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Chapter 801: Perfection Level of Law Phase Realm

After returning to his manor, Li Fuchen immediately went into seclusion and started comprehending the second move of the Splendor Sword Art.

Several days later…

Inside the manor, there was a splendor sword light that burst towards the sky. An intense radiance could be seen above the Wind Cloud City.

“This second move shall be called Limitless Radiance!”

Li Fuchen sheathed his sword while he stood above the manor.

After days of diligent cultivation, he finally blended his comprehension of the Divine Rainbow Sword Art into the Splendor Sword Art, allowing him to create the second move, Limitless Radiance.

This move was several times stronger than Meteor Fall and was just inferior to Sect Origin Sword.

“Young Master, someone is asking to see you.”

The subordinates that worked under the Barbaric Peak Great Emperor, including the Barbaric Peak Great Emperor were already servants for Li Fuchen. Li Fuchen didn’t treat them poorly either and would give them guidance from time to time.

On this day, one of them came to report.

“Someone wants to see me?” Li Fuchen let out his spiritual awareness.

Soon enough, he saw the visitor outside the manor.

It was a middle-aged man with an extraordinary aura. Li Jianxin resembled this man quite a bit.

“A member of the Li Clan?” Li Fuchen let out a speechless smile.

It seemed like the Li Clan was suspecting if the Sword Lord’s bloodline was inherited outside the clan.

“It is fine to meet with him.”

Li Fuchen knew this was a misunderstanding and if he didn’t resolve it, there would be more trouble.

“Bring him to the guest hall.” Li Fuchen said.

“Understood.” The attendant withdrew and left.

At the guest hall, Li Jianhui was waiting there apprehensively.

The Li Clan had declined for too many years and didn’t have any saint even until now.

Li Jianxin alone should be able to revive the Li Clan’s glorious days, but if there was another Li Fuchen, it would make the Li Clan stand higher than ever before. However, the prerequisite was for Li Fuchen to have the Li Clan’s bloodline.

Shortly after, Li Fuchen arrived at the guest hall.

“May I know who you are?” Li Fuchen asked.

Li Jianhui cupped his fist, “My name is Li Jianhui and I am the current Clan Head of the Li Clan. I am here this time to understand some of the situation.”

“Do you wish to know if I have the Li Clan’s bloodline?” Li Fuchen let out an expression that was like a smile but not a smile at the same time.

Li Jianhui looked rather embarrassed but deep inside his eyes, there was a fire. “My Li Clan might have declined, but there are still plenty of saint arts that were left behind. If Young Master Fuchen has the Li Clan’s bloodline, then those saint arts will be entirely open to Young Master Fuchen. Among them, it includes the top rate extremity sword art, Skyline Sword Art.”

The Skyline Sword Art was an extremely famous sword art in the entire Deep Blue Plane and it was just inferior to the Unbounded Sword Art and a few other sword arts.

“Is there any method to test the bloodline?” Li Fuchen inquired.

Li Jianhui took out a bloodstone in response, “This is my Li Clan’s bloodline stone. If you have my Li Clan’s bloodline, once you drop your blood on it, the bloodline stone will shine.”


Li Fuchen swung his hand and squeezed a drop of fresh blood onto the bloodline stone.


There wasn’t any reaction from the bloodline stone.

“It seems like I don’t have the Li Clan’s bloodline.” Li Fuchen stated.

Li Jianhui said with regret, “Yes, you do not have my Li Clan’s bloodline.”

After some hesitation, Li Jianhui lifted his head and said, “The Li Clan wishes to make a deal with Young Master Fuchen, I wonder if Young Master Fuchen is willing to hear me out.”

“Go ahead.” Li Fuchen nodded.

“Young Master Fuchen should already know that the Sword Lord is the strongest individual in the history of our Li Clan. He left behind many saint arts and the strongest art is naturally the Skyline Sword Art. However, only a rare few individuals know that the Skyline Sword Art can only exhibit its strongest power when used with the extreme dao artifact sword, the Skyline Sword.”

“It is especially helpful to the junior as the Skyline Sword can lower the cultivation difficulty of the Skyline Sword Art. However, the Li Clan’s recent generation is incompetent. 800 years ago, the Skyline Sword was lost on Fire Dragon Island and there has been no information of it ever since. If Young Master Fuchen is willing to head to the Fire Dragon Island and find the Skyline Sword for us, my Li Clan is willing to offer five peak-grade spirit stones. If Young Master Fuchen finds the Skyline Sword and brings it back, my Li Clan can allow Young Master Fuchen to borrow the Skyline Sword Art’s manual for one year and also pay you another five peak-grade spirit stones.”

Li Jianhui stated the details of the deal.

“Peak-grade spirit stones? Skyline Sword Art?”

Li Fuchen raised his eyebrows as this reward was rather generous.

Peak-grade spirit stones were things that even saints required greatly. The Li Clan had already declined and with each use of the peak-grade spirit stones, there would be one lesser. It was considered a limited resource. As for the Skyline Sword Art, it would be used repeatedly, but the Skyline Sword Art was the most important asset of the Li Clan. They wouldn’t allow just anyone to borrow the manual.

“Why do you want to make a deal with me? There are plenty of other people who are stronger than me.” Li Fuchen questioned.

Li Jianhui let out a bitter smile and said, “If we invite a saint, the price will be great. Furthermore, the Skyline Sword has a spirit and it wouldn’t allow a regular person to touch it. Apart from that, we are worried that the saint would covet the Skyline Sword.”

