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Chapter 766: Tournament Begins

Translator: jinzeffect

When the doors were opened, 33 individuals walked outside to the Wind Cloud Martial Arena.


The moment the doors opened, a tsunami-like sound burst out. Everyone looked up and saw that there were basically no more empty seats in this arena that could fit 3 million audiences. Among the 3 million audiences, half of them were Law Phase Realm emperors. 100 or 1000 emperors might not create a huge presence when gathered together, but when a million emperors were gathered together, the presence would be enough to make any great emperor’s blood boil. Those with weak willpower would start to get nervous, their bodies would shake and their minds would go blank.

“Look how scared they are, haha!”

At the empty spots beside the martial stage, a few grade 7 swordsmen started to sneer.

As grade 7 swordsmen, they had absolute confidence against grade 6 swordsmen.

“Not bad, he actually passed the selection.” When the Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor saw Li Fuchen, he revealed a smirk.

He was really afraid that Li Fuchen wouldn’t pass the selection. If that was the case, he would have one less entertainment.

As for the chance of him losing to Li Fuchen, he never even thought about it.

What a joke, he was ranked 15th on the Sword Emperor Rankings. If the Sword Emperor and Sword Sovereign weren’t here, he would be ranked 13th. He believed that his strength was already at a terrifying level. Let alone Li Fuchen, he was confident he could fight with the Emotionless Sword Emperor and the Heart Sword Sovereign.

“I hope that his sword dao strength isn’t as powerful as his body refinement strength.” The Nine Firmament Sword Sovereign had complicated thoughts.

He might be ranked 6th on the Sword Emperor Rankings, but he was truly afraid of Li Fuchen due to the previous incident. If he encountered Li Fuchen, he wouldn’t be able to stay calm.

Soon enough, the referee got on stage and announced the tournament rules.

The tournament was a point accumulation format. The higher the accumulated points, the higher the rankings. During the tournament, it was prohibited to use heaven class high-tier artifacts to enhance one’s strength. If anyone used power that didn’t belong to themselves, they would be disqualified.

The rewards of the tournament were attractive. Let alone the fact that the top 10 could enter the Sword World, the 1st place would be rewarded with 5 million guild points. The 2nd place would be rewarded with 2 million guild points. The 3rd place would be given 1 million guild points, the 4th to 10th places would get 500,000 guild points.

For the 11th to 20th places would also receive 500,000 guild points, but would also receive pointers from sword dao saints as a group. The pointers from sword dao saints might not be comparable to entering the Sword World, but it was still 100 or 1000 times better than people who didn’t get anything.

“5 million guild points?” Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up.

He didn’t expect the 1st place’s reward to be so good.

To become a grade 7 swordsman, 1.2 million guild points were needed. 5 million guild points would allow him to become a grade 7 swordsman and also be rather close to reaching the requirements of a grade 8 swordsman.

“It might not be easy to strive for 1st place, but there wouldn’t be any meaning if it is too easy.”

Li Fuchen let out a faint smile while his eyes were shining.

“Such great rewards. I don’t dare to say top 10, but I might fight for top 20.”

“That’s right. There are only 68 participants in total. I don’t believe I cannot enter the top 20.”

All the swordsman participants had changed eyes that were sharper than ever.

Fated opportunity. What was a fated opportunity?

The Swordsmen Tournament was a great example of a fated opportunity.

They were a little apprehensive earlier, but now, even if they had to fight against the Emotionless Sword Emperor and the others, they would strive for their best.

On the audience stand, everyone was amazed by the Swordsmen Tournament’s attractive rewards. The guild points of the Swordsmen Guild allowed for exchange of resources in the guild. The Swordsmen Guild was a top-class faction on the Saint Spirit Continent. The amount of resources it had was definitely substantial.

Inside a B-class private room, the Saber Demon, Miao Chengxin, instantly locked his eyes on Li Fuchen.

“It’s him!” Miao Chengxin’s eyes were filled with murderous intent.

