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Chapter 803: Fire Energy Crystal

Li Fuchen didn’t release his spiritual awareness, therefore, he only noticed the Black Extinct Saint when he came close.

“Two low-level saints?” Li Fuchen’s expression’s turned heavy.

Li Fuchen might have defeated the Scarlet Python Saint, but it didn’t mean he could underestimate low-level saints.

The Scarlet Python Saint didn’t have any extreme-tier equipment, cardinal artifact, or extremity martial art. He was considered a low-level saint that didn’t have the three key attributes. It wasn’t praiseworthy to defeat this kind of low-level saint. You couldn’t expect to always meet such low-level saints without the three key attributes.

(TL note: I changed extreme dao to extreme-tier. Firstly, the novel didn’t really explain about this new extreme-tier, so I assume it is a higher tier than the heaven class peak-tier)

After seeing Li Fuchen, the Black Extinct Saint didn’t hesitate to use the Absolute Soul Chasing Arrow.

The Absolute Soul Chasing Arrow might not be a mainstream extreme-tier cardinal artifact, but due to the fact that it was a soul dao cardinal artifact, it was very hard to defend. In the past, the Black Extinct Saint always relied on the Absolute Soul Chasing Arrow. He had even used it for a sneak attack on a mid-level saint, causing the victim to suffer soul damage. The mid-level saint had to escape desperately and couldn’t recover even after dozens of years.

He naturally didn’t wish to kill Li Fuchen, instead, he wanted to control Li Fuchen.

The Absolute Soul Chasing Arrow would allow the user to make use of the target’s spirit soul after the arrow pierced in.

“Soul dao cardinal artifact?”

As soon as Li Fuchen saw the illusory black cold radiance entering his mind, he executed the soul dao secret technique, the Spirit Soul Chain.


The illusory black cold radiance was repelled.

“What?” The Black Extinct Saint widened his eyes.

Why was it so coincidental that he encountered a soul dao expert.

Moreover, this soul dao expert was only at the Law Phase Realm and was already able to resist an extreme-tier cardinal artifact. This was truly too exaggerating!

Li Fuchen’s Spirit Soul Chain didn’t have a high level of proficiency and it wasn’t powerful either. However, Li Fuchen’s spirit soul was abnormally tough, therefore, the Spirit Soul Chain was indestructible too. It easily repelled the Absolute Soul Chasing Arrow.


The two still had some distance in between, the Black Extinct Saint controlled the Absolute Soul Chasing Arrow to constantly attack Li Fuchen.

Clang Clang Clang…

Li Fuchen repelled the illusory black cold radiance repeatedly.

Responding in kind, Li Fuchen formed the second Spirit Soul Chain and lashed it at the Black Extinct Saint.

After getting lashed in the mind, apart from feeling dizzy, the Black Extinct Saint didn’t feel anything abnormal.

“The power isn’t overwhelming. Strange…”

The Black Extinct Saint thought he was going to suffer a little and didn’t expect the attack to be like a raindrop.

The distance between the two was now very close. The Black Extinct Saint thrust out with his finger, a spot of black flame expanded and turned into a giant black flaming sphere that blasted at Li Fuchen.

“Limitless Radiance.”

Intense radiance filled the land. The Black Extinct Saint had a change of expression as he was sent flying by the sword light. He involuntarily flew towards the Yellow Wind Saint, however, the Yellow Wind Saint had also been affected by Limitless Radiance. Be it his vision or spiritual awareness, they were temporarily blinded. As such, the Yellow Wind Saint couldn’t react immediately and missed his chance to kill the Black Extinct Saint.

Without any hesitation, Li Fuchen concealed his qi presence and instantly vanished.

Li Fuchen wasn’t afraid if it was a solo fight, but it was still rather dangerous to fight against two. Who knew what kind of trumps did the two saints have or if they had any incredible extreme-tier cardinal artifact.

“Damn it.” The Black Extinct Saint was frenziedly trying to escape.

Originally, he wanted to control Li Fuchen to stall the Yellow Wind Saint.

