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Chapter 776: Going Against Heart Sword Sovereign

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“It is finally time for the duels between the pinnacles.

Once Li Jianxin defeated Tang Xing, the 5th to 10th place were confirmed. They were Tang Xing, Murong Youyu, Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor Liu Huo, Mountain River Sword Emperor Song Shanhe, Yuwen Haojie, and Wind Chasing Sword Emperor Zhu Lang.。

The top four were naturally the Emotionless Sword Emperor Ning Que, Heart Sword Sovereign Xiao Yuan, Li Jianxin, and Li Fuchen.

There were only a few matches left and for the rest of the tournament, the four would encounter each other, starting the duels between the pinnacles.

After Li Jianxin defeated Tang Xing, the Emotionless Sword Emperor and Heart Sword Sovereign had also defeated Tang Xing one after the other.

The difference was the Emotionless Sword Emperor only used one sword move, while the Heart Sword Sovereign used three sword moves.

This didn’t mean that the Emotionless Sword Emperor was stronger than the Heart Sword Sovereign. The Heart Sword Sovereign would always use the Heart Sword’s first move whenever he fought. He wouldn’t skip to the third move or the fourth move. Otherwise, not even two Tang Xing would be able to block a single sword move from the Heart Sword Sovereign.

“Martial stage 7, Xiao Yuan against Li Fuchen.”

Once the referee announced the match, the audiences were in an uproar. Even the participants under the stage were also very lively. Everyone couldn’t help discussing.

The Heart Sword Sovereign was 4th ranked on the Sword Emperor Rankings. His strength and reputation had been equivalent to the Emotionless Sword Emperor, chasing after the Sword Emperor and the Sword Sovereign. In the sword dao circle, when mentioning formidable swordsmen, it was hard to avoid the Heart Sword Sovereign. If the Sword Emperor and the Sword Sovereign were the symbols of the sword dao circle, then the Emotionless Sword Emperor and the Heart Sword Sovereign were the tall mountains in the sword dao circle and were equally revered.

Li Fuchen was considered nameless before the Swordsmen Tournament. During the start of the tournament, he wasn’t really outstanding either, but as time passed by, Li Fuchen would overturn everyone’s understanding of him. Right now, there were many who couldn’t understand how Li Fuchen made it to this phase.

One was a sword dao circle’s tall mountain, the other was the sword dao circle’s rising star. The match between the two could be said to be a clash in the sword dao circle.

“Who do you think will laugh at the end?”

“Is there a need to think? It is surely the Heart Sword Sovereign. Until now, the Heart Sword Sovereign has only used the Heart Sword’s third move and has yet to use the last three moves. With Li Fuchen’s strength, it would be extremely praiseworthy for him to force out the fifth move. Once the Heart Sword Sovereign uses the sixth move, Li Fuchen would lose for sure.”

“I think the Heart Sword Sovereign is stronger too. The heart sword dao is one of the strongest sword daos after all.”

“That is true, it doesn’t mean that Li Fuchen doesn’t have any chance at all. Don’t forget that Li Fuchen has yet to use his full strength until now. Nothing is clear yet.”

“So what if he hid his strength? Even if he hid ten times of his strength, it is still hard for him to defeat the Heart Sword Sovereign.”

Most of the audience felt that the Heart Sword Sovereign had better chances.

There was nothing to be done. A person’s reputation spoke of everything. The Heart Sword Sovereign’s prestige for dozens of years was something that Li Fuchen didn’t have.

Huff Huff Huff...

The barrier of the martial stage had ripples that appeared.

It was the confrontation between the duo’s sword prowesses.

In fact, the duo didn’t intentionally emit their sword prowesses. Their sword prowesses were mutually attracted and were automatically emitted.

If a description must be given, this could actually be considered a kind of sword dao resonance.

The others couldn’t see it, but Tang Xing and Murong Youyu who experienced sword dao resonance immediately saw that this was a sword dao resonance. It might be a weaker sword dao resonance, but this was before they even crossed moves. It would be more intense once they crossed moves.

