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Chapter 807: Conversation Between Sword Spirits

Ten moves… Twenty moves… Thirty moves…

With the Skyline Sword, Li Fuchen’s strength was terrifyingly powerful.

After a few dozen moves, the Ghost Sword Saint didn’t obtain the upper hand at all.

The Ghost Sword Saint stared at Li Fuchen with a serious expression.

At this point, if he still felt that Li Fuchen could only contest with him because of the Skyline Sword, then he must be an opinionated fool.

If a child was given a sharp sword, would the child be able to fight with an adult?

It was simply a pipedream.

With the same reasoning, if someone else obtained the Skyline Sword, they wouldn’t be able to exhibit such strength.

Attack power could be increased, but combat awareness, reaction speed, and the fine controls of power couldn’t be increased by something external.

Apart from strength, Li Fuchen wasn’t inferior to the Ghost Sword Saint in all other aspects. The Ghost Sword Saint couldn’t understand how Li Fuchen cultivated.

The Ghost Sword Saint wasn’t a saint from the Zhu Clan. The Zhu Clan was a half-god clan and had an unimaginably deep foundation. They had numerous apex equipment and apex cardinal artifacts, however, the Ghost Sword Saint only had two apex artifacts. He had the unrated apex artifact sword, the Ghost Sword, and an unrated apex cardinal artifact. The latter was basically useless. It might be able to save his life at the crucial moment, but it only had that purpose.

Therefore, he couldn’t deal with Li Fuchen right now.

However, this didn’t mean that the Ghost Sword Saint was going to give up.

It was very exhaustive to wield a top rate apex artifact sword. The Ghost Sword Saint didn’t believe that Li Fuchen could persist.

The Ghost Sword Saint’s deduction was right, Li Fuchen couldn’t withstand it for long. In just this short period of time, 30% of his qi had been exhausted. The Skyline Sword was like a blackhole that constantly devoured his sword energy.

“Are you able to achieve the Union of Sword and Man?” The Skyline Sword Spirit naturally knew that Li Fuchen’s circumstances weren’t good.

“There is no other way.” Li Fuchen nodded.

After taking a deep breath, Li Fuchen suddenly executed the Meteor Fall.

But he didn’t execute it on the Ghost Sword Saint, instead, he executed it backwards.

“Don’t try to run!” The Ghost Sword Saint yelled out and wanted to stop Li Fuchen.

But he was still late by a moment.

Li Fuchen and the Skyline Sword merged into a sword light and vanished without a trace.

The Meteor Fall was a move that utilized the Union of Sword and Man. It was still possible to do so and it was now at the apex state. Complemented by the Skyline Sword, Li Fuchen’s flight speed was increased by several times. It might not be as fast when Li Fuchen used it to attack the enemy, but it was enough to leave the Ghost Sword Saint behind.

“I will chase you down even until the ends of the world.”

The Ghost Sword Saint pursued using the mark he put on the Skyline Sword.

“Such speed.”

Li Fuchen felt his sense of time and space was fuzzy. In his spiritual awareness, it seemed like time had stopped and he was the only thing constantly moving forward.

A moment later, the man and sword flew out of Fire Dragon Island.

“The mark on me has to be removed, otherwise, our energy will not last for long.” The Skyline Sword Spirit said.

“Let me take a look.” Li Fuchen let his spiritual awareness enter the Skyline Sword.

Without acknowledging its owner, Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness wouldn’t be able to enter the Skyline Sword. But it was an exception if the sword spirit didn’t resist.

After the spiritual awareness entered the Skyline Sword, Li Fuchen quickly found the mark left by the Ghost Sword Saint.

The mark was a small sword that was dark and cold. After magnifying this small sword, it was still very mystical. No wonder the Skyline Sword couldn’t erase the mark in a short moment.

Just by using his spiritual awareness, Li Fuchen wouldn’t be able to erase the mark too, but he had his spirit soul power.

When scanning with the spirit soul power, every detail of the mark was vivid.

In just a short period of time, Li Fuchen destroyed the mark.

Over 10 million miles away, the Ghost Sword Saint vomited a mouthful of fresh blood.

In order to pull away from the Scarlet Fire Tyrant Ape, the Ghost Sword Saint had already suffered internal injuries. He was merely suppressing the injuries earlier on, but now that the mark on the Skyline Sword had been destroyed, his injuries couldn’t be suppressed anymore.

“My Mystic Yin Sword Imprint is actually broken!” The Ghost Sword Saint had an awful expression.

The Mystic Yin Sword Imprint was a 9-star spiritual awareness secret technique. In normal situations, unless the target’s spiritual awareness was extremely powerful, it wouldn’t be possible to break the Mystic Yin Sword Imprint in such a short period of time.

