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Chapter 805: Skyline Sword

“The difference between the perfection level of Law Phase Realm and half-saint is truly huge.”

Li Fuchen could feel a bloodline getting formed in his flesh and blood.

The bloodline was naturally a body refinement bloodline.

Right now, his body contained two bloodlines, one was a body refinement bloodline and the other was a sword dao bloodline.

The body refinement bloodline had the quintessence of the Hand of God.

The sword dao bloodline contained the quintessence of the Primary Extreme Sword Technique, the Primary Extreme Sword Art, and the Splendor Sword Art.

The existence of bloodline was very special. Even if Li Fuchen lost his memory and couldn’t remember anything, he would still be able to use everything he had learned to the highest proficiency. It was something that was even superior to basic instincts.

In the future, if he had any children, they would inherit his bloodline and that would reduce countless years of hard work.


The spatial zone distorted and Li Fuchen’s figure suddenly vanished.

With body refinement at half-saint level, Li Fuchen’s speed was faster than most of the low-level saints. A slight emission of the Hand of Moon’s qi power would cause dreadful stars law to spread out. It caused the surrounding void to distort and push him forward.

The Eagle Talon Saint was very miserable right now.

Perhaps it was due to him being the strongest, therefore, the Golden-Eyes Forebear treated him as the main enemy in the Dragon Scale Forest.

Had it not been for his escaping cardinal artifact, he might not have been able to escape the Dragon Scale Forest alive.

“That damned kid!”

The Eagle Talon Saint carved the hatred onto Li Fuchen. If it wasn’t for Li Fuchen, he wouldn’t be in this situation. Now that he had severe internal injuries, he couldn’t even utilize 10% of his strength. If he used more than 10%, his injuries would be aggravated.

Just as he was searching for a secluded place to heal, he saw Li Fuchen again.

Even though his strength was only at 10%, did he really need more than that to deal with a low-level saint?

The answer was no.

“Kid, time to die.” The Eagle Talon Saint lunged at Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen got a shock, but after seeing that the Eagle Talon Saint suffered severe injuries, his eyes flashed for a moment before he sent out a palm strike.


A large hole was opened up in the spatial zone as Li Fuchen was sent flying backwards.

Even though a mid-level saint suffered severe injuries, the strength was still much more than a low-level saint.

However, Li Fuchen was actually more determined instead.

Right now, he had a significant increase in body refinement strength and the Eagle Talon Saint was severely injured. Even if they continued to wear down each other, the Eagle Talon Saint’s attack could be forcefully endured with the Star Immortal Body.

Seeing that the talon attack couldn’t injure Li Fuchen, the Eagle Talon Saint had a bad premonition.

“Heaven Rending Talon!” The Eagle Talon Saint yelled out and used both talons to execute a cross attack.


The spatial zone was like a mirror that cracked out with countless openings.

“Sect Origin Sword.” With ten thousand swords fusing into one sword, Li Fuchen brandished his sword.

His body refinement strength might be comparable with his sword dao strength now, but the apex sword art was still more profound. Only by using the apex sword art, was he able to injure the Eagle Talon Saint.


Li Fuchen and the Eagle Talon Saint both vomited blood at the same time.

Li Fuchen vomited blood because the Eagle Talon Saint was indeed ridiculously powerful. Even with less than 10% of strength, he was still able to injure Li Fuchen. The Eagle Talon Saint vomited blood because the clash of force from the both of them caused his injuries to be aggravated a little.

With the Star Immortal Body, such minor injuries were nothing to Li Fuchen.

“Limitless Radiance.” Li Fuchen executed another sword move at the Eagle Talon Saint.

Due to the intense radiance that overwhelmed the vision and spiritual awareness, by the time the Eagle Talon Saint reacted, the sword was already in front of his eyes.


With a push of the talon, the Eagle Talon Saint pushed away Li Fuchen’s sword. But the sword qi still left a sword mark on his body.

“Kid, you are too much!”

The Eagle Talon Saint was enraged. If he was at his prime, Li Fuchen would be lying on the ground and wouldn’t be able to injure him.

Forcefully utilizing 20% of his strength, the Eagle Talon Saint turned the talon into a beak as he violently pecked at Li Fuchen.


A bloody hole was pecked out on Li Fuchen’s chest. Li Fuchen’s body curled up as he was sent flying back.

But the Eagle Talon Saint was flabbergasted. In just a few breaths, Li Fuchen’s wound on the chest had healed up and it looked as though nothing happened.


The Eagle Talon Saint was in disbelief as he produced countless Eagle Talon Saints to peck several blood holes on Li Fuchen’s body.

But there was a price and he too had to receive a sword strike from Li Fuchen. His abdomen was nearly pierced through.

Ultimately, Li Fuchen’s injuries were healed up in a few breaths, while the Eagle Talon Saint’s injuries were further aggravated.

“This cannot continue. This kid must have cultivated some immortal secret technique. Unless, I can destroy half his body or exhaust his qi, otherwise, I cannot injure him.”

After coming to this conclusion, the Eagle Talon Saint understood that he had to retreat quickly. Once his strength recovered, he could find Li Fuchen to settle the score again, but not now.

