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Chapter 775: Continuous Burst of Power

Translator: jinzeffect

“It is said that the Emotionless Sword Emperor’s emotionless sword dao only has two moves. One is Emotion Extinction and the other is Remembrance Break. During the last Swordsmen Tournament, apart from the Sword Emperor, Sword Sovereign, and the Heart Sword Sovereign, no one else was able to withstand his sword move, Emotion Extinction.”

Li Fuchen was also rather interested in the Emotionless Sword Emperor’s emotionless sword dao. His Sect Origin Sword might have been born, but it could absorb more sword dao essence to grow stronger.

On the martial stage, it was the first time Murong Youyu used the strategy to defend and counterattack. She gathered a layer of water light and it contained a flow of sword light that was reserved.

Once everything was prepared and just as Murong Youyu was going to attack... a dazzling radiance defeated Murong Youyu.

The water light that surrounded her had already been penetrated. Her shoulder burst out with a stream of blood and she was pinned on the barrier. After a breath, she then slid down.

“This isn’t Emotion Extinction.” The Heart Sword Sovereign had a grave expression.

When dealing with Murong Youyu, the Emotionless Sword Emperor didn’t even use his sword move. It meant that he merely executed a normal sword attack and it was already comparable to the Heart Sword’s third move.

“What? A single sword to defeat Murong Youyu?”

The audiences were in an uproar.

Earlier on, the Heart Sword Sovereign took three swords to completely defeat Murong Youyu. The Emotionless Sword Emperor took just one sword.

“Too powerful. The Emotionless Sword Emperor is even stronger than the Heart Sword Sovereign. Previously, I thought that the Heart Sword Sovereign would be 1st place in this year’s Swordsmen Tournament.”

“That might not be the case. If the Heart Sword Sovereign wanted, he could also defeat Murong Youyu in a single sword.”

“That is true.”

The Emotionless Sword Emperor’s unfeeling move allowed everyone to witness the terror of the Emotionless Sword Emperor again. It was comparable to the Heart Sword Sovereign. No, the Heart Sword Sovereign wasn’t as terrifying as they didn’t have the same style.


Saber Emperor Chu Kuang nodded as the Emotionless Sword Emperor’s strength was enough to attract his attention. However, it was far from enough to really enter his vision.

Before reaching their level, it was impossible to know the insane amount of strength required to reach their ranks. People not at the same level would have a hard time withstanding a single move. The Saber Demon Miao Chengxin was able to receive five moves from Chu Kuang because the latter wasn’t using his full strength. Otherwise, a regular saber move was enough to defeat Miao Chengxin.

Of course, Miao Chengxin’s strength was undeniable. On the Great Emperor Rankings, Miao Chengxin was ranked 34th, but in reality, he was probably ranked top 15 or even higher.

“Ning Que, 20 years ago, you were defeated by me in 10 moves. I wonder how many moves you can withstand from me now.” Inside the top-class private room, the Sword Sovereign had closed eyes as he spoke to himself.

“So this is the Emotionless Sword Emperor’s strength?” Murong Youyu let out a bitter smile.

Before the Swordsmen Tournament, she was very confident and believed her strength was enough to strive for top three. From the looks of it now, she was overconfident. Be it the veteran swordsmen like the Emotionless Sword Emperor and the Heart Sword Sovereign, or the uprising swordsmen like Li Jianxin and Li Fuchen, they all had superior sword dao talent. She might not be able to contest with them even if she had a few dozen years.

“The emotionless sword dao simply pursued for fast, accurate, and ruthless. There is nothing else mixed within.” Li Fuchen used a single glance to see the true essence of the emotionless sword dao.

The emotionless sword dao wasn’t given the name of emotionless for no reason. Only those people that were truly emotionless in their heart could allow their sword to reach the extremity of fast, accurate, and ruthless. If there was a trace of emotion, there would be a trace of flaw and obstruction in the emotionless sword dao.

The Emotionless Sword Emperor had yet to achieve true emotionlessness, but he was very close. Such a sword which was close to emotionless could only be withstood by a few.

“Martial stage 3, Li Jianxin against Tang Xing.”

