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Chapter 764: Selection

Translator: jinzeffect

Three days passed by in an instant.

On the fourth day morning, the entire Wind Cloud City seemed to be alive and was bustling with human voices.

It felt like a flow back to the origin as the human traffic from all alleys started to converge onto the streets before converging to the main road. They then started to surge towards the Wind Cloud Martial Arena.

The Wind Cloud Martial Arena was opened already and each entrance had a Law Phase Realm emperor standing guard. Those who wanted to enter would need to show the wind cloud talisman.

The so-called wind cloud talisman was the entrance ticket to the Wind Cloud Martial Arena. They were separated into four classes, A, B, C, and D. Each class would have a number and everyone would sit according to the class and number. The D-class wind cloud talisman would cost 500 high-grade spirit stones, the C-class cost 3000 high-grade spirit stones, the B-class cost 30,000 high-grade spirit stones, while the class cost 500,000 high-grade spirit stones.

After walking into the martial stage, it was a bowl-shaped arena and it was filled to the brim with seats.

As the largest martial stage in Wind Cloud City, the Wind Cloud Martial Arena could fit three million spectators and it was truly gigantic.

“The Swordsmen Tournament is finally going to begin. I didn’t travel thousands of miles to Wind Cloud City for nothing.”

“Isn’t that right? The wind cloud talisman is just small money, but the teleportation fee is a headache. However, I am already satisfied to see top-class swordsmen crossing moves.”

Most audiences would be Law Phase Realm emperors. If there were Primary Sea Realm monarchs, they would mostly be from Wind Cloud City. Of course, there were also cases of major factions or clans that brought their juniors here to take a look at this grand event.

“This venue is truly grand.”

Following the crowd flow, the Purple Bamboo Great Emperor and the Iron Blood Great Emperor had also entered the martial stage.

They originally wanted to purchase B-class wind cloud talismans, however, they were already sold out. They had no choice but to buy C-class wind cloud talismans.

However, the C-class seats weren’t bad either. There was a screen at the front with a long table that had all sorts of fruits and refreshments.

After sitting down, the two looked around and realized 10% of the audience had already arrived. When looking down, there was a giant black-colored martial stage. The martial stage might have tight seams, but the duo were still able to see two horizontal seams and two vertical seams which separated the stage into nine segments. They reckoned that the stage could split into nine martial stages.

As time elapsed, more people arrived and the people started to fill up all the seats.

Even with such a huge crowd, whenever a renowned great emperor appeared, they would be recognized.

“It is the Saber Emperor who is ranked 4th on the Great Emperor Rankings. There is also the ranked 34th Saber Demon. Why are the two of them walking together and even laughing as they talk?”

“It is normal. The Saber Emperor’s wife is from the Miao Clan. Furthermore, both of their saber dao strength isn’t too far apart, therefore, they have common topics.”

“So that is the case. I heard that the Saber Ghost, Miao Xianyu, has been killed. I wonder if the Saber Demon found the culprit yet?”

As everyone was in discussion, several renowned great emperors appeared.

The Saber Emperor, Saber Demon, Devil Sovereign, Saber Sovereign, Spear Sovereign, Ax Emperor, all the pinnacle great emperors that were rarely seen were all starting to appear. Everyone felt that their tickets were already worthed it just by seeing them. After all, most of the people had only seen images of these experts and never saw them in real life before.

There was a spacious area beside the martial stage and the participants were starting to appear too.

However, only the grade 7 swordsmen appeared. The grade 6 swordsmen still had to go through a selection in order to qualify for the tournament.

Emotionless Sword Emperor, Heart Sword Sovereign, Nine Firmament Sword Sovereign, Wind Chasing Sword Emperor, Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor, Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor, Tang Xin who was Stars Sword Emperor... As everyone counted, there were 35 grade 7 swordsmen and it was more than what everyone expected.

As for Murong Youyu and Li Jianxin, they weren’t grade 7 swordsmen, therefore, they had to go through the selection too.

Within the Wind Cloud Martial Arena, there was a hidden martial stage.

At this moment, there were hundreds of people gathered in the hidden martial stage.

There were grade 6 swordsmen and also the upper echelons of the Swordsmen Guild.

“All of you will only qualify for the tournament if you defeat the grade 7 swordsman puppet. Everyone is to queue up in sequence and take turns.” A Swordsmen Guild elder said.

In response, the grade 6 swordsman who was first in the queue went up to the martia stage.

On the martial stage, there was a motionless swordsman puppet wearing a swordsman attire and wielding a longsword.

“Begin.” The elder activated the swordsman puppet.


The swordsman puppet was faster than what everyone imagined. It moved just like lightning and arrived in front of the grade 6 swordsman before executing a slash.

The angle of the slash was truly calculated and not even Li Fuchen could find a flaw.

When dealing with swordsman puppets, there were only two kinds of methods. One was to suppress it with absolute strength, the other was to counterattack with even faster speed.

If the strength level between the swordsman and the puppet was equal, then the puppet would probably be undefeated.


The grade 6 swordsman was sent flying while vomiting fresh blood. When he fell off the stage, he had a dazed expression.

“The grade 7 swordsman puppet is so fast?”

The elder had an indifferent expression. ‘If they cannot even withstand a single sword from a grade 7 swordsman puppet, they will not qualify.’

Soon enough, the next grade 6 swordsman went on stage.

This grade 6 swordsman was slightly stronger. After withstanding two swords, he was still sent flying on the third sword.

Third swordsman, fourth...

In just a short moment, seven of the grade 6 swordsmen had been tested and apart from one who passed with a close shave, the rest were eliminated.

“So powerful!” Everyone’s expression changed.

