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Chapter 762: Sword Emperor Rankings

Translator: jinzeffect

Half a year passed by in a flash.

Li Fuchen finally had some clues to the Primary Extreme Sword Art’s second move.

“After such a long delay, who knows that the opportunity is just in front of my eyes.”

He had yet to create the second move of the Primary Extreme Sword Art, but he had already thought of a name. It would be called Sect Origin Sword.

That’s right, the name was the same as the Azure Water Sect’s Sect Origin Swords, however, the quintessence were worlds apart.

The Azure Water Sect’s Sect Origin Swords pursued quantity and its sword dao quintessence was very obvious.

However, Li Fuchen’s Sect Origin Sword was to turn complexity into simplicity, turning multiple swords into one sword. It was to revert to the original and most powerful sword dao state. Therefore, it was on the extreme poles of the Sect Origin Swords. One pursued quantity, while the other pursued quality.

According to Li Fuchen’s concept, when this sword was brandished, a single change would develop thousands of changes, however, they were all close to the origin. The sword dao quintessence would be one level higher than Sword Sea Horizon.

“It is a pity that I didn’t discover this opportunity sooner.”

If he had discovered the opportunity sooner, half a year was enough for him to create the second move, Sect Origin Sword.

Of course, it wasn’t too late either. Li Fuchen just had to make it to the top ten of the Swordsmen Tournament and would be able to enter the Sword World. With his sword dao strength, it was more than enough to reach top ten.

On the next day, Li Fuchen headed for Wind Cloud City.

He didn’t plan on bringing Wu Xi and Wu Zhuo. The Swordsmen Tournament was too profound for them as they were still at Battle Spirit Realm. Spectating the matches wouldn’t be useful for them, instead, it would only make them aim too high and disrupt their mental state. It would be too late for them to spectate the next Swordsmen Tournament.

At the Rosy Cloud City’s teleportation plaza, there were radiances bursting into the sky. One of the radiances contained Li Fuchen’s figure.

Wind Cloud City, one of the nine main cities of the Saint Spirit Continent.

If Rosy Cloud City was like a human world paradise, then Wind Cloud City was like a human world god’s realm. The city gate was hundreds of miles in height. The words ‘Wind Cloud City’ carved on top were each at least ten miles in size. They had distinct strokes and contained an intent of intimidation. Even Li Fuchen felt the extreme pressure from it.

“Extreme state calligraphy!” Li Fuchen’s eyes widened.

This calligraphy was actually at the extreme state, it meant that the person who wrote these words had already reached the extreme state of martial dao.

The Wind Cloud City’s teleportation plaza wasn’t inside the city, but outside. Therefore, Li Fuchen was able to see the words on the city gate.

At the same time, several radiances descended as swordsmen with entirely different auras had landed on the teleportation platforms.

Everyone took a glance at each other and were brimming with battle intent.

The Swordsmen Tournament allowed grade 6 and 7 swordsmen to participate. From this moment, they were already rivals and it wasn’t possible to interact with each other harmoniously.

There were more radiances descending just like a meteor shower.

Among those radiances, most of them were swordsmen below grade 6 and were purely here to spectate the tournament.

“Hurry up and see, it is the Wind Chasing Sword Emperor who is ranked 9th on the Sword Emperor Rankings. His Wind Chasing Sword Art is formless and invisible. It is said to be one of the five fastest sword arts.”

“The Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor who is ranked 12th on the Sword Emperor Rankings is also here. I am fortunate enough to see his Scarlet Fire Sword Art one. It is extremely violent and the scarlet fire sword field can ignite the inner flame of the enemies, causing them to self-immolate.”

Those who were recognized were all grade 7 swordsmen. In the entire Swordsmen Guild, there were only around twenty to thirty grade 7 swordsmen and they were all renowned on the continent.

The so-called Sword Emperor Rankings only included sword dao great emperors and there were a total of 108 elite swordsmen.

The Wind Chasing Sword Emperor was ranked 9th on the Sword Emperor Rankings, but ranked 105th on the Great Emperor Rankings. The Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor was ranked 12th on the Sword Emperor Rankings, while he was ranked 128th on the Great Emperor Rankings.

Their rankings might not be high, but in actual fact, both the Great Emperor Rankings and the Sword Emperor Rankings were only effective for a period of time. The rankings twenty years ago didn’t reflect the rankings today. The Sword Emperor took twenty years to climb from the 98th rank of the Sword Emperor Rankings to the 1st rank. The Sword Sovereign was just a nobody and he took twenty years to reach the 2nd rank of the Sword Emperor Rankings.

It was also why the Swordsmen Tournament allowed all grade 6 and grade 7 swordsmen to participate. If they only looked at rankings, they simply had to pick the top ten and there wasn’t a need for a tournament.

“After arriving at the Saint Spirit Continent, I finally knew that the sword dao path is an endless path. We are all sword dao great emperors, but our differences are immense.” The Purple Bamboo Great Emperor sighed in the teleportation plaza.