He already knew that Miao Xianyu had been killed by Li Fuchen, after all, there were plenty of spectators and one of them sold the information to the Miao Clan.

“Brother Miao, what is wrong?” The Saber Emperor, Chu Kuang asked.

Miao Chengxin replied, “I found the murderer of Miao Xianyu.”

“Who is it? Do you need my help?” Chu Kuang’s wife was Miao Chengxin’s cousin sister. Killing an enemy for Miao Chengxin wouldn’t be considered a big matter.

Miao Chengxin said, “I wish to take revenge personally. Of course, if I cannot handle it, it wouldn’t be too late to ask Brother Chu for help.”

If it was in the past, Miao Chengxin wouldn’t be a match for Li Fuchen. Li Fuchen was able to kill Miao Xianyu with a single sword. It was a strength that was truly horrifying. But ten years ago, Miao Chengxin’s strength started to improve frenziedly. During a recent spar, he was even able to endure five moves from the Saber Emperor, Chu Kuang.

Saber Emperor Chu Kuang was ranked 4th on the Great Emperor Rankings. Apart from the 1st ranked Heaven Emperor, no one dared to say they could defeat Saber Emperor Chu Kuang. To endure five moves from him was truly an unbelievable feat.

“Sure.” Chu Kuang nodded.

At his strength level, there weren’t many who could be a match for him and could be counted with a single hand. There wasn’t a single person fit to be his opponent in the Swordsmen Tournament. After all, the Sword Emperor and Sword Sovereign weren’t here.

Inside an class private room, the Gao Clan were also here, including the Gao Clan’s saint, River Snap Saint.

“Ancestor, this person is the one that eliminated one of Gao Clan’s auction halls and plundered 1.5 billion high-grade spirit stones.” A Gao Clan upper echelon pointed at Li Fuchen and said with a cold voice.

1.5 billion high-grade spirit stones wasn’t a small sum, but to Gao Clan, the destruction of an auction hall had worse losses than 1.5 billion high-grade spirit stones.

There were plenty of merchant guilds on the Saint Spirit Continent. The Gao Clan’s Long Rainbow Merchant Guild had their current wealth due to countless years of accumulation. It was a huge blow to the Long Rainbow Merchant Guild for their auction hall to be destroyed and their auction money to be plundered. In the future, who would dare to entrust their treasures with the Long Rainbow Merchant Guild’s auction?

“Don’t worry, I will deal with that child personally.” The River Snap Saint said indifferently.

He had already found out from the Night Emperor that Li Fuchen’s strength was stronger than what it seemed. Apart from him, there was probably no one else that could deal with Li Fuchen.

“With the ancestor making the move, that child is dead for sure.”

The Gao Clan’s upper echelon had already issued the sentence of death to Li Fuchen.

Even the strongest Law Phase Realm emperor was still an emperor. Once a saint was involved, there was no way for survival.

On the martial stage, the referee said loudly after explaining the rules and rewards. “The tournament shall begin.”


The stage was suddenly split into nine smaller stages and each stage had a light barrier.

“Martial stage 1, Yuwen Haojie against Wu Xing.”

“Martial stage 2...”

“Martial stage 3...”

As it was a point accumulation tournament, nine matches would be conducted at the same time.

On martial stage 1, the stalwart swordsman, Yuwen Haojie was facing the grade 7 swordsman, Wu Xing.

“Admit defeat. You are not a match for me.” Wu Xing said indifferently.

He was ranked 20th on the Sword Emperor Rankings. Apart from Li Jianxin and Murong Youyu, he didn’t bother about the rest.

“Underestimating me will not end up good for you.”

Yuwen Haojie grinned as his opponent was overconfident. He thought to himself, “So what if he is a grade 7 swordsman? Earlier on, I used just two swords to defeat the grade 7 swordsman puppet.”

“Oh? I would like to see how it will not end up good.” Wu Xing made his move.

He was titled as the Moving Light Sword Emperor. His sword speed would at least be top 10 even if he wasn’t top 5.