“Is it the Skyline Sword or that kid?”

It had been a long time since the Ghost Sword Saint suffered a loss like this. In the Deep Blue Plane, there were only a few that could put him in this state.

After destroying the mark, Li Fuchen exited from the Union of Sword and Man.

Too much sword energy was being used during the Union of Sword and Man with the Skyline Sword. Right now, Li Fuchen had less than 30% of sword energy left.

After changing direction, Li Fuchen flew towards the Saint Spirit Continent.

“Are you the esteemed Joint-Heaven Sword?”

When two swords were together, it was inevitable to have a conversation.

After knowing that Li Fuchen possessed the Joint-Heaven Sword, the Skyline Sword Spirit was shocked.

As compared to the Joint-Heaven Sword, the Skyline Sword Spirit was definitely the junior. Since it had a consciousness, the Joint-Heaven Sword was already renowned in the entire universe. It had stood at the top of the three god swords since ancient times.

According to what the Skyline Sword Spirit knew, even when no one wielded the Joint-Heaven Sword, it could slaughter high-level saints. Therefore, the Joint-Heaven Sword was on a totally different level.

“That’s right.” The Joint-Heaven Sword Spirit replied with a prideful tone.

“Senior, this junior has heard of your achievements for a long time. It is truly an honor for me to meet you today.” In front of the Joint-Heaven Sword, the Skyline Sword Spirit withdrew his arrogance.

The Joint-Heaven Sword said, “You are not bad too. There are only a few since ancient times that could achieve your speed.”

Every sword had its own trait and the Skyline Sword’s trait was definitely speed

All martial arts in the world could be neutralized apart from speed.

The same applied to swords too.

If a sword was fast enough, it would be able to negate strength difference to a certain extent.

It didn’t matter how powerful the opponent was, as long as the defense could be broken, it would be enough to injure or even kill.

The Joint-Heaven Sword Spirit naturally could see that the Skyline Sword could break the speed of light.

Being able to break the speed of light was truly remarkable. Apart from the void dao artifact swords and supreme rate artifact swords that were reputable for their speed, the Skyline Sword was definitely one of the fastest.

Of course, in order to break the speed of light, it wasn’t possible to rely on the Skyline Sword alone. A formidable swordsman had to be wielding it.

Hearing the praise, the Skyline Sword Spirit felt a little proud. It might not be from ancient times, but it knew clearly of its strength. Back when the Sword Lord wielded it, it was able to surpass the speed of light easily. There were times when the enemy couldn’t even react and the Skyline Sword had already pierced through the enemy’s body. That feeling was something that it still reminisced about. It was also why the Skyline Sword Spirit wasn’t willing to return to the Li Clan as it didn’t wish for its next owner to be a mediocre fool.

“Senior, since you came from ancient times, you must have seen or heard of all sorts of supreme artifact swords and top rate artifact swords. Apart from void dao artifact swords, what other swords are faster than me?” The Skyline Sword asked.

In the Skyline Sword’s era, it never heard of a sword faster than it. Even a supreme rate artifact sword was slightly slower.

When the Joint-Heaven Sword Spirit heard the question, it knew that the Skyline Sword Spirit was rather proud of itself.

“There aren’t many swords faster than you, but there are a few. Like the top rate artifact sword, Pegasus Sword. Once it is wielded, it can fly through the sky like a pegasus and couldn’t be tracked down.”

“There is also the supreme rate artifact sword, the Ray Yin Sword. That sword contains the power of time and space. There is also the supreme rate artifact sword…”

The Joint-Heaven Sword Spirit spoke of many kinds of sword and made the Skyline Sword Spirit fall silent.

The Joint-Heaven Sword Spirit wasn’t trying to depress the Skyline Sword Spirit. A mere top rate artifact sword wasn’t considered anything in the entire universe. The Joint-Heaven Sword was one of the three god swords, but it clearly knew that there were stronger swords in the depths of the universe. The so-called three god swords were just a title for this star region.

Li Fuchen didn’t know that the two sword spirits were having a conversation. Right now, he was recuperating his sword energy while he was making haste to return to the Saint Spirit Continent as quickly as possible.

The trip to the Fire Dragon Island made Li Fuchen know that he had to increase his qi cultivation further.

A low-level Soul Merge Realm saint might not be as powerful as Li Fuchen, but with the massive amounts of qi, the low-level saint could wield a top rate artifact sword for a long period of time.

There would be a day when the Joint-Heaven Sword would undo the last seal. By then, if Li Fuchen was still at the peak state of 9th level Law Phase Realm, he would only be able to brandish the Joint-Heaven Sword for a few times.

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