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Chapter 765: Shocked

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“Is he still human?” The stalwart swordsman couldn’t control himself from crushing the wine flask he had just taken up, causing wine to splash all over the ground.

When Murong Youyu made her move, the stalwart swordsman was still able to see an afterimage. When Li Jianxin made his move, the stalwart swordsman couldn’t even see an afterimage, not even the sword light. He could only see a spark bursting from the chest of the swordsman.

They were similarly swordsmen, but their difference was too huge and more than a few dozen times.

If he and Li Jianxin crossed moves, he probably wouldn’t know how he died.

“Condensing the sword dao law into a single point? How is that possible?”

Murong Youyu was obviously more observant than the stalwart swordsman, but she was also only able to see an afterimage. What she couldn’t understand was how Li Jianxin could condense the sword intent, sword field, and even the sword qi into a single point. How much control was actually needed?

“This child is truly terrifying.”

The elder revealed a shocked expression for the first time. When Murong Youyu made her move, he only revealed an expression of approval.

“He is indeed the descendant of the Senior Sword Lord. His sword dao talent surpasses the older generations.”

Inside a supreme private room of the Wind Cloud Martial Arena, there were three middle-aged people seated inside.

The trio were talking cheerfully together and didn’t emit any qi presences. If a pinnacle sword dao great emperor was here, they would easily realize that the trio only had sword dao law surrounding them and no other laws.

If the Swordsmen Guild’s upper echelons were here, they would immediately recognize that they were the three sword dao saints of the Swordsmen Guild. They were the Tiger Fang Sword Saint, Hundred Flower Sword Saint, and Mystic Deep Sword Saint.

The Tiger Fang Sword Saint and Hundred Flower Sword Saint were low-level sword saints, while the Mystic Deep Sword Saint was a mid-level sword saint.

On the Saint Spirit Continent, high-level saints were basically nowhere to be seen. Most of them had already left the Deep Blue Plane and headed deep into the universe. There might be high-level saints that stayed behind, but they were minorities and no one knew of them.

Therefore, mid-level saints were already considered the strongest existence in the Saint Spirit Continent.

Tiger Fang Sword Saint praised, “To condense the sword heart at Law Phase Realm is truly a rare sword dao talent since ancient times. As long as he has enough opportunities in the future, it is possible for him to become a heaven lord.”

Heaven lords were pinnacle saints. As for half-gods, it would depend on fate. Without heaven-defying fate, it was useless to have the highest level of talent.

Hundred Flower Sword Saint said, “That Murong Youyu isn’t bad too. Apart from the fact she had yet to condense the sword heart, everything else isn’t inferior to this child.”

Mystic Deep Sword Saint nodded. “Murong Youyu isn’t as simple as what she showed. If I didn’t guess wrongly, her sword dao and water dao have been fused to an extremely high level. She is just one step away from condensing the water dao sword heart.”

The trio’s eyes easily saw through them.

In the hidden martial stage, it was silent for a long time.

If a needle dropped on the ground now, it would probably sound like an explosion.

“I wonder if the Sword Emperor and Sword Sovereign have condensed the sword heart?”

In regards to the known strength of the Sword Emperor and Sword Sovereign, it was still two decades ago. They were both too powerful and rarely had chances to make a move.

After twenty years, no one knew what kind of strength did the Sword Emperor and Sword Sovereign possess anymore.

However, the entire Swordsmen Guild only had two grade 8 swordsmen who were the two of them, and it was enough to answer many questions.

The elder awakened from his shock and said loudly, “Next.”

The tournament was going to start soon and they shouldn’t spend too much time here.

However, Li Jianxin’s appearance was too shocking, therefore, no one paid attention to the next grade 6 swordsman. There were a few grade 6 swordsmen who weren’t inferior to the stalwart swordsman, but once they thought of Li Jianxin’s insane strength, they felt depressed but could only hide it in their hearts.

When there were still over 30 individuals left for the selection, it was finally Li Fuchen’s turn.