The Skyline Sword wasn’t an ordinary extreme dao artifact sword. It was a top grade extreme dao artifact sword and it had a priceless value.

“Are you not afraid that I will covet it too?” Li Fuchen laughed.

Li Jianhui said in a serious tone, “I don’t trust a saint, but I trust Young Master Fuchen. If Young Master Fuchen is a person who goes back on his words, you wouldn’t be able to reach this level.”

“Alright, since the Li Clan can trust me, I, Li Fuchen, are willing to make a trip to the Fire Dragon Island.”

Ten peak-grade spirit stones were enough to push him to the level of a half-saint. If Li Fuchen cultivated slowly, it was unknown how many years he would need to become a half-saint.

“Then the Li Clan shall thank Young Master Fuchen first. Here are five peak-grade spirit stones.”

Li Jianhui took out five peak-grade spirit stones and handed them to Li Fuchen. He wasn’t afraid that Li Fuchen would do nothing after accepting the peak-grade spirit stones.

As a person progressed further on the martial dao, they would view promises with more importance. If one didn’t fulfill the promises or didn’t treat it important, then it would greatly affect the progress on the martial dao.

If Li Fuchen broke his promise just because of five peak-grade spirit stones, Li Jianhui would treat it as though he failed in his judgment.

After receiving the peak-grade spirit stones, Li Fuchen said, “In half a year, I will head for the Fire Dragon Island.”

Li Fuchen was obviously not going to break his promise. Since he accepted the opposition’s peak-grade spirit stones, it was the same as to accept a karma. If the karma backfired, it was enough to make his sword dao stagnate.

After seeing Li Jianhui out, Li Fuchen returned to the manor. In his heart, he said to himself, “The Fire Dragon Island isn’t a friendly place. It is once the territory for the tyrant beasts, the Fire Dragon race. Since the Fire Dragon race migrated from there, demonic beast overlords and human saints explored there regularly. During the exploration, it is normal for killings to happen. I might not fear low-tier demonic beast overlords and low-level saints, I am also rather confident in escaping unscathed if I meet a mid-tier demonic beast overlord, but it is still very dangerous.”

This was also why he didn’t depart for the Fire Dragon Island immediately. He wanted to make use of the five peak-grade spirit stones to improve his cultivation.

“I can put aside my qi cultivation, and increase my body refinement first.”

Li Fuchen didn’t plan to increase his qi cultivation as he knew that five peak-grade spirit stones weren’t enough.

The progress from peak state of 9th level Law Phase Realm to half-saint might only be one level, but the amount of energy required was astounding. If the qi capacity of the peak state 9th level Law Phase Realm was a basin of water, then the qi capacity of the half-saint was a jar of mud. It be the quantity or quality, they were on different levels.

The difficulty to increase the body refinement level was relatively smaller as Li Fuchen’s current body refinement level was already at the middle state of completion level of Law Phase Realm. It wasn’t considered too far away from the perfection level of Law Phase Realm. Five peak-grade spirit stones should be enough.

However, it was far from enough to become a body refinement half-saint. 50 peak-grade spirit stones were probably not enough either.

Peak of middle state, completion level of Law Phase Realm.

Later state, completion level of Law Phase Realm.

Peak of later state, completion level of Phase Realm.

After using five peak-grade spirit stones, Li Fuchen’s body refinement level was stuck at the peak of the later state of completion level of Law Phase Realm. He was just one step away from the perfection level of Law Phase Realm.

Li Fuchen let out a bitter laugh, “The Hand of God has terrifying qi power, five peak-grade spirit stones aren’t enough to break through half a level. This is only at the Hand of Moon. If this is the Hand of Sun, the amount of peak-grade spirit stones required is probably going to double.”

Without any increase in body refinement level, his physical defenses naturally didn’t increase too. This wasn’t what Li Fuchen wanted to see.

Flying into the sky, Li Fuchen arrived at the thunderbolt layer and the heat layer again.

For this coming period of time, he was planning to temper his qi power here everyday.

Half a month…

One month…

Two months…

Perhaps it was due to the small step away to breakthrough, or it might be due to the remnants of the peak-grade spirit stones’ spirit qi that lingered deep in the body, after two months, Li Fuchen’s body refinement level suddenly broke through to the perfection level of Law Phase Realm.

Li Fuchen felt as though he could hear his flesh was restructuring and his body toughness was instantly increased. The law field around his body was greatly enhanced. The Star Immortal Body was still at the intermediate stage, but it was at the peak of the intermediate stage. His entire body was like steel, even his hair was extremely durable. Weapons couldn’t hurt him easily and he was now confident to even contest with a mid-tier demonic beast overlord. At least, he wouldn’t be destroyed in a single touch.

“It is a pity that I cannot reach the Hand of Sun for now. If I can reach the Hand of Sun, mid-tier demonic beast overlords are nothing.”

The Hand of God was definitely the most terrifying and strongest body refinement methodology in the universe. The Hand of Star, Hand of Moon, and Hand of Sun might only be heaven class high-tier, but in terms of power, the Hand of Star was like a qi martial art that was close to extremity. The Hand of Moon would be a qi martial art that was limitlessly close to extremity. While the Hand of Sun should be a regular extremity martial art.

As the Hand of God was a body refinement methodology, it would just increase the offense power, it would also increase the qi power. Once Li Fuchen reached the Hand of Sun, his body refinement strength would most certainly surpass his sword dao strength.

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