On the martial stage, there were countless bursts of moving light that covered Yuwen Haojie.

“Come on then.”

The large sword in Yuwen Haojie’s hand felt weightless. When he brandished it, countless stacks of sword shadow formed a bronze wall, blocking the moving light.

Cling Cling Cling Cling...

Wu Xing’s sword art was indeed fast, but it was lacking a little in power. It was having a hard time trying to break this sword wall.

“The Sword Emperor Rankings is indeed inaccurate. Wu Xing is going to be defeated.”

In Li Fuchen’s opinion, Wu Xing overly pursued speed and wasn’t able to make use of the moving light sword dao’s true advantage. In most situations, the faster the speed, the stronger the power, just like his Meteor Sword Art.

Wu Xing got anxious as his attacks were ineffective.

“Godspeed Moving Light!”

Finally, Wu Xing executed his kill move.

When using the kill move, the sword speed increased significantly again. In the void, there was an unstoppable burst of moving light that was about to break Yuwen Haojie’s defense.

“It is powerful, but the sword dao law is too superficial.” Li Fuchen shook his head again.


Yuwen Haojie’s large sword thrust forward. The sword shadows combined and formed a thick sword field. There was a comet-like qi prowess that was blasted at the moving light.


The moving light crumbled and Wu Xing was sent flying and smashing into the light barrier.

“Martial stage 1, Yuwen Haojie wins, +1 point. Wu Xing loses, -1 point.”

Of the nine martial stages, stage 1 ended the match the earliest.”

Once Yuwen Haojiu and Wu Xing got off the stage, the referee said, “Martial stage 1, Li Fuchen against Wang He.”

Wang He was a grade 6 swordsman like Li Fuchen. Earlier on, Li Fuchen defeated the grade 7 swordsman puppet with a single sword. Logically, Wang He should admit defeat, but in his heart, he felt that when Li Jianxin opened a hole in the puppet, there was probably some damage. Therefore, it allowed Li Fuchen to defeat the puppet easily.

No matter what, it would be unpleasant to admit defeat immediately. Li Fuchen’s strength would only be clear after a fight.

“Please give me some guidance.” Wang He cupped his fist and said.

“Show me your strongest move.”

Everyone’s sword dao had something to learn from. Li Fuchen didn’t mind giving Wang He a chance.

Wang He frowned and thought that Li Fuchen was too arrogant.

When the match started, Wang He didn’t listen to Li Fuchen and used his strongest move. Instead, he was trying to test out Li Fuchen’s strength.

“Sword of Impermanence.”

But Li Fuchen wasn’t planning to waste time. Since Wang He didn’t want to use his strongest move, Li Fuchen would force him to do so.

Once Sword of Impermanence was executed, the stage was filled with Li Fuchen’s figures.

This was a heaven class high-tier sword move created from the Impermanence Sword Art. After many years, Li Fuchen didn’t just improve in the Void Heaven Sword Art and Primary Extreme Sword Art. His other sword arts didn’t lag behind and they were already enough to deal with regular swordsmen.

“Such a ghost-like sword art.”

Wang He was shocked. He felt that there was sword qi everywhere and he couldn’t predict Li Fuchen’s sword trajectory.

Without a choice, Wang He used his kill move. He swirled around and spread out a sword qi storm. Inside the sword qi storm, there was a bird soaring.

This was his unique sword dao, soaring sword dao.


Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up. Wang He was truly a little weak, but his sword dao was filled with spirit. That bird was waiting for an opportunity to strike and it was obviously the manifestation of a sword intent. Using its senses, it could find the enemy’s flaw and attack trajectory.

“Alright, you can lose now.”

Since Li Fuchen had already seen the opponent’s sword dao quintessence, Li Fuchen wasn’t going to continue dragging. With a ghost-like figure and sword, Li Fuchen passed through the sword qi storm and avoided the bird sword intent. He then sent Wang He flying with a single sword.

It wasn’t possible for Wang He to find Li Fuchen’s flaw and sword trajectory.

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