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Chapter 804: Half-Sain

The low grade fire energy crystal contained very pure fire dao energy. Such fire dao energy was actually superior to the spirit qi within the peak-grade spirit stones. To a fire dao martial artist, the cultivation effects from the fire energy crystal was definitely better than peak-grade spirit stones. It was also why one low grade fire energy crystal was worth two peak-grade spirit stones.

After keeping the low grade fire energy crystal, Li Fuchen had a greater expectation towards his trip at the Fire Dragon Island.

The others had extreme difficulty when progressing to half-saints or saints. It was basically impossible without dozens of years to one hundred years.

But it was different for Li Fuchen, his spirit soul was already a saint soul, and his true spirit was already a saint spirit. Therefore, with enough resources, he could continue the progress with no obstruction.

According to the previous prediction, 10 peak-grade spirit stones should be enough for Li Fuchen to progress into a half-saint. 200 peak-grade spirit stones should be enough for him to progress into a saint.

200 peak-grade spirit stones would be equivalent to two high grade fire energy crystals.

A few days later, Li Fuchen shook his head with a bitter smile at his own optimism. Fire energy crystals weren’t cabbages and could be found anywhere. It was entirely up to luck when trying to find one.

“It is said that there is a small-scaled fire energy crystal ore vein in the Fire Apes’ territory. I wonder if it is true.”

Li Fuchen’s mind flashed with this information.

Of course, it didn’t matter if the information was true or false. Li Fuchen wouldn’t head for the Fire Apes’ territory.

The Fire Apes had a mid-tier tyrant beast, the Scarlet Fire Tyrant Ape and it already had strength that was close to a top-class saint. Most top-class saints had already left the Deep Blue Plane, therefore, there was no one that was a match for the Scarlet Fire Tyrant Ape. Furthermore, the Fire Apes also had plenty of mid-tier and high-tier beast overlords.

(TL note: After many chapters, I finally decided that demonic beast overlords should be shortened to beast overlords and it should still differentiate with demon overlords)

Half a month passed by quickly. Li Fuchen had obtained one low grade fire energy crystal and several apex weapon shards.

(TL note: Credits to Tamriel for pointing out that extreme dao equipment and extremity martial arts should be heaven class peak-tier, instead of extreme-tier. From now on, heaven class peak-tier martial arts will be called apex martial arts, while heaven class peak-tier equipment will be called apex equipment. In short, heaven class peak-tier = apex)

Unrated apex weapon shards didn’t have much value, at least, they weren’t in Li Fuchen’s eyes. However, there were a few apex weapon shards that contained powerful energy. It was reckoned that they were at least 3rd rate apex weapon shards, they might even be 2nd rate.

Boom Boom Boom Boom…

On the Fire Dragon Island, battles broke out frequently. In normal situations, Li Fuchen would avoid them. But this time, the commotion was too big and there were at least ten saints or overlords involved.

“A treasure appeared.”

As the thought flashed in his mind, Li Fuchen concealed his qi presence and went closer quietly.

Without using spiritual awareness to sense, Li Fuchen watched from far away as he got closer to the battlefield. In the middle of the green lava lake, there was a blood-red fiery herb that had the shape of a dragon. It was growing on a piece of green rock.

“Heaven class peak-tier herb, Fire Dragon Herb.” Li Fuchen took a deep breath.

A heaven class peak-tier herb was also called an apex herb and it was very valuable. Therefore, it was something that all saints and overlords would fight for.

The value of a Fire Dragon Herb was at least 50 peak-grade spirit stones and it was no wonder it would cause a battle between the saints and overlords.

However, it wasn’t that easy to grab the Fire Dragon Herb. Above and around the green lava lake, there were eight beast overlords, and five saints in battle. If Li Fuchen rushed in recklessly, he would definitely become the target of everyone.

“Riches can only be sought out in danger.”

Li Fuchen’s figure sank down underground and he shifted to the center of the lava lake. He was gradually getting closer to the green rock in the middle of the lava lake.

During this period of time, Li Fuchen didn’t emit any qi presence at all and it was all thanks to his incredible spirit soul talent.


Lava sprayed everywhere and there was a figure that flashed by to grab the Fire Dragon Herb on the green rock.

The Barbaric Dragon Overlord had the bloodline of a true dragon. Now that it was a mid-tier demonic beast overlord, even if it encountered a mid-level saint, it was also able to contest. Right now, it’s opponent was a mid-level saint called the Eagle Talon Saint. The Eagle Talon Saint was extremely powerful and in just over a few dozen exchanges of moves, the Barbaric Dragon Overlord had plenty of talon wounds. Had it not been for its powerful defense and overflowing vitality, it would have fallen. When taking a glance, the Barbaric Dragon Overlord subconsciously looked at the Fire Dragon Herb on the green rock.

“Eh?” The Barbaric Dragon Overlord’s eyes turned still as it was thinking why was the Fire Dragon Herb missing?

The Eagle Talon Saint discovered that the Fire Dragon Herb was missing first and he even saw that it was Li Fuchen who took it.


With a shake of the body, the Eagle Talon Saint arrived above Li Fuchen and struck with his talon.

The eagle talon strike made Li Fuchen feel the stinging pain on his skin and it felt like there were countless needles pricked on the body.

Bang Boom!

The spatial zone exploded and there was a burst of blood. Li Fuchen had vanished without a trace.

“Do you think you can run?”

The Eagle Talon Saint was a mid-level saint and had immediately locked onto Li Fuchen’s figure before he gave chase.

“The Fire Dragon Herb has been taken. Chase!”

The rest of the saints and beast overlords stopped fighting and chased in the direction where the Eagle Talon Saint departed.

