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Chapter 858: Visiting the Yan Clan

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The Sacred Saber Sect was one of the top ten factions in the Deep Blue Plane.

The sect patriarch was the Extreme Yin Saber Saint and was an extremely powerful peak level saint.

During the Sacred Saber Sect’s prime, they were just like the Swordsmen Guild and once had a heaven lord. The heaven lord was called the Sacred Saber Heaven Lord and his saber art, the Sacred Saber Nine Absolution was unmatched in the plane.

Due to the invasion, the Sacred Saber Sect had also suffered great losses. They lost eight saints during the war and one of them was from the Yan Clan.

As one of the seven major clans in the Sacred Saber Sect, the Yan Clan had always been overseen by two saints. Therefore, they sat firm on the no.3 clan in the Sacred Saber Sect. But after the invasion, the Yan Clan lost one of the saints and he was Yan Clan’s strongest saint. The remaining saint was called the Long Saber Saint and was only 2nd level Soul Merge Realm. As such, the Yan Clan’s authority to speak in the Sacred Saber Sect had been greatly reduced. If this carried on, the Yan Clan would definitely continue to decline.

But it was fortunate that the Long Saber Saint brought back a top-notch prodigy with the Yan Clan’s bloodline. This prodigy was only at the Law Phase Realm, but had already condensed the saint spirit and had exceptional innate talent and perception.

No one knew that once a Yan clansman progressed into a saint, the saint spirit would produce a flying swallow dao presence. Saints of the Yan Clan could detect the presence of another flying swallow dao presence. But it was something that made the Long Saber Saint feel strange. Why wasn’t he able to detect this prodigy sooner?

(Note: Yan is literally swallow)

On one of the 18 peaks in Yan Clan, the Flying Swallow Peak, Yan Qingwu was practicing her saber art.

The saber art was nimble like a swallow and it was emitting a unique saber dao presence.

A stream of light streaked across the horizon and landed on Flying Swallow Peak.

“What a wonderful Flying Swallow Saber Art, it seems like you have cultivated the Flying Swallow Saber Art until it is limitlessly close to the apex state.”

The Long Saber Saint was a long-bearded middle-aged man. He nodded his head and had a face of admiration.

The Sacred Saber Sect’s strongest saber art was naturally the Sacred Saber Heaven Lord’s Sacred Saber Nine Absolution. But the Yan Clan’s strongest saber art was the Flying Swallow Saber Art which was created by the Yan Clan’s ancestor and it was a 1st rate apex saber art.

Within 1000 years, Yan Qingu was probably the only person that was able to cultivate the Flying Swallow Saber Art to become limitlessly close to apex state in just a few short years.

“Greetings to the ancestor.” Yan Qingwu sheathed her saber and cupped her first towards the Long Saber Saint.

She might have been brought back to the Yan Clan, but she didn’t identify herself to her parents. In her opinion, it was still too soon.

“Qingwu, you are my Yan Clan’s future support. Don’t delay your saber dao cultivation because of relationships. If it is possible, don’t contact Li Fuchen again. Once you are strong enough, it wouldn’t be too late to have a relationship.” The Long Saber Saint mentioned this suddenly.

He had already heard that Yan Qingwu had a great relationship with the Swordsmen Guild headquarters’ Main Elder Li Fuchen. If someone said there was nothing between them, the Long Saber Saint would never believe it.

Li Fuchen indeed had stunning talents and it wouldn’t be exaggerating to say he was the no.1 prodigy of this generation in the Saint Spirit Continent.

It was a pity that Li Fuchen offended the Zhu Clan and had killed Zhu Hairong. Once the Zhu Clan’s no.1 ancestor returned, Li Fuchen would definitely be killed.

Being a busybody now would only bring troubles. The Yan Clan didn’t need to offend the powerful Zhu Clan for Li Fuchen.

Yan Qingwu immediately understood the Long Saber Saint’s intention. “Ancestor, if you are worried that I will implicate the Yan Clan, I shall leave right now.”

“Hold on.” The Long Saber Saint let out a bitter laugh and said, “Treat it as though I am nagging.”

It was obviously impossible for Yan Qingwu to sever everything in the past. Right now, the most urgent thing would be for Yan Qingwu to have a sense of belonging. Afterwards, she would definitely do everything for the sake of the clan.

“As the no.3 clan in the Sacred Saber Sect, do you need to worry about the retribution of the Zhu Clan?” A voice suddenly echoed from the void.

“Who is that?!” The Long Saber Saint had sharp eyes and a saber light burst out from his body and slashed in all directions.

The saber light stopped and Li Fuchen walked out from the void. “My name is Li Fuchen.”

“Li Fuchen!”

The Long Saber Saint had a change in expression. He was just talking about Li Fuchen earlier and Li Fuchen suddenly appeared. It was simply too coincidental.

