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Chapter 859: Ambush

Translator: jinzeffect

On an endless horizon of plains, there was a sword light flashing by.

“As expected, I can only get close to the speed of light in a high-class continent. It is the same for movement speed and attack speed.” Li Fuchen thought in his mind.

With his current sword art proficiency, after entering Union of Man and Sword, his speed would be overwhelming. But due to the law restrictions of the high-class continent, the speed of light was the ultimatum and couldn’t be exceeded.

But even if Li Fuchen couldn’t exceed the speed of light, being close to the speed of light was already very fast. In just one hour, Li Fuchen travelled over two billion miles and arrived at Saint Spirit Continent’s largest plains, the Saint Spirit Plains.

“Green Flame Saint, you are certain that kid will pass by the Saint Spirit Plains?”

A tens of millions miles ahead, there were two figures hidden in the void. One of them was Zhu Nanshan, while the other was a beast overlord emitting ambiguous and horrific demonic qi waves.

“We shall know soon if he will pass by the Saint Spirit Plains. Later on, it will be up to you, Sea Shift Beast Overlord!” Zhu Nanshan had already planned ahead.

“Haha, as long as he passes through here, I will make sure he will not live to return.” The Sea Shift Beast Overlord grinned.

The Sea Shift Beast Overlord was one of the eight strongest beast overlords in the Mad Demonic Palace. His strength was close to a peak level saint. He was working together with Zhu Nanshan because of the Zhu Clan’s strong foundation. Not even the Mad Demonic Palace dared to offend the Zhu Clan, therefore, Zhu Nanshan was qualified to work together with him. At the same time, the Sea Shift Beast Overlord knew that Li Fuchen had a supreme rate weapon and incredible wealth.

“He is here.” Zhu Nanshan’s eyes turned stern.

Li Fuchen’s speed of growth was too fast. The strength displayed by Li Fuchen during the invasion made Zhu Nanshan apprehensive. He didn’t have any doubts that Li Fuchen would become one of the top experts in the Deep Blue Plane after a period of time.

Therefore, Zhu Nanshan had to kill Li Fuchen while he was still growing.

There was a breeze blowing across the plains. When a sword light flew by, the void suddenly distorted. It felt like a kaleidoscope wrapping around the sword light.

“Trap array?” Li Fuchen let out a sneer.

This trap array might only be a class 9 high-tier array, but it was superior in terms of the range. Anyone who entered would be trapped by the array.

There were various types of arrays and the difficulty to break through them would be different.

The trap wasn’t specialized in killing, it was specialized in trapping the target.

To be serious, a class 9 high-tier trap array could trap a peak level saint for quite a while.

The sword light scattered and Li Fuchen revealed himself.

With his capability, breaking this trap array would take one swing of his sword. It was whether he was willing or not.

“Li Fuchen, today shall be the day of your death.”

The void split opened before Zhu Nanshan and the Sea Shift Beast Overlord flew out.

“Zhu Nanshan!” Li Fuchen immediately recognized Zhu Nanshan.

“Previously, the Phenomenon Sword Saint and the Mystic Deep Sword Saint protected you. Right now, I shall see who else can protect you.” Zhu Nanshan was staring at Li Fuchen as though he was staring at a dead person.

Previously, Zhu Nanshan wanted to take away Yan Qingwu and the Thunder Beast, but was repelled by the Phenomenon Sword Saint and the Mystic Deep Sword Saint. He now had the assistance from the Sea Shift Beast Overlord, not even the Phenomenon Sword Saint and the Mystic Deep Sword Saint could do anything.

“Is that so?” Li Fuchen looked at Zhu Nanshan and the Sea Shift Beast Overlord with amusement.

Li Fuchen knew of Zhu Nanshan’s strength. With so many artifacts, Zhu Nanshan’s strength was superior to the Mystic Deep Sword Saint and should be comparable with the Phenomenon Sword Saint.

From the looks of the demonic qi from the beast overlord, it seemed like the beast overlord should be comparable with the Mystic Ice Beast Overlord and superior to the Phenomenon Sword Saint.

With such a strong formation, anyone below peak level saint would be at a disadvantage.

