ox.

Of course, Li Fuchen was still unable to kill the War Heaven Great Overlord with just Sword Sea Horizon. Therefore, Li Fuchen followed up quickly with Sect Origin Sword.


The War Heaven Great Overlord let out a yell as his body burst out with countless sword qi pillars. He looked just like a glowing hedgehog.

“Li Fuchen, I shall remember this sword. Shadow Shape Exchange.”

A shadow emerged from the War Heaven Great Overlord’s body before he vanished.

Li Fuchen didn’t give chase as this was the enemy’s territory and he might not be able to catch up even if he gave chase.

“Senior Phenomenon, let’s go.”

The Mad Demonic Palace was hard to enter but easy to exit. Li Fuchen broke the spatial barrier of the hidden domain, and the duo passed through the void to arrive in the deep sea outside the Mad Demonic Palace.

When Li Fuchen brought back the Phenomenon Sword Saint, it truly surprised the Mystic Deep Sword Saint.

He was truly exhausted from trying to support the Saint Spirit Continent’s Swordsmen Guild alone. He didn’t even have time to cultivate. With the Phenomenon Sword Saint and Li Fuchen around, his pressure was reduced by several times.

But when the Mystic Deep Sword Saint found out that Li Fuchen barged into the Mad Demonic Palace and defeated the War Heaven Great Overlord, the Mystic Deep Sword Saint was filled with nothing but shock.

After recovering from the shock, the Mystic Deep Sword Saint gave a reminder, “The news of you defeating the War Heaven Great Overlord might not be spread out, but the two beast sovereigns will definitely find out. You have to be careful in the future.”

Being targeted by beast sovereigns wasn’t a small matter.

Saint lords and beast sovereigns were on totally different levels. They wouldn’t get involved so easily, but once they got involved, it would certainly affect the Deep Blue Plane.

“I will.” Li Fuchen nodded.

At this current juncture, he was indeed not a match for the beast sovereigns or saint lords.

But of course, he wasn’t helpless against them either. With the Joint-Heaven Sword, Li Fuchen was confident he could still put up a resistance.

Black Rock Island.

The entire place was covered in extremely rare Black Dragon Scale Rocks.

These Black Dragon Scale Rocks had the energy to enhance the body. With enough quantity, it was even useful to saints.

But for countless years, no human saints dared to step foot on the Black Rock Island. This Black Rock Island was the territory of the Black Rock Beast Sovereign.

The Black Rock Beast Sovereign’s true body was a high-tier tyrant beast, the Red-Eyed Black Dragon and was extremely powerful. During the invasion, if the Black Rock Beast Sovereign made a move, even if the Iron Cloud Saint Lord didn’t return, the demon lieges wouldn’t be able to take the advantage.

The Mad Demonic Palace Master, War Heaven Great Overlord was merely a mid-tier tyrant beast. The strength difference with a high-tier tyrant beast was still rather significant.

The Black Rock Island was huge and in the middle, there was a black mountain range that extended for several thousand miles. It had a spine-like mountain range and at the front end of the mountain range, there were two giant peaks. The strange thing was the slanted angle of the peaks and they had a very steep curve.

“Beast sovereign, I heard that an absolute prodigy has emerged among the humans recently. He had defeated the War Heaven Great Overlord.”

There was a human figure standing in front of the two giant peaks and it was a high-tier beast overlord.

“Defeated the War Heaven Great Overlord?”


Two gigantic red eyes opened and each of them were like a red lake. At the center were icy-cold pupils.

If someone was flying high in the sky now, they would be able to see that this black mountain range was actually the body of a black dragon that extended over 10,000 miles. The two giant peaks were actually dragon horns and the two red eyes were the dragon eyes.

“Yes, that person is called Li Fuchen. He is the main elder of the Swordsmen Guild.”

“If that child can defeat the War Heaven Great Overlord, it means his strength is very close to a saint lord. Ask the Bequeath Cloud Great Overlord to eliminate them when there is a chance.” The Black Rock Beast Sovereign’s voice shook the entire island.

The Bequeath Cloud Great Overlord was the no.1 beast overlord among the demonic beasts. Just like the Black Rock Beast Sovereign, the Bequeath Cloud Great Overlord had the body of a high-tier tyrant beast. His strength was close to a regular saint lord. If it wasn’t for the young age, he would already be a beast sovereign.

“Just a mere peak level saint. Killing him will be as easy as turning my palm.”

Bequeath Cloud Island, Golden Cloud Cave, a golden-eyed man let out a disdainful laugh.

“If Lord Bequeath Cloud is making the move, it will naturally be a success.” A high-tier beast overlord was speaking respectfully.

The Bequeath Cloud Great Overlord’s body was a high-tier tyrant beast, the Golden-Winged Great Roc. In the Deep Blue Plane, be it saint lords or beast sovereigns, the speed limit would be near speed of light. It wasn’t possible to reach the speed of light or exceed it. But the Bequeath Cloud Great Overlord could surpass the speed of light with ease.

Of course, this didn’t mean that the saint lords and beast sovereigns were helpless against the Bequeath Cloud Great Overlord. Saint lords and beast sovereigns were indeed unable to surpass the speed of light, but they had power that could attack across the air. Anything within millions of miles would be their attack range. There were some who could distort the void and instant shift through long distances. Saint lords and beast sovereigns were merely inferior in terms of pure speed.

“Wait for my good news.” The Bequeath Cloud Great Overlord let out a hearty laughter before he turned into a golden stream of light and vanished.

With a huge quantity of peak-grade spirit stones, Li Fuchen wasn’t stingy and gave 5000 peak-grade spirit stones to both the Phenomenon Sword Saint and Mystic Deep Sword Saint.

The duo naturally didn’t want to owe Li Fuchen such a great favor and gave all their guild points to Li Fuchen. The amount added up to over 10 billion guild points.

With so many guild points, Li Fuchen decided to read through some sword dao techniques and strived to push the Primary Extreme Sword Technique to reach 2nd rate apex state.

For Li Fuchen’s current strength, a 3rd rate apex sword dao technique was too inferior. A saint lord’s cultivation technique would naturally be 2nd rate apex cultivation techniques. A formidable saint lord would have cultivation techniques that were 1st rate apex state.

If the Primary Extreme Sword Technique could reach 2nd rate apex state, Li Fuchen was confident he could contest with any saint lord when he wielded the supreme rate artifact sword, the Joint-Heaven Sword.

Time flew by and Li Fuchen was progressing with stunning speed. He was just one step away from creating the 9th rank of the Primary Extreme Sword Technique.

Of course, it was considered normal to progress so quickly.

With the cultivation at 4th level of Soul Merge Realm and with the bone frame at apex 9-star, Li Fuchen’s perception was even better than the time he consumed the Black Whirlpool Fruit. Now that he had sufficient guild points, he could read through any sword dao technique, therefore, his progress was naturally fast.

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