They thought that the grade 7 swordsman puppet would be around ten times stronger than the grade 7 swordsman puppet. However, it wasn’t just ten times stronger, it was at least twenty times stronger.

“Plant Growth.”

On the martial stage, there was a skinny grade 6 swordsman who withstood over a dozen swords and had successfully executed his kill move.

When the kill move was executed, there were countless sword shadows that grew like plants and surged towards the grade 7 swordsman puppet.

Li Fuchen shook his head. This kill move might be powerful, but there were plenty of flaws.

The grade 7 swordsman puppet was obviously made by a sword dao saint and it contained the sword dao of the sword dao saint. The sword dao saint might not have poured in all of his sword dao and had only put in the fundamentals of the sword dao, however, because it was a sword dao saint’s sword dao, the fundamentals were terrifying. It was fine if there weren’t any flaws, once there was a flaw, the swordsman puppet would grasp it and execute a lethal attack.

As expected, the grade 7 swordsman puppet flashed and traversed in between the sword shadows. Immediately after, it brandished the sword and used three sword lights to seal off the retreat routes of the skinny swordsman and knocked him off the stage.

“Damn it.” The skinny swordsman vomited blood and was reluctant to accept the outcome.

“My turn.” A stalwart swordsman who was close to 2.5 meters in height rushed up the stage with a large sword.


The stalwart swordsman might be big and bulky, but his speed was unbelievably fast. He easily sealed off the attacks of the grade 7 swordsman puppet. With his power, he made the grade 7 swordsman puppet take a step back.


Taking a step forward with his left leg, the stalwart swordsman thrust with his sword. A heavy sword field restricted the swordsman puppet.


The swordsman puppet was sent flying.

The elder nodded. ‘This person isn’t bad. He took just two swords to defeat the puppet.’

“It is Murong Youyu, I wonder how many swords she needs to defeat the swordsman puppet.”

“I reckon she will need two swords! The grade 7 swordsman puppet is too powerful.”

As everyone was discussing, Murong Youyu went on stage with an indifferent expression.

When facing the swordsman puppet who attacked with lightning speed, Murong Youyu grasped the sword hilt and there was a flash of sword light. Everyone felt as though they saw a water droplet penetrating the void. In the next moment, the swordsman puppet was sent flying far away. People with sharp eyes would be able to see a small pit that was the size of a crossbow bolt on the chest of the puppet. The stalwart swordsman earlier was only able to leave a shallow mark on the swordsman puppet earlier.


The stalwart swordsman’s eyes widened. Murong Youyu’s sword speed was too fast and he could only see an afterimage.

“Too strong. A single sword is enough to send the swordsman puppet flying so far away.”

“If we take the place of the puppet, our bodies will probably be pierced through.”

“No wonder she is the no.1 female swordsman below the saints.”

Everyone took a cold gasp after seeing the scene. The stalwart swordsman was at least able to see an afterimage, the others couldn’t even see Murong Youyu executing the slash. They were only able to see a flash of the sword light.

“A rather incredible water dao sword art.” Li Fuchen was rather surprised.

Murong Youyu’s sword dao strength was so much stronger than the Nine Firmament Sword Sovereign. Be it her sword dao or water dao, she was already close to extremity. When combining both strengths, it allowed her to have such power and speed.

Li Fuchen pursued a sword dao that was pure and didn’t wish to mix with other daos. However, this was just his personal goal.

In fact, when the sword dao wasn’t at the apex, it was easy to increase strength by mixing with other daos. The owner of the Joint-Heaven Sword had mixed the void dao into the sword dao, therefore the Void Heaven Sword Art could be so powerful. Furthermore, after the Void Heaven Sword Art, there would be sword arts stronger than the Void Heaven Sword Art. Li Fuchen had yet to unlock all the seals on the Joint-Heaven Sword as heaven class high-tier wasn’t the strongest state of the Joint-Heaven Sword.

In addition, Li Fuchen merely didn’t wish to fuse with other daos, but he didn’t reject absorbing the quintessence of other daos.

If the sword dao was described as a large tree, then the quintessence from other daos would be nutrients that would help the tree to grow and develop.

But fusion was different, it was to fuse the big tree with other plants, but the tree was still the main body.

As each grade 6 swordsman went up the stage, they were eliminated. Less than 10 in 100 would pass the test.

“Xu Pingfan didn’t participate. With his strength, defeating the grade 7 swordsman puppet shouldn’t be a problem. He probably thinks there isn’t a meaning to participate if he cannot achieve top ten.” Li Fuchen thought to himself.

Everyone might have a rough estimate on Murong Youyu’s strength, but they knew nothing about Li Jianxin’s strength. They only knew that he was the most outstanding sword dao prodigy in the history of the Li Clan.

It was finally Li Jianxin’s turn and everyone was paying attention. Some of them were curious, some were suspicious, while some were expectant.

Murong Youyu, who rarely paid attention, was also watching.

As everyone watched, Li Jianxin walked towards the martial stage casually. It was unknown if everyone was having illusions, as they felt that there was a displacement wherever Li Jianxin went. He was obviously very slow, but before they could blink, he had already gone up the stage.


There was a burst of sparks and Li Jianxin turned back down the stage.

The swordsman puppet’s chest had a hole.

No one was able to see anything and were all flabbergasted.

“Sword heart!” Li Fuchen’s expression turned serious for once.

Everyone didn’t know what happened, but Li Fuchen saw clearly.

Li Jianxin’s sword speed was two times faster than Murong Youyu and he had perfect control of the sword dao law. He had condensed the sword dao law into a single point to instantly break through the swordsman puppet.

This strength was enough for Li Fuchen to pay attention.

It was probable that the Sword Emperor and Sword Sovereign would also be shaken when they saw this scene.

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