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Chapter 815: Sea Map

Translator: jinzeffect

“Come, follow me to the Black Water Saint Palace.”

Li Fuchen didn’t waste any time on the Black Water Continent. Once this mission ended, he planned to return to the Emperor Sky Continent and fetch his Li Clan to the Saint Spirit Continent.

There was a change in spatial zone as the duo arrived in the sky above the Black Water Saint Palace.

The entire Black Water Saint Palace was enveloped in a class 9 array. It was also the reason why the Black Water Saint Nation could rule over the Black Water Continent for countless years. After all, no one below the saints were able to break the array and kill into the saint palace.

The appearance of the duo alerted the experts of the Black Water Saint Palace.

“Shangguan Yu, who is that beside you?! Do you know that it is a death sentence for anyone who barged into the saint palace!?” A youth with a prideful aura looked up at Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu with a gloomy expression.

The Crown Prince Situ Bo was one of the most authoritative people in the entire Black Water Continent.

“He is the Crown Prince Situ Bo.” Shangguan Yu whispered to Li Fuchen.

“So you are the Crown Prince.” Li Fuchen grasped with his left hand. A sword energy hand grabbed Situ Bo through the air.

“Put down the Crown Prince.” Seeing how Li Fuchen restrained Situ Bo through the array, many great emperors within the saint palace rushed into the sky with murderous intent.

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

A qi force was emitted from Li Fuchen. Everyone that rushed over had vomited blood and was sent flying.

“Where is the Black Water Emperor?” Li Fuchen’s voice echoed throughout the entire saint palace.

In order to find the Black Whirlpool Island, Li Fuchen required the information from Black Water Saint Nation. To obtain the information, it wasn’t possible to achieve it with peaceful methods.

If Li Fuchen demanded the information immediately, the opposition would only treat him as a fool. Ultimately, he would still need to display his martial force, therefore, it was simpler to talk with strength.

No matter the time, martial force was the fastest method to resolve anything.

“Aren’t you a little too overbearing? Do you think that my Black Water Saint Nation is a pushover? A voice with overwhelming prowess echoed.

At the center of the Black Water Saint Palace was the Black Water Saint Hall. A middle-aged man wearing a black dragon robe appeared at the top of the Black Water Saint Hall.

Li Fuchen didn’t need to guess and already knew that the person was none other than the Black Water Saint Nation’s emperor, Situ Tianqiong.

“If I am truly overbearing, I would have broken this array. Don’t worry, I am here with a request. Once I am done with you, I will give you compensation.” Li Fuchen let go of Situ Bo as he spoke.

“Here with a request? Receive a fist from me first.”

Situ Tianqiong blasted a fist across the air. The fist force was several times stronger than Shangguan Ge’s fist.


Li Fuchen used his sword energy protection to forcefully receive the fist.

“What?” Situ Tianqiong’s expression changed.

Situ Tianqiong originally thought that Li Fuchen was only a rather formidable half-saint. Even if Li Fuchen was stronger, there was also a limit.

“Seal!” Situ Tianqiong yelled out and a terrifying array power enveloped Li Fuchen.

At the next moment, Li Fuchen felt the surrounding void was being sealed by an invisible energy. If Li Fuchen was just a regular half-saint, he probably wouldn’t be able to move even a single finger.


After sealing Li Fuchen, Situ Tianqiong wrapped himself with array power and executed another fist at Li Fuchen.

This time, the force wasn’t just a few times stronger than Shangguan Ge’s fist. It was dozens or even a hundred times stronger.

Situ Tianqiong was confident that this attack could even contest with a low-level saint.

This time, Li Fuchen didn’t block with the sword energy protection. After all, this was a class 9 array power and couldn’t be blocked with just the sword energy. Li Fuchen lifted his right hand’s index and middle fingers. With a thrust, he didn’t just penetrate the massive fist force, it even penetrated Situ Tianqiong’s body.

“Situ Tianqiong, I think we better sit down for a discussion.” Li Fuchen said indifferently.

Everyone below was shocked.

