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Chapter 816: Black Whirlpool Island

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After leaving the Black Water Saint Palace, Li Fuchen escorted Shangguan Yu back to the Shangguan Clan first.

The trip to Black Whirlpool Island was unknown. Shangguan Yu’s strength was too weak and would just be a burden to him.

Soon enough, Li Fuchen arrived at the location of the Black Whirlpool Island that was noted on the sea map.

Li Fuchen closed his eyes to carefully sense the existence of a hidden domain.

A long moment later, Li Fuchen opened his eyes and said to himself, “It seems like there is a special spatial wave. But I am not certain if it is a hidden domain. Furthermore, I can’t find the entrance.”

Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness was already at the saint’s level. Even then, he was only able to sense an indistinct special spatial wave. If it was another saint, the results would be the same or it might be worse than Li Fuchen. After all, Li Fuchen didn’t just have a saint’s level spiritual awareness, he also condensed the void dao heart.

“If it is really a hidden domain, then it is a rather high-classed hidden domain.”

As long as it was outside a high-class continent, Li Fuchen would be able to instantly find those regular heaven class hidden domains and enter them immediately. In his opinion, if he couldn’t sense the hidden domain, it was probably an apex hidden domain.

Even though Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness couldn’t find the hidden domain, he still had his spirit soul power.

If his spiritual awareness was saint’s level, then his spirit soul power was beyond saint’s level.

With a sweep by the red spirit soul power which had a hint of purple, Li Fuchen immediately found a gigantic spatial zone.

The spatial zone was very obscure and seemed to be stacked together with the Deep Blue Plane’s spatial zone. Therefore, even if the void of this sea region was ripped apart, it was still impossible to find this spatial zone.

“I found it.”

With the spirit soul power, Li Fuchen quickly found a spatial door.

With both hands pressing on the spatial door, Li Fuchen used some force to open it.


The void of the entire sea region looked like a shattered mirror. When it shattered, it revealed a totally different scene of the sea region.

The sea water was still black, but an immense black whirlpool appeared in the sea region.

The whirlpool was too big and the qi presence emitting was extremely dreadful. Even when Li Fuchen saw the whirlpool, he was intimidated.

Boom Boom Boom!

When the black whirlpool appeared, there was a great dao resonance and law shockwave. Even from a hundred million miles away, one would be able to sense the commotion.

Black Water Continent, Black Water Saint Palace…

“He found the Black Whirlpool Island so quickly?”

The Black Whirlpool Island wasn’t considered far away from the Black Water Continent. Moreover, Situ Tianqiong was also a half-saint and could immediately sense the commotion.

“Forget it. Now that the Black Whirlpool Island appeared, it will cause a saint war. It isn’t something I can be involved in.” Situ Tianqiong shook his head as he didn’t have any plans on going there.

There was an island deep in the Black Sea.

The island was like a giant saber and on the top of the saber, there was a gray-clothed middle-aged man seated with cross-legs and straight back.

His body was occasionally emitting saber qi that was astonishing.

“great dao resonance!”

The gray-clothed man opened his eyes which shot out two radiances that reached over dozens of miles. The radiances simply penetrated deep into the void.


The gray-clothed man turned into a saber light and with a flash, he vanished without a trace.

“great dao resonance. It is an appearance of a fated opportunity.” A long-faced man looked up with a pleasantly surprised expression. He was wearing clothes with a special fire symbol.

“great dao resonance… Could it be that the Black Whirlpool Island has appeared?”

Many saints had experienced the incident when the Black Whirlpool Island appeared previously. For numerous years, many saints came to search for the Black Whirlpool Island, and many of them were saints that survived the incident.

At this moment, massive numbers of lights were shifting towards the location of the Black Whirlpool Island.

Li Fuchen never imagined that the appearance of the Black Whirlpool Island would cause a great dao resonance.

Generally, places with great dao resonance would have rare treasures.