It was a pity that the current Li Fuchen was no longer like before.

“Zhu Nanshan, during the invasion war, your Zhu Clan schemed against the Hundred Flower Sword Saint. Now that the Phenomenon Sword Saint is missing, it is probably due to your Zhu Clan too. I have yet to go look for you and you actually came to me yourself.” Li Fuchen didn’t hide his murderous intent and said to Zhu Nanshan in a calm tone.”

“Look for me? Haha! That is the greatest joke I have heard.” Zhu Nanshan had a sinister expression, “Li Fuchen, I admit that you are improving very quickly. I alone might not be enough to take you down. But with the Sea Shift Beast Overlord, even if you have wings, you will not be able to fly anywhere.

After Li Fuchen escaped from the Mystic Ice Beast Overlord, the latter had already told the duo. Therefore, Zhu Nanshan set up a trap array with his class 9 high-tier array board. Once Li Fuchen fell into the trap, he wouldn’t be able to escape, even if he had a significant growth in strength. Zhu Nanshan had never thought that Li Fuchen would be able to overwhelm the two of them in strength. Only peak level saints were able to achieve it. In just a few years, Li Fuchen couldn’t possibly have become a peak level saint.

“Why waste words with him? Die!”

The Sea Shift Beast Overlord swung his hand and an infinite amount of water dao law gathered. They turned into countless forks that flew at Li Fuchen.

“Spirit Fire Sky!”

Zhu Nanshan leaped up and shook his long sword. Countless green fiery sword radiance engulfed Li Fuchen.

“This is all you’ve got?”

With a swing of the hand, the sky that was filled with forks and sword radiance were all scattered.


The Sea Shift Beast Overlord was shocked. That attack earlier might not be an innate ability and was purely a normal attack. But that amount of strength was something that high-level saints wouldn’t be able to resist.

“Impossible!” Zhu Nanshan had an ashen expression.

He had executed a 2nd rate apex sword art but was casually broken by Li Fuchen. Didn’t it mean that Li Fuchen’s strength was far beyond his?

“Green Flame Saint, time to show your true strength! This person is stronger than what we expected.”

The Sea Shift Beast Overlord had started to turn serious. Back when the Mystic Ice Beast Overlord didn’t manage to capture Li Fuchen, he even mocked the Mystic Ice Beast Overlord. Right now, he understood that Li Fuchen was harder to deal with and was much stronger. He had a feeling that Li Fuchen must have improved again. What Mystic Ice Beast Overlord reported on Li Fuchen might not be as powerful as the current Li Fuchen.


With a turn of the palm, Zhu Nanshan’s hand had an awl that was filled with ancient flame patterns.

Saint Fire Awl, a 1st rate apex cardinal artifact.

Zhu Nanshan wasn’t afraid of anyone below peak level saints because of this cardinal artifact.


Zhu Nanshan brandished the Saint Fire Awl and countless awl-shaped flames traversed through the void and appeared instantly in front of Li Fuchen.

“Moving Mountain Shifting Sea.”

The Sea Shift Beast Overlord had also used his famed innate ability. The void was surging with water dao law and it turned into horrific waves that crashed at Li Fuchen.


With a glowing right fist, Li Fuchen blasted at the void.

Bang Boom!

Be it the awl-shaped flames or the horrific waves, they didn’t even last a single breath against Li Fuchen’s fist. They were instantly dispersed.

At the same time, the remaining fist force was blasted at Zhu Nanshan and the Sea Shift Beast Overlord.

“Not good!”

Zhu Nanshan was startled and quickly took out the second cardinal artifact. A red bead on his waste had burst out with glaring light and a scarlet red barrier protected him.

Bang Bang Bang!

The fist force blasted on the red barrier and could only make the barrier change in shape.

On the contrary, the Sea Shift Beast Overlord looked pathetic. He was sent flying and was covered in wounds.

“Another 1st rate apex cardinal artifact?” Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up.

The more treasures Zhu Nanshan possessed, the more spoils of war Li Fuchen would receive. 1st rate apex treasures might be useless to him, but they were very useful to the people around him.

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