With the strength of a single person, Li Fuchen suppressed many experts of the Black Water Saint Palace and defeated the nation’s emperor, Situ Tianqiong. This meant that if Li Fuchen was willing, he could take over the Black Water Saint Nation and become the new ruler.

“Only those with absolute strength could control one’s own fate.” Shangguan Yu’s eyes were getting increasingly determined.

She could imagine how her life would become if Li Fuchen didn’t come to the Black Water Continent. She was feeling lingering fear just by thinking about it now.

Shangguan Yu turned to the side and looked at Li Fuchen with eyes of gratitude, but there was also a trace of ambiguous emotions.

As long as she followed Li Fuchen to the Saint Spirit Continent, her life would be rather exciting!

Situ Tianqiong was a capable person and knew when to submit to circumstances.

His words might mean the world in the Black Water Continent, but in the outside world, it didn’t matter if he was a nation’s emperor or a half-saint. Right now, he was suspicious if Li Fuchen was a saint from the Saint Spirit Continent.

If Li Fuchen was really a saint from the Saint Spirit Continent, Situ Tianqiong would have lost with a reason.

“Something isn’t right.” Situ Tianqiong suddenly thought of a problem.

A saint couldn’t enter a mid-class continent freely.

A saint was a great threat to a mid-class continent. Once a saint entered the mid-class continent, the saint would constantly feel the suppression from the continent willpower. It might not be possible to utilize 100% of the strength.

Of course, even if a saint’s strength was suppressed, it was still extremely difficult to defeat the saint. Even by relying on the class 9 array, the best result would be the suppression of the saint. It wasn’t possible to kill the saint.

However, Li Fuchen’s displayed strength was obviously at the level of a saint.

“Could it be?” Situ Tianqiong’s eyes contracted.

Li Fuchen wouldn’t possibly be a peak level saint right!?

A peak level saint was indeed hard for the mid-class continent to suppress.

If a peak level saint was enraged, it was possible to destroy an entire mid-class continent.

With thousands of thoughts flashing through the mind, Situ Tianqiong’s proud and dignified expression was completely gone. It was now replaced with respect and humility.

“My lord, this way please.” Situ Tianqiong welcomed with cupped hands.

“Alright.” Li Fuchen entered the Black Water Saint Hall with Shangguan Yu.

The Black Water Saint Hall was filled with groups of palace attendants who served wine and delicacies. A fragrance was seeping through the air.

“I wonder what matter brought my lord to the Black Water Saint Palace?” Situ Tianqiong asked politely.

Li Fuchen went straight to the point, “I am here to search for the rumored Black Whirlpool Island. I heard you have information here, therefore, I am here specially for it.”

“So that is the case.” Situ Tianqiong nodded and said, “The Black Whirlpool Island does exist, furthermore, my Black Water Saint Nation has an accurate sea map. However, I suspect that the sea region has a hidden domain. The Black Whirlpool Island hasn’t been found because it is within the hidden domain.”

Situ Tianqiong didn’t have to hide such information, therefore, he reported everything he knew.

“Within a hidden domain huh?” Li Fuchen felt that this deduction was very reasonable.

If it was in the outside world, it wasn’t possible for it to stay hidden from everyone.

Soon enough, Situ Tianqiong asked a servant to retrieve the sea map from the saint palace’s vault and handed it to Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen opened it and noticed that the Black Whirlpool Island’s location wasn’t far from the Black Water Continent. It was only 100 million miles away.

“This is a heaven class high-tier weapon and heaven class high-tier armor. I apologize for the disturbance.”

After leaving behind two pieces of equipment, Li Fuchen left with Shangguan Yu.

“He took out two heaven class high-tier equipment so casually. Truly incredible.” Situ Tianqiong’s eyes lit up.

The Black Water Saint Nation naturally had heaven class high-tier equipment too, but the quantity was limited. Furthermore, some of the heaven class high-tier equipment had deteriorated over many years of it being handed down. They were far inferior as compared to the two pieces of heaven class high-tier equipment from Li Fuchen.

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