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Chapter 774: Sect Origin Sword

Translator: jinzeffect

“How is he so strong?” The Saber Demon Miao Chengxin had a gloomy expression.

The strength that Li Fuchen displayed was already catching up to him.

“You aren’t a match for him.” The Saber Emperor Chu Kuang said indifferently.

Chu Kuang already found out from Miao Chengxin that Li Fuchen was the Miao Clan’s enemy.

Chu Kuang wasn’t trying to crack down on Miao Chengxin, but he was able to see that Li Fuchen had been fighting with ease all this time. He knew that Li Fuchen was obviously not fighting at full strength yet.

Miao Chengxin understood Chu Kuang’s meaning and had an even gloomier expression.

“Don’t worry, I will settle him for you.” Chu Kuang said.

“Then I shall trouble Brother Chu.”

Miao Chengxin wasn’t the kind of person who had to keep his face. Li Fuchen’s strength was already beyond his expectations. If he fought with Li Fuchen alone, he wasn’t certain he could win. Only with the help from the Saber Emperor Chu Kuang, it would be almost certain.

“Is this his true strength?”

Murong Youyu was completely convinced. When facing Tang Xing’s stars sword dao, she could contest with force, but when facing Li Fuchen’s void sword dao, she couldn’t do anything. The void dao was known as the most all-rounded dao and the void sword dao was known as the jack of all sword daos.

“Your strength isn’t bad.”

Li Fuchen approved of Murong Youyu’s strength.

His sword dao was no longer like before.

All three moves of the Void Heaven Sword Art had strength that were close to extremity. In the past, only the third move, Void Heaven Sword World was close to sword dao extremity.

Unknowingly, the Swordsmen Tournament was at the final phase.

During this period of time, Murong Youyu went against the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor.

After experiencing the fights earlier, the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor was gradually stabilizing the second level of the scarlet blood sword intent. His strength was enough to put Murong Youyu at a disadvantage and caused her to nearly lose.

But ultimately, the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor still lost.

In everyone’s opinion, it was reasonable for the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor to lose.

Firstly, the soft water sword dao was a natural bane for the blazing fire sword dao.

Secondly, Murong Youyu’s sword dao was slightly superior.

After this match, the rankings were rather clear.

Without any surprises, Murong Youyu would be 6th place, the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor Liu Huo would be 7th place, the Mountain River Sword Emperor Song Shanhe would be 8th place, Yuwen Haojie would be 9th place, Wind Chasing Sword Emperor Zhu Lang would be 10th place. As for the top five, they were naturally the Emotionless Sword Emperor, Heart Sword Sovereign, Li Jianxin, Tang Xing, and Li Fuchen.

The top five were unclear as they had yet to encounter each other.

Everyone guessed that the Heart Sword Sovereign would be at 1st place, while the Emotionless Sword Emperor and Li Jianxin would strive for 2nd place. Li Fuchen and Tang Xing would contest for 4th place. Right now, Li Fuchen’s odds of winning were higher and had a great chance to be 4th place.

“Martial stage 9, Li Fuchen against Tang Xing.”

It was time for everyone to validate their guesses, as Li Fuchen finally encountered Tang Xing.

On the martial stage, Li Fuchen and Tang Xing were 40 meters apart. Their sword prowesses were the first to clash.

Li Fuchen’s void sword prowess had layers and stacks, it was like an echoing canyon and was hidden with killer intent.

Tang Xing’s stars sword prowess was dense and dominant, it was strong on the inside and tough on the outside.

When the two kinds of special sword prowesses clashed, it felt like a comet smashing on the ground. The commotion produced wasn’t inferior to a fight between two absolute swordsmen.

“Stars Revolution.”

Tang Xing was first to make the move. Sword qi tumbled forward like an unstoppable star that was constantly rolling.

Crack Crack Crack...

On the martial stage, there were plenty of tiny cracks. It was a sign that the martial stage couldn’t withstand the pressure from the stars sword prowess.

Of course, the martial stage had arrays and as soon as the cracks appeared, they would be mended, maintaining the condition of the martial stage.

Seeing the situation, Li Fuchen drew his sword and welcomed the sword prowess and sword qi. The attack was instantly diverted and blasted at the barrier behind Li Fuchen.

The barrier shook with waves.

“Bright Like Sun Star.”

The sword qi burst out with light and was just like the sun. It was dense and had glorious aura.

When facing Li Fuchen, Tang Xing immediately used his full strength, unlike when he fought with the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor and Murong Youyu. Tang Xing’s stars sword dao was good at offense and defense. Its offense wasn’t inferior to Murong Youyu, but its defense was far superior to Murong Youyu. Even if Li Fuchen was able to defeat Murong Youyu, Li Fuchen might not be able to defeat him.

This time, Li fuchen had a slight difficulty diverting Tang Xing’s sword prowess and sword qi.

“Starfall Cloud Scatter.”

Tang Xing executed moves with extreme speed and followed up closely. Before the previous sword prowess could disperse, he had already connected the next sword move. He wasn’t going to allow Li Fuchen any chance to breathe.

This sword was just like a star falling which scattered the clouds as it descended. It gave off a desolate destruction aura.

“Just in time.”

Li Fuchen thrust with his sword and when thrusting, it seemed like the sword was drawing small circles.

When Tang Xing’s sword move made contact with Li Fuchen’s sword, it felt as though it was getting siphoned. Be it the sword prowess or sword qi, it was totally siphoned. Tang Xing was frightened as he jumped up and quickly changed another move.

