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Chapter 855: Might of Sect Origin Sword

Translator: jinzeffect

There was a flash of golden light and Li Fuchen suffered a bone-deep claw wound.

Pfff Pfff Pfff…

In the blink of an eye, Li Fuchen had dozens of claw wounds on his body. The deepest wound actually severed a piece of bone.

As compared to Marie, the golden werewolf called Aaron was even faster and stronger.

Li Fuchen reckoned that Aaron was 1.5 times faster than Marie and 5 times stronger than Marie.

With Aaron in the fray, Li Fuchen was now in complete disadvantage, so much that he couldn’t even lift his head.

But the four werewolves were speechless because Li Fuchen’s wounds would instantly recover, no matter how severe they were. Furthermore, his loss of vitality was nearly negligible.

“He actually has such overwhelming recovery.” Aaron frowned.

The claws of the werewolf race contained ripping law. Anything that was clawed by the werewolf claws were very hard to recover and vitality would be constantly lost. As a golden werewolf, Aaron’s claw had twice as much ripping law as compared to regular werewolves. Reasonably speaking, no matter how incredible Li Fuchen’s recovery was, he shouldn’t be able to recover in such a short period of time.

Aaron’s eyes had a flash of seriousness, he knew that he still underestimated Li Fuchen.

If the strength difference between saints weren’t too much, the battle would actually be a battle of attrition. Who could resist more and who could recover faster?

Li Fuchen’s recovery was even better than peak-tier demon overlords.

“It isn’t that easy to break my Star Immortal Body.”

Li Fuchen’s eyes were looking in all directions and constantly searching for Aaron’s flaws.

The advanced Star Immortal Body was truly fearsome. The werewolves’ claws might be effective against beast and demon overlords, but it wasn’t really effective against him. It wasn’t able to produce the effects of ripping and bleeding.


Li Fuchen’s observation skills were undoubtedly dreadful. Aaron’s speed might be faster than Marie, but with Li Fuchen’s prediction, there was still a trace of flaw. With a fist, Li Fuchen struck right in the middle of Aaron’s chest.

Li Fuchen’s arm turned numb and he was sent flying backwards.

On the contrary, Aaron was unscathed.

Brushing the golden fur on his chest as though he was brushing dust off, Aaron lifted his head and said calmly, “I have to admit that your recovery is incredible. But so what? If you can’t even break my defense, how are you going to fight with me?”

“I heard that after werewolves transform into the werewolf form, the stamina will be depleted with 10 times the speed.” Li Fuchen said.

Marie sneered and said, “It seems like you don’t understand the werewolf race enough. Us werewolves have stamina that is 10 times more than other races. 10 times the speed of stamina depletion is nothing to us.”

“I see, a combat race is indeed formidable.”

Li Fuchen nodded. The werewolf race was the same as the demon race, they were both combat races. As combat races, some of their attributes were extremely insane.

“I advise you to surrender and we might spare your life.” Ramos let out an evil grin.

Earlier on, he had been beaten up badly by Li Fuchen. He had silently decided that he would torture Li Fuchen after seizing him.

Li Fuchen laughed, “It isn’t at that extent yet.”

“Stubborn.” Dwin shouted coldly.

“Stop wasting words with him. Just kill him.” Marie licked her lips and a viscous fluid dripped down.

Four werewolves were approaching Li Fuchen from four directions. Each of them had icy cold and merciless eyes.

“It seems like I need to expose my sword dao strength.”

With a flip of the hand, the New Shift Sword appeared in his hand.

“A swordsman?” Aaron frowned and had a bad premonition.

“Do you think a 1st rate apex artifact sword is enough to defeat us?” Ramos said with disdain.

“Charge!” Dwin was first to charge towards Li Fuchen.

The sword intent locked onto the quartet and with sharp eyes, Li Fuchen’s sword was suddenly brandished.

“Sword Sea Horizon!”


The rolling sword sea engulfed the quartet immediately. Aaron was a golden werewolf for a reason as he was trying to stay afloat in the sword sea. There were signs as though he was going to escape from the sword sea, but he was ultimately dragged in.


On the specter ship, the other werewolves were flabbergasted.

When executing sword arts, Li Fuchen was actually much stronger than before. Didn’t this mean that the Dogras Clan was in danger?

“Once something seems odd. Return to the Thousands Spirit City.” One of the werewolves said warily.


The sword sea vanished and a figure fell out.

When looking closely, the figure was none other than Aaron.

Right now, he was in a miserable state. His body was covered in sword wounds and his golden fur was all stuck in bunches. He looked just like a drenched dog.

With ominous glint in his eyes, Aaron said, “No matter who you are, since you killed Marie and the others, you are dead.”

Li Fuchen’s sword move might be fearsome and powerful as it could drag them straight into a sword world before wiping them out with the sword world’s power, but Aaron was a golden werewolf and couldn’t be killed that easily.

“No wonder he is one of the strongest among the werewolves.” Li Fuchen could see that the injuries on Aaron weren’t fatal, and was only considered severe injuries.

It was worth noticing that Aaron had a much stronger qi presence than before.

It seemed like the severity of the injuries would increase his combat power.

“Sword Sea Horizon is indeed unable to instantly kill an individual with strong defenses and tough vitality.”

Li Fuchen didn’t mind as he was clear about the traits of his sword moves.


Aaron’s speed exploded to the extremity. His body was already in front of Li Fuchen, but he still left an afterimage behind. In fact, his afterimage was still talking and emitting a qi field.

The sharp and solid claws were swung at Li Fuchen’s head. Aaron let out a roar and he was determined to rip off Li Fuchen’s head with this claw attack, resulting in Li Fuchen’s immediate death.

Li Fuchen didn’t move and simply stood still.

“It is about time to end.” With that thought in Li Fuchen’s mind, his mouth curled up into a smile.


There was a shocking flash of sword radiance that illuminated the universe. There was a surge of 10,000 sword intents that suddenly returned back to one.


Aaron’s body was frozen and at the next moment, his face had a blood wound which flowed with fresh blood.

“There is nothing impossible. Since the moment you met me, your fate has already been decided.” Li Fuchen said indifferently.

“I cannot accept this!!” Aaron let out a furious roar and wanted to continue attacking Li Fuchen.

But Aaron couldn’t move at all. Multiple sword lights emerged from his body, causing multiple blood wounds to appear.


An instant later, Aaron exploded into countless pieces and each piece of flesh continued to explode.

“Sect Origin Sword is the most perfect sword move among all my sword moves. It is flawless, most tyrannical, and also closest to the origin.”

Li Fuchen might be the one who created the Sect Origin Sword, but as the Sect Origin Sword continued to become more perfect, he was still very shocked.

This move was too perfect.

As long as sword intent existed in his heart, no matter how the enemy attacked him, they would be backlashed by the Sect Origin Sword’s sword qi.

It also meant that even if Li Fuchen didn’t dodge, the enemy would never be able to touch his body.

Earlier on, Li Fuchen was only using his body refinement strength to fight with the four werewolves. If he used the Sect Origin Sword, that female werewolf and golden werewolf would never be able to touch his body, even if they were faster.

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