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Chapter 860: Bloodline Grievance Qi

Translator: jinzeffect

“Peak level saint?” Zhu Nanshan and the Sea Shift Beast Overlord were dumbfounded.

Even after working together, they were both beaten into such a pathetic state. If anyone said Li Fuchen wasn’t a peak level saint, they would never believe it.

“Capsizing Sea!”

The Sea Shift Beasts Overlord didn’t escape and still wanted to take the risk. He believed that he still had a fighting chance, even against a peak level saint.

With both his hands held high, a giant sphere of water was produced. Within the water sphere, there were surging waves and it felt just like a part of an ocean inside it.

Immediately after, the Sea Shift Beast Overlord swung both his hand forward to throw the giant water sphere at Li Fuchen.


On the other side, Zhu Nanshan disregarded his life and poured all his fire dao qi into the Saint Fire Awl. At the same time, the Saint Fire Awl grew a few meters long and it looked like a flaming spear now. As Zhu Nanshan launched it, it turned into a flaming waterfall that blasted at Li Fuchen.

The duo were now fighting at full strength and they were confident that they could already contest with regular peak level saints. After all, this battlefield was within a class 9 high-tier array and it was their homeground.

“Just in time!”

When facing the duo’s attacks at full strength, Li Fuchen countered with a fist.

The water sphere exploded and the Saint Fire Awl was sent back.

The strength difference between the two parties was too much.

The duo’s combined strength weren’t even considered peak level saints

But Li Fuchen’s body refinement strength was at least an above average peak level saint.

“How is that possible? How can his strength reach such a level?” Zhu Nanshan couldn’t believe his own eyes.

Li Fuchen’s speed of improvement was simply too overwhelming and it was already illogical.

Li Fuchen became a peak level saint in just a few years. Wouldn’t he become a saint lord in another few more years?

When did it become so easy to become a peak level saint and saint lord?


The Sea Shift Beast Overlord was the first to run. He fused his body into a water sphere, subsequently, the water sphere turned into a drop of water and shifted into the void.

“Damn it, this kid must have encountered another fated opportunity. The next time we meet, it shall be the day of your funeral.”

Zhu Nanshan controlled the array to restrict Li Fuchen. At the same time, a massive amount of fire dao qi was poured into the red bead on his waist. Glistening radiance was emitted from the red bead and a fire snake took Zhu Nanshan and shifted into the void.

“Coming and leaving as you wish? Do you really think I will allow that?”

Li Fuchen snorted and spread out the horrific Hand of Sun qi power. The qi power then entered deep into the void.

All of a sudden, the Sea Shift Beast Overlord and Zhu Nanshan were pulled out by a powerful gravity force.

“Not good!”

The Sea Shift Beast Overlord struggled to break free from the restriction.


This time, Li Fuchen didn’t reserve himself. With a blast of the fist, the Sea Shift Beast Overlord exploded and turned into ashes.

“Li Fuchen, you cannot kill me!” Zhu Nanshan screamed with horror.

The display of strength from Li Fuchen was too much to handle. Zhu Nanshan might have plenty of treasures, but they probably wouldn’t last for a long time.

“Why can’t I kill you?”

Li Fuchen smashed a fist at Zhu Nanshan.


The fire snake scattered and the red bead on Zhu Nanshan’s waist had dimmed.

Apex cardinal artifacts also have limits. Once the limit was reached, the apex cardinal artifact would lose its spirituality. A long time would be needed before it could recover. If the attack was powerful enough, it was normal for the apex cardinal artifact to be damaged.

There was a blood-colored arrow in Zhu Nanshan’s hand as he said with threat, “I am holding the Blood Guide Arrow. It can transmit all the information here to the Zhu Clan. If you kill me today, when my Zhu Clan’s no.1 ancestor returns, it will be the day of your demise.”

Li Fuchen mocked, “I remembered that Zhu Hairong threatened me the same way too. But it is a pity that the thing I am most not afraid of are threats.”

“Damn you, you forced me to do this.” Zhu Nanshan sprayed his essence blood on the Blood Guide Arrow.

