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Chapter 853: Werewolf

Translator: jinzeffect

Before the feeler lamp saints and misty saints worked together, Li Fuchen made a thrust. He looked just like a stream of light and pierced through a feeler lamp saint’s body.


The feeler lamp saint’s body exploded into ashes immediately.

“Not good, hurry up and spread out.”

Li Fuchen’s speed was too fast and it was more than twice as fast as what he displayed previously. For a moment, no one was able to lock onto him.


Another feeler lamp saint exploded.

“Net of Void!”

Finally, a peak level saint from the feeler lamp race managed to lock onto Li Fuchen’s qi presence. With a wave of the hand, a translucent net enveloped Li Fuchen.

“Just in time.”

Li Fuchen produced a suction force with his left hand and caused the net to curl up into a bundle. The net was pulled towards his left palm, while he executed a massive golden palm strike with his right hand.


Like crushing an egg, the net exploded and the golden palm was getting bigger, just like an intense sun. It also had a powerful gravitational force. A misty saint and a feeler lamp saint were killed by the palm strike.

In just a blink of the eye, Li Fuchen had already killed five saints and the efficiency struck terror to the two other races.

“Blade of Mist!”

A sharp blade of mist was formed and it was stabbed at Li Fuchen.

The attacker was a peak level saint from the misty race. He was very patient and had been hiding in the void. Even after two of his race members were killed, he still didn’t interfere.


Once the sharp blade made contact with Li Fuchen’s body, the peak level misty saint pushed with force. It felt as though he could already see Li Fuchen getting pierced and was gradually getting mistified.


A tremendous force numbed the peak level misty saint’s arm.


His eyes widened as the Blade of Mist didn’t manage to pierce through Li Fuchen’s body. In fact, it didn’t even pierce through the skin.

“Thinking of leaving?”

Li Fuchen blasted a fist force that distorted the void. The peak level misty saint spurted blood violently as half his body exploded.

In the face of Li Fuchen’s fist that had great gravitational force, the misty race’s innate ability, Mistification didn’t have any use.


Until this moment, the other race saints finally found a chance to attack Li Fuchen together.

Clang Clang Clang Clang…

It was unfortunate that Li Fuchen’s body was simply indestructible. Attacks from six other race saints landed but didn’t even break the skin. Moreover, there were two peak level feeler lamp saints among the attackers.

“Since all of you are here, then don’t think of leaving.”

Li Fuchen’s body burst out with a golden radiance that engulfed all the other race saints.

Bang Bang Bang…

Due to the close proximity, apart from the peak level saints, all the other saints were turned into ashes.

“This person is too powerful, run.”

The feeler lamp race’s two remaining peak level saints were afraid. It was fine if Li Fuchen’s strength was powerful, but even his defense was insane. How could they even win? Wasn’t this a one-sided fight? Even the misty race’s peak level saint was now at his dying breath with just a single fist.

The duo wanted to leave, but it wasn’t possible.

With Li Fuchen at the center, a powerful gravitational force locked down the void of this place. If anyone wanted to leave this place, they would need to put in 10 times or 100 times more effort. Furthermore, their speed would be very slow.


The first to die was the misty race’s peak level saint. After receiving a fist from Li Fuchen, he didn’t have time to catch a breath and was blasted to ashes by Li Fuchen’s second fist.

“We admit it is our defeat. Say it, what can we do for you to let us go? Of course, I advise you not to go overboard, my feeler lamp race isn’t to be trifled with.” Seeing that they couldn’t escape, the two peak level feeler lamp saints turned around and said in a stern voice.

“Let you go? Do you think it is possible?” Li Fuchen was worried about the two escaping.

The star law couldn’t be said as one of the most terrifying laws. In the face of this law, all hopes of escape were simply destroyed. After all, when had anyone been able to escape voluntarily after being trapped within a meteor’s gravity field?

“If you kill us, the feeler lamp race will never stop chasing you.”

The two peak level feeler lamp saints had already started sending messages to the nearest feeler lamp saints. There were balls of light that constantly flickered on the tips of their feelers.

“I shall wait for him.” With a fist of light, Li Fuchen executed his attack.

“Damn it.”

The duo were constantly grumbling. Li Fuchen’s fist was too hard to dodge. It wasn’t just fast, it even contained powerful gravitational force.


One of the feeler lamp saints’ heads was blown off and subsequently, his body was also blasted into pieces.


The final feeler lamp saint was in despair. The feelers on his head were emitting a rainbow and there was a vague figure of Li Fuchen that could be seen.

Immediately after, a glowing fist had crushed his body.

“As compared to demonic beasts and demons, the misty race and feeler lamp race are much easier to deal with.”

Li Fuchen made a comparison and felt that the combat power of the misty race and feeler lamp race were much inferior to humans. They were almost as powerful as demonic beasts. The misty race’s greatest advantage was their innate ability, Mistification. After losing that innate ability, their combat power would drop down by a whole level. The feeler lamp race’s advantage was the ability to communicate telepathically with their own race members. This was unlike humans who could only use communication tokens. However, the feeler lamp race was not as adept in combat either.

“The misty race might be superior in assassination, but in terms of combatant races, the misty race wouldn’t be listed. There are only a few recognized combatant races in the universe. The demonic beasts, demons, and humans are one of those races.”

Humans were still extremely powerful. Apart from demonic beasts, demons and a few superior races, there weren’t many races that could suppress humans in combat.

With a wave of the hand, all the spatial rings scattered in the universe had been pulled into Li Fuchen’s hand.

Without checking on the spoils of the battle, Li Fuchen kept the spatial rings and looked towards the void. “After watching the show for such a long time, it is time for you to reveal yourself right?”

The feeler lamp race and misty race didn’t know that there was still someone spying from the dark.

It was a pity that nothing could be hidden from Li Fuchen.

“Incredible, truly incredible. Not even the specter ship can hide from you.”

From the void, a ship’s silhouette was gradually getting clearer.

At the bow of the ship, there was a group of figures wearing black robes.

“Where are you?”

Li Fuchen swept with his spiritual awareness and realized there were actually four peak level saints among this group of other race saints. From the qi waves, they were much stronger than the feeler lamp and misty races.

“You must have at least a few tens of thousands of peak-grade spirit stones. Shouldn’t you provide some as a tribute?” A black-robbed figure said.

“If you want the peak-grade spirit stones, you will need to see if you are qualified.” Li Fuchen smiled.

“You are indeed incredible to kill all the feeler lamp saints and misty saints. So be it, let me try your skills.” The black-robbed figure flashed and rushed towards Li Fuchen.


The two fists clashed instantly.

Li Fuchen’s body only shook a little, but he didn’t take even half a step back.

On the contrary, the black-robed figure flew back entirely and the arm twisted in a strange posture.


The black robes exploded and a muscular man was now in Li Fuchen’s vision. The huge and muscular man’s body started to swell and the upper body turned into a wolf, while the lower body was still a human. The qi presence was violent and ferocious.

“Werewolf race?” Li Fuchen immediately identified the race of the enemy.

Werewolves were a rather fearsome race. According to the records, the werewolves, humans, and demonic beasts had a close connection. It was said that in ancient times, a werewolf was born due to the combination of humans and wolves. Of course, it was only a record. It was hard to know of the source of a race due to all the races in the universe. There were rumors that all races were actually interrelated and the ancestors of all the races might be the same omnipotent existence.

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