On the Heaven Pillar Continent, there were only two sword dao great emperors, the Purple Bamboo Great Emperor and the Iron Blood Great Emperor. But on the Saint Spirit Continent, there were countless sword dao great emperors, and each of them had their own sword dao. With ten thousand sword dao great emperors, there would be ten thousand sword daos. His purple bamboo sword dao and the iron blood sword dao were among the countless sword daos, but they couldn’t even cause a splash.

(TL note: I don’t know why but I think the author made a mistake when naming Iron Sword Great Emperor, it should be Iron Blood Great Emperor)

“We are just lacking a heaven class high-tier cultivation technique, otherwise, we might also be able to participate.” The Iron Blood Great Emperor said.

The Purple Bamboo Great Emperor nodded in response.

Great emperors with heaven class high-tier martial arts but without heaven class high-tier cultivation techniques were only considered regular great emperors. All those famous great emperors possessed their own heaven class high-tier cultivation techniques.

“That’s right, I wonder if Li Fuchen is here?” The Purple Bamboo Great Emperor thought about Li Fuchen.

On the Emperor Sky Continent and the Heaven Pillar Continent, Li Fuchen was known as the Sword Emperor. On the Saint Spirit Continent, they wouldn’t address Li Fuchen as the Sword Emperor, after all, the world could only have one Sword Emperor. If they addressed Li Fuchen as Sword Emperor and others heard it, it would only invite trouble to them and Li Fuchen.

“He probably wouldn’t miss out on this sword dao event.” The Iron Blood Great Emperor was looking around.

The Saint Spirit Continent might be huge, but with Li Fuchen’s innate talent and perception, he shouldn’t be a nobody. After all, Li Fuchen had already dominated the Emperor Sky Continent and the Heaven Pillar Continent before the age of 40. His innate talent and perception were peerless among all the prodigies the duo had seen. Even on the Saint Spirit Continent, Li Fuchen should still be formidable and wouldn’t be inferior to others.

Soon enough, the duo found Li Fuchen.

Among the crowd, Li Fuchen wasn’t very outstanding, but he wasn’t easily overlooked either. It felt as though he was standing between the qi presences and if one didn’t look carefully, it wasn’t possible to notice him. It was a very peculiar sensation.

“Li Fuchen.” The Iron Blood Great Emperor and the Purple Bamboo Great Emperor walked over.

Seeing the duo, Li Fuchen revealed a smile. “You are here too.”

Li Fuchen felt he was meeting old friends in a foreign place. It was the same for the Iron Blood Great Emperor and the Purple Bamboo Great Emperor.

The Purple Bamboo Great Emperor mocked himself. “We are just here to spectate. We aren’t qualified to participate.”

The Iron Blood Great Emperor and the Purple Bamboo Great Emperor were just grade 4 swordsmen.

Li Fuchen said, “100,000 guild points will allow you to redeem a heaven class high-tier cultivation technique in the Swordsmen Guild. Work hard!”

Li Fuchen knew they were lacking a heaven class high-tier cultivation technique and it was probably the duo’s objective for joining the Swordsmen Guild.

As the trio were having a conversation, swordsmen continued to arrive in the teleportation plaza. Whenever a grade 7 swordsman arrived, it would cause a heated discussion.

“The Sword Emperor Rankings, 6th ranked Nine Firmament Sword Sovereign is here.”

The Nine Firmament Sword Sovereign was high-spirited as he had absolute confidence to enter the top ten of this year’s Swordsmen Tournament. As long as he could enter the Sword World, his sword dao would definitely reach the next level. By then, he might be able to contest with the Sword Emperor and the Sword Sovereign.

“Why is he here too?” The Nine Firmament Sword Sovereign’s eyes landed on Li Fuchen. His eyes involuntarily widened and he had a face of fear.

Li Fuchen gave him an impression that was too deep. In the savage hidden domain, even when he and others worked together, they wouldn’t a match for a single fist from Li Fuchen. It was rather pathetic.

However, Li Fuchen was obviously a body refinement martial artist in the savage hidden domain, how did he become a swordsman?

Withdrawing his aura, the Nine Firmament Sword Sovereign rushed into the city.

“Let’s enter the city too.” Li Fuchen said to the Iron Blood Great Emperor and the Purple Bamboo Great Emperor.

“Alright.” The duo nodded and entered the city with Li Fuchen.

Just as the trio entered the city, there was a commotion in the teleportation plaza.

“It is the Heart Sword Sovereign and the Emotionless Sword Emperor.”

The Heart Sword Sovereign was ranked 4th on the Sword Emperor Rankings, while the Emotionless Sword Emperor was ranked 3rd.

The two of them were considered elites among the swordsmen and were definitely famous figures. After twenty years of diligent cultivation, they might be qualified to contest with the Sword Emperor and the Sword Sovereign. There were some swordsmen who were confident in themselves, but once they saw the duo, they couldn’t help holding their breaths.

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