With a swish, the Blood Guide Arrow vanished into the void.

“Return.” Li Fuchen extended his hand and grasped. He was trying to grab the Blood Guide Arrow.

But the Blood Guide Arrow was much more crafty than he thought. Li Fuchen couldn’t even do a thing to the Blood Guide Arrow.

“The Zhu Clan is a half-god clan for a reason.” Li Fuchen frowned a little.

Li Fuchen could feel a supreme bloodline qi presence from the Blood Guide Arrow.

It was very obvious that this bloodline qi presence originated from a half-god bloodline.

Each of the Zhu clansmen had the half-god bloodline. Normally, the half-god bloodline would be so thin that it had basically no effect. But this Blood Guide Arrow could absorb the half-god bloodline from the essence blood of the Zhu clansmen. Even if Li Fuchen was a saint lord, he wouldn’t be able to stop the Blood Guide Arrow. Only heaven lords would be able to stop it.

Of course, it didn’t really matter if Li Fuchen could stop it or not.

He had killed Zhu Hairong and was already enemies with the Zhu Clan. Killing Zhu Nanshan wouldn’t make much difference.

Furthermore, he didn’t have any reason to fear the Zhu Clan.

“Die.” Li Fuchen blasted another fist at Zhu Nanshan.

In response, Zhu Nanshan quickly took out a thick shield. But this thick shield immediately caved in after getting smashed by Li Fuchen’s dreadful fist force.

Zhu Nanshan was panicking, “Li Fuchen, if you wish to know where the Phenomenon Sword Saint is, you have to stop now.”

“I believe you will take the initiative to tell me.” Li Fuchen continued to swing his fist.


The distorted shield started to break into fragments.

“The Phenomenon Sword Saint is being imprisoned in the Mad Demonic Palace! Without me leading the way, you will not be able to enter the place!” Zhu Nanshan shouted out.

“Very well, you can die now.”

Li Fuchen’s eyes shot out radiances. His fist force penetrated Zhu Nanshan’s body. Even the armor on Zhu Nanshan’s body couldn’t resist the attack of the scorching fist force.

“I cannot accept this!” Zhu Nanshan gave a death stare to Li Fuchen, “I use my Zhu Clan’s half-god bloodline to curse that you will have a miserable death. I curse that your bloodline will be severed…”


With a blast of fist force, Zhu Nanshan’s head exploded.

“Curse? No, it should be the bloodline grievance qi!”

After killing Zhu Nanshan, Li Fuchen was stained with a layer of blood qi.

The blood qi was very strange and nothing could affect it, be it qi power or sword energy.

Soon enough, the blood qi fused Li Fuchen’s own blood qi and could no longer be differentiated.

Li Fuchen had already guessed that this should be the bloodline grievance qi.

The so-called grievance qi was a kind of thought power.

When killing someone, the killer would be stained with the victim’s grievance qi. When killing beasts, one would also be stained with the beast’s grievance qi.

But those grievance qi were too thin and would scatter after a period of time.

Half-god bloodlines were different, the half-god bloodline’s grievance qi wasn’t a curse, but it was superior to a curse.

“It looks like Zhu Nanshan’s half-god bloodline is much more concentrated than Zhu Hairong. It is actually able to use the bloodline grievance qi.”

Li Fuchen didn’t put too much thought on Zhu Nanshan’s grievance qi.

As long as he had enough strength, he wouldn’t even need to fear half-gods, let alone their grievance qi.

With a wave of the hand, Li Fuchen kept the spatial rings and storage bags from Zhu Nanshan and the Sea Shift Beast Overlord.”

“Mad Demonic Palace huh?”

After completing everything, Li Fuchen looked towards a remote place.

The Phenomenon Sword Saint must be rescued. Right now, Li Fuchen could only rely on himself.

There was a flash of sword light as Li Fuchen altered his course and flew towards the sea.

Zhu Clan…

On the Fire God Mountain’s Fire Soul Palace…


The soul tablet that belonged to Zhu Nanshan had cracked open by itself.

The guards of the Fire Soul Palace were stunned. They started yelling and rushing out of the Fire Soul Palace after a long time.

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