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Chapter 852: Feeler Lamp Race and Misty Race

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After the auction ended, Li Fuchen returned to the inn and continued comprehending the sword pattern.

Time flew by…

The sealed sword pattern inside the Joint-Heaven Sword was hard to comprehend as it progressed.

From 98% to 99%, Li Fuchen took one month.

He took two months to progress from 99% to 99.9%.

That final 0.1% took Li Fuchen three whole months.

When the Joint-Heaven Sword was unsealed, a terrifying sword qi was emitted from the sword sheath. Li Fuchen had an intense intuition that everyone in Thousands Spirit City would feel the Joint-Heaven Sword if he was to draw it out now.

“I didn’t think you would comprehend the sealed sword pattern so quickly.”

The Sword Spirit was astonished. He thought that Li Fuchen could only do it after a very long period of time.

Li Fuchen didn’t reply as he was completely immersed in the sword pattern’s world.

The final seal of the Joint-Heaven Sword was a top rate apex sword pattern. Once comprehended, it would be greatly advantageous for Li Fuchen when he was comprehending a top rate apex sword art in the future. It would also greatly increase Li Fuchen’s strength. If Li Fuchen could find a sword that could carry a top rate apex sword pattern, it was the same as to obtain a top rate apex artifact sword.

Without being able to casually use the Joint-Heaven Sword, the top rate apex sword pattern was definitely Li Fuchen’s strongest trump.

Three days later, Li Fuchen was slowly walking towards the city gate.

Since he had achieved his objective in Thousands Spirit City, it was time for him to return.

With 60,000 peak-grade spirit stones, Li Fuchen felt there was no difference for him to cultivate on the Thousands Spirit City or the Deep Blue Plane.

“This fellow is finally going to exit the city after such a long time.”

“Hmph, once he steps out of the city, I will swallow him whole.”

On the streets, the tea house, restaurants, and shops on both sides, there were ambiguous eyes looking at Li Fuchen.

“It seems like he is targeted by many!”

On the top floor of a tall building, the windows were all opened. A group of individuals looked down from above and were watching Li Fuchen.

“Isn’t it good to let the others test his strength first? No matter who it is, as long as our Dogras Clan has the qi presence of that person, even if that person escapes to other planes, we can still find them.”

The Dogras Clan was a rather famous hunting clan in Thousands Spirit City and they were adept at tracking. Basically no one would be able to escape once they were targeted by the Dogras Clan.

“Saint lords probably wouldn’t target me. At most, it will be peak level saints. It just so happens that I can test my strength.”

Li Fuchen’s spirit soul power was formidable and it wasn’t possible for anyone to spy on him without him noticing.

In Li Fuchen’s opinion, a saint lord wouldn’t possibly target him. Of course, he couldn’t eliminate the possibility, after all, his entire wealth had already been exposed. It was enough to attract a saint lord to make a move.

However, the possibility was low. At least during the past few days, there weren’t any saint lords among the pursuers.

Taking a step back, even if a saint lord made a move, Li Fuchen would still have the ability to fight back.

There were also different grades of saint lords. When facing normal saint lords, Li Fuchen was confident he could put up a fight with the Joint-Heaven Sword.

After exiting the city, Li Fuchen sprinted for the Thousands Spirit Star.

After using the Thousands Spirit Star’s teleportation array, Li Fuchen returned back to the teleportation star.

“Still not making a move?” Li Fuchen turned back slightly and was silently praising the patience of these people.


With a burst of speed, Li Fuchen turned into a stream of light and was flying into the depths of the universe.

“Hurry up and chase, he is trying to escape.”

Several figures flew out from the teleportation star and pursued after Li Fuchen.

“This should be enough.”

Li Fuchen had been controlling his speed to be about the same as the fastest pursuer. After flying for over two hours, Li Fuchen stopped and said, “Aren’t you going to show yourself after pursuing for such a long time?”

“Since you already discovered us, that will make things simple. Leave behind 10,000 peak-grade spirit stones and we will leave immediately.” Seven figures appeared and they were seven other race saints in human forms.

In the universe, the appearance of humans were rather popular, therefore, many races would transform into human forms.

The only difference would be the two feelers on the head of the seven other race saints. Those feelers looked strange and dangerous at the same time.

“Two peak level saints huh?”

From the qi presence, there were five high-level saints and two peak level saints.

The group was rather powerful, after all, Li Fuchen only looked to be a sub-completion level body refinement saint or a 4th level saint.

“I’m afraid it isn’t enough with just seven of you. Ask the others to reveal themselves too.” Li Fuchen looked towards the void.

“Incredible observation skills. You are actually able to find traces of us, mystic race.”

From the void, a mist appeared out of nowhere. From the mist, five hazy-looking individuals appeared.

“Misty race!”

The other race saints with feelers on the head had grave expressions. The misty race was a very dangerous race and they were truly experts of assassinations. However, their expressions were grave not because of the misty race’s appearance, but because Li Fuchen discovered the misty race, while they couldn’t. Didn’t it mean that Li Fuchen was stronger than their expectations?

“It is already impossible to stop now. Even if this person is extremely powerful, he should be helpless against so many.” One of the other race saints with darker feelers let out a sinister grin.

“Feeler lamp race, let’s work together! We shall split the rewards afterwards.” A saint of the misty race suggested.

Li Fuchen didn’t know what race these saints belonged to, but the misty race knew immediately. The feeler lamp race was able to use their feelers to sense anything minute. Apart from that, the feeler lamp race could conduct long distance communication with their feelers. This was much more convenient than the communication token invented by the humans.

“Alright.” The feeler lamp saints agreed.

It wasn’t possible to take everything now. There might be other factions eyeing the prize from the dark. There would only be benefits for the two parties to work together.

“Let me witness the strength of other race peak level saints then.” Li Fuchen was rather excited.

Seven feeler lamp saints, five misty saints. A total of 12 saints, with three peak level saints in the midst.

Right now, any peak level saint would be having a hard time.

If the 12 saints couldn’t be extinguished in an instant, one would have to receive the combined attacks from 12 saints. It was an extremely dangerous situation. Most of the peak level saints didn’t have the defense to guard against high-level saints, perhaps not even against mid-level saints.

One of the misty saints vanished and appeared behind Li Fuchen as a mist before clawing over.

“I have been waiting for you.”

With a burst of Hand of Sun qi power, the dreadful star law distorted the void and also the mist. There was a ‘bang’ and that misty saint’s body was revealed. The body let out a glow and exploded into ashes.

“This person is a peak level saint, be careful everyone!”

Using just the protection qi power to kill a misty saint, the other saints knew that Li Fuchen was definitely a peak level saint. Furthermore, he was superior even among the peak level saints.

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