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Chapter 802: Fire Dragon Island

When three months were over, Li Fuchen departed for the Fire Dragon Island.

Now that his strength was at this level, it was truly hard to achieve any more progress.

After all, his current guild points weren’t enough to do anything in the library pavilion. It wasn’t easy to create the third move of the Splendor Sword Art or the Primary Extreme Sword Art, and his remaining guild points were basically not enough.

On the vast ocean, there was sword light flying with extreme speed.

The weather above the ocean would change at any moment. One moment, there were clear skies, and the next moment, there were dark clouds that spread over like ink. It covered the entire sky and rumblings could be heard from the dark clouds. Snake-like thunderbolts would burst out from time to time. Below the dark clouds, there were water tornadoes and when they joined with the dark clouds, they formed spiraling water pillars. Some of the water pillars were a few miles in thickness, but some were over a hundred miles in thickness. The thicker the water pillar, the faster the spiraling speed and they contained violent water dao law and wind dao law.

“Even if a great emperor enters, there will be danger of death.”

With Li Fuchen’s current strength, he naturally didn’t need to bother about the water pillars. With a flash of sword light, he went through each water pillar without obstruction as he traveled in a straight path.

“Who dares to offend me, the Crosswise Overlord!” A massive silver crab emerged from the ocean.

This silver crab was probably suppressed by the Saint Spirit Continent’s willpower, therefore, its size wasn’t bigger than most demonic beast rulers. However, it was still close to 100 miles in size and its shell was shining with silver light. It felt like it was made with silver and a casual swing of its giant pincer exploded a water pillar that was dozens of miles in thickness.

“Low-tier tyrant beast!” Li Fuchen was rather surprised.

Earlier on, Li Fuchen already knew that the storm on the ocean was caused by a demonic beast overlord, but he didn’t scan with his spiritual awareness. After all, when he used his spiritual awareness, the opposition would definitely detect him too.

“Human kid, you aren’t even a saint and dare to offend me, the Crosswise Overlord. Hurry up and hand your life over.”

The silver crab was the Crosswise Overlord that was famous in this sea region. It was a low-tier tyrant beast, the Chaos Origin Silver Crab. It was always arrogant and didn’t even put Li Fuchen in its eyes. Let alone Li Fuchen, if it was a low-level saint, the Crosswise Overlord would also teach the low-level saint a lesson.

“I am just passing through, I don’t think it is necessary to pay with my life right?” Li Fuchen didn’t decrease his speed.

“You shall stay.”

The Crosswise Overlord’s eight legs were moving rapidly on the surface of the speed. Its speed was so fast that it felt like an instant shift. It arrived underneath Li Fuchen and used its giant pincer to cut above it.


A large silver pincer cut out an opening in the void.

“A low-tier tyrant beast is indeed incredible.” Li Fuchen praised.

An adult low-tier tyrant beast was much stronger than a low-tier demonic beast overlord. It was already close to the strength of a mid-tier demonic beast overlord.

“Meteor Fall.”

The splendor sword light descended from the sky and blasted on the Crosswise Overlord, sending it back into the sea.

Before the Crosswise Overlord emerged again, Li Fuchen concealed his qi presence and in a few flashes, he vanished without a trace.


There was a towering wave as the Crosswise Overlord emerged from the surface of the sea.

Its body didn’t have any wounds and the silver shell was still shining bright.

“Damn human, where did he go?” The Crosswise Overlord tried to use its spirit senses to search, but it couldn’t possibly find Li Fuchen’s whereabouts and qi presence.

The Fire Dragon Island was located over 1 billion miles to the south of the Saint Spirit Continent. This place still belonged to the Saint Spirit Continent, but due to its remote location, no one would inhabit this place apart from saints.

“Myriad Poison Saint, are you certain that the Sword Lord’s Skyline Sword is on the Fire Dragon Island?”

On an island not far from the Fire Dragon Island, there were two figures standing in midair. The one speaking was a person wearing a ghost mask and had a dreadful qi presence.

“Ghost Sword Saint, I, the Myriad Poison Saint dares to cheat anyone else apart from you. The Skyline Sword is a top rate extreme dao artifact sword. It has a unique sword qi that cannot be wrongly recognized. But it isn’t so easy to extract the Skyline Sword. It is currently in the territory of the Fire Apes on the Fire Dragon Island. Without the strength of a mid-level saint, it is already difficult to enter the Fire Apes’ territory, let alone taking the Skyline Sword.”

The Myriad Poison Saint was an old man wearing purple-black robes. His eyes had an oily green tint and his skin had a purple tone. The Ghost Sword Saint that was mentioned was a mid-level saint of the Sky Thrust Union and was abnormally powerful. Even a high-level saint might not be a match for him.

