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Chapter 856: Deep Blue’s Situation

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“Run and report back to the chieftain.”

The werewolves on the specter ship immediately steered the ship into the void and flew towards the teleportation star.

“Do you think you can escape?”

With a brandish of the sword, a surging sword sea engulfed the specter ship.

With a few blinks of the eye, the specter ship fell out of the void. The werewolves within the specter ship were all torn up by the sword qi.

After sweeping up the battlefield, Li Fuchen looked at his handful of spatial rings and let out a faint smile.

“These people are simply here to deliver wealth.”

The wealth from each saint was astonishing. With all the resources added up within the spatial rings, Li Fuchen reckoned there to be no less than 100,000 peak-grade spirit stones. It might be even more.

“But the greatest reward is still this ship.” Li Fuchen looked at the specter ship.

Without a doubt, the specter ship was an apex cardinal artifact. From the looks of it, it wasn’t like the human’s apex cardinal artifacts. It contained a very ancient power.

After spending some time, Li Fuchen wiped out the imprint on the specter ship and boarded it.

Once Li Fuchen activated the specter ship, it flickered and shifted into the void without any sound.

Speed of light, two times the speed of light, three times the speed of light…

“It is actually 15 times the speed of light.”

Li Fuchen was surprised as he could only reach four times the speed of light with his body refinement strength.

The specter ship was certainly a 1st rate apex cardinal artifact. Furthermore, it was a ship-type cardinal artifact. Its value was definitely higher than most 1st rate apex cardinal artifacts. It would be close to the value of a top rate apex cardinal artifact.

With the specter ship, Li Fuchen only took a few months to fly back to the Deep Blue Star.

It was unfortunate that the Deep Blue Plane’s teleportation array to the Deep Blue Star was only one way. As such, even with the specter ship, Li Fuchen would still need two years before he could return to the Deep Blue Plane.

Two years would be too long for Li Fuchen and it was truly wasteful to spend all that time traveling.

Combining his body with his sword, Li Fuchen turned into a sword light and flew away.

In the universe, one could see a sword light traversing. It was so fast that time seemed to be flowing backwards.

“50 times the speed of light. The Skyline Sword Art is indeed incredible!” Li Fuchen

Li Fuchen only cultivated the Skyline Sword Art to the 1st rate apex state. If it was at top rate apex state, the speed would probably be hundreds of times faster or even 1000 times faster.

There was a reason why the Skyline Sword Art was known to be the fastest sword art among all the top rate apex sword arts on the Deep Blue Plane. It was reckoned that the Skyline Sword Art would still be one of the fastest top rate apex sword art in this star domain.

With 50 times the speed of light, Li Fuchen felt that the time and space were already blurry. Everything felt like it was in liquid form. Even the stars looked like grains of sand that flashed by.

Deep Blue Plane…

The sky above the vast ocean was clear blue.


There was a flash of a figure and it was a human saint.

Huff Huff Huff…

A group of demonic streams of light were chasing closely behind.

They were all beast overlords.

“This is blasphemy, the Deep Blue Plane is done for. When have our human saints been openly pursued by beast overlords before?”

The Spirit Fire Saint was furious. He was an elder from the Saint Fire Hall, which was one of the top ten factions in the Deep Blue Plane. In the past, with his Saint Fire Hall’s status in the Deep Blue Plane, humans and demonic beasts would need to respect them. Let alone chasing after an elder of the Saint Fire Hall, it wasn’t even possible for a disciple of the Saint Fire Hall to be chased.

“Damn the demonic beasts. When the demons invaded, they were just watching from the side and didn’t contribute at all. Now that the humans suffered great casualties, they are forcing things and intentionally starting a war. Once our human absolute experts return, we must remove the demonic beasts by the roots.”

The Spirit Fire Saint was getting chased because of a class 1 demonic beast’s death.

The beast overlords chasing after him assumed he was the killer of the class 1 demonic beasts.

The reasoning was ridiculous.

Putting aside the fact that if he really killed the class 1 demonic beast, he was a human saint, even if he was to kill 10,000 class 1 demonic beasts, it wouldn’t be a huge matter.

On the contrary, if a beast overlord killed a regular human, would the beast overlord be chased down by a saint?

It was totally impossible.

One could only say that the demonic beasts were using extreme methods to start a war and were using all excuses to provoke the humans.

As for whether the excuse was reasonable or not, they didn’t care.

Of course, the Spirit Fire Saint was only all talk. The humans might have experts that had yet to return, but it was the same for the demonic beasts.

Since ancient times, humans and demonic beasts have always been evenly matched. It was rare for there to be any distinct difference in strength.

But now, the humans only had the Iron Cloud Saint Lord, while the demonic beasts had two beast sovereigns.

Before this, the Iron Cloud Saint Lord warned the demonic beasts to not provoke them. It was unfortunate that the demonic beasts were determined to dictate the Deep Blue Plane. They disregarded the Iron Cloud Saint Lord’s warning and continued to produce troubles. Just as the Iron Cloud Saint Lord was going to show his prowess, the two beast sovereigns appeared.

One of the beast sovereigns had the body of a high-tier tyrant beast, while the other was a mid-tier tyrant beast. They were extremely powerful and even if the Iron Cloud Saint Lord had a top rate apex cardinal artifact, he wasn’t able to suppress the duo and had been injured.

Now that the Iron Cloud Saint Lord was injured, the demonic beasts were even more overbearing. For the recent period of time, at least 20 over human saints had perished in their hands.

“Spirit Fire Saint, prepare to die.”

On the surface of the sea, there were water chains wrapping around the Spirit Fire Saint.

A slight moment of distraction caused the Spirit Fire Saint to be caught by one of the water chains. He might have escaped immediately, but a light blue cover descended and enveloped him.


The Spirit Fire Saint opened his right hand and there was a burning spirit fire. With a swing of his hand, the spirit fire turned into a fire dragon that charged at the light blue cover.


The light blue cover shook a little but didn’t get broken.

“Spirit Fire Saint, hurry up and kneel down to beg for mercy.”

With a blink, a group of beast overlords surrounded the Spirit Fire Saint.

The Spirit Fire Saint said in a deep voice, “A bunch of bastards asking me to kneel and beg for mercy? In your dreams… Spirit Fire Battle Armor.”

A fiery battle armor appeared on the Spirit Fire Saint’s body and there were surging flames that spread out


The group of beast overlords didn’t waste time and attacked the Spirit Fire Saint together.

Beast overlords might be weaker than human saints, but they had the advantage of numbers. Furthermore, there was a beast overlord with the body of a tyrant beast. That tyrant beast overlord alone was already as powerful as a human saint.


One of the Spirit Fire Saint’s arms had been broken and was bursting out with blood.

“Have humans declined until such a state?”

After half a year, Li Fuchen finally arrived back at the Deep Blue Plane.

Li Fuchen saw through the atmosphere and just happened to catch this scene.

Li Fuchen shook his head and felt that the humans were rather pitiful on the Deep Blue Plane. The demons invaded previously and the humans fought back painstakingly to finally repel them. But now the demonic beasts were the ones to take advantage of the situation.

Li Fuchen descended and appeared within the light blue cover.

“Who is that?!”

“It doesn’t matter. Since it is a human saint, no mercy!”

Li Fuchen’s sudden appearance had shocked the beast overlords, but they immediately started to let out sinister laughter.

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