“Interestingly, he is actually able to produce the sword dao resonance with the Heart Sword Sovereign Xiao Yuan.” The Saber Emperor Chu Kuang let out a faint smile.

If Li Fuchen was too weak, it wouldn’t be meaningful. Only by killing a top-class swordsman would give him a sense of achievement.

“They are finally going to fight.” Miao Xueqing had an expectant expression.

She knew that Li Fuchen was very strong, but she didn’t know exactly how strong.

“Yes, they are going to fight.” Qu Qingyan nodded. This might be her chance to see through Li Fuchen.

On the martial stage, the two sword prowesses were constantly confronting. Countless sword qi were ravaging and clashing in a tiny spatial zone that was invisible to the eyes. There were explosions and blasts that were so soft that it couldn’t be heard.

“You are very strong.” The Heart Sword Sovereign admitted that he underestimated Li Fuchen.

Once the Heart Sword Sovereign made contact with Li Fuchen on the stage, he understood that Li Fuchen was a formidable foe.

“You are not bad either.” Li Fuchen replied.

Unlike others, Li Fuchen’s eyes had calmness, battle intent, and admiration. There weren’t any apprehensive or grave expressions.

“Is that right? I am merely not bad in your eyes.”

The Heart Sword Sovereign turned stern as an intense sword light slashed at Li Fuchen just like a thunderbolt in daytime.

Everyone assumed that the sword wielding Heart Sword Sovereign was the strongest Heart Sword Sovereign. But it wasn’t actually the case. Or should it be said that it wasn’t entirely correct.

The sword wielding Heart Sword Sovereign was indeed the strongest Heart Sword Sovereign, but the swordless Heart Sword Sovereign might not be inferior to a sword wielding Heart Sword Sovereign.

He simply had to use more heart power.

This pure heart sword was injected with massive heart power from the Heart Sword Sovereign. Right now, his eyes were the sword light. When the sword light was shot out, it felt as though it could slice and rip through anything. Furthemore, the speed was too fast and was even faster than the time the Heart Sword Sovereign was wielding his sword. It was basically impossible to defend.

Just as the sword light was going to reach Li Fuchen, everyone could seemingly see Li Fuchen being sent flying.

“Heart sword uh?”

Li Fuchen smirked and when the intense sword light was just one foot away from him, it was immediately eradicated.

“What? He didn’t even draw his sword and was able to immediately break the Heart Sword Sovereign’s heart sword?”

“Does Li Fuchen know the heart sword too?”

“It is probably impossible. I don’t see any signs of heart sword dao on Li Fuchen.”

Everyone was astonished and a little surprised.

The Heart Sword Sovereign frowned. He didn’t think that Li Fuchen knew the heart sword.

But it wasn’t important.

The important point was Li Fuchen breaking his heart sword without drawing the sword. It seemed like there was a terrifying sword dao energy surrounding Li Fuchen.

“The Sect Origin Sword is indeed incredible.” Li Fuchen was satisfied.

The energy that eradicated the heart sword was none other than the Sect Origin Sword.

Right now, Li Fuchen was rather familiar with the Sect Origin Sword and was just testing it earlier. The effects were very powerful. Even if the Heart Sword Sovereign’s heart sword was several times stronger, it was still impossible to defeat the Sect Origin Sword.

Of course, Li Fuchen wasn’t planning to defeat the Heart Sword Sovereign with the Sect Origin Sword.

It would be an overkill. Moreover, he wanted to experience the mystics of the heart sword dao. If he defeated the Heart Sword Sovereign so quickly, it would be meaningless.


The Heart Sword Sovereign finally drew his sword and used the Heart Beat at Li Fuchen.

There was a water ripple, but this wasn’t the ripple of the water dao law, it was the ripple of the sword dao law. The Heart Sword Sovereign made the sword dao law turn into water, just like a person’s heart which had small ripples.

