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Chapter 772: Void Sword Dao

Translator: jinzeffect

Boom Boom Boom Boom…

Blood was oozing out from the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor’s mouth. There were also streaks of blood spurting from his body. As soon as those blood left the body, they would be turned into blood mist by the sword qi. Had it not been for the scarlet blood sword intent, the blood would have disintegrated instead.

When facing Li Fuchen’s Meteor Sword Art, the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor couldn’t even fight back and could only instinctively resist.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” The Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor yelled out and was constantly bursting out with scarlet blood sword intent.

“Still not breaking through?”

Li Fuchen increased his sword prowess significantly. If the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor wasn’t able to resist this sword, then Li Fuchen was going to end it. It wasn’t a must for him to see the scarlet blood sword intent after the breakthrough.

The radiating sword light looked unstoppable and instantly shattered the scarlet blood sword intent. Just as it was about to land on the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor, a layer of bloody and fiery sword intent surged out, blasting Li Fuchen away.

After landing on the ground, Li Fuchen looked up. In his vision, the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor was enveloped in a layer of bloody flame and was emitting a horrifying sword intent.

“He is finally breaking through!” Li Fuchen smiled.

“Breaking through during battle?”

Most of the people couldn’t see that Li Fuchen was forcing the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor to break through. They assumed that the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor was breaking through during a crisis and were all extremely impressed. At the same time, they were breaking a sweat for Li Fuchen. Before breaking through, Li Fuchen was already having a hard time taking down the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor. How could Li Fuchen still be a match after the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor broke through?

“Asking for trouble.”

There were plenty who could see that Li Fuchen had yet to use his full strength and was seemingly pushing the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor.

Now that the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor was breaking through, these people were shaking their heads and sneering.

Before breaking through, the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor was just slightly inferior to Murong Youyu. Right now, not even Murong Youyu might be able to defeat the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor, let alone Li Fuchen.

“Thank you for allowing me to break through.” Emitting a thick blood fire sword intent, the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor lifted his head while speaking with arrogance and confidence.

“Make your move then. Let me see what level you reached after breaking through.” Li Fuchen said.

“Right now, my strength is several times stronger. You will not be a match for me. But to thank you, I shall fulfil your wish. Receive my first move, Unbounded Scarlet Fire.”

The Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor’s sword surged with blood fire and suddenly cleaved at Li Fuchen.


There was a dazzling blood light that burst out from the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor and rushed at Li Fuchen like a wave of blood.

After observing closely, it wasn’t a wave of blood, it was actually countless blood fire sword qi being packed together.

As compared to the previous Unbounded Scarlet Fire, there was a change in form this time. Furthermore, the sword prowess was several times more violent.

“Looks good.” Li Fuchen put his sword horizontally in front and produced a sword intent to block the blood wave.

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

The blood wave was aggressive and violent, but it couldn’t push through.

Heaven class high-tier defensive sword move, Sky Ring Sword Armor.

The Sky Ring Sword Armor that was close to extremity had a sword dao aura that felt like an iron wall. Sword moves of the same level couldn’t possibly break it. Even if Li Fuchen executed the Meteor Sword Art, it was hard to break this defense.


The Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor’s eyes turned sharp as he blasted over the sword move, Scarlet Fire Dragon.

The sword qi was transformed into a blood fire dragon which dented the Sky Ring Sword Armor, but it was still lacking a little to shatter the defense.

Right now, the audiences were puzzled. They didn’t know if the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor had broken through or not. Why did it feel like he was still unable to handle Li Fuchen?

But if he didn’t break through, why would there be prominent transformations to the scarlet blood sword intent.

“The strength increase is roughly five times. I reckon that his strength will continue to increase after he becomes familiar with high blood fire sword intent.”

Li Fuchen was very relaxed, he had already understood the blood fire sword intent. The fusion of fire and qi blood would produce blood steam and it was extremely powerful. When fused into the sword dao, it would make the sword dao more explosive and violent.

Li Fuchen simply wanted to extract this trace of unique sword dao quintessence.

Gradually, the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor felt something was wrong too.

Li Fuchen obviously hid his strength earlier. Therefore, he was still unable to defeat Li Fuchen after he broke through.

“You hid your strength?” The Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor asked with anger.

Li Fuchen replied, “I can’t say that I hid my strength. I can only say that you are unable to force my full strength. Furthermore, I saw that you had signs of breaking through, therefore, I aided you. I hope that you can fight with me at full strength.”

“Aided me to break through?” Hearing this statement, the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor was enlightened.

No wonder he was able to break through so smoothly. He had a feeling that Li Fuchen’s attacks were always just right and pushed him to the limits. However, it didn’t exceed the limit and was kept in the safe zone. Only the last sword surpassed his limits, but he had already accumulated enough and because of the pressure, he was able to break through.

Right now, he didn’t know if he should thank Li Fuchen or hate Li Fuchen as Li Fuchen was simply toying with him.

The audience had also heard Li Fuchen. They were all looking at each other with confusion.

It turned out that the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor didn’t break through himself and it was Li Fuchen who pushed him to break through. Why did it sound so weird?

“What is your motive?” The Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor questioned Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen smiled and answered, “There is no motive, I just wanted to make use of the chance to perfect my sword dao.”

