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Chapter 854: Golden Werewolf

Translator: jinzeffect

The werewolves had two forms. A regular form, which was the human form, and the combat form, the werewolf form.

In the werewolf form, the werewolf’s strength would be increased drastically by ten times and the price would be ten times the loss of energy.


The werewolf was now several times bigger and had swung the right arm at Li Fuchen.


The void was ripped apart. The claws of the werewolf contained unstoppable power and felt as though it could rip through anything.

In response to this claw, Li Fuchen countered calmly with a fist of his own.

The battle between body refinement martial artists had always been so straightforward and forceful. The first to collapse would be the loser.


The void between the two had exploded. This time, each of them took a few steps back.

“10 times increase in strength and the claw has the ripping law.”

Previously, the werewolf was only at the strength level of a regular peak level saint. Right now, the werewolf had the strength of a medium peak level saint.

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

The duo clashed at extreme speeds. The fists and claws were bursting throughout the sky.

In just a few dozen moves, once Li Fuchen saw through the attack methods, the battle started to become lopsided.

Even if the werewolf had tough defenses, when facing Li Fuchen’s fist, it still wasn’t enough. After receiving three fists, the werewolf’s body was nearly penetrated.

“Ramos is going to fall, Dwin, go and help.” The leader of the werewolves said to another werewolf saint by the side.

“Understood.” The werewolf saint called Dwin took off the black robes and instantly transformed into a massive werewolf before lunging at Li Fuchen.

When fighting against two, Li Fuchen fell into disadvantage.

After all, the two werewolves had speed and attack power that were comparable with Li Fuchen. Only their defenses and actual combat capability were weaker.

The so-called actual combat capability included many things. There was reaction speed, combat experience, and combat talent.

In terms of actual combat capability, there might not be many who were superior to Li Fuchen.

Since it was rare to find anyone with a stronger spirit soul than Li Fuchen.


After a dozen moves, Li Fuchen received a claw attack. It was unfortunate that when the unstoppable sharp claws slashed across Li Fuchen’s body, it was the same as to slash a piece of titanium and could only leave a faint white mark.

Clang Clang Clang…

Li Fuchen was covered in an intense storm of claws and there were sparks bursting everywhere.

“Impossible, how can his defense be so tough?”

Ramos finally felt the helplessness of the feeler lamp and misty saints. Li Fuchen was simply a turtle shell that couldn’t be broken and pierced through. It was hard to make a move from any angle.


Grabbing the opportunity, Li Fuchen blasted his fist on the head of the werewolf called Dwin. Blood started to flow from the head while the massive body staggered like he was drunk, causing a sharp decline in combat strength.


The werewolf called Ramos attacked Li Fuchen from behind.

Li Fuchen sneered and turned around. His elbow smashed on Ramos’ temple and the terrifying force caused Ramos’ head to change in shape.

“Two of them cannot suppress him. It seems I have underestimated him. Marie, you go too.” The werewolf leader commanded the only female werewolf saint.

“Watch how I kill him.”

The female werewolf had an abnormally petite body and was like a half-grown girl. Her body expanded and looked just like a cheetah. She bent down and suddenly appeared behind Li Fuchen.

Pfff Tss!

There was a spurt of fresh blood.

“Such fast speed.” Li Fuchen was rather surprised.

The female werewolf’s speed was actually more than two times faster than Ramos and Dwin.

It was known that absolute speed was actually absolute attack power too. Furthermore, it wasn’t a simple addition. Twice the speed would always increase the attack power by several times.

Pfff Pfff…

Li Fuchen’s body was riddled with blood wounds.

His defenses were high, but it wasn’t enough for him to ignore the attacks.

Of course, Li Fuchen might look miserable, but such injuries were the same as scratching an itch.

Blood burst out everywhere.

Marie’s speed was getting faster and she was weaving in and out of the attacks made by Ramos and Dwin. She didn’t affect them at all.

“With Marie around, we should be able to exhaust him to death.” Ramos and Dwin were very confident.

Marie’s speed was superior even in the Dogras Clan. As long as one didn’t have speed faster than her, there wasn’t a chance of survival.

“Her speed is indeed ridiculously fast and I cannot keep her with her rhythm.” Li Fuchen was praising in his head.

The werewolves were naturally fearsome in speed and burst power. But Marie had pushed her speed and burst power to a level where Li Fuchen was far inferior. Even the star law couldn’t lock onto Marie. Apart from that, the ripping law just happened to be the counter for the star law. The star law would be ripped apart easily, producing openings.

“But this world still has something called prediction.”

Li Fuchen’s speed was indeed inferior, but due to his insane defense, he had countless chances to redo. With each chance, he was able to observe Marie’s movement patterns.

An illusory figure traversed through the void and suddenly turned blurry.

“I have been waiting for you.” Li Fuchen reached out his right hand as though he had predicted it in advance and grabbed Marie’s neck.

“How can this be?”

Marie’s eyes widened. She was certain that Li Fuchen didn’t catch her with speed, nor was it with luck. It was with prediction.

However, she was already conscious of her flaws and had already gotten rid of any habits. She had been trying her best to be disorderly. Logically, it wasn’t possible for her next move to be predicted.

“How did you do it?” Marie couldn’t understand.

Li Fuchen said, “Your movements are indeed disorderly and don’t have a pattern. But the moment you are going to attack me, you will still move into a certain order. After all, a disorderly attack would mean lower efficiency.”

“So that is the case.” Marie was enlightened but she immediately let out a sinister smile, “Do you think you can defeat me just by predicting my movements?”

Her neck grew thicker as she forcefully pulled away from Li Fuchen’s grip.

“Blood Reek Halo.”

Marie’s body rippled out with a blood-red halo. With hammer-like claws, she pierced harshly at Li Fuchen’s chest.


The sharp claws stabbed in but were stuck inside.

“Not good.” Marie wanted to pull back her hands.

“Thinking of leaving? Too late.” Li Fuchen blasted a fist that struck Marie’s head.


The fist was too ferocious as Marie’s head had cracked open.

In terms of defense, she wasn’t so much inferior as compared to Ramos and Dwin.

“Interesting. All of us have underestimated him. If I am not around, my Dogras Clan will definitely suffer a great loss.” The werewolf leader lamented.

“With Lord Aaron making the move, this human is done for.”

The weaker werewolf saints were filled with confidence. The Aaron mentioned was a golden werewolf among the werewolves and was considered to be one of the strongest.

“I am originally here just to take a breather. I didn’t expect that I would have to make a move. So be it, I shall treat it as a warm up!”

Aaron lifted his black robes and with a shake of his body, he turned into a golden werewolf. Even his eyes were golden in color and they were filled with auras of nobility and tyranny.

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