If the Eagle Talon Saint wanted to leave, Li Fuchen wouldn’t be able to stop. He could only watch as the Eagle Talon Saint left.

“With my current strength, it is still insufficient to contest with a mid-level saint. However, even a mid-level saint would need to spend some effort to kill me.”

With the body refinement at half-saint level and with the Star Immortal Body, Li Fuchen’s survivability was greatly increased. Without any exaggeration, his current survivability was almost comparable with mid-level beast overlords.

After choosing a direction, Li Fuchen continued to fly.


Inside the storage bag, the sword test stone that had been motionless all the while, suddenly let out a sword hum.

“It detected the presence of the Skyline Sword?” Li Fuchen revealed a delighted expression.

To be honest, Li Fuchen didn’t really bother about the five additional peak-grade spirit stones promised by Li Jianhui, but he was really tempted by the Skyline Sword Art. The Skyline Sword Art was a top rate sword art, and when Li Fuchen read through the 2nd rate sword art, the Divine Rainbow Sword Art, he could already create the Splendor Sword Art’s second move. If he read through the Skyline Sword Art, he would at least be able to create the Primary Extreme Sword Art’s third move!

Following the detection, Li Fuchen gradually got closer to the Skyline Sword.

On a mountain, the Ghost Sword Saint watched the Fire Apes’ territory from far away.

As a swordsman, he could detect traces of presence that were emitted from a top rate apex artifact sword.

“The Skyline Sword is in the Fire Apes’ territory indeed.”

The Ghost Sword Saint’s figure flashed and he turned into a faint shadow as he entered the Fire Apes’ territory.

“This is the Fire Apes’ territory?”

Li Fuchen might not have visited the Fire Dragon Island and didn’t know where the Fire Apes were located, but he knew the Fire Apes. Seeing all the Fire Apes being active on the borders of their territory, Li Fuchen knew that his hopes of obtaining the Skyline Sword had been dashed.

No matter what kind of methods he had, in the eyes of a high-tier beast overlord or the Fire Eyes Tyrant Ape, it wasn’t worth mentioning. Even if the Fire Eyes Tyrant Ape attacked from a few thousand miles away, it could kill Li Fuchen with ease.

“Forget it, there are things that cannot be forced.” Li Fuchen shook his head and was preparing to leave.


There was sword hum and there was a white light that flew out of the Fire Apes’ territory at a speed that was beyond Li Fuchen’s sight and spiritual awareness.

“Skyline Sword!”

Li Fuchen’s eyes burst out with radiance as he chased after the Skyline Sword.

He didn’t know why the Skyline Sword would fly out of the Fire Apes’ territory on its own, but he didn’t care, as long as he could obtain the Skyline Sword.

Soon after Li Fuchen left, there was a roar that echoed from within the Fire Apes. Immediately after, there was a fire fist that burst out and turned the land within a hundred miles into lava.


The lava exploded open and there was an indistinct figure that flew out.

With the Ghost Sword Saint, a mere high-tier beast overlord wasn’t worth mentioning. Only the Fire Eyes Tyrant Ape could suppress him, however, it didn’t mean that he wouldn’t be able to withstand a single attack.


A meteor smashed on the ground and scarlet flames were rising up to the sky.

A giant ape covered in burning flames had emerged.

The giant ape’s eyes were actually burning with flames like two fire spheres. He concentrated his vision and saw a fleeing shadow, Li Fuchen, and the Skyline Sword which was traveling at lightspeed.

The Fire Eyes Tyrant Ape grinned, “I didn’t think that my Fire Apes’ territory has such an artifact sword. How can I let you obtain it so easily?”

The Fire Apes’ territory was gigantic and the Skyline Sword had its own intelligence and knew how to conceal itself. If it wasn’t a top-class sword dao saint, it wasn’t possible to find the whereabouts of the Skyline Sword. Therefore, the Fire Eyes Tyrant Ape didn’t discover the Skyline Sword until now. Otherwise, he would have taken it to trade for other treasures.


The Fire Eyes Tyrant Ape ripped with both its hands and there was an opening in the void. On the other side of the opening was actually the faint shadow’s back.

The faint shadow was naturally the Ghost Sword Saint. He looked behind and could see the Fire Eyes Tyrant Ape emerging from the opening.

“Cross Ghost Slash!”

Using a black sword to execute a cross slash, the Ghost Sword Saint forcefully sent the Scarlet Fire Tyrant Ape back.


Another opening emerged, this time, a fiery fist rushed out first and blasted on the Ghost Sword Saint.

The Skyline Sword was extremely fast and in just a spark, Li Fuchen couldn’t sense the Skyline Sword anymore. Li Fuchen had a feeling that the Skyline Sword’s speed was at the speed of light, or close to speed of light. Had it not been for the sword test stone fragment, Li Fuchen wouldn’t know which direction to chase.

1 million miles, 10 million miles, 100 million miles…

After chasing for 100 million miles, Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness finally detected the location of the Skyline Sword.

It was now stabbed on a precipitous mountain peak and emitting faint sword qi.

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