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Chapter 857: Overbearing Circumstances

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The beast overlords would attack at close range or use innate abilities. They were all attacking Li Fuchen together.

“Be careful!” The Spirit Fire Saint dodged to the side hurriedly.


There was a burst of golden radiance that immediately withdrew. The surrounding beast overlords were all turned to ashes and didn’t even leave any scraps.

“A wipe out?” The Spirit Fire Saint was dumbstruck.

“This place is dangerous. Hurry up and leave!” Li Fuchen left a statement and flew towards the Emperor Sky Continent.

“Many thanks.”

The Spirit Fire Saint looked at Li Fuchen from afar and had a premonition that Li Fuchen might be able to produce a huge change. As for him, he was only a small locust. If he was involved, he would be shattered to pieces at any moment. It was better for him to quickly return back to the Saint Fire Hall.

After reaching the Emperor Sky Continent, Li Fuchen made sure that his family and the Floating Sky Mountain were fine before he flew towards the East Unicorn Continent.

Just as Li Fuchen expected, the East Unicorn Continent’s heaven and earth energy had been constantly increasing. It had already surpassed the Emperor Sky Continent.

“The heaven dao is suffering more loss than supplement. Perhaps, the other race’s invasion is a good thing for the Deep Blue Plane.”

When a martial artist cultivated, it was the same as to rob heaven and earth essence. It was fine if it was a regular martial artist, but any saint would be a burden to the plane. As long as the saint continued to live, there would be demands for the plane. After dying, a saint’s essence might return to the plane, but there would be some heaven-defying saints that would never die. There were also some saints who perished in the universe, therefore the essence couldn’t make it back to the plane. This would cause the plane to gradually weaken, causing heaven and earth energy to become scarce.

The invasion of the other race might be a calamity for the humans, but it might not be the same for the plane.

The war brought deaths and caused many saints to perish. Their essences had also returned to the plane, along with the essences from the other race saints. It was definitely a huge nourishment for the plane.

The Saint Spirit Continent was nearly going to be ruled by the demonic beasts.

In the past, only a few beast overlords would be active in high-class continents. But now, be it land or sea, most of them had shifted to the high-class continents to fight for resources with the humans. They were also occupying territories.

The humans were naturally unwilling to reduce their territories, therefore, there were constant conflicts with the demonic beasts. War was everywhere.

The only peaceful places were the main cities, Zhu Clan, and a few rare places.

“Sky Fire Sun Crack Sword

Outside a damaged low-class city, Li Jianxin was battling with multiple beast overlords.

The current Li Jianxin was far superior than before. He didn’t just progress to the 2nd level of Soul Merge Realm, he also wielded the top rate apex artifact sword, the Skyline Sword. His strength was comparable with regular high-level saints.

But his enemy must not be underestimated too. They were two mid-level beast overlords and two high-level beast overlords.

Boom Boom Boom…

Li Jianxin was ultimately not a match against four. After dozens of moves, he vomited blood and flew backwards.

“Li Jianxin, the Skyline Sword Art isn’t executed like that.”

Along the way, Li Fuchen had slaughtered countless numbers of demonic beasts. As long as he saw demonic beasts suppressing humans, he would kill them without mercy.

In the sky, there was a flash of sword light and Li Fuchen appeared above Li Jianxin.

“Li Fuchen.” Li Jianxin’s eyes widened.

“Another human prodigy saint. Kill him!”

Seeing that Li Fuchen was only 4th level of Soul Merge Realm, the four beast overlords didn’t think much of Li Fuchen.

“Look properly, Sky Wind Godspeed Slash.”

Li Fuchen didn’t even draw his sword. He just slashed with his sword finger and streaks of sword winds were ravaging the entire place. The speed was obviously near to the speed of light. Of course, it was due to the fact that Li Fuchen was inside a high-class continent of the Deep Blue Plane. If he was in the universe, the speed of the sword finger would be at least a few dozen times the speed of light.