Li Fuchen didn’t hide his intention and said it openly.

“I see.”

The Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor was enlightened. He might not know how Li Fuchen was perfecting his sword dao, he didn’t understand why Li Fuchen had to do it to this extent, but they were not important. The most important thing was for him to defeat Li Fuchen.

He wanted Li Fuchen to know there was a price to toy with him, the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor.

The blood fire sword intent was burning even more violently under the influence from the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor. The Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor leaped up and executed the Scarlet Fire Universe. leaped up and blasted down with the Scarlet Fire Universe. For a moment, the entire place was overflowing with blood fire sword qi. Even Li Fuchen felt a trace of pressure. Had it been anyone else, before the blood fire sword qi could surged over, they would be vaporized by the violent sword intent.

“It is time to settle the match.”

When Li Fuchen slashed with his sword, there was a void distortion that immediately broke the Scarlet Fire Universe. The Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor tried his best to avoid the attack, but how could it be so easy? His body was bursting with blood and had turned into a bloodied person.

“Void sword dao!” Tang Xing’s eyes were shining.

Sword dao had differences in strength. Tang Xing was able to defeat Murong Youyu because of his stars sword dao which was stronger than Murong Youyu’s water drip sword dao.

Li Fuchen’s void sword dao was a top-class sword dao and it was superior to Tang Xing’s stars sword dao.

There were plenty who recognized the void sword dao and they all had different expressions.

The Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor had a blank expression as he was sent flying. He felt like a joke as everything was part of Li Fuchen’s plan.

What did this mean?

Furthermore, when Li Fuchen defeated him with this sword move, he understood what it meant by a gap.

He even wanted to defeat Li Fuchen earlier. He reckoned that he couldn’t do so even if his strength doubled.

Li Fuchen felt rather apologetic when he saw the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor’s expression. Li Fuchen forced the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor to break through before defeating him. To anyone, this was definitely a huge blow.

But if a person could endure such a setback, how could they step up to a higher realm?

Furthermore, Li Fuchen ultimately helped the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor to break through. This would save him a lot of hard work.

“Unbelievable, this Li Fuchen is too good at hiding his strength. He is already comparable with Murong Youyu and Tang Xing, but he still hid his strength.”

“Didn’t you hear him? He wants to make use of the opportunity to perfect his sword dao. If he revealed too much of his strength, how many would be able to withstand a single sword from him?”

“The situation is too chaotic. The top 5 rankers are impossible to predict until the last moment.”

Once Li Fuchen defeated the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor in a single sword, the commotion didn’t stop.

“Void sword dao? This is his trump huh? It is indeed formidable.” Murong Youyu let out a forceful breath while her eyes were glistening with battle intent.

“The martial dao emphasizes on speciality not versatility.” The Heart Sword Sovereign shook his head.

As of now, Li Fuchen already displayed five types of sword arts and each of them were close to extremity. It was truly remarkable, but it distributed his focus, making it hard for him to reach higher levels.

Inside the supreme private room, the Tiger Fang Sword Saint and the Hundred Flower Sword Saint had the same thoughts as the Heart Sword Sovereign.

Li Fuchen was proficient in too many sword arts. It was fine to be proficient in many sword arts during the early stage, but at their level, specializing in one sword dao would allow one to utilize the potential to the greatest.

The Mystic Deep Sword Saint didn’t say anything. Emphasis on speciality and not versatility was something that might not be totally correct. Everyone had their own dao and some daos emphasized on broad study. However, none of the five sword arts used by Li Fuchen had such aspects. Could Li Fuchen have a sword dao stronger than the void sword dao?

“Martial stage 8, Xiao Yuan against Murong Youyu.”

As the Swordsmen Tournament was entering the second half, pinnacle matches were getting more frequent.

On the martial stage, the Heart Sword Sovereign didn’t have the intention to underestimate Murong Youyu. He drew his sword and put on a serious expression against Murong Youyu, as though he was facing a formidable foe.

“Heart Beat.”

(Note: I changed the Heartbeat to Heart Beat, Enchanted to Heart Intoxication)

The Heart Sword Sovereign’s sword move was like a lake that had ripples. However, in the eyes of Murong Youyu who was proficient in the water drip sword dao, she knew that the Heart Sword Sovereign’s sword move didn’t contain any water dao law. It was an extreme sword dao law.

Murong Youyu countered with her sword move that released countless water droplets.

Splash Splash Splash Splash Splash…

The water droplets were scattered and Murong Youyu was sent flying and nearly vomited blood.

Without exchanging moves with the Heart Sword Sovereign, one would never know the terror of his sword art. The naked eye could only see some mystical aspects.

“It is impossible to know deeply about the Heart Sword Sovereign’s terror until you cross moves with him.”

Below the stage, the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor had already recovered. No matter what, he had a significant increase in strength, therefore, he didn’t need to hate Li Fuchen.

He paid attention to the stage and let out a sigh. When fighting with the Heart Sword Sovereign, one would feel despair. Because no matter how much hard work you put in, the Heart Sword Sovereign only required one sword to shatter all your hard work.

The Heart Sword Sovereign was a swordsman with a terrifying spirit and was hard to see through.

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