Without exchanging moves with Li Fuchen, it wasn’t possible to know the terror of the void sword dao. If the stars sword dao was able to attack and defend, then the void sword dao was the enhanced version of the stars sword dao. In terms of frontal force, the stars sword dao was inferior.

“Stars Aurora.”

While in mid-air, Tang Xing executed the Stars Sword Art’s kill move.

A dazzling sword light pierced through the void and thrust straight at Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen felt a certain-kill intent from the sword and felt the true meaning of extreme weakness.

Li Fuchen’s eyes reflected the radiance of the sword and suddenly froze in place.

If someone could see Li Fuchen’s eyes, they would see that endless sword light was surging out from his pupils.

“Ten thousand swords are born, and the primary extreme returns to origin.”

Inside Li Fuchen’s mind, a mnemonic chant appeared out of nowhere.

After experiencing dozens of matches, Li Fuchen absorbed dozens of sword dao essence. These sword dao essences might be totally unrelated to Li Fuchen’s sword dao, but they were actually connected by numerous strands and threads.

After all, Li Fuchen’s sword dao was the primary extreme sword dao. The primary extreme sword dao was the origin of sword dao, therefore, it had an unbreakable connection with all sword daos.

During the match with Murong Youyu, Li Fuchen already had a faint feeling that the Sect Origin Sword was about to emerge. After the clash with Tang Xing, the Sect Origin Sword was finally born.

This sword move was totally natural. Instead of saying that Li Fuchen created it, it was better to say that Li Fuchen borrowed the primary extreme sword dao and great amounts of sword dao essences in order to fuse them into a sword move. The power of the move felt so overwhelming that even Li Fuchen thought he couldn’t control it.

On the martial stage, Tang Xing’s sword was just one inch away from Li Fuchen.

Everyone was astonished and confused. Li Fuchen still had the upper hand earlier, but in just an instant, Tang Xing turned the tables and was about to strike at Li Fuchen.

Tang Xing was also astonished, but at this moment, he didn’t think so much and his only thought was to defeat Li Fuchen.


The sword tip was almost touching Li Fuchen’s skin.

Right at this moment, a massive sword force burst out from Li Fuchen’s body. Tang Xing was sent flying with a shock while he vomited a huge mouthful of blood, resulting in a pale complexion.

“How is this possible?” Tang Xing was appalled.

Tang Xing didn’t know that this sword force wasn’t voluntarily emitted by Li Fuchen, it was produced from Sect Origin Sword. Furthermore, this sword force was just a trace of the newly formed Sect Origin Sword.

“Ten thousand swords are born, and the primary extreme returns to origin.”

Li Fuchen achieved enlightenment. The overflowing sword light dispersed and he was reverted to normal.

The Sect Origin Sword was considered a sword move with its own spirit. Even if Li Fuchen didn’t use it, as long as someone attacked him, it would activate the Sect Origin Sword. Of course, Li Fuchen stopped it, he could reduce the power of the Sect Origin Sword so that he wouldn’t accidentally kill anyone.

Apart from that, the Sect Origin Sword could automatically extract sword dao essences to strengthen itself. It also meant that Li Fuchen didn’t have to intentionally cultivate the Sect Origin Sword, but it would still get stronger until it reached the sword dao extremity.

“Such a terrifying move.”

The Sect Origin Sword might be birthed by Li Fuchen, but he still felt amazed by this sword move.

With this sword move, even if Li Fuchen temporarily lost his consciousness, no one would be able to get near him.

“Even Tang Xing lost. Apart from the top 4, rest of the rankings have been decided.”

No one was surprised that Li Fuchen could defeat Tang Xing, after all, Tang Xing was just slightly superior to Murong Youyu.

“What place will Li Fuchen be?”

At the start, no one had any expectations of Li Fuchen. Right now, everyone felt that Li Fuchen was able to contest with the top few participants.

“I think he will be 4th place! Those three are too formidable. After dozens of matches, they have crushed all their opponents.”

“There are still chances for 3rd place. Apart from the Heart Sword Sovereign who is too powerful. The strength displayed by the Emotionless Sword Emperor and Li Jianxin aren’t enough to overwhelm Li Fuchen.”

“That’s right, he doesn’t just have chances for 3rd place, he has a chance even for 2nd place.”

There were plenty who had great expectations of Li Fuchen.

“Martial stage 4, Ning Que against Murong Youyu.”

As everyone was still discussing the referee’s voice startled everyone.

The Emotionless Sword Emperor Ning Que was finally going to make a move again. His earlier opponents were too weak and no one was able to see the Emotionless Sword Emperor’s true strength.

Since Murong Youyu was able to force the Heart Sword Sovereign to use his third move, she should be able to force the Emotionless Sword Emperor to be a little serious.

Below the martial stage, be it the Heart Sword Sovereign or Li Jianxin, they were both paying attention.

“Emotionless Sword Emperor. It has been 20 years, I wonder what your strength level is now.”

The Heart Sword Sovereign held great regards for the Emotionless Sword Emperor. In his opinion, only the Emotionless Sword Emperor Ning Que could be his opponent. He still didn’t know of Li Jianxin’s real strength, therefore, he only considered Li Jianxin as half an opponent.

20 years ago, the Heart Sword Sovereign was defeated by the Emotionless Sword Emperor. He was very clear of the Emotionless Sword Emperor’s terrifying sword dao talent. He wasn’t certain he could win even though he created the sixth move.

“I hope you will not disappoint me.”

Li Jianxin had calm eyes and no one was able to tell what he was thinking.

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