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Chapter 808: Skyline Sword Art Cultivated

To be truthful, Li Jianhui didn’t expect much from Li Fuchen. The Fire Dragon Island was a hostile place. Put aside the fact that Li Fuchen wasn’t a saint, even if he was a saint, he would need to be cautious at the Fire Dragon Island.

The reason why he made the deal with Li Fuchen was because the Li Clan didn’t have a choice either. Among those below the saints, Li Fuchen had the best chances to obtain the Skyline Sword. Moreover, they didn’t really believe in the saints and couldn’t afford them either.

In Li Jianhui’s opinion, since Li Fuchen was 1st rank on the Great Emperor Rankings, he might just luck out with his overwhelming qi fate and bring back the Skyline Sword.

Therefore, when Li Fuchen brought back the Skyline Sword, Li Jianhui was extremely surprised.

It wasn’t possible for the Skyline Sword to be fake as Li Jianhui could identify it immediately.

Right now, Li Jianhui knew he had underestimated Li Fuchen previously. Li Fuchen might not be at the Soul Merge Realm, but his strength wasn’t inferior to saints. Otherwise, no matter how great the qi fate was, it wasn’t possible to bring back the Skyline Sword.

The promised reward of five peak-grade spirit stones must not be anything less. Apart from that, the Skyline Sword Art had to be borrowed for one year. The thought of backing out from the deal was something that Li Jianhui didn’t even dare to think.

“This is my Li Clan’s core area, the Skyline Sword Valley!”

Li Jianhui led Li Fuchen in front of a valley that was deep in the Li Clan.

“Such concentrated sword intent.”

Outside the sword valley, Li Fuchen felt a surge of sword intent on his face.

Li Jianhui said, “The Skyline Sword is carved on the sword valley’s stone walls. You can only view the sword art inside the sword valley and cannot bring it out.”

Li Jianhui was at ease to allow Li Fuchen outside with the manual.


Li Fuchen nodded and entered the sword valley.

The Skyline Sword Valley wasn’t huge and was only considered a small valley.

The concentrated sword intent was spread out within the sword valley. Li Fuchen felt as though he was in the universe.

“Skyline Sword Art is something I created with inspiration after traveling the universe for a thousand years. It takes references to the ever revolving fate of the universe. A gentleman must have the intention to be the strongest. If a junior wishes to comprehend the Skyline Sword Art, one must first have a heart that can progress bravely.”

At the entrance of the sword valley, Li Fuchen saw a paragraph of imposing large words. Each word looked like a stroke of sword art. It reached deep into the spirit soul and it was hard to forget them.

“The Sword Lord is indeed incredible.”

Li Fuchen guessed that the words were carved down by the Sword Lord and used as a guide for his descendants.

As Li Fuchen continued forward, a sword move entered the eyes from the stone wall.

First move, Sky Earth Roam.

(TL note: Heaven and Earth Roam is changed to Sky Earth Roam to fit with the other moves)

Li Fuchen reached out to touch those words.


In the universe, there was a sword light that flashed by. It was deep inside the starry sky, but in just one instant, it arrived in front of the eyes. In the entire world, this sword light was the most dazzling and most unstoppable.

“Such a fast and ferocious sword move.”

As compared to the true Sky Earth Roam, Li Jianxin’s version was still incomplete. He didn’t even comprehend the core of the sword intent.

The true Sky Earth Roam wasn’t just fast, it had an intent that couldn’t be stopped even by ten thousand mountains. Only after possessing this intent, the Sky Earth Roam would be at its limits.

Withdrawing from the sword intent zone, Li Fuchen continued onwards.

Second move, Sky Light Flying Sword.

(TL note: Skylight to Sky Light)

In the pitch black universe, countless sword lights converged into a river of light. The river of light gathered the prowess of heaven and earth. A single strike could destroy numerous stars. The speed might not be as fast as Sky Earth Roam, but it was ten times more ferocious.

Third move, Sky Wind Godspeed Slash.

In the universe, there was a gust of wind that blew by rapidly. When the wind blew across, the stars extinguished as many of them were sliced apart.

Fourth move, Sky Thunder Illusion Destruction Sword.

Within the universe, there was a red thunder light that flickered like an illusion. All the surrounding stars exploded.

“If Li Jianxin’s fourth move had a hundredth of this intent, not even two of me will not be a match.” Li Fuchen lamented in his heart.

The Skyline Sword Art was too powerful. It was the strongest sword art he had even seen.