“Fire Apes huh?” The Ghost Sword Saint in a deep contemplation.

The Fire Apes might not be tyrant beasts and didn’t have terrifying strength like the Fire Dragons, but it didn’t mean that there weren’t any powerful individuals among the Fire Apes. It was said that the Fire Apes possessed the bloodline of the peak-tier tyrant beast, Fire Eyes Tyrant Ape. As long as the Fire Eyes Tyrant Ape’s bloodline was activated, the Fire Ape would evolve into the mid-tier tyrant beast, Scarlet Fire Tyrant Ape. Right now, the Fire Apes only had one Scarlet Fire Tyrant Ape, but it already possessed the strength of a top-class saint.

Apart from the Scarlet Fire Tyrant Ape, there were plenty of demonic beast overlords among the Fire Apes. Most of them were low-tier overlords, but when they worked together, it was enough to threaten anyone.

“Ghost Sword Saint, I have already told you the information on the Skyline Sword. It is your decision to go or not.” The Myriad Poison Saint stated.

The Ghost Sword Saint said decisively, “If it is to fight against the Fire Apes, I will leave immediately. But if it is to sneak in and take the Skyline Sword, I am still rather confident. Don’t worry, if your information is accurate, I will recommend you to join the Sky Thrust Union. I will also give a recommendation for you to become a Chief Union Elder.”

This was the top rate extreme dao artifact sword, Skyline Sword. As a mid-level saint, the Ghost Sword Saint’s weapon was only a third rate extreme dao artifact sword and it was impossible for it to be compared.

If the Ghost Sword Saint could obtain the Skyline Sword, there would only be a few opponents for him among the top-class saints.

“It is a deal.” The Myriad Poison Saint revealed a smile.

It was easy to join the Sky Thrust Union, but it wasn’t easy to become a chief union elder.

“This is the Fire Dragon Island?”

When arriving on the Fire Dragon Island, Li Fuchen felt a scorching qi that came straight for his face.

It was obvious that the Fire Dragon Island’s main law was the fire law. No wonder the Fire Dragons and the Fire Apes would choose to nest here.

The Fire Dragon Island was very big and apart from the Fire Apes, there were plenty of other demonic beast overlords that lived here.

To find a sword on the Fire Dragon Island was the same as to find a needle in a haystack.

It was fortunate that Li Jianhui gave Li Fuchen a sword test stone. This sword test stone had the presence of the Skyline Sword and when it was close enough, the sword test stone would detect the Skyline Sword. By then, Li Fuchen would naturally know the location of the Skyline Sword.

Boom Boom Boom…

Soon after Li Fuchen arrived on the Fire Dragon Island, there were sounds of clashes a few thousand miles away.

Without a doubt, it was a battle between two saints.

Li Fuchen didn’t use his spiritual awareness to scan. In the past, he could scan with his spiritual awareness without fear because the opponents’ had spiritual awareness that were inferior to him. But now, his opponents were either demonic beast overlords or human saints. Both of them had a certain level of spiritual awareness and when Li Fuchen scanned for them, he would inevitably expose himself.

A few thousand miles away, the two human saints were having a great battle and one of them was injured and had waning qi presence.

“Yellow Wind Saint, I treated you like a brother and you actually attacked me from behind.” The injured saint yelled out.

The one called Yellow Wind Saint was a middle-aged man with a yellow face, “Brother? Black Extinct Saint, don’t treat me like a fool. If I didn’t make a move first, I might be the one on the ground now. You have hidden that Absolute Soul Chasing Arrow in your sleeve to deal with me right?!”

“Die.” The black-clothed Black Extinct Saint shook his wrist and shot something with a black cold radiance at the Yellow Wind Saint.

If someone knowledgeable was here, they would know that the black cold radiance was a vicious extreme dao cardinal artifact, the Absolute Soul Chasing Arrow. It was said that once the Absolute Soul Chasing Arrow locked onto a spirit soul’s presence, it was impossible to dodge the attack. The target could only forcefully receive the attack, however, the Absolute Soul Chasing Arrow couldn’t be blocked with regular methods as it was illusory.


The black cold radiance was blocked while the Yellow Wind Saint continued to sneer, “Black Extinct Saint, I dare to collaborate with you because of my Beast Soul Plate that just happens to be the bane of your Absolute Soul Chasing Arrow.”

“Damn it!”

The Black Extinct Saint turned to escape. He was already severely injured and wouldn’t be a match for the Yellow Wind Saint.

Along the way, he swept with his spiritual awareness and found Li Fuchen. With a turn of his eyes, he changed his direction and sprinted towards Li Fuchen’s location.

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