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Chapter 773: Sword Move ‘Heart Wound’

Translator: jinzeffect

“Such power.” Murong Youyu had a change of expression.

She thought that she would be able to withstand four sword moves from the Heart Sword Sovereign, if the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor could withstand two sword moves. It seemed like the Heart Sword Sovereign’s Heart Sword had a total of six moves.

She didn’t expect that she was already going to fall after the first sword.

The Heart Sword Sovereign knew that Murong Youyu was thinking, he said indifferently, “When fighting with the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor, I only used a portion of my strength.”

In fact, if the Heart Sword Sovereign wasn’t itching to use his sword, he didn’t even need the sword to defeat the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor.

He was titled the Heart Sword Sovereign after all

“Please use your second move!”

The Heart Sword Sovereign’s overwhelming strength gave rise to Murong Youyu’s desire for combat.

The stronger the opponent, the better it was to force her potential.

“Heart Intoxication.”

The Heart Sword Sovereign would execute his second sword even if Murong Youyu didn’t say anything.

If the first move, Heart Beat was a faint ripple in the lake, then the second move, Heart Intoxication would be multiple ripples. There was a stacked up power that no one could resist and would be intoxicated by it.


Murong Youyu vomited blood and was forced to step back.

Too strong.

The Heart Sword Sovereign was ten times stronger than her imagination.

She was able to forcefully endure the first move, Heart Beat. But she couldn’t resist the second move, Heart Intoxication at all. As soon as she released her sword force, it was immediately dispersed.

“Third sword, Heart Wound.”

The Heart Sword Sovereign had an expression which had a trace of sorrow and a trace of grim. He then brandished his sword.


This ordinary sword caused a gigantic commotion. The sword force was like a whirlpool that sucked Murong Youyu inside.

A person with a heart wound would look normal on the outside, but the inside would be filled with holes. Murong Youyu suffered from the invasion of the sword force and involuntarily revealed a sorrowful expression. It felt like there was nothing left to live for.

But soon enough, Murong Youyu slammed her own chest and forced herself to vomit blood.

As the sorrowful feeling was relieved, Murong Youyu had an frightened expression.

It was too dreadful.

She had never encountered such a terrifying swordsman. His attack wasn’t just powerful, but had mystical forces. It could even invade the spirit and cause damage to the spirit. When facing such a powerful opponent, she couldn’t do anything at all.

“Use your fourth move!”

Murong Youyu had a sudden urge to find out the Heart Sword Sovereign’s fourth sword move.

The Heart Sword Sovereign shook his head, “You cannot even withstand my third sword, how will you withstand the fourth sword?”

After speaking, the Heart Sword Sovereign turned around and walked off the stage.

“Third sword...”

Murong Youyu turned pale suddenly and repeatedly vomited blood.

“I understand now.”

At this moment, Murong Youyu understood the quintessence of the Heart Sword’s third move.

This move was like a true sorrow that wouldn’t disperse so quickly. It felt just like experiencing an extremely sad incident. Even if someone tried to make you laugh, it would only be temporary, but as soon as you recall about the incident, you would feel sad again.

“No one can match the Heart Sword Sovereign in this year’s Swordsmen Tournament.”

Murong Youyu looked at the back of the Heart Sword Sovereign with admiration and fear.

“I am already unable to endure the third sword. What if he used the fourth, fifth and the final sixth sword? Who will be able to withstand it?”

“The Heart Sword Sovereign is indeed formidable, too formidable.”

“It is said that no one ever saw the Heart Sword Sovereign’s sixth move. I wonder what is the power of the sixth move?”

“It is true that no one witnessed the Heart Sword Sovereign’s sixth move. After all, he only had five moves in the previous Swordsmen Tournament. This sixth move was probably created during the last 20 years.”

Discussions were going on below the stage and among the audience.

The Heart Sword Sovereign’s strength was truly terrifying. Murong Youyu’s strength was already proven to be formidable, but she couldn’t even withstand the third sword move.

“Heart Beat, Heart Intoxication, Heart Wound, what is the fourth move?”

Li Fuchen was really curious about the Heart Sword Sovereign’s next move, more curious than Murong Youyu.

Apart from Ordinary Sword Emperor, Xu Pingfan’s ordinary sword dao, the Heart Sword Sovereign’s heart sword dao was definitely one of the most peculiar sword dao. It was even more peculiar than the Emotionless Sword Emperor’s emotionless sword dao. It was actually more peculiar than Li Fuchen’s own primary extreme sword dao. In Li Fuchen’s opinion, the primary extreme sword dao was the most orthodox sword dao and couldn’t be considered peculiar.

Li Fuchen looked at the Emotionless Sword Emperor, Ning Que and Li Jianxin. He realized that there weren’t any changes to their reactions.

“This year’s Swordsmen Tournament is rather interesting.” Li Fuchen revealed a faint smile.

He was certain that if the Sword Emperor and the Sword Sovereign didn’t improve enough during the last 20 years, they wouldn’t be a match for the Heart Sword Sovereign, the Emotionless Sword Emperor, and Li Jianxin. Of course, it wasn’t really possible for the Sword Emperor and Sword Sovereign’s improvement to be small. However, it also showed how terrifying the trio’s strength was. Their sword dao talents were right behind the Sword Emperor and Sword Sovereign.

Inside a top-class private room, a swordsman emitting a sword sovereign qi prowess said indifferently, “If the sixth move’s power is five times stronger than the fifth move, he is indeed qualified to fight with me.”

20 years ago, he had exchanged moves with the Heart Sword Sovereign. That time, the Heart Sword Sovereign’s fifth move was instantly destroyed by him. Therefore, the fifth move wasn’t a threat to him at all, even if the Heart Sword Sovereign enhanced it.