If it was Murong Youyu or Tang Xing who forcefully received this move, they would suffer. It was a pity that the receiver was Li Fuchen. With a thrust, the void sword force broke the Heart Beat and clashed with the Heart Sword Sovereign’s sword.


There was a burst of sparks.

The Heart Sword Sovereign’s body shook vigorously and he couldn’t help taking one step back.

This scene instantly caused a commotion.

This was their first time seeing the Heart Sword Sovereign taking a step back. Furthermore, it wasn’t the Emotionless Sword Emperor or Li Jianxin, it was actually Li Fuchen.

How was this possible? Could Li Fuchen be superior to the Heart Sword Sovereign?

“The match has just started and the Heart Sword Sovereign has only made his first move. Why is there such a hurry to predict the result?”

“That is true, but it is really too shocking.”

“Yes, I really underestimated Li Fuchen. It didn’t matter if he used his full strength. Just this sword move alone is enough to stand high in the sword dao circle. In the future, he will surely become a symbol of the sword dao circle.”

After achieving nothing from the first move, the Heart Sword Sovereign’s eyes turned serious but there was also a trace of excitement.

It had been a long time since he had this feeling. It was wonderful and also very exciting.

“Heart Intoxication.”

The Heart Sword Sovereign used the second move. This sword produced multiple layers of ripples and there was a violent shake. Anyone who fell within would be completely engrossed and lose control. The next thing that happened would be to fall.

Seeing the situation, Li Fuchen drew his sword and twisted it.

Cling Clang...

In just an instant, the duo clashed their swords countless times. The spectators felt they were seeing double visions and hearing illusory sounds.


A long string of sparks burst out and the Heart Sword Sovereign was forced to step back again.

Li Fuchen stated, “Use your third move! I would like to know what it feels like to be heart broken.”

Li Fuchen was very calm, while the audiences were no longer calm.

The Heart Sword Sovereign was forced to step back on the first move, and another time on the second move.

The circumstances seemed to be tilting.

Someone said, “Right now, it will be up to the third and fourth move.”

With soundless footsteps, the Heart Sword Sovereign stood still and said, “As you wish. This is the third move, Heart Wound.”

The Heart Sword Sovereign’s expression was sorrowful and grim as he suddenly attacked Li Fuchen.

It was an ordinary sword but it caused a huge commotion. The sword force was like a whirlpool that swirled frenziedly as though it was going to engulf the world. However, the sword dao presence emitted seemed to be weak and powerless like a heartbroken girl who cried alone.

In an instant, Li Fuchen was engulfed by the whirlpool.

“It is done for.” Murong Youyu shook her head with a pale expression.

She was defeated by this move and knew deeply about the terror of this move.

It was fine if one didn’t get sucked in. Once a person was sucked in, the entire spirit would feel twisted. The heartbroken sword intent would permeate into the spirit and it was impossible to remove.

Right now, her heart still had the sorrowful sword intent.

Unlike Murong Youyu, when Li Fuchen was inside the whirlpool, he wasn’t helpless.

In fact, he got sucked inside intentionally.

Otherwise, how was he going to experience the Heart Sword Sovereign’s sword intent?

Brandishing his sword, Li Fuchen dispersed each sword force. When the Heart Sword Sovereign’s sword force was dispersed, he could feel the trace of sorrow.

“Now I see.”

Li Fuchen’s sword dao perception was so high and when experiencing it himself, he immediately understood the essence of the sword move, Heart Wound.


After understanding the Heart Wound, Li Fuchen split the whirlpool open. “Use your fourth move!”

“Alright, you are the first person in this year’s Swordsmen Tournament that forced me to use the fourth move.”

The Heart Sword Sovereign didn’t mind when Li Fuchen broke through his sword move, Heart Wound. With Li Fuchen’s strength, it wasn’t possible to defeat Li Fuchen with the third move. It was only possible with the fourth move or even the fifth move.

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