Pfff Pfff Pfff Pfff…

The four beast overlords couldn’t even resist as they were instantly pierced countless times. With a blow from the wind, they were scattered like dust.

“This is the quintessence of the Skyline Sword Art?” Li Jianxin was shocked.

He knew that Li Fuchen had cultivated the Skyline Sword Art. After all, Li Fuchen was the one that found the Skyline Sword.

But in Li Jianxin’s opinion, Li Fuchen could only cultivate the Skyline Sword Art to 3rd rate apex state at best. Li Jianxin relied on the Skyline Sword and had also cultivated the Skyline Sword Art to 3rd rate apex state.

However, from the looks of things, Li Fuchen’s Skyline Sword Art wasn’t 3rd rate apex state. It was at least 2nd rate apex state, or might be 1st rate apex state.

“He is indeed worthy to be the owner of a supreme rate artifact sword.” The Skyline Sword Spirit lamented silently.

Li Jianxin might be outstanding, but as compared to Li Fuchen, it was truly pale in comparison.

“It has been a long time.” Li Fuchen looked at Li Jianxin.

“It has indeed been a long time. I originally thought I could catch up to you. It seems like I am too optimistic.” After taking a deep breath, Li Jianxin said slowly.

Li Fuchen smiled and said, “The humans are now in a bad situation. Work hard!”

The massive human race couldn’t rely on him alone. Li Jianxin, Sword Emperor, Sword Sovereign, and Emotionless Sword Emperor were great hopes for the humans’ future. It was unknown if they had progressed to saints yet.

The duo didn’t have a great relationship, therefore, Li Fuchen left after a short conversation.

“I am still too weak.” While watching Li Fuchen’s back, Li Jianxin clenched his fist tightly.

“With my assistance, you will not have a hard time becoming a saint lord in the future. But he is destined to become a heaven lord.” The Skyline Sword Spirit sighed.

It was too difficult to become a heaven lord.

Back then, the Li Clan’s ancestor, the Sword Lord had become a saint through coincidences. Afterwards, he developed the skyline bloodline and used it as a foundation to create the top rate apex cultivation technique, the Skyline Sword Technique. Despite the case, the Sword Lord was still considered weak among the heaven lords. A truly powerful heaven lord would definitely have comprehended a supreme rate martial art. As for those absolute heaven lords, they must also create a supreme rate cultivation technique. Only with supreme rate martial arts and cultivation technique, one would become truly invincible.

Of course, there were still half-gods above the heaven lords. But it wasn’t possible to become a half-god with talent. Fated encounters were required.

Without any fated encounters, even with overwhelming talent, it wasn’t possible to become half-gods.

“If the ancestor can do it, I can do it too.”

Li Jianxin didn’t believe that he couldn’t become a heaven lord. In the past, he didn’t have any goals, leading him to have a relaxed mindset. But after participating in the Swordsmen Tournament, he no longer allowed himself to be complacent.

Wind Cloud City, Swordsmen Guild headquarters.

“Li Fuchen, you are finally back. I thought you had perished outside.” Seeing Li Fuchen, the Mystic Deep Sword Saint let out a sigh of relief. This was a troubled period of time. In the past, there might not even be a single death among saints for dozens of years. Right now, each year would have several saint casualties.

Li Fuchen asked, “Mystic Deep Sword Saint, did something happen during the recent years?”

The Mystic Deep Sword Saint sighed and said, “Other things are still fine, but the Phenomenon Sword Saint has gone missing.”

“Phenomenon Sword Saint is missing?” Li Fuchen frowned.

With the Phenomenon Sword Saint’s strength, unless the enemy was a peak level saint, it wasn’t so easy to kill him.

“That’s right, your partner, the one called Yan Qingwu. She has been fetched by the Sacred Saber Sect’s Yan Clan.” The Mystic Deep Sword Saint immediately said it after recalling it.

“Have they acknowledged her?” Li Fuchen was worried and planned to visit the Sacred Saber Sect personally after a few days.

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