If someone was here, they would definitely recognize this swordsman. It was none other than the Sword Sovereign.

The Sword Sovereign was a sovereign of the sword. His sword was standing high and would strike down from above.

As the matches continued, the rankings were already more or less clear. Everyone had a clear list for at least the top 10.

“Martial stage 2, Liu Huo against Tang Xing.”

The Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor, Liu Huo, might have been defeated by Li Fuchen, but he had a breakthrough in strength. He was now a powerful opponent and not even Tang Xing could relax.

Boom Boom Boom...

The duo clashed immediately.

In terms of style, both of them had a preference in frontal combat, unlike Li Fuchen who had various styles.

50 moves, 100 moves...

The Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor was stronger than everyone’s expectations. Many assumed that even if he had an impromptu breakthrough, he would still be slightly weaker than Tang Xing and Murong Youyu. But after 100 moves, the duo were still equally matched, and no one had the upper hand.

“It isn’t simple to fuse the fire sword intent and the qi blood power. If the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor could walk further on this path, he would be qualified to contest for the 1st rank in the Swordsmen Tournament.”

Li Fuchen understood deeply about the terror of the scarlet blood sword intent. It was a fusion of sword dao and body refinement dao. It was a pity that the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor had just stepped into the door. Even with Li Fuchen’s stimulation, the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor had only broken through to the second level. There should still be the third, and fourth level.

Li Fuchen reckoned that if the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor had complete control of the second level, he would be able to defeat Tang Xing and Murong Youyu. If he had control of the third level, he would be able to contest for the 1st rank of the Swordsmen Tournament. By then, even Li Fuchen wouldn’t be able to win easily.

After 150 moves, the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor still lost.

As compared to Tang Xing, the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor was still weaker by a little. After all, he had just broken through earlier.

“Martial stage 5, Murong Youyu against Li Fuchen.”

It was yet another heavyweight match.

With the healing from the healing array, Murong Youyu’s injuries were almost recovered and her spiritual injuries were fine. The feeling of Heart Wound was faint and it wouldn’t affect her fight. Unless the Heart Sword Sovereign was proficient in spiritual attacks.

“Murong Youyu is probably not a match for Li Fuchen.”

“Indeed, Tang Xing is just slightly stronger than the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor and should be evenly matched with Li Fuchen or might even be inferior. Murong Youyu who lost to Tang Xing probably wouldn’t be a match for Li Fuchen.”

“That might not be true. During the fight with Li Fuchen, the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor’s scarlet blood sword intent had just broken through and wasn’t familiar enough. During the fight with Tang Xing, the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor was obviously stronger and more familiar with the scarlet blood sword intent.”

“The match is starting. We will know who is stronger after it is over.”

As everyone was discussing, the match was already reaching the climax.

Murong Youyu’s water drip sword dao was a rare offensive sword dao among the soft water sword daos. In offense, it could even contest with Tang Xing’s stars sword dao.

On the martial stage, the droplets of water were like crossbow bolts that were speeding at Li Fuchen. Each water droplet contained a powerful impact force and sword force. If the opponent’s defense was penetrated, the consequences would be disastrous.

However, it didn’t matter how powerful Murong Youyu’s water drip sword dao was. When facing Li Fuchen’s Void Heaven Sword Art, she couldn’t form an effective attack. Li Fuchen’s sword simply had to make a turn to divert Murong Youyu’s attack.

“The void sword dao is too insane. How is anyone going to contest?”

“There are special bone frames among bone frames, there are also special sword daos. As compared to the stars sword dao, the void sword dao is actually superior.”

Everyone shook their heads as they saw Murong Youyu’s attacks getting easily diverted.

The void sword dao was too mysterious. Unless the attack power could overcome the limits of the void sword dao, it was impossible to even touch the void sword dao swordsman.


Murong Youyu couldn’t land an attack on Li Fuchen, but Li Fuchen’s attacks could land easily. He executed the Blade of Void After executing the Blade of Void, Murong Youyu’s body was scored with a sword wound. Before blood could spill out from the wound, the powerful void sword force had already disintegrated the blood.

“Obliteration Ripple.”

Murong Youyu’s eyes flashed with radiance as she used her kill move. In the void were black ripples that spread out from Murong Youyu. When Li Fuchen’s void sword prowess encountered the ripple, it immediately appeared to be sluggish.

The ripples were spreading with extreme speed and immediately arrived in front of Li Fuchen.

As soon as the ripples spread out, Murong Youyu brandished her sword. An icy cold, black, and translucent sword thrust at Li Fuchen.

When facing the translucent sword, Li Fuchen had a feeling as though he was going to be hit.

“There are obvious signs that the water drop sword heart is about to be condensed.” Li Fuchen had a clear thought.

“However, it is still not enough.”

Li Fuchen’s sword struck at the tip of the translucent sword accurately, clashing with Murong Youyu’s sword.


There was a burst of the sword clash. Murong Youyu’s sword curved and there was a distortion in the spatial zone. She was falling back while vomiting blood.

“It is almost clear now. This year’s Swordsmen Tournament will only have four individuals contesting for 1st rank. They are the Emotionless Sword Emperor Ning Que, Heart Sword Sovereign Xiao Yuan, Li Jianxin, and Li Fuchen.”

“That’s right, only those four are qualified to contest for 1st rank. The rest aren’t good enough.”

“Li Fuchen is still lacking a little right? The Heart Sword Sovereign defeated Murong Youyu in just three swords.”

“That might be true, but Li Fuchen hasn’t been defeated yet, right? There are still some chances.”

Everyone had expectations for Li Fuchen but it wasn’t too high nor too low. It was mainly due to the overwhelming performance from the Heart Sword Sovereign. Let alone Li Fuchen, the Emotionless Sword Emperor and Li Jianxin might not be a match either.

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