If Li Fuchen could visit the Fire Dragon Island, his strength shouldn’t be weak. It was reckoned that he was one of those heaven-defying great emperors that could contest with low-tier demonic beast overlords. Such heaven-defying great emperors weren’t a match for low-level saints, but he should be able to resist a few moves. He might even have some life-saving artifact given by seniors and could stall the Yellow Wind Saint for a longer time.

However, Li Fuchen was overly heaven-defying, and even the Black Extinct Saint wasn’t a match. After a single move, the Black Extinct Saint had already suffered great injuries.

The Yellow Wind Saint glared at the direction where Li Fuchen left and continued to chase the Black Extinct Saint. If he didn’t kill the Black Extinct Saint this time, it would be hard to find any more chances to kill the Black Extinct Saint.

“The Fire Dragon Island is truly dangerous.”

Li Fuchen believed if he was only a regular low-level saint, he might have already been struck by the soul dao cardinal artifact’s attack. An extreme-tier soul dao cardinal artifact couldn’t be blocked by anyone. Even a mid-level saint would be injured if they were caught off guard.

The Fire Dragon Island was massive and was dozens of times bigger than the Flying Silver Island. With spiritual awareness that could only extend up to a few thousand miles away, Li Fuchen had no choice but to constantly move.

After flying for a moment, Li Fuchen felt that the temperature of this region was seemingly higher.

“Could it be a fire energy crystal being unearthed?”

The fire energy crystal was one of the most precious resources on the Fire Dragon Island. A single low grade fire energy crystal would be worth two peak-grade spirit stones. A single mid grade fire energy crystal would be worth 10 peak-grade spirit stones. A single high grade fire energy crystal would be worth 100 peak-grade spirit stones. Most of the saints and demonic beast overlords were here at the Fire Dragon Island to search for fire energy crystals.

By using the difference in temperature, Li Fuchen flew towards the location where the temperature was getting higher.

One hour later, the temperature was already very high and the entire place was filled with pure red light.

Extending out the spiritual awareness, Li Fuchen found a scorched pit a few hundred miles away. In the middle of the pit, there was a bright red crystal without any impurities. The concentrated fire dao law was gathered at the surroundings and was producing all sorts of fiery phenomena.

“Low grade fire energy crystal!” Li Fuchen revealed a delighted expression.

The low grade fire energy crystal had a bright red color and didn’t have a trace of impurity. The mid grade fire energy crystal had a hint of purple within the bright red color. The high grade fire energy crystal had a pure purple color.

It might be one low grade fire energy crystal, but it was also two peak-grade spirit stones.


With a flickering figure, Li Fuchen arrived near the scorched pit. With a suction force, Li Fuchen pulled the fire energy crystal into his hand.

“Let it go.”

There was a red streak that swept over from the horizon at astonishing speed.

Li Fuchen’s body swayed as he dodged the attack.


A small mountain nearby had been severed by half and turned into a black char.

The attacker was a low-level saint wearing yellow robes. The qi presence had a scorching aura and he was obviously a fire dao saint.

“The fire energy crystal isn’t something you are worthy of. Hand it over and get lost!”

The yellow-robed saint was rather surprised that Li Fuchen could dodge his attack. This was also one of the reasons why he allowed Li Fuchen to leave. If he could, he would just kill Li Fuchen and didn’t need to waste his time talking.

“Why? Is the Fire Dragon Island your private garden?”

With the prize in his hand, Li Fuchen wouldn’t give it up and the opposition wasn’t qualified for him to give up.

“Courting death.”

With anger, the yellow-robed saint executed another kill move. He formed a seal with both hands and blasted a fire sphere that was a few miles in size at Li Fuchen.

He had already asked Li Fuchen to get lost and was already giving mercy. However, Li Fuchen wasn’t grateful and even mocked him. It was simply an action of courting death.

Before the fire sphere could reach Li Fuchen, it suddenly exploded. Li Fuchen thrust his sword at the yellow-robed saint.