“Mm!?” Inside the supreme private room, Mystic Deep Sword Saint’s eyes flash with astonishment.

“What happened?” Tiger Fang Sword Saint and Hundred Flower Sword Saint looked at Mystic Deep Sword Saint with surprise.

Mystic Deep Sword Saint said, “This child is rather interesting. His sword dao is extremely pure, like the aurora in the universe, resplendent and striking.”

Mid-level sword dao saints were definitely superior to low-level sword dao saints, he was able to see things that the duo couldn’t see.

In response, Tiger Fang Sword Saint and Hundred Flower Sword Saint observed Li Fuchen closer.

Since Mystic Deep Sword Saint said so, they knew that Li Fuchen wasn’t a regular person.

As expected, after a closer observation, they saw something.

If Li Jianxin was the sharpest sword, then Li Fuchen was the most primitive sword, the sword of origin. It wasn’t as attractive, but after a closer observation, it made one feel an extreme charm in the depths of the heart.

Li Jianxin frowned a little as his sword heart resonated, allowing him to detect a trace of anomaly.

The trace of anomaly came from Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen walked slowly and casually towards the martial stage. It was rather similar to how Li Jianxin did earlier.

But there were subtle differences and only a few individuals could see the difference.

As soon as Li Fuchen walked up to the martial stage, he slashed and turned around to walk down the stage.

The grade 7 swordsman puppet which had recovered was given a deep sword wound. During the entire time, the puppet didn’t even move a single step and felt like a non moving object.

When Li Jianxin made his move earlier, the grade 7 swordsman puppet actually moved a little, but it was so minute that no one noticed.

However, Li Jianxin, Murong Youyu, and the elder noticed it.

Li Fuchen’s sword wasn’t as fast as Li Jianxin’s sword, it was actually slower than Murong Youyu’s sword too. It was obvious that Li Fuchen didn’t use his full strength and was just making a casual attack.

“How is that possible?” The elder revealed a shocked expression for the second time.

He felt as though he was having illusions today.

Li Jianxin was already shocking enough, but there was another Li Fuchen.

The most important thing was he couldn’t see anything.

“Could the swordsman puppet be faulty earlier?” The elder wanted to retest Li Fuchen.

The elder didn’t know that the three sword dao saints in the supreme private room already stood up.

They knew what happened.

The swordsman puppet was an inanimate object after all and would only react to qi and intent. It would produce a counterattack based on the enemy’s attack trajectory. Once all of the puppet’s senses were sealed up, the puppet would crash on its own.

In simple terms, the swordsman puppet felt that nothing it did in response to Li Fuchen’s attack was going to mean anything. When Li Fuchen made his sword move earlier, the swordsman puppet didn’t know how to counterattack.

After all, it wasn’t a human who would attack even if they didn’t know what to do. It was just a puppet without any consciousness.

This sensation was mystical and mysterious, truly indescribable.

“This child’s sword dao foundation is the deepest that I have ever seen in my life.” The Mystic Deep Sword Saint exclaimed.

Only when the sword dao foundation reached a certain extent, it would then be able to overwhelm the swordsman puppet’s sword dao. The swordsman puppet’s sword dao was put in by a sword dao saint. Even if only 50% of it could be utilized, it was already very terrifying.

Of course, it didn’t mean that Li Fuchen was stronger than Li Jianxin.

The swordsman puppet was just a puppet and there were flaws. It just so happened that Li Fuchen was able to attack at the flaw.

“Earlier on, the swordsman puppet might be faulty. There is a need to test again.” The elder hesitated and made a cautious decision.

“There is no need, he passed.” A voice suddenly echoed.


The elder was shocked as he knew it was the sword dao saint from the Swordsmen Guild that was talking.

As for the others, they were puzzled as they didn’t know Li Fuchen’s strength level. They simply knew that Li Fuchen was very strong.

Soon enough, the selection ended.

Among hundreds of grade 6 swordsmen, only 33 passed the selection, they were truly the cream of the crop.

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