The Swordsmen Tournament was nearing the end. The strongest participating swordsmen were all encountering each other.

On the martial stage, Li Jianxin had indifferent eyes, while Tang Xing had serious eyes with battle intent.

“One sword.” Li Jianxin declared.

“Arrogant.” Tang Xing raised his brows and emitted a trace of anger.

Even if the Emotionless Sword Emperor was able to defeat Murong Youyu in a single sword, it didn’t mean that Li Jianxin couldn’t defeat Tang Xing in a single move.

Firstly, Li Jianxin wasn’t the Emotionless Sword Emperor.

Secondly, Tang Xing wasn’t Murong Youyu either.

“If I use one more sword move, it will be my loss. Be careful now.”

Li Jianxin’s sword had an ancient and unadorned form. When it was unsheathed, the light from the blade was like a flow of water. It gave off a very natural and unforced feeling.

Even though Tang Xing felt that Li Jianxin was very arrogant, Tang Xing still didn’t dare to be careless. His body was covered in sword light as he condensed the stars mirage.

There wasn’t any sword light or sword qi. Li Jianxin executed his sword move.

This sword was extremely penetrative and extremely fast.

It was actually as fast as the Emotionless Sword Emperor’s sword.

Once Li Jianxin executed his sword move, Tang Xing’s stars mirage was immediately pierced through and blood spurted out.

After executing a sword move, Li Jianxin turned around and walked down the stage, leaving behind Tang Xing who had a frightened expression.

Too fast. It was so fast that Tang Xing could only see an afterimage.

His spiritual awareness reacted, but his body couldn’t even react.

At the same time, this sword was too dreadful as all the force was condensed into one point. His stars sword dao was like a piece of paper that couldn’t withstand a single blow.

The Heart Sword Sovereign frowned. Li Jianxin’s sword contained sword dao presence. It was profound and mystical, but it didn’t reach a state where it was unacceptable. But how was Li Jianxin’s sword so fast and so powerful? Could it be the relationship between Li Jianxin and his sword dao?

The Emotionless Sword Emperor was also in deep thoughts.

Only Li Fuchen knew clearly that Li Jianxin’s sword could reach this extent of power because of the sword heart that was condensed. With the sword heart, the sword dao could then be utilized to the extremity. Otherwise, a huge portion of power and mystic would be wasted every time.


The audiences were stunned and felt like they were fools.

At first when the Heart Sword Sovereign displayed shocking strength, they assumed the Heart Sword Sovereign would be no.1 in this year’s Swordsmen Tournament.

Afterwards, they thought it would be the Emotionless Sword Emperor who would be no.1.

Right now, they felt that Li Jianxin would be no.1.

How were they going to continue predicting? Their faces were already swollen from all the self slaps!

“It is impossible to guess!”

“That’s right, it is really impossible to predict the 1st ranker. Anyone is possible.”

“Li Fuchen might also be possible. In any case, I will not underestimate any of those four.”

As everyone was discussing, they were also giving higher ratings to Li Fuchen.

“Sword heart.” Saber Emperor Chu Kuang’s eyes released radiance as he spoke with a heavy tone.

“Sword heart?”

Miao Chengxin was stunned first then he blurted out, “How is that possible?”

According to what he knew, the dao heart was the final obstacle in order to step into the saint’s realm. Once the dao heart was condensed, one would basically be able to enter the saint’s realm.

Li Jianxin was only at the pinnacle state of 9th level Law Phase Realm and wasn’t even a half-saint. He was obviously still very far from becoming a saint.

“How is it not possible? According to what I know, the Sword Emperor has also condensed the sword heart. The Great Emperor Rankings’ 1st ranker, the Heaven Emperor has also condensed the dao heart. Don’t use your insight to judge them.” Chu Kuang said indifferently.

“Could it be?” Miao Chengxin looked at Chu Kuang.

If Chu Kuang could see that Li Jianxin had condensed the sword heart, didn’t it mean that Chu Kuang had also condensed his dao heart?

At this moment, Miao Chengxin felt the distance between him and Chu Kuang getting widened so much that it was impossible to describe with words.

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