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Chapter 806: Sword Migh

Li Fuchen slowed down as he approached the Skyline Sword.

When he realized that the Skyline Sword didn’t have any reaction, he arrived on the precipitous mountain peak with a flash.

“That sword on you might be sealed, but I can feel that it is stronger than me. Why pursue after me?” There was a cold and prideful voice coming out from the Skyline Sword.

Li Fuchen was startled that the Skyline Sword could sense the Joint-Heaven Sword.

However, it soon made sense to him, as swords should have a more direct connection with each other.

As of now, the Joint-Heaven Sword still had one layer of seal that had yet to be removed. According to the Sword Spirit, the completely unsealed Joint-Heaven Sword stood at the top of the three great god swords in ancient times. Since it was given the title of a god sword, it should be at least a supreme rate apex artifact sword.

“I have been tasked by the descendants of the Sword Lord.” Li Fuchen stated his reason.

“Descendants of the Sword Lord uh?”

The Skyline Sword said, “If I wish to return, I can return at any time. But the Li Clan doesn’t have anyone that is qualified to use me.”

As a top rate apex artifact sword, as long as it wasn’t controlled, it could go anywhere it wanted. Of course, its power was limited. It would normally be in hibernation and 800 years could only be considered one night’s sleep to it.

“The Li Clan now has an incredible descendent and has condensed the sword heart at a young age.” Li Fuchen was talking about Li Jianxin.

“As long as any of them reach the apex of Skyline Sword Art, I will sense it.”

The Skyline Sword wasn’t planning on returning. Had the Ghost Sword Saint not discovered it, it would continue to hibernate in the Fire Apes’ territory until a member of the Li Clan reached the apex of Skyline Sword Art.

Just as Li Fuchen wanted to continue persuading the Skyline Sword, he suddenly frowned. In his spiritual awareness, there was a faint shadow rushing over at stunning speed.

The person was none other than the Ghost Sword Saint.

The moment the Ghost Sword Saint discovered the Skyline Sword, he already placed a mark on the Skyline Sword. It didn’t matter where the Skyline Sword went, the Ghost Sword Saint would still be able to find it. Therefore, once he got rid of the Scarlet Fire Tyrant Ape, he rushed over immediately.

“I shall make a move first.”

The Skyline Sword Spirit was just a sword spirit and apart from its overwhelming speed, its power wasn’t considered strong and was barely at the level of a mid-level saint. However, it wouldn’t use that power for a long period of time. Once its energy was exhausted, it would hibernate again and wouldn’t wake up even after 10,000 years. Therefore, it could only escape from the Ghost Sword Saint.

“Do you think you can escape?”

The Ghost Sword Saint didn’t expect the Skyline Sword to be so fast previously and was caught off guard. This time, he wasn’t going to be careless. With the circulation of his sword art, there was an invisible energy restraining the Skyline Sword.

The Skyline Sword bashed to the left and right, and sliced open the invisible energy, but was still unable to exit. In a short moment, the Skyline Sword’s sword qi started to wither down.

“Young friend, aid me.”

The Skyline Sword wasn’t willing to be controlled by the Ghost Sword Saint. Once it fell into the hands of the Ghost Sword Saint, it would surely be refined.

“Then do you wish to follow me back to the Li Clan?” Li Fuchen asked.


The Skyline Sword was unwilling previously because it was still free. But now, it was about to lose its freedom.

“Alright, I believe you will not go back on your words.”

Li Fuchen flew up to grab the Skyline Sword.

The Skyline Sword didn’t resist either.

“You dare covet the Skyline Sword with such measly power? Cross Ghost Slash.” The Ghost Sword Saint spoke with an icy voice as he used his black sword to send a cross slash at Li Fuchen.

“Apex sword art!”

Li Fuchen’s eyes widened. The Ghost Sword Saint’s sword art was actually an apex sword art.

A mid-level saint was already ridiculously powerful. A mid-level saint who possessed an apex sword art could only be described as dreadful.

Disregarding everything, Li Fuchen poured his sword energy into the Skyline Sword and brandished it.

There was no description for how fast Li Fuchen’s sword was. The sword was already close to the speed of light.


The black cross slash light was shattered and the Ghost Sword Saint backed off. His eyes had a dark tone and had a trace of shock.

“This is the might of a top rate apex artifact sword?”

In the Ghost Sword Saint’s opinion, Li Fuchen’s strength was a low-level saint at best. Without the Skyline Sword, not even ten Li Fuchen would be a match for him. But with the Skyline Sword, Li Fuchen easily negated the Cross Ghost Slash.

“If I have the Skyline Sword, I will be able to contest a pinnacle saint.”

After the shock came the irresistible desire. The Ghost Sword in the Ghost Sword Saint was just an unrated apex artifact sword. It was four grades lower than a top rate apex artifact sword. Right now, the Ghost Sword Saint already had the strength to contest with a high-level saint. If his strength could go up by four grades, he didn’t need to fear a pinnacle saint.

“Asura – Ghost Slash!”

The Ghost Sword Saint had a dark shadow which was just like a demonic god. With bloodshot eyes and a brandish of the sword, there was a burst of black sword light. It surged towards Li Fuchen and felt as though the entire place was going to be engulfed.

When Li Fuchen swung the Skyline Sword for the first time, he knew that the Skyline Sword’s trait was speed. So fast that it was no longer in his control. The only thing he could do was to choose the angle and brandished the sword. The rest was basically unrelated to him.

“Limitless Radiance!”

When facing the Ghost Sword Saint’s signature move, Li Fuchen used his own signature move too.

The dazzling radiance filled the entire place. If the Ghost Sword Saint’s signature move was the dark night, Li Fuchen’s signature move was the bright day which dispelled all darkness.


The ground cracked apart. Light and darkness were both scattered.

Originally, it was impossible for Li Fuchen to contest with the Ghost Sword Saint’s signature move, but the Skyline Sword’s enhancement to the sword art was too great.

The limits of the Splendor Sword Art’s potential was definitely top rate, but the current Splendor Sword Art was only unrated. But when used with a top rate apex artifact sword, the strength was increased to at least 3rd rate or 2nd rate.

The power of a second rate apex sword art wasn’t blockable by regular people. If the opponent wasn’t the Ghost Sword Saint, but the Eagle Talon Saint, even if the Eagle Talon Saint didn’t die, he would be severely injured.

“Bastard.” The Ghost Sword Saint was enraged.

His Ghost Sword could only enhance his sword art by one or two times. The Skyline Sword was able to enhance Li Fuchen’s sword art by dozens or even 100 times. It might be even more and it was simply ridiculous.

“So this is what a top rate artifact sword is capable of?” Li Fuchen was shocked.

The Ghost Sword Saint who possessed an apex sword art should have comparable strength to the Mystic Deep Sword Saint. The Mystic Deep Sword Saint was recognized as someone with the strength of regular high-level saints.

It also meant that when Li Fuchen wielded the Skyline Sword, his strength had already reached high-level saints. This was simply too ridiculous.

Li Fuchen didn’t know that apex artifact swords contained apex sword intent. A top rate apex artifact sword would have a top rate apex sword intent, therefore, it was natural for the wielder to fight beyond their levels. Just like how Li Fuchen possessed two apex sword arts and was already able to contest with saints even though he was only at the Law Phase Realm.

“This kid actually has an apex sword art!” The Skyline Sword Spirit was rather surprised.

Li Fuchen was only at the Law Phase Realm and already had an apex sword art. Once Li Fuchen became a saint, his sword art proficiency would be overwhelming.

“Why didn’t the Li Clan produce such an absolute prodigy…”

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