Most importantly, this was the Sacred Saber Sect’s Yan Clan. There were layers of arrays protecting this place. How did Li Fuchen enter?

“You dare trespass my Yan Clan! Do you know this is a death sentence!?” The Long Saber Saint let out a stern yell.

“Death sentence? Who is delivering it to me?”

Li Fuchen smiled, while the void surrounding the Long Saber Saint suddenly split open. Multiple void swords were placed on the Long Saber Saint’s body and had immobilized him.

The Sacred Saber Saint might be one of the top ten factions in the Deep Blue Plane, but they didn’t have any saint lord. With Li Fuchen’s strength, as long as there wasn’t any saint lord, no one could do anything to him.

Of course, Li Fuchen still required some effort to enter the Yan Clan without alerting anyone.

“You are back! Yan Qingwu’s black eyes had a trace of tender sentiments.

“I am back!” Li Fuchen nodded, “I am here to see how you have been.”

From the looks of the situation, Yan Qingwu was being treated well.

Since she was doing well, he didn’t have to bring her back. After all, Yan Qingwu was very safe in the Yan Clan, at least, safer than being by his side.

The duo had a quiet conversation while the Long Saber Saint was left by the side.

The Long Saber Saint didn’t dare to show any dissatisfaction. The void swords on his body were extremely sharp. He didn’t doubt that if he had any abnormal movements, all these swords would pierce his body and he would be instantly dead.

“This child has probably progressed to a saint.” The Long Saber Saint had a guess in his heart.

Before Li Fuchen progressed to a saint, he was already the main elder of the Swordsmen Guild. Now that he was a saint, it was unknown what his strength level was.

But he was certain that with enough time, Li Fuchen would definitely become a dictator in the Deep Blue Plane.

Of course, Li Fuchen had to survive until that day.

The void swords were dismissed when Li Fuchen finished his conversation with Yan Qingwu. He said to the Long Saber Saint, “My apologies.”

The Long Saber Saint said indifferently, “Li Fuchen, you are indeed powerful and I am not a match. But you have to know that this is the Yan Clan. With a single thought I can control the array to kill you.”

The Yan Clan’s array was a class 9 high-tier array and it was possible to trap a high-level saint. Apart from that, there was the Sacred Saber Sect’s apex array. Even a peak level saint wouldn’t be able to leave peacefully after getting trapped.

“You can give it a try.” Li Fuchen let out a faint smile.

Since Li Fuchen dared to come to the Sacred Saber Sect and the Yan Clan, he naturally had a thorough plan.

Firstly, the Sacred Saber Sect was the Zhu Clan and didn’t have such a deep foundation. The Zhu Clan could resist the attack of a saint lord, but the Sacred Saber Sect might not be able to do the same.

Secondly, with his powerful spirit soul, he could see through all flaws. Let alone the Sacred Saber Sect’s array, Li Fuchen was confident he could find flaws in the Zhu Clan’s array.

Thirdly, the current him was already a peak level saint. There were only a few individuals that could stop him and that didn’t include the Sacred Saber Sect.

The Long Saber Saint was startled. He could only see confidence in Li Fuchen’s eyes and qi presence. There wasn’t a trace of apprehension.

He didn’t understand why Li Fuchen was so confident.

“I am leaving. These are some presents that I brought back. Take them.”

Before leaving, Li Fuchen tossed a spatial ring to Yan Qingwu. With a flash, he turned into a sword light and dove into the void.


The Long Saber Saint took a deep breath. Earlier on, he had already controlled the Yan Clan’s array to lock the void, but he still couldn’t stop Li Fuchen from leaving. He controlled his impulse and didn’t contact the other saints of the Sacred Saber Sect. He had a premonition that if he did that, he would be inviting trouble to himself.

“Since he doesn’t have any malicious intentions, I don’t need to provoke him.” The Long Saber Saint said in his heart.

After receiving the spatial ring, Yan QIngwu opened it up and saw all the cultivation resources that were suitable for her. There was an apex cardinal artifact, apex armor, artifact saber, and a pile of peak-grade spirit stones. With a rough glance, there were at least a few thousand peak-grade spirit stones and it was enough for her to cultivate until the mid-levels of Soul Merge Realm.

“Such a sharp saber.”

With a flip of the hand, the apex artifact saber appeared in Yan Qingwu’s hand.

It was a curved saber that was three feet long and had a jade color. Before the saber was unsheathed, there was a sharp saber qi that revolved around Yan Qingwu, forming a saber qi protection.


With the curved saber unsheathed, the jade saber light burst out and dyed half the Yan Clan into green. The clouds of the sky suddenly split apart.

“1st rate apex artifact saber?” The Long Saber Saint was speechless.

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