There was once a rumor saying there was a place in the Deep Blue Plane, which was closest to the origin of the plane. The great dao resonance there allowed an individual to view and feel the mysteries of heaven and earth law directly. A Law Phase Realm emperor could only break through into a saint by heading to that place.

The rumor naturally had exaggerated information. As the Deep Blue Plane had so many saints, therefore, one didn’t have to reach that place to become a saint.

Of course, those Law Phase Realm emperors who couldn’t become a saint might have a chance by visiting that place.

As the great dao resonance carried on, Li Fuchen felt his bottleneck getting loosened.

However, at this current level, a short period of great dao resonance wasn’t a great help to him. Right now, a single low grade heaven stone was also able to produce two breaths of great dao resonance. A middle grade heaven stone would be able to produce ten breaths of great dao resonance.

As of now, all the heaven stones that Li Fuchen obtained previously had been used up. But it didn’t allow him to make any great progress. It merely enhanced his accumulated foundation. It wasn’t that easy to have a breakthrough.

Perhaps, only a huge quantity of high grade heaven stones and a long period of great dao resonance could allow him to have a faster breakthrough.

The Black Whirlpool Hidden Domain might have appeared, but the Black Whirlpool Island was still nowhere to be seen.

When using his spiritual awareness, Li Fuchen could see a giant island floating in the depths of the black whirlpool. The island had energy that was like rain and had verdant greenery. Even with a layer of invisible barrier, Li Fuchen could feel the overwhelming vitality.

“In order to enter the Black Whirlpool Island, I have to go through the black whirlpool.” With a wave of the hand, a sword qi flew towards the black whirlpool.


When the sword qi submerged just half the depth, it was shattered by the power of the black whirlpool.

Seeing the situation, Li Fuchen let out a breath of relief. This black whirlpool wasn’t much of a threat to him. As long as he followed the direction of the whirlpool, the pressure he would need to endure would be reduced by 10 times or 100 times.

Riches could only be found in danger. Li Fuchen didn’t hesitate as he flashed and entered the black whirlpool.

Once Li Fuchen entered the black whirlpool, he felt a boundless energy guiding him. As soon as he didn’t follow the guidance, the consequences would be unimaginable.

One hour later, Li Fuchen arrived at the border of the island.

There was a layer of faint black light that enveloped the entire island.


With a slash of the sword, Li Fuchen made an opening in the black light before he entered.

Cough Cough!

The energy within the Black Whirlpool Island was too concentrated and was actually 100 times more concentrated than on the Saint Spirit Continent. Li Fuchen wasn’t able to adapt immediately and coughed vigorously.

“Only such an environment could nurture the Black Whirlpool Tree.” In a short moment, after adapting to the Black Whirlpool Island’s environment, Li Fuchen lamented.

Swish! Swish!

Two shifts of light arrived at the outer region of the black whirlpool at almost the same time.

“It is really the Black Whirlpool Island, the rumors are real. Haha, this saint shall make a move first.”

A large man with thick brows who wore green armor had used his shifting technique and was able to shift straight into the depths of the black whirlpool.

“Fool!” A handsome man with a fishscale on his forehead let out a sneer.


As the thick-browed man entered the void, he was expelled outside and was drenched in blood.

The black whirlpool’s power was obviously extended into the depths of the void. There wasn’t any loophole at all and to shift inside directly was the same as to ascend to heaven. At least with the thick-browed man’s strength, it was far from possible.

Ignoring the thick-browed man, the handsome man who was obviously a beast overlord had entered by following the direction of the whirlpool.

The thick-browed man twitched his mouth and followed into the black whirlpool too.

In just a few short days, a huge number of saints and beast overlords had rushed over. The number of beast overlords had reached nearly 50.

The rumors of the Black Whirlpool Island had been circulated among the demonic beasts more than the humans. The demonic beasts weren’t as smart as the humans, therefore, any treasure that could increase their perception was absolutely precious. After consuming it, they might just awaken a new innate ability.

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