Be it the Sky Light Flying Sword, Sky Wind Godspeed Slash, or the Sky Thunder Illusion Destruction Sword, they were unrelated to light, wind, and thunder. They merely had the resemblance. The Skyline Sword Art was able to use pure sword dao law to emulate the effects of light, wind, and thunder. It was enough to prove its terror.

Continue onwards.

The fifth move was Sky Fire Sun Crack Sword.

The sixth move was Sky Man Desire Slash.

With each move, the level of terror increased, and it got closer to the true essence of sword dao.

After reading through all nine moves of Skyline Sword Art, Li Fuchen’s mind was filled with the Skyline Sword Art’s sword dao presence and his own sword dao comprehension.

“Let me digest it first.”

Li Fuchen sat cross-legged and started to digest his sword dao comprehension.

Three days later, Li Fuchen opened both his eyes and they were filled with shock.

“Just by reading the Skyline Sword Art once, my gains are already comparable with me reading through the Divine Rainbow Sword Art a dozen times. If I can read the Skyline Sword Art ten times or a hundred times, it will most probably be able to create the third move of the Primary Extreme Sword Art.”

Li Fuchen returned to the entrance of the sword valley and started from the first move of the Skyline Sword Art again.

One month, two months…

In the blink of an eye, half a year passed by.

“Skyline Sword Art uses sword dao to subtly fuse with the heaven dao, allowing both heaven dao and sword dao to constantly revolve. With both daos, the results could be produced with half the effort.”

Li Fuchen already had a very deep understanding of the Skyline Sword Art.

He didn’t intentionally cultivate the Skyline Sword Art, but unconsciously, he already mastered five moves.

They were, Sky Earth Roam, Sky Light Flying Sword, Sky Wind Godspeed Slash, Sky Thunder Illusion Destruction Sword, and Sky Fire Sun Crack Sword.

Among them, the Sky Thunder Illusion Destruction Sword and Sky Fire Sun Crack Sword had reached apex state. In terms of power, the fifth move, Sky Fire Sun Crack Sword had already surpassed Sect Origin Sword, while the fourth move, Sky Thunder Illusion Destruction Sword was on par with Sect Origin Sword.

“Time must not be wasted.”

Li Fuchen continued to read the Skyline Sword Art. As for the creation of the Primary Extreme Sword Art’s third move. I shall do it after one year.”

Seven months… Nine months… Eleven months…

“It seems different. It turns out that this is the true Sky Earth Roam.

It was no wonder there was a saying, ‘After reading a book for a thousand times, the true significance will be revealed.’

Even the dumbest person would be able to understand the meaning of the book after reading it for a sufficient number of times.

Li Fuchen wasn’t a dumb person. In terms of perception, even a saint would lose to him. Therefore, after reading the Skyline Sword Art for nearly 100 times, Li Fuchen felt as though he lifted a veil and saw the true appearance of the Skyline Sword Art.

Right now, Li Fuchen had already reached the apex state for the first to the fifth moves of the Skyline Sword Art.

He had even learned the sixth move, Sky Man Desire Slash.

Previously, the fourth move was already comparable with the Sect Origin Sword, but now, the third move, Sky Wind Godspeed Slash was already comparable to the Sect Origin Sword. The fourth move had already surpassed the Sect Origin Sword.

According to Li Fuchen’s understanding, the Sect Origin Sword had the strength of a 3rd rate apex sword art, while the Skyline Sword Art’s fourth move had the strength of a pinnacle 3rd rate apex sword art. The fifth and sixth moves were probably at the level of a 2nd rate apex sword art.

Li Fuchen let out a bitter laugh. He didn’t think that in less than one year, his strongest sword art had been changed. Furthermore, for a very long time, his strongest sword art would be the Skyline Sword Art. If the Primary Extreme Sword Art wished to catch up, a fourth move would need to be created, as just the third move wouldn’t be good enough.

“IT should be related to the Skyline Sword Valley.”

Back at the Swordsmen Guild headquarters’ library pavilion, Li Fuchen only read through the Divine Rainbow Sword Art’s manual and he merely read through 12 times.

The Skyline Sword Valley wasn’t a manual, this was the most important place for the Li Clan. The skyline sword intent here allowed the practitioner to cultivate the Skyline Sword Art with ease. Furthermore, Li Fuchen read the Skyline Sword Art 100 times. Be it the quality or the quantity, it was far superior to when Li Fuchen read the Divine Rainbow Sword Art manual.

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