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Chapter 814: Clues

Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu didn’t experience any memorable events together, but Li Fuchen was definitely the most exceptional person among anyone Shangguan Yu had contact with. Previously, Shangguan Yu already had a good impression of Li Fuchen. Now that Li Fuchen suddenly appeared, it was inevitable for there to be a surge of emotions.

“Li Fuchen, you are too rash.” The Black Emperor shook his head.

The strongest individual in the Shangguan Clan wasn’t the clan head, it was the Supreme Elder, Shangguan Ge.

Shangguan Ge was a half-saint and a great emperor would never be a match.

“Who dares to create trouble at my Shangguan Clan?” A forceful voice burst into the main hall and broke Li Fuchen’s qi aura.

(TL note: I think using aura is better than prowess. So qi prowess will not be changed to qi aura)

“Supreme Elder!”

“Supreme Elder, hurry up and seize this person!”

With the qi aura broken, everyone that was restricted had regained their freedom. They quickly backed away from Li Fuchen, while they had shocked and enraged expressions. They were shocked at Li Fuchen’s strength as his qi aura was enough to suppress them. They were enraged because they were embarrassed. It was fortunate that one of the top ten experts of the Black Water Continent, their Supreme Elder, was here. Once the Supreme Elder seized Li Fuchen, they would be able to torture Li Fuchen later on.

The main hall’s door opened without any wind. A powerful qi aura filled up the entire hall. Li Fuchen turned to look and saw an old man with white hair that walked in. His body was emitting a qi presence that was from a half-saint.

Was a half-saint powerful? Naturally.

Even on the Saint Spirit Continent, a half-saint would be ranked top 100 on the Great Emperor Rankings.

It could be said that the weakest half-saint was far beyond a regular great emperor, it was impossible for there to be a weak half-saint.

Those who could become half-saints all had astonishing talent.

“Who are you and what do you want with my Shangguan Clan. If you don’t clarify things, don’t think of leaving this door.” Shangguan Ge’s qi presence locked onto Li Fuchen while his eyes were like lightning.

Li Fuchen let out an indifferent laugh, “It is indeed incredible to become a half-saint on a mid-class continent.”

After cultivating into a half-saint, one was already one foot in the ranks of the saints. It was only a matter of time.

The Emperor Sky Continent didn’t even have one half-saint.

“It seems like you will not fear until you are taught a lesson.” Shangguan Ge slammed a palm on Li Fuchen.

The palm didn’t produce a great force, and didn’t reach every corner of the main hall. But this palm’s qi aura was massive and didn’t allow the enemy to have any willpower to resist.

It was unfortunate that his enemy was Li Fuchen.

Like pushing a mud cow into the sea, Shangguan Ge’s palm force vanished after reaching the 30 feet radius around Li Fuchen.

“It can’t be?” Shangguan Ge had a change of expression as he executed a stream of palm strikes.

The circumstances persisted, but the palm forces couldn’t harm Li Fuchen at all.

Li Fuchen withdrew his smile and flicked his finger. Shangguan Ge was sent flying and smashed into the wall of the main hall. “I don’t have time to waste on you people. Shangguan Yu is my friend. Even if you are her clansmen, you don’t have the authority to force her into anything.”

With the Black Emperor included, everyone from the Shangguan Clan were stunned.

Their Supreme Elder Shangguan Ge was a half-saint. A powerful half-saint exerted his full strength and wasn’t able to harm Li Fuchen at all. On the contrary, Li Fuchen used a single flick to send Shangguan Ge flying.

No matter how they saw it, it wasn’t a fight between equally matched individuals.

“Could he be a saint?” A Shangguan Clan elder had an appalled expression.

In the elder’s opinion, only a saint could suppress a half-saint with ease.

Not everyone visited the Saint Spirit Continent before and witnessed countless formidable great emperors.

“Li Fuchen, have you become a saint?” Shangguan Yu also asked.

Li Fuchen shook his head, “I am not a saint yet. But you can treat me as a saint.”

“A saint’s combat strength.” Everyone took a deep cold breath.

Li Fuchen’s answer had an obvious meaning. He wasn’t a saint yet, but already had the combat strength of a saint. Even if it was an overstatement, it was also terrifying.

“Earlier on, this old one has overestimated himself. I wish to seek forgiveness from the Young Master. I hope that Young Master will not bear a grudge with this petty one.”

Shangguan Ge was the first to react. He quickly cupped his fist and had a terrified expression.

If Li Fuchen could send him flying with a flick, it meant that Li Fuchen could destroy the entire Shangguan Clan with a flick too. Such strength was already enough to look down on the entire Black Water Continent.

Seeing that their Supreme Elder had lowered his head, no one else from the Shangguan Clan dared to put on the airs. Everyone quickly apologized and didn’t even dare to let out a loud breath.

Li Fuchen shook his hand and said, “I am not at the Shangguan Clan to find trouble. You people don’t have to fear me. Shangguan Yu, let’s go to your courtyard.”

“Alright.” Shangguan Yu disregarded everyone else and led Li Fuchen to her residence.

Once the duo left, everyone in the hall looked at each other with dismay and felt they were dreaming.

After a long time, Shangguan Ge said, “That person must never be offended. We will do our best to conform with all his requests. Do not make him unhappy.”

“What about the crown prince?” An elder hesitated as he asked.

Shangguan Ge glared at the elder, “This isn’t time to bother about the crown prince. I can tell all of you with certainty. No one on the Black Water Continent is a match for him. Not even the ruler.”

The ruler was only a half-saint and there was a limit as to how much stronger he was than Shangguan Ge. But Li Fuchen was much stronger than Shangguan Ge.

“Unequalled on the Black Water Continent?” The Black Emperor took a deep breath.

What exactly was Li Fuchen?

Above the jade-like water, there was a pavilion.

On the second floor, Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu were drinking tea and conversing.

“You came over from the Saint Spirit Continent?” After knowing that Li Fuchen came from the Saint Spirit Continent, Shangguan Yu was surprised and had an expectant expression.

The high-class continent was a sacred place in the hearts of all martial artists. Her ancestor, the Black Saint, once visited the Saint Spirit Continent. Afterwards, he attempted to migrate the Shangguan Clan to the Saint Spirit Continent, but before it could succeed, an unprecedented saint war occurred. The Black Saint then mysteriously vanished. According to the personal notes written by the Black Saint, the Saint Spirit Continent had hundreds of millions of Law Phase Realm emperors. There were also plenty of saints. As compared to the Saint Spirit Continent, the Black Water Continent was just a barren island.

Li Fuchen smiled and said, “If you are willing, I can bring you to the Saint Spirit Continent.”

With Li Fuchen’s current strength, it was too easy for him to bring one person to the Saint Spirit Continent.

“I am willing.” Shangguan Yu’s eyes lit up.

The duo continued their conversation.

According to Shangguan Yu, the Black Water Saint Nation’s first ruler was actually the Black Saint’s subordinate. After the Black Saint vanished, the Black Water Saint Nation was then established. The vanishing of the Black Saint was related to an island. The emergence of the island attracted many saints and it seemed like some apex artifact was found. Therefore, there was a war among the saints, causing many saints to perish on that island.

“Saint war? Island?”

Li Fuchen reckoned that the island was probably the Black Whirlpool Island.

“Do you know the location of that island?” Li Fuchen quickly asked.

Shangguan Yu shook her head, “It has been many years and no one could find that island. My Shangguan Clan ventured to the sea to conduct searches many times but couldn’t find anything. Perhaps, the Black Water Saint Palace will have more complete information.”

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