“No wonder you are so arrogant. It turns out that you are quite capable. It is a pity that you will not be able to deal with him as you don’t even dare to show your true qi presence.”

In the yellow-robed saint’s opinion, Li Fuchen should be a low-level saint, but was using some method to suppress his qi presence to the Law Phase Realm. In this way, no one would be able to see through his true strength.

Without dodging, the yellow-robed saint’s yellow robes suddenly lit up with countless fire patterns. A fire halo was released and it destroyed the sword light.

“Extreme-tier armor?”

Li Fuchen wasn’t a fool and immediately knew that the yellow-robed saint was an extreme-tier armor.

The extreme-tier armor was able to resist the attack of an extremity martial art. Unless the extremity martial art had a high enough power or if the user was powerful enough, it wasn’t possible to break the defense of an extreme-tier armor.

Li Fuchen was only at Law Phase Realm now and if he only used the extremity sword art, he naturally couldn’t deal with the yellow-robed saint’s extreme-tier armor.

“Fire God Fist!”

The moment the sword light was destroyed, the yellow-robed saint yelled and executed a punch. There was an overflow of fire dao law that gathered at the fist and was unleashed on Li Fuchen.


The terrifying fire fist was materialized and it felt like a fist of lava that didn’t have any impurities. It even melted the void.

“Zhu Clan!”

When Li Fuchen saw the Fire God Fist, he knew that the opposition was from the half-god clan, the Zhu Clan.

The Zhu Clan’s ancestor was given the title of Fire God and the Fire God Fist was one of his absolute arts. It was said that one fist could melt all things.

Li Fuchen frowned as he didn’t wish to be enemies with the Zhu Clan, however, it didn’t mean that he was afraid of being enemies with the Zhu Clan.

“Sect Origin Sword.”

It was fine if Li Fuchen didn’t make a move, but once he did, he used his strongest kill move.

The entire place was layered with sword lights and in an instant, ten thousand swords combined into one sword.


The Zhu Clan’s Fire God Fist that could melt anything had been destroyed. The sharp sword light didn’t dissipate as it continued to envelop the yellow-robed saint.

Tss Tss Tss…

The yellow-robed saint’s yellow robes were fluttering with fiery light. However, this time, the fire light had small holes. It wasn’t a big problem, but it still shocked him. Li Fuchen’s sword move was too fearsome and even the Ripple Fire Saint Clothes couldn’t block it completely. If the Fire God Fist didn’t provide a first level of obstruction, wouldn’t the Ripple Fire Saint Clothes be destroyed?


The yellow-robed saint didn’t have any extreme-tier weapon, but had an extreme-tier cardinal artifact. His hand suddenly appeared with a metal sphere and with a light toss, the metal sphere was thrown at Li Fuchen.


During the throw, the metal sphere expanded by at least a million times. The surface of the sphere had dazzling flames and it looked just like a miniature sun.

“Not good!” Li Fuchen flew backwards rapidly.

Immediately after, the ground trembled and there were flames rushing into the sky. The heat wave turned everything within a few dozen miles into lava.

A hundred miles away, Li Fuchen extinguished the flame on his body and still had lingering fear.

This extreme-tier cardinal artifact had shocking power. If he was struck head on, he would definitely be injured.

If it was a regular low-level saint, it was possible that the saint would have perished in this attack.

After all, his defense wasn’t weaker than a low-level saint and Li Fuchen still had the Star Immortal Body.

“The Zhu Clan has great wealth as a half-god clan. There isn’t a way to compare with them.”

Li Fuchen concealed his qi presence and was rapidly leaving the yellow-robed saint’s vision.

After chasing for a moment, the yellow-robed saint’s face turned gloomy as he stopped.

Li Fuchen was obviously proficient in concealing his qi presence, and the yellow-robed saint’s spiritual awareness had a hard time detecting Li Fuchen.

“Consider yourself lucky.”

One low grade fire energy crystal wasn’t enough for the yellow-robed saint to risk everything to chase down Li Fuchen. However, if he encountered Li Fuchen again, he wouldn’t give Li Fuchen any chance to escape.

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