Li Fuchen was very fast and wasn’t inferior to a low-level saint. However, the Eagle Talon Saint was a mid-level saint and in just a few breaths, he caught up. It was fortunate that Li Fuchen had the void dao heart and was very sensitive to the spatial waves. He was always able to change his direction just at the moment the Eagle Talon Saint made his attacks.

Soon enough, Li Fuchen saw a forest ahead.

It was a forest with gigantic trees and each tree would be at least 10,000 feet in height and a few hundred feet in thickness. The surface of the tree trunk wasn’t bark, but dark red scales that were as big as water jars. It felt as though it wasn’t a tree, but giant pythons that were standing straight.

Dragon Scale Tree, it was a kind of extremely hard tree.

It was said that when the Fire Dragons resided here, a formidable foe came. The race chief of the Fire Dragons was a Fire Dragon that had strength which could be compared with a heaven lord. During the battle, its dragon blood sprayed down and caused this forest to mutate. As long as the Dragon Scale Tree didn’t leave this region, even if it was destroyed, it would regenerate rapidly. With the toughness of the Dragon Scale Tree, even a great emperor wouldn’t be able to break one Dragon Scale Tree in a single attack. A low-level saint would only be able to break down a few more Dragon Scale Trees at once too.

What was more amazing was the Dragon Scale Forest had a natural array. As long as one entered the Dragon Scale Forest, it would be the same as entering the array range. It was the same in the high altitude.

Li Fuchen dared to pull the fang out of the tiger mouth because he discovered this Dragon Scale Forest. As long as he escaped inside, no even a mid-level saint could deal with him.

“Don’t think about entering.”

The Eagle Talon Saint was anxious now. He had personally experienced the toughness of the Dragon Scale Trees. With his strength, he was only able to destroy a small patch of Dragon Scale Trees at once, and there were countless Dragon Scale Trees in this forest.

With speed increased to the extreme, the Eagle Talon Saint let out a ruthless talon strike. There was an illusory eagle talon that ripped the spatial zone where Li Fuchen was in.


Fresh blood spluttered and even the bones could be seen, but Li Fuchen still forcefully entered the Dragon Scale Forest.

“Damn it.”

The Eagle Talon Saint was certain that Li Fuchen was a saint that concealed his qi presence, otherwise, Li Fuchen wouldn’t be able to withstand his talon attack. Without any hesitation, the Eagle Talon Saint rushed into the Dragon Scale Forest too.

From behind, most of the beast overlords and saints had followed in too, but two beast overlords stopped outside.

The two beast overlords looked at each other and transmitted messages to each other, “The Dragon Scale Forest is the territory of the Golden-Eyes Forebear. The Golden-Eyes Forebear doesn’t have a good temper. It is best that we don’t enter.”

Boom Boom Boom!

Patches of Dragon Scale Trees collapsed and the Eagle Talon Saint realized he lost track of Li Fuchen.


Right at this moment, there was a thunderous croak. Apart from the Eagle Talon Saint and the Barbaric Dragon Overlord, the rest of the saints and beast overlords were vomiting blood.


There was another croak and a low-level saint’s body was blasted into a blood mess and he nearly exploded to death.

“Hurry up and run!”

How could these people not know that they were in the territory of a fearsome expert. This expert was probably as strong as a high-level saint.

“Withdraw!” The Eagle Talon Saint turned and retreated.

He was just a regular mid-level saint and if he encountered a high-level saint, he could only kneel down.


Croak Croak!

The croaking sounds were increasing in frequency and bunches of Dragon Scale Trees were blasted down. Immediately after, there was a blood figure that flashed by. A gigantic blood-colored toad appeared in everyone’s vision. The blood-colored toad had a pair of golden eyes that looked imposing and was mercilessly icy cold.

“Golden-Eyes Forebear.” One of the beast overlords recognized the blood-colored toad and said with horror.

After hiding his qi presence, Li Fuchen naturally didn’t get discovered by the Golden-Eyes Forebear. When hearing the explosions and screams from behind, he was secretly rejoicing that he had the spirit soul talent to conceal his qi presence. Otherwise, he wouldn’t dare to visit the Fire Dragon Island.

After exiting the Dragon Scale Forest, Li Fuche found a secluded place to rest.

“The Fire Dragon Herb could be used to increase the fire dao qi, it could also be used to temper the body. I wonder if the Fire Dragon Herb could allow my body refinement to reach half-saint.”

The Fire Dragon Herb was worth 50 peak-grade spirit stones and Li Fuchen felt that so many peak-grade spirit stones should be enough for his body refinement to reach half-saint.

After taking out the Fire Dragon Herb, Li Fuchen consumed one leaf first.


A surging flame was burning on Li Fuchen’s body. Li Fuchen felt that massive amounts of impurities that were deep in his body were being refined. At the same time, the Fire Dragon Herb’s medicinal effects were rapidly transmuting into the qi power of the Hand of Moon.

The medicinal effects of one leaf was quickly used up and Li Fuchen immediately consumed the rest of the Fire Dragon Herb.


A fire dragon rose up with an explosive sound.

Initial state of perfection level of Law Phase Realm…

Middle state of perfection level of Law Phase Realm…

Later state of perfection level of Law Phase Realm…

Peak state of perfection level of Law Phase Realm…


When Li Fuchen’s body refinement stepped into half-saint, everyone was pulled towards him. There was a giant pit in the ground and above the pit was a solid metal sphere.


The solid metal sphere cracked open and Li Fuchen walked out from within.

“This is the level of a half-saint?”

Li Fuchen produced a suction force in his hand and pulled over an entire mountain. The gravity law was more than just ten times stronger